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It took over 12 years to get to this point but yesterday I published the 300th episode of Radio BrendoMan. It's funny reading the old posts from when Danny and I were trying to figure out how to even publish the file. This was way before there were plugins and any sort of podcast directory, let alone iTunes and all the fancy apps we have now. Thankfully Movable Type, the software we were using at the time (memories...) was one of the first blog publishing platforms (Wordpress was still in its infancy) to enable the use of enclosure tags for its RSS feeds. These magical tags are what point the podcast app or feed reader to the location of a file, in this case the MP3 file of the podcast episode. The only reason I knew about any of this stuff is because I read Dave Winer's blog. Dave is one of the fathers of podcasting as we know it. The only reason I knew about Dave was through reading Wil Wheaton's blog, which is the blog that inspired me to start this blog you are reading right now way back in April of 2002 (yes we are almost 15 years old!). So yeah, it all goes back to Wil. Which is why it was crazy that I got this reply from Wil when I emailed him about contributing to my fledgling podcast that I was already thinking about giving up on because it was really hard:

Subject: Re: Podcasting and such
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2004 08:37:04 -0400
From: Wil Wheaton
Organization: WWdN
To: Brendan Creecy

Hey Brendan,

I totally downloaded and listened to your first podcast about ten days ago! Cool!

I liked it a lot that you used Creative Commons music, and your thoughts about commercial music were interesting to me, because I pretty much want to podcast just so I can do 42 minute radio shows with music that I like. It's going to be interesting to see what happens with that whole aspect of podcasting.

I haven't been able to make it go just yet, though, and I can't record any audio at this time, which is the sucks. If I ever *do* get a podcast up, though, it obviously means that I can get it going, and you could shoot me an e-mail so I remember to send you a drop.

Hope you're well,


It took 7+ years, but I did get that drop from Wil and it's featured on every 4th episode of the show to this day. Without Wil's encouragement and support, I probably would have stopped around episode 3. We did slowly stop doing the show after I got back to SoCal but we did do a few episodes a year until 2008. It has been such a fun experience doing the show, especially in its current form with my best pal, Phil Vecchio. Special thanks to all the brendoman.com crew who contributed to the show over the years: Danny, Brian (Gringo), Henry, Luis, Smiles, Kyle, Sara, Brandon, and anyone else I forgot. There's always an open seat for you guys. Finally, thanks to all the listeners out there. I am continually overwhelmed by your support.

Oh hey, this is my first post on here for 2017 so happy new year!

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Comment from: Jeri [Visitor]

I have a couple more to catch up with, but can’t believe I’ve been tagging along for that many episodes!! So proud of you, Brendo, and I love having this way to hang out with you every week virtually since we can’t hang out in person that often. Love ya!

02/01/17 @ 19:55
Comment from: [Member]   · http://brendoman.com

You too Jeri! Thanks for listening and being awesome!

02/02/17 @ 09:17

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