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Beverly Hills 90210 Recap - "Ticket To Ride"

This episode is titled “Ticket to Ride” and is the 29th episode of Season 6. It aired on May 7th, 1996. We start off at CU. Brandon and Susan are at the CU student store and buy a scratch off ticket. They agree to split whatever they win since Brandon paid for half of it. Brandon scratches it off to reveal it is a winner to the tune of $5,000. Brandon tries to cash it in at the store because he is a doofus and the cashier tells him they have to take the ticket to the California Lottery Office in Van Nuys. So I guess this is an advertisement for the California Lottery.

Dave, Donna, and Claire are walking to class and discussing having a study session later. David tells Donna that Eric the manager has given them some CDs of groups that they can do music videos for. Joe joins them and says he is starting summer drills for football next season. He’s a little nervous since he has been out of commission since having heart surgery.

Val is helping Colin pack up his place since Colin is going to prison tomorrow. Valerie cries and shows some genuine emotion for once. Colin assures her things will be OK.

Kelly is at Jackie’s house and says she is ready to go to Summer School since she missed the end of last semester due to being in rehab and then nearly being killed by her roommate from rehab. The phone rings and Jackie answers. It is Colin. He hangs up.

Steve is playing racquetball with Prince Carl. They are discussing Steve’s relationship with Claire. Steve says he isn’t sure how serious things are since he’s only 20 years old. He asks Carl if he has any prospects, Carl says there have been a few but he’s still looking.

At the Peach Pit, Brandon and Susan are showing off their winning scratcher. If I had a winning scratcher I know I would show it off to the hard working wait staff at the diner I frequent before I cashed it in. Brandon suggests heading over to the Valley immediately to cash it but Susan says there is too much traffic. She suggests going in the morning after finals.

Colin calls Kelly again but hangs up. Valerie brings food over and Colin says he is thinking about taking off to Mexico. He then says he’s joking but he is obviously freaking out. Colin and Valerie enjoy one last evening together before Colin has to go the Big House.

Back at Casa Walsh, Steve is telling Claire what a great guy Carl is and how he’s become a true friend. Claire warns him that Carl can abandon people on a whim once he is bored and not to get his hopes up. Steve refuses to believe this and insists this bromance is the real thing, pointing out his royal cufflinks that Carl gave him. Claire isn’t buying it.

Kelly has moved back into the Beach House. She asks Donna if she has seen Colin or Valerie around since Colin is going to prison tomorrow. She says she remembers how happy they were when Colin first moved to California. Donna reminds her how that turned out. Kelly decides to call Colin. Valerie picks up. She gives Kelly a hard time and Colin says he doesn’t want to talk to her.
Susan and Brandon are studying for finals but they are distracted by their pending lottery winnings and their upcoming summer trip. Susan says she wants to see the ticket one more time and asks Brandon for the ticket. He says Susan has it. She thought Brandon had it. The ticket is gone. Oh no!

Steve and Claire are eating dinner with Carl at a fancy restaurant. Carl brags about golfing with Barry Bonds and Steve lets him know he has done the same, something we, the viewers, know since it was in an episode a while back. Carl asks Steve what they’re doing for Steve’s birthday. He wants to throw a big party for Steve. Steve rubs this in Claire’s face.

Joe and Donna are playing backgammon in Joe's dorm room because that’s what all the college kids are doing. Donna gets a conference call from David and Eric the manager to discuss their future as music video producers. Eric invites them to a big industry party the next night. Joe bugs Donna about having finals and Donna says it won’t be too late, it’s a business party. Joe is a little perturbed and calls it a night.

After their dinner Carl invites Steve out for a night on the town. Carl says they are going to a “Gentleman’s Club” which Claire takes to mean a strip club. She leaves the boys to do their thing.

Now it’s morning and Val picks up Colin to surrender himself to the authorities. Brandon and Susan are frantically scouring the Peach Pit for their scratcher ticket. Nat says everything is in the dumpster and Brandon goes diving for it. While Brandon is in the dumpster Susan gives him a hard time and blames him for losing the ticket. Brandon says it’s her fault because he wanted to cash it in right away. Susan says if it wasn’t for her they never would have bought the ticket. Brandon takes off in a huff.

Colin and Valerie drive up to the police station. Colin tells Valerie to go inside and find his lawyer. He pulls around and sees a line of prisoners getting into a bus. He freaks out and takes off.

Donna is timing Joe on his 40 yard dash. He is bummed because he is not running as fast as he did before his heart surgery. Joe gives her a hard time for being so cheerful. He then apologizes as he realizes he is being a huge dick.

Back at the police station the police tell Valerie they were able to recover her car but Colin is still at large. They ask Valerie if she had any idea he was going to flee. She says she didn’t. They tell her that the longer he stays on the run the worse it is going to be for him. The Bail Bondsman warns Valerie that he will take her club if he can’t get Colin back.

Joe, Donna, and David meet up with Eric the manager at the big party. Eric grabs David and Donna to meet various music executives and a woman from Warner records flirts with Joe.

Carl shows up at the Beach House and gives Claire a fancy pearl necklace as a way of apologizing for be a jerk when they were kids. He tells Claire that he wants to take her and Steve to Long Beach to cement some plans for Steve’s birthday party. Steve calls and says he is running late. He drops a sock on the stairs and when he heads back down he slips on the sock and injures himself.

Back at the party, Joe says this isn’t his scene and wants to leave. He insists Donna stay but Donna says they can leave after the next song. Eric asks David what the deal is with Donna and Joe. He seems to be interested in Donna. David seems to be also.

Kelly comes home to the Beach House and Colin is waiting for her outside. Kelly asks him if he was supposed to turn himself in today. Colin tells her he ran away. He asks Kelly why she called him and if she still cares about him. She says she just wanted to say goodbye and she doesn’t care about him in that way. Colin says he doesn’t know where to go from here and asks Kelly what he should do. She says he has to figure that out for himself. She says she won’t tell anybody he came to the Beach House but not to contact her again.

Steve is at the Peach Pit with Claire and Carl and his jaw is wired shut. He is also in a neck brace. Carl offers to put him up at the Beverly Hills Hotel to help him recover. Steve can only make goofy mumbling sounds.

Kelly visits Jackie and tells her about Colin coming by the Beach House. Way to not tell anyone. I guess Jackie doesn’t really count. Kelly says she is glad Colin is out of her life.

Back at Casa Walsh Brandon and Valerie are commiserating about their assorted woes. Val opens Brandon’s travel book and finds the missing lottery ticket.

Donna is walking to class with Joe. Joe says he is frustrated with the fact that football is the only thing in his life. He says he wants to discover himself. At the Condor Office, Susan apologizes to Brandon for the way she acted regarding the lottery ticket. Brandon then shows her the winning ticket and says it has been nothing but grief. He says he’d rather lose the money than lose her. That was pretty sweet. He and Susan agree to donate the money to a family whose house burned down in Boyle Heights.

Valerie comes to see Kelly asking if she’s seen Colin. Kelly says she hasn’t. Valerie is on to her and says she will lose everything if Colin doesn’t turn himself in. Kelly tells her she hopes he runs and runs. Dang...

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