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It's All Happening

How many times have I told that to myself? I think I lost track. Comment and trackback spam is bothering almost as much as the damn gas prices, which have derailed my trip down to San Diego this weekend. The other thing that has derailed my trip to… more »
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Disney Vacation Photos

Disney Mania 2006 Check out all 875 photos from my vacation that I uploaded today. There are still some more to come eventually because some of the pictures on the CD's Janelle gave me wouldn't open. I think there are about 1100 photos total. They… more »
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Happiest Place on Earth

So pretty much all I did this weekend was work. I finished off my two weeks of working overtime on Saturday so that is good and now my bank account is very happy. I got to go to a fun party at a co-worker's new place and hang out with a bunch of… more »
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Happy Belated Easter

Yesterday I took a day to go to church, hang out with friends, work, and purge myself of the internets. It was a good day. I had a really good time at work. I've really made some good friends in my department. A few might even become my roommates… more »
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Busy Day

Here's what Danny and I did today: Much fun was had by all. I'm freaking tired. We're going to California Adventure tomorrow. Good night. more »
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Celeb Sighting

So today I had what I would consider the biggest celebrity sighting of my tenure at Disneyland. I always like working gate 5, also known as the proxy gate, because it is where cast members come in the park and it is also where VIP tours usually enter.… more »
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More Blarg

I'm still sick but I've been going to work because I need the money and I don't really have any points to spare. What are points? Basically every time we call in to work for any reason or are late we get docked points. When you call in sick it is… more »
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I'm sick. I'm pondering taking a few sick days at work because it was insane tonight and I almost couldn't handle it. I've never seen it so busy at California Adventure. You can thank the 2fer tickets for that. SoCal residents can buy a regular… more »
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Big Day Tomorrow

You know those moments you have sometimes where it seems like your whole future depends on how you do? I have one of those tomorrow. I have an interview tomorrow at 9 AM for a full time salaried position in Guest Research at Disneyland. This is… more »
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Celebs at Disneyland

So today they were having a celebrity party at California Adventure for the opening of the new Monsters Inc. ride. I stamped the hands of this gal and this guy. I also let this guy in the park with his family. It was neat. There were lots of famous… more »
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Disneyland Update

It's been awhile since I wrote about all the goings on at my place of employment, so here are a few things of interest for anyone who cares: - Today marks my 17th day in a row of working. Mind you, those aren't all 8 hour shifts, but I'm still pretty… more »
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Yeah, I feel like my life lately has pretty much been all about Disneyland. Ah well, it could be worse. We finally got Phil and Janelle moved into their new apartment and they can't go anywehere for at least a year, so that is good. Blue Christmas… more »
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And So It Ends

Oh man... After tomorrow I hopefully won't see Disneyland until Friday. I feel like I live there. I worked 50 hours this week. I'll be a lot happier when I see my paycheck, which should be awesome thanks to holiday pay, overtime, and working a sixth… more »
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Punk Icons

Today the members of this band went through my gate at the Grand Californian Hotel. One of them was wearing a View Askew Music Pimp t-shirt. He was impressed that I recognized it. That is my interesting story for the day. In other news, I got my… more »
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Whistle While You Work

Starting on Friday I'm working like 9 days straight at Disneyland. I'm working about 50 hours next week. Not to mention my security job. So I don't really know when I will get the time to post. I'm a little bummed about working all day on… more »
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So I just got back from working a 12 hour shift at Disneyland. The crazy thing is that it wasn't even as bad as yesterday. Yesterday was Veteran's Day. It was also the first day that all the holiday decorations and stuff were up. The result of all… more »
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So that wonderful time is upon us. And I will be working my tail off. But Disneyland is a great place to be during the Holidays. I grew up going to the park during Christmas time. It's always quite fantastic, even for a Scrooge like me. The thing… more »
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Duh of the Day

Okay, I finally have a funny story to tell. Some idiot climbed over the berm fence outside the park that is covered in razor wire. He tore up his arm, made it over, and when questioned by security about his bloody arm proceeded to go on about how he… more »
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The busiest weekend I've had in a long time is finally over. Friday night I was supposed to go see Keane with Jeri but I couldn't afford it so instead I went to Myste's birthday party. It was super cool hanging out with Myste, Phil, Darren, Lindsay,… more »
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I just worked for twelve freaking hours. And they wanted me to stay for 14. First i get no shifts, then they keep me forever. Blarg. We hit capacity tonight because there were several large groups in the park. A lady who apparently worked for some… more »
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CHOC Walk Update

I know there are a lot of causes right now to donate your money to and I hate to add to them, but I'm still trying to raise money for the Children's Hospital of Orange County and the CHOC Walk In The Park. I've raised $15 and I need $25 to be able to… more »
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Walk In The Park Update

I have raised $0 in my efforts for the CHOC Walk In the Park. I know you guys can do better than that. You still have some time though. If you would like to donate, just click here. Thanks guys! more »
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Adventures in Frontierland

So tonight I worked the Frontierland entrance to Fantasmic. I hope I never have to do that again. Here's a sample conversation I had with a guest: Me: Excuse me sir, but this is one way traffic only. You're going to have to go back through… more »
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Walk In The Park

Happy Monday to us all! I've decided to participate in CHOC Walk In The Park 2005 at Disneyland on October 2nd. I've set my fundraising goal at $75. All the money goes to Children's Hospital of Orange County. It's a great charity. If you would like… more »
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Rude Guests

So I think a guest today said just about the most rude thing anyone has ever said to me in my life. I was checking bags and this lady stopped, looked at me, and said, "You know, you can fix that with reconstructive surgery." WTF? I just stared at… more »
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