More Free Stickers!

Today we announced a new sticker which Phil actually designed for me (using custom artwork from Ian Johnston) as a Christmas present. For an unknown limited time we are giving these away for free along with our regular Brax stickers if you contact us here with your mailing address. So there you go, free stuff.

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Link of the Day: Download More RAM

The next time someone in your family is pestering you because their computer is "acting weird," just send them to this site. I can honestly see it having a sort of placebo effect.

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Buzz Lightyear

It's been awhile since I uploaded a Buzz Lightyear pic but I wanted to record this one from last night for posterity since I beat Phil. I also cracked the top 100 which is pretty awesome since it was just near closing.

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Pete & Pete Quiz

The Adventures of Pete & Pete: The Quiz

Score: 93% (14 out of 15)

I can't believe I missed one.

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Quick Movie Thoughts - Paranormal Activity & The Fantastic Mr. Fox

Paranormal Activity scared the crap out of me so in order to think happy thoughts I went to see The Fantastic Mr. Fox with Jon and Grace and it was awesome and made me feel warm and fuzzy. That's it.

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This Will Be Our Year

I think we're supposed to say it like "twenty ten" because really it just makes more sense.

Not much going on here, playing a lot of Wii, wishing January were over already so LOST will be on. Hope you are all having as awesome a new year as I am so far.

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Happy New Year and stuff

It's 2010 in other parts of the world so this totally counts. I am off work at 2 today and then who knows what will happen so I better get this taken care of. 2009 was a pretty crazy year. Yes, I was without a job for 9 months but I made the most of that time and now I have a super awesome job that I actually enjoy. I will always remember this year because it was the year I became a webcomic creator alongside my best friend and so far it is the most awesome thing to come along in my life since this very website. I also spent tons of time with friends and family this year and that is always great.

I also had many great adventures in L.A. and other places, the greatest of which happened just a couple weeks ago when Phil and I went to a comedy show hosted by Black Francis (Frank Black of The Pixies). In addition to comedy sets from Brian Posehn and Bob Odenkirk and a musical set from Tim and Eric we were surprised with several musical interludes from our host, who played several Pixies songs. It was beyond incredible and a great way to wrap up a pretty great year. Here's to 2009 and to a great 2010!

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Tom Wilson is Awesome


I think Tom wouldn't mind me since I wouldn't even ask about Back to the Future. I would only talk about Freaks and Geeks.

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WTF of the Day: Frys In Store Pickup Is Useless

So I want to buy a Wii. Apparently between Saturday afternoon when I saw Wiis everywhere and last night when I went to buy a Wii, everyone went Wii crazy and bought them all. They were sold out everywhere in my area. So just now I went to and was very excited to see that the Wii was available for in-store pickup according to their site. This is the screen I saw when I tried to check out:

Hooray! I can go pick up my Wii after work and that is the end of that business. Nope. Sorry. A couple minutes later I get this email:

Dear Brendan Creecy,
Your order IS NOT READY for pick up because the following items are not available in the store at this time:

Item(s) Req Qty Aval Qty

You may come to the store list below to pick up your available item(s) if desired or follow this link to cancel your order. apologizes for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

WTF???? I feel like Jerry in that episode of Seinfeld when the rental car lady tells him they have no cars available after he made a reservation. The stinking site said "available." I don't think knows what available means. Seriously.

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Black Books on Hulu!

You have to have a Hulu account for age verification purposes, but it's totally worth it as Black Books just might be my favorite BBC show ever. If you haven't been exposed to the greatness that is Dylan Moran, this is your chance. The rest of the cast is amazing as well and there are some great guest appearances by other popular British comedians. Holy crap, I just poked around a little bit and Spaced is on Hulu as well! My head just exploded a little bit. The internet is awesome!

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Kevin Smith's Cop Out Trailer Available

I can't get the sound to work from my work computer for some reason, but you can check out the trailer for the Kevin Smith directed and Cullen brothers scribed movie Cop Out (formerly A Couple of Dicks) here. Since I can't hear it I can't make a good decision on whether or not it reflects how funny and great the movie is. Yes, I've seen it. I think it will appeal to a much broader audience than the rest of Kevin's movies. It is a great buddy cop flick in the vein of Lethal Weapon and 48 Hours and the action is just as good as the laughs. That's all I'm going to say for now so I don't get sued or anything. The movie hits theaters February 26th.

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Merry Christmas!

Hope you all have a good one. Props to Phil for sending me this video.

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Here's to the Aughts: A Decade in Photos

I think the aughts sound kind of silly but I don't know what else to call it. All I know is I've had quite the decade. Read on for lots of photos.

Full story »

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I Was Wrong About Avatar

I never posted about it in here, but I've kind of been one of those Avatar haters. I kept seeing the trailer and thinking, "This looks like Ferngully: The Last Rainforest!" I also thought the end credits song (all the videos have been taken down off Youtube) by Leona Lewis was absolutely atrocious and that further clouded my judgment of the movie. And then there was the never-ending hype. Don't even get me started.

So I watched the movie yesterday and it was awesome. Jake said everything I could even begin to say about the flick, so I'll be brief. It was visually stunning. What it really boiled down to for me is that in the end, while they are an amazing art form and there is much to be gleaned from in that aspect, films are there to take us into other worlds, to tell a story, to escape, and to amaze. I think Avatar did all these things in spades. Do yourself a favor and see it in 3D. I seriously almost forgot where I was.

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Announcing the BraxCentral iPhone App

BraxCentral iPhone app

On the same day that Kevin Smith launched his iPhone app we managed to launch ours as well. I've got to admit, between this and the awesome site I made for today's comic I am geeking out pretty hardcore right now. Here is the direct iTunes link or you can just search for Brax in the App Store. Huge props go out to Onezumi Studios for making this all happen.

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FlickPicks Group

I just found out about Flick Picks, which is basically Fantasy Football for movie geeks. It's a lot less involving than Hollywood Stock Exchange. You basically run a movie theater and get to pick which movies to show and based on their performance you earn points. The reason for this post is it has a Groups feature where players join together to combine against one another but also as a team against other groups. Here is the group page. If you don't have an account yet, just comment with your email and I will send you an invite so you will be automatically in our group when you join. If you already have an account and are not in a group yet (I think you can only join one group at a time but I am not sure) post a link to your profile or just post your username in the comments and I can invite you from there. Anyways, this seems like fun so you should give it a shot!

Update: I updated this post to make joining the group as easy as possible. If you have an account already, just comment with your username and I will add you to the group.

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Christmas Memories

Here's a good topic of discussion: Your favorite Christmas gift ever. Before I received my NES a couple years later, this was probably mine.


That voice changing snake head microphone was pretty much the coolest thing ever as far as my 6 year old mind was concerned. Yes, Castle Grayskull was awesome, but somehow Mattel managed to top it with Snake Mountain. Those guys were pretty much geniuses when it came to selling toys to young boys.

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R.I.P. Roy E. Disney

I was saddened to hear the news that Roy E. Disney died today. Roy was the son of Roy O. Disney and nephew of Walt Disney. He helped save the Walt Disney Company from a hostile takeover in the mid-80's and along with Michael Eisner and Jeffrey Katzenberg helped usher in the Disney Renaissance of the late 80's and early to mid 90's, both on screen and in the theme parks. Oddly enough he also helped oust Eisner in the 2005 Save Disney campaign that ushered in Bob Iger and the purchase of Pixar, which has lead to another renaissance both in animation and in the theme parks. For these things alone any fan of animation or of Disney in general owes him a debt of gratitude. I had the pleasure of speaking to Roy on a few occasions as he was a regular visitor in the park and, like his uncle, was always kind and courteous to the cast members. He will definitely be missed.

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I've Seen the Best

I'm a little blah about upcoming movies right now, even though it's the good time of year and there's lots of quality stuff out there. I think it might be because I saw Up in the Air back in September and I just don't think anything is going to top it for me. Everything about the movie was great and it deals with issues I can complete relate to, that many of us can, and for me that is how I really connect with a movie. I know this isn't true for everybody. A lot of folks just want an escape. I can totally understand that, sometimes I do too. But sometimes I want more. Up in the Air gave me that, but it was also funny and entertaining. I didn't feel horrible about life like I did after watching many of the big Oscar movies last year. A guy can only take so much of that.

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Link of the Day: Immunet Antivirus

I'm not going to lie. I'm getting a little annoyed with AVG. I've been using their free antivirus since 2001 and haven't had any viruses or other issues since I started using it but I'm getting a little annoyed by their increasingly intrusive nagging for their paid version and their browser hijacking safesearch or whatever it is. This Download Squad post about cloud-based Immunet Protect definitely piqued my interest as it doesn't require definition updates and it has an extremely low footprint. Has anyone tried this out? If not Immunet, what other free solutions have you tried and had success with?

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Watch the New Wesley Willis Documentary Free at Pitchfork

Pitchfork is offering the new Wesley Willis documentary, Wesley Willis's Joy Rides: It's a Rock You Mentary free to stream on their website right now. It's pretty awesome. Longtime readers of the site will know that Wesley is kind of an icon for us and we got to meet the legend in person during Spring Break St. Louis in the spring of 2002. I don't know about you guys, but I still tell that story to folks. Drop the bomb...

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New WoW Patch Is Tempting Me

I just read about a new patch in WoW that allows players to queue up for dungeons. It sounds pretty awesome:

Basically you can now queue up for a dungeon (just like you would with a Battlefield PvP match) and the game will match you up with like-minded adventurers and appropriate classes. Once you're in a group with a range of healers, DPSers and tanks, and everyone checks their ready mark, the game will automatically teleport the group right inside the dungeon for nigh-instant adventuring.

If I had to narrow down my gripes with WoW to one thing, it would be finding groups for dungeons and now that seems to be resolved. Yes, it's not the same as playing with people you know and there is room for a lot of potential disaster, but I think the good definitely outweighs the bad. That being said, I have absolutely no time for WoW and I'm sure now that I would be able to crawl dungeons at will the game would pretty much consume any free time I have. However, if this feature had been in the game when I was playing all the time, I probably never would have left. Perhaps it's for the best then that it wasn't.

P.S. for those wondering: I haven't logged in in over 2 years. Man, time flies.

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New Poll: What Would You Like To See More Of?

No one submitted an actual poll idea so I created a poll to see what you fine folks would like to see more of here since I honestly have no idea. Feel free to add your own answers. Also feel free to comment here with better poll ideas.

Update: We're having some issues with the poll so I'm disabling it for now. Hopefully it will return soon. Please still comment with your thoughts and ideas.

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Now I Must Have a Wii

Holy crap. Excitebike World Rally + Epic Mickey = I officially have to have a Wii. I've really enjoyed playing Wii at my various friends' houses but I keep putting off buying one. I don't think I can for much longer.

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Deal of the Day: Arrested Development Complete Series DVD Set

If for some insane reason you don't already own these or even more insane you haven't seen the show, now is your chance. Today only Amazon is selling the complete series set for $28.99. It makes a great gift! Not for me though, seeing as how I know what a good TV show is and have owned it for quite some time.

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