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Beverly Hills 90210 Recap - "The Big Hurt"

This episode is titled “The Big Hurt” and is the 28th episode of Season 6. It aired on May 1st 1996. Crazy how that was almost 20 years ago. My 20 year high school reunion is 2 years away. I now feel bad about all the people I said I was going to keep in touch with at my 10 year reunion and haven’t bothered to contact. Sorry guys.

Tara, Kelly, Donna and Claire are all at the Beach House. Tara takes a group picture of the girls. On their way out Donna, Claire, and Kelly comment on how great Tara is dealing with the fact that she has to move out of the apartment. Yeah, I’m sure this is going to go just fine. Tara overfeeds Kelly’s fish by dumping a whole bottle of fish food into the tank. I would have thought they would have shown Tara the door as soon as she showed up with Kelly’s exact haircut but this is the same group of people who are hanging out with a convicted felon who almost ruined Kelly’s life.

At the courthouse Colin is told he will be serving his sentence at a halfway house instead of prison if he pleads guilty. His lawyer says it’s dependent on if the judge approves but it’s a slam dunk. I’m sure nothing will go wrong here.

At CU a very dapper Steve is wearing a suit in preparation for a fancy dinner with Claire and her friend Prince Carl, who is a real prince. Claire says she hasn’t seen Carl in a long time and he was a real jerk when they were kids so she is not dressing up. At the Condor, Brandon is surprised to discover Tara’s new look as she is using the dark room. Tara is developing pictures of Kelly and tells Brandon Kelly is still in love with him. She then tries to kiss Brandon and tells him she wanted to see what it was like to be Kelly. Brandon shrugs it off. He does tell Susan Tara is crazy so at least he’s one step ahead of most of the gang.

Claire and Steve arrive for dinner with Chancellor Arnold and Prince Carl. Steve and Carl talk about their mutual love of Corvettes. Very exciting stuff.

Back at Casa Walsh Brandon leaves a voicemail with Kelly trying to warn her about Tara. David and Donna are showing off their Powerman 5000 video that we saw the filming of last episode. Donna is wearing various skimpy outfits in the video and Joe does not look pleased. David notices this and looks a little worried. He leaves the room and tells Donna he is nervous and that the video might need some work. The video appears to just be shots of the band intermixed with random shots of Donna in sexy outfits striking a match. Very creative, David. Joe is very upset about Donna’s outfits and shames her about it. Donna isn’t happy about that.

Kelly and Tara come home to the Beach House. Kelly discovers that her fish are dead but Tara claims innocence. Kelly says he wants Tara to move out tomorrow. Back at Casa Walsh Brandon tells Valerie he thinks Tara keyed her car. Steve seems to have a big man crush on Prince Carl.

David is working on editing the Powerman video and Donna says she has some notes. These include losing a lot of the shots of her in skimpy outfits. David knows these are coming from Joe and says he doesn’t like the notes. Donna says she thinks she is being exploited and says she doesn’t want to be a sex object in a music video. David refuses to change the video. Donna says either make the changes or she will never work with David again. Jeez, Donna.

At the Beach House Tara says she’ll do whatever Kelly says, she just wants Kelly to be her friend. Brandon arrives as Tara is leaving, Tara says Kelly is really upset about her fish and she asks Brandon to talk to Kelly about it for her and how sweet a guy Brandon is. Kelly is planning on packing up all of Tara’s stuff while Tara is on the beach to hasten her departure. She opens Tara’s suitcase and discovers a bundle of letters from Tara’s parents. It turns out Tara lied about her parents not trying to find her or caring where she was. Big shocker.

Carl, Claire, and Steve are walking on the beach. They are discussing starting some kind of Corvette dealership business bankrolled by Carl. Steve goes off to get some hot dogs. Carl starts flirting with Claire.

Colin is in court and they discover that there is now a different DA handling his case than the one he made the deal with. His lawyer insists that all the DA’s compare notes and he should be OK.

Kelly confronts Tara about the letters from her parents. Kelly called Tara’s parents and she tells Tara that her parents love her and want her to come home. This sets Tara off. Tara tells Kelly how she came on to Brandon and keyed Valerie’s car for her. She then pulls out her gun which Kelly didn’t bother to find in her suitcase and forces Kelly to take her for a drive.

Back in court Colin pleads guilty. The DA brings up the deal that was discussed involving 6 months in a halfway house and the judge refuses, bringing up Colin’s high speed chase. He sentences Colin to two years in prison. Whoops.

David and Donna are at a manager’s office showing their Powerman 5000 music video. The manager loves the video and says he can use it to get the band signed and David and Donna signed to a video contract. He says the video does need to be more sexy though. He says it needs more Donna. David says he agrees and says he has another cut of the video. Donna doesn’t look too happy about it. She and David argue about it for a minute but Donna agrees to make the changes so they can get the deal.

Tara and Kelly stop at an overlook. Kelly says she is going to leave and Tara pulls the gun again. She then pistol whips Kelly and knocks her out.

Steve, Carl, and Claire are at some kind of official banquet for Carl and Carl gives Steve a set of royal cufflinks.

Back at the overlook Kelly wakes up tied to the steering wheel in the car with Tara to discover that Tara has hooked a hose to the exhaust of the car and is planning to kill both her and Kelly via carbon monoxide poisoning. Tara says this is for the best as Kelly has also been hurt by Colin, Valerie, and Brandon.

Valerie and Colin are arguing about the verdict. Valerie assures Colin they will be able to appeal. Colin is rightfully freaking out and says he shouldn’t have listened to Valerie in the first place. Valerie insists she won’t give up. Colin says he can’t survive in prison.

At the Peach Pit, Steve shows off his Royal Cufflinks to Nat. He says it signifies that he is now a friend of the Royal Family. That sounds pretty goofy. Carl continues flirting with Claire in the parking lot and tells her he will be staying longer in L.A.. He asks if that is all right with Claire and she says yes. They seem to share a moment.

Donna visits Joe in his dorm room and tells him about the video deal. She lets him know that they will need to put back in the scenes with Donna in the video. Joe says he has had some time to think about it and is embarrassed about the way he handled the whole thing. He says the real issue is about all the time Donna is spending with David. Donna insists there is nothing there and they make up. Good man, Joe.

It is night time at the overlook and Tara has started the car so it will fill up with carbon monoxide. Kelly begs Tara to untie her, saying she wants to end her pain and that she won’t run away. Tara obliges and Kelly grabs the gun away from Tara. She gets out of the car and shoots the gun in the sky. I guess to call for help? Tara screams in despair and we cut to the hospital where Kelly seems to be doing OK and is with Brandon. Tara is in the Psych Ward on suicide watch and her parents say they are hoping to transfer her to a psychiatric facility in Colorado. Tara’s mom apologizes for what happened and thanks Kelly for saving Tara’s life. Brandon takes Kelly by the arm and we go to credits. One more chapter in the Perils of Kelly Taylor has come to a close.

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