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For the Love....

I've about had it with the human race. No one is honest with each other. People hurt each other all the time. We kill each other over the stupidest shit possible. We hurt each other with words, actions, thoughts. For what? We put on these masks… more »
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Excitement and Depression

I'm excited about working Fantasmic! tomorrow night especially since I don't have to be at work until 7:30 PM. I'm excited that G-mail Notifier works again. I'm excited that things are continuing to move with pop.vox. I'm excited when I get to hang… more »
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Holy cow, where did July go? Now that my life consists of work, Jr. High stuff at church, and working on PopVox stuff, things are moving pretty darn fast. In other news, my good friend Steve (who happens to be Josh's brother) proposed to his… more »
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MS AntiSpyware downgrades Claria

Slashdot | Windows AntiSpyware Downgrades Claria Detections - Just a week after reports that Microsoft is in talks to buy Claria (maker of the infamous Gator spyware), Microsoft's antispyware program has changed it's opinion of some Gator spyware. Four… more »
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How about....

Actually helping Africa. more »
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Evil Nations

Anti-Subjugator: Thanks America more »
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Darth Drm strikes again

R.I.P. DVD Decrypter This is sad. more »
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I'm single. Deal with it.

One of the biggest obstacles between me and a job in youth ministry so far has surprisingly been the fact that I am not married. Two different churches, after being impressed by my resume, have asked me if I am married, and after my reply of no, have… more »
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Hardware DRM enforcement

DRM Goes From Soft Suck to Blow Hard Talks about Sony and Intel's new hardware DRM enforcement. The purpose of technology is to make our lives better, to make the tasks that are tedious pass more quickly, the difficult tasks a little easier, and the… more »
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Rightly Said.

Turner, an outspoken media mogul who started CNN in 1980 but no longer controls the network, said he envisioned CNN as a place where rapes and murders that dominated local news wouldn't be emphasized, but he's seeing too much of that "trivial news" on… more »
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I haven't really been in the blogging mood lately. I had a killer job interview in Orange on Sunday that I thought I nailed. The kids and parents at the church really responded well and it was obvious that I was the pastor's choice for the job.… more »
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Carmine agrees with me: In my opinion, Revenge of the Sith seemed rushed. It seemed Lucas was just trying to close things out real quick. Every character in the movie seemed to have a bit part, and there wasn’t much character development, except for… more »
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-B ? What?

Revenge of the Sith - Honzo, knowing that I don't know anything worthwhile. Your trip to Berkley has clearly slowed your mind. more »
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How not to be poor

Walter E. Williams: How not to be poor It has been a while since I [ have upset anyone / had anyone freak out on me ] around here, so I thought I would give it a try. Walter E. Williams gives a meathod on how not to be poor. Beware, it is laden with… more »
posted by Hundiejo | 2005-05-12| 17:27:01| Rants and Raves, culture/news| 33 comments »


Well, I think my laptop is officially dead. I'm too broke to switch to a Mac right now. This couldn't have happened at a worse time since I'm looking for jobs online and stuff. Meh. The stupid thing was working just fine then it made this odd sound… more »
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Stop the Presses

Yahoo! News - Paris Hilton Cuts Ties With Nicole Richie Oh yes, this is definitely top news. In other top news, Jude Law called Sean Penn a "poopyhead" and I went to the bathroom 5 minutes ago. more »
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So I met the drummer for this band last night and he was a cool guy. He invited me to a free show they are playing today. The place I'm staying has two cars available for community use. One was checked out. So I got the other one and before I even… more »
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The Holidays

I can't post on my blog, so I will try it here: should be pretty quiet around here over the next several days. Katie and I are heading to Chicago for the holidays. We are staying at my Dad's house, as he will be in Europe. We are both in… more »
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Another Sad Day...

I just did something I never thought I'd do. I deleted Chaos from my BUBBS desktop. Chaos was a folder on Biola's BBS system (called BUBBS) that Roland, Nick, and I started. It was a place where the cynical folks could post whatever they wanted. A… more »
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I'm sick of hearing about this Red State vs. Blue State crap everywhere. Lumping people into two categories like that is just freaking stupid. more »
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An Open Letter to the Christian Church in America

I just got a whole lot off my chest that I've been wanting to say for some time now. If you are a Christian, I encourage you to read my letter, as it is addressed to you. more »
posted by Kyle | 11/08/04| 07:25:29 pm| Rants and Raves|

The Party Of Death

Alright, maybe it hasn't been here, but I get the feeling that people believe that the Republican (yes a capital R) party is the party of death. This is not without good reason. I mean look at what is happening in Iraq. According to Iraq Body… more »
posted by smiles | 11/08/04| 12:10:27 pm| Rants and Raves| 19 comments »

Movies to watch before the election

Fahrenheit 9-11 Ferenhype 9-11 Voices of Iraq Stolen Honor Celsius 41.11 Fellowship 9-11 Going Upriver more »
posted by Hundiejo | 10/26/04| 12:18:43 am| Rants and Raves| 4 comments »

George Bush

The War on Terror: Taking it to them, so they can't bring it to us. On the Economy 1 : Creating an ownership society On the Economy 2 : Create a pro-growth business environment On Society 1 : Creating a culture of life On Socierty 2 : Tort Reform =… more »
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Security Council members deny meeting Kerry

Remember: "This president hasn't listened. I went to meet with the members of the Security Council in the week before we voted. I went to New York. I talked to all of them, to find out how serious they were about really holding Saddam Hussein… more »
posted by Hundiejo | 10/25/04| 11:58:40 pm| Rants and Raves|

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