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JimK on "Stolen Honor"

To measure a man, you must consider what he has not appologized for: JimK (of moore watch) :"I just finished watching 'Stolen Honor.'" more »
posted by Hundiejo | 10/25/04| 11:51:53 pm| Rants and Raves| 3 comments »

Compaq sucks

Not to be outdone by gringo, I must mention my customer support problems. The full post is here, but the bottom like is Sadly, is no longer with us, but you can see it on the wayback machine here. You may also want to enjoy this… more »
posted by admin | 09/01/04| 02:28:05 pm| Rants and Raves|

Advantage team Brendo

I just got this email from the webhost of the creep that's been comment spamming us: I have booted the 3 sites. Sweet. Let that be a lesson to you. Jerks. ++6 more »
posted by admin | 08/23/04| 07:38:21 pm| Rants and Raves| 2 comments »

Comment spam . . .

Comment spam, grandma just called to say that you need to go home because you're ruining everyone's life and eating all the steak. Brendan gave me some MT priveleges, so I've been deleting comment spam this morning. Almost 200 comments. I've also… more »
posted by admin | 08/23/04| 09:42:33 am| Rants and Raves| 3 comments »

Ultimate Christian Wrestling

Proof that we're now in the end times. (via Religion News Blog) more »
posted by admin | 07/22/04| 11:46:30 am| Rants and Raves| 2 comments »

Yahoo pulls the plug on Trillian, GAIM

Users fume over Yahoo-Trillian scuffle (CNET I don't have many Yahoo IM contacts, but I do use GAIM, so this is kind of a pain. Trillian apparently has a patch already to get around this. I'm not sure what GAIM will do. I guess it's… more »
posted by admin | 06/24/04| 05:55:27 pm| Rants and Raves| 1 comment »

Things That Suck About Being Color Blind

In case you didn't know, I'm kind of color blind. I have trouble telling similar colors apart. When I play Risk, I start moving other people's pieces unless I'm black. That's probably why the color scheme of this site is very simple. So I'm having a… more »
posted by brendoman | 06/07/04| 04:52:05 pm| Rants and Raves| 7 comments »

Bloglines revisited

The more I use, the more I like it. I made my subscriptions available, so if you want to read them, click here. This link could give you a good feel for what the service is like. I'm also trying out the blogrolling feature over at the… more »
posted by admin | 05/31/04| 05:21:25 pm| Rants and Raves| 3 comments »

Finally, an RSS reader I like

I've tried a ton of rss reading apps and until now they've all had one or more of these problems: 1. Doesn't remember what I've read. 2. Doesn't play nice with Firefox. Tries to open links in IE [shudder] or opens links internally with browser… more »
posted by admin | 05/27/04| 05:12:04 pm| Rants and Raves| 1 comment »

At the Library

So I've made going to the library to surf the Net and check e-mail part of my daily routine. I've come to two conclusions though about using the internet at the library. Library computers suck. They also use terrible resolutions that you can't change.… more »
posted by brendoman | 05/26/04| 02:52:20 pm| Rants and Raves| 2 comments »

Feelin' Fine

Okay, so my mom told me she had an extra DSL modem. She didn't. So today when she got her new work computer I had to move the DSL modem back upstairs. She won't let me try and get the router working again. So I'm reduced to using library internet on… more »
posted by brendoman | 05/25/04| 01:09:31 pm| Rants and Raves|

Ticked Off

I'm a little angry right now. I missed lunch today because I was waiting for someone I was supposed to meet. They stood me up. I'm sure they will apologize, but actions speak louder than words. I didn't have anything else to do after that so I… more »
posted by brendoman | 05/12/04| 11:44:01 pm| Rants and Raves| 5 comments »

Contra Bible Colleges

I'm talking with my good friend Brandon, who is a campus minister at a university. We both went to Truman State University, where we were involved with Campus Christian Fellowship, and we're talking about Bible colleges. We've both been looked at as… more »
posted by admin | 05/11/04| 02:53:03 pm| Rants and Raves| 4 comments »


Here's a fun and potentially useful little program. Neotrace Express lets you put in a domain name or ip address, and it will map the path that data takes from your computer to that address. For instance, I put in and the map shows my… more »
posted by admin | 04/29/04| 05:08:40 pm| Rants and Raves| 2 comments »

Sanity at Last

What do you think? Comment at Honzo's or go to the forums. Honzo more »
posted by Hundiejo | 01/27/04| 12:55:49 pm| Rants and Raves|


wtf?! Looking at my webstats page, I noticed that some one from the Central Christian College of the Bible has taken a fancy to my site. WTF? A "college of the bible"... haha.. really? Christianity is stupid. Basing a religion on ruling people through… more »
posted by brendoman | 09/18/03| 01:52:49 pm| Rants and Raves| 5 comments »


On one Brendoman's posts a person who calls herself "lakers_suck!!fag!!" gave a rather interesting take on the NBA Team called the Los Angeles Lakers Lets take a look at what Miss lakers_suck!!fag!! wrote: hey lakers suck fag!! and if u dont agree… more »
posted by Hundiejo | 09/07/03| 12:36:58 pm| Rants and Raves| 10 comments »

It will be done in 5 min!

after 20 hours messing with stuff and trouble shooting, ect... the installation will be complete! more »
posted by Hundiejo | 08/15/03| 10:20:49 pm| Rants and Raves| 2 comments »

case of the mondays

I have stuff to do, but i'm too tired. i would love to post fun stuff for all of you to read, but i'm a little drained right now. My morning started bright and early when Jeremiah and I moved all of Gringo's stuff out of the storage shed here and over… more »
posted by brendoman | 04/14/03| 11:24:12 am| Rants and Raves| Leave a comment »


I made it to San Francisco. I found out two bummer things though; a) I don't have a place to stay yet in Sacramento (even though I was told the opposite before I left L.A.), so I'm stuck here until June 1st and b) I don't think I can go to my friend's… more »
posted by brendoman | 05/24/02| 02:58:28 pm| Rants and Raves|

me=lazy pile o' poo

today: ~woke up unaturally early ~hung out with my five year old nephew michael (the man in my life) ~got kicked out of McDonalds because of a bomb threat someone made. the whole town was shut down all day, including schools, businesses, bars... no… more »
posted by lisa | 05/22/02| 10:40:26 pm| Rants and Raves|

And The Job Hunt Continues

Today I almost had a job. $10/hr. I thought it was great, it was customer service too. All I had to do was be like those guys at car part places and just stand behind a counter, but they wanted someone who would be around 3 to 5 years, so I could not… more »
posted by smiles | 05/22/02| 02:57:51 pm| Rants and Raves|


Last night I went to a club. It wasn't that fun. It was just a bunch of techno music that you couldn't dance to with someone else. So it was kind of gay. My girlfriend was there, I tried to dance with her, and being that I am tall, white and goofy,… more »
posted by smiles | 05/11/02| 11:29:55 pm| Rants and Raves|


I have a massive head cold. I've been sleeping all day. This really sucks. I also bombed my Greek test because I forgot everything I studied since I was so woozy. Hopefully I will be in better shape by the time my 6:00 class rolls around. more »
posted by brendoman | 05/07/02| 12:32:57 pm| Rants and Raves|


Why am I still up and it is 3:15. goodness I freaking hate this. I can't find my keys. I can't find my extra print cartridge. I freakin' want to find both of those, but can't anywhere, so my mind won't rest at all so I can't sleep. Its horrible.… more »
posted by smiles | 04/25/02| 02:18:34 am| Rants and Raves|

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