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Hi Brendan, The most recent gift from the Fergusons of $50, reduces you balance to $2,695.87. It would be good if you would let me know that you are receiving my messages and I like to know when you will be able to make payments towards your… more »
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Does anyone know of a really good way to get rid of ants? Traps and little bottles of spray just aren't working. I'm thinking of getting the outdoor spray but I was wondering if anyone else had some techniques. I got home tonight and our trashcan was… more »
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Adventures in Anaheim

So yesterday we moved into our new apartment. It wasn't freaking easy though. I had previously talked to the apartment manager about moving in on Friday, June 9th. I made sure to repeat the date about three times so we had everything clear. I was a… more »
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Still Mad

Sid Ganis: "Let's All Go to the Movies!" Yeah, I'm still mad about Sid Ganis' asinine comments at the Oscars about DVDs and the virtue of seeing movies in the theater. Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences president Sid Ganis praised the… more »
posted by brendoman | 03/10/06| 03:04:13 pm| Movies, Rants and Raves| 11 comments »

Stupidest Oscar Moment

So I'm watching the Oscars right now since I was at work when they were on. Thanks Tivo. But what the heck is up with the president of the Academy bashing DVDs and then everyone clapping? Hey jackasses: Stop making so many crappy movies and charging… more »
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eBay Update

So things are pretty much as resolved as they are going to get in my eBay debacle. I was very impressed with eBay's response time. I finally found the stub of the money order I had as well as the receipt used to buy it. Good freaking thing I saved… more »
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More Blarg

I'm still sick but I've been going to work because I need the money and I don't really have any points to spare. What are points? Basically every time we call in to work for any reason or are late we get docked points. When you call in sick it is… more »
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I didn't get the job. I tried to ask the lady what was wrong with me, what I needed to do next time, but she didn't know because she was just a secretary. No one ever tells you why. This is seriously like the 100th job I've been turned down for since… more »
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To the Bretheren

Hey Christians, want to make yourself look like idiots? Keep freaking out about things like The Book of Daniel and Chad Allen being gay. Keep up the great work guys. You're really making the world a better place. more »
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Rant of the Day

Dear Loud Woman in the Terminal (by Jeremy Zawodny) Please shut the hell up. Your husband is trying to read the newspaper and you keep interrupting him with annoying comments. Now that you're talking on the phone, everyone within 150 feet can hear you… more »
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Celebrity Goodies

Famous Get Free Micro - Kotaku This post at Kotaku got me thinking about how once celebrities are rich enough to buy just about anything, they get everything for free. I mean, the people attending the Golden Globes get a goodie bag worth $62,000. WTF… more »
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Gringo and Honzo to go to Jail.

Yup. They had spats on Brendoman that were not under their real names. If they do this in the future, they could go to jail for it, thanks to a new law. President Signs H.R. 3402, the "Violence Against Women and Department of Justice Reauthorization… more »

Crappy end to a semi-crappy year

I'm being ousted from my security job at the church. I'm quitting, but I don't really have a choice. It's a long story. Basically I just really didn't get along with two of my roommates, one of whom is the lead security officer. It was stressing me… more »
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Dear Jerk, I don't want to invest in your stupid stocks, so stop asking me about it a hundred times via e-mail. Thanks. Get bent, brendoman more »
posted by brendoman | 12/20/05| 03:19:32 pm| Rants and Raves| 4 comments »

Holy Freaking Blank! Tivo and the Network Adapter

Why the blank does Tivo have to blanking not support any blanking wireless USB adapters? The the blanking ones that are on their supported and blanking recomended lists?!??!?!? Most all wireless adapters come with drivers to make them work. All you… more »


I feel like my contributions to this blog have really sucked lately and I don't really know what to do about it. I don't have internet at my apartment so I can't keep up with all the good links and funny stories that I usually provide on a daily basis.… more »
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Matrix Explained - I know that this movie came out a long time ago, but I came across this site on Digg and reading over some of this renewed my frustration with the third Matrix film. Reloaded brought up so many cool questions. I remember… more »
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So I just got back from working a 12 hour shift at Disneyland. The crazy thing is that it wasn't even as bad as yesterday. Yesterday was Veteran's Day. It was also the first day that all the holiday decorations and stuff were up. The result of all… more »
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Iraqi WMD's and a little dig at Carter

Iraqi WMD's Carter Lied about WMDs. more »
posted by Hundiejo | 11/12/05| 10:57:38 pm| Rants and Raves|

Looking for a job? Have little to no relevant experience? Then can help you. more »
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Duh of the day: Movie execs

This Just in: Flops Caused Box Office Slump - Los Angeles Times Movie studio execs have just figured out what everyone else has known for years. It's not DVD piracy, BitTorrent or Kazaa that's got ticket sales down, it's crappy movies that are keeping… more »
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ALA | 100 Most Frequently Challenged Books of 1990-2000 What the heck is wrong with people? Seriously. I don't get it. more »
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I've been posting a lot things under this title lately it seems. It looks like my adventure in China has turned into quite the costly one as ELIC informed me today of my bill from Linkcare. Holy shit indeed. Look at how much insurance helped me. So… more »
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Sorry, I've been slightly busy actually working this weekend. I've also been watching large amounts of TV shows on DVD and some other stuff. I've also just been pondering life and what I'm supposed to do. I am still fruitless in that search. We… more »
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Two Hours In Hell

A friend of mine told me last night that her company was hiring some people. I called them this morning and they asked me to come in this afternoon for an interview. So far, so good. It was all down hill from there. I have now been to the ninth… more »
posted by brendoman | 09/08/05| 03:30:12 am| Rants and Raves| 13 comments »

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