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Beverly Hills 90210 Recap - "Strike The Match"

This is the 27th episode of Season Six, titled “Strike The Match.” It aired on April 10th, 1996. This episode is not on Hulu Plus, which is stupid. Hulu told me on Twitter it was due to music rights issues but that makes no sense since all the episodes on Hulu have garbage replacement music. I guess some of the episodes featuring live performances are too difficult to edit. That seems lazy. What is the point of having a series like 90210 on your service with episodes missing? Oh well. The missing episodes aren’t that hard to track down but it’s still annoying. Enough griping, on with the melodrama!

We start off at the Beach House and tensions are high between Donna, Claire, and Kelly over Tara. Kelly insists she’s trying to get her into a halfway house but there is a waiting list. Claire says Tara gives her the creeps, proving she is still the smartest person in the gang. She says she’s going to stay with Steve until Tara is gone. Tara comes in and Donna and Claire blow her off. Kelly tells Tara she can stay as long as she wants.

Special appearance by Powerman 5000! Wow, remember those guys? I think I bought their CD for $3 at Tower because I liked that “Are You Ready” song. Steve and Brandon are at school and Steve asks Brandon if he’s broken the news yet to Susan that Brandon got an offer to spend the summer in Boston. Joe, David, and Donna are hanging in the Student Union and David is playing Powerman 5000 for them as he is hoping to make a music video for them. I guess this is a few years before the band had their 15 minutes of fame so kudos to 90210 for being on the cutting edge. Donna calls Joe a square for not liking the band. Really, Donna?

Colin is at the After Dark touching up the mural. David comes in looking for Valerie and Colin gives him some serious attitude. I hope these guys throw down. David asks Valerie if he can use the club to shoot the music video. Valerie agrees and David taunts Colin on his way out. Valerie squabbles with Colin a little bit for giving David a hard time, reminding him he has bigger problems, like his pending trip to prison.

Susan and Brandon are discussing their summer trip and Brandon drops the bomb that a recruiter from the Boston Globe is coming to discuss a summer job opportunity. Susan handles it pretty well but these people are all masters of disguising their true feelings and then lashing out at each other in bizarre, passive-aggressive ways.

Tara and Kelly are in the bathroom at the After Dark and Tara is complaining about her hair. Kelly says she will get her an appointment with her stylist. Tara then begs Kelly not to make her move out of the apartment that she is not paying for. Kelly stands pretty firm, surprisingly. They run into Valerie and Colin on the way out and Valerie immediately tries to start some shit. Kelly tells Tara she hates Valerie and Tara says she hopes Valerie dies. Whoa, you guys.

Donna and David are brainstorming ideas for the music video. The song is called “Strike the Match,” hence the creative episode title. There’s a lot of bickering between David and Donna and Donna ends up storming out. She says she wouldn’t be around David if he was the last person on earth. David stops her as he has an epiphany to make the theme of the video “The Last Person On Earth.”

Brandon, Steve, Claire, Susan, and Joe are all studying at Casa Walsh. Steve complains he is bored and gets frisky with Claire. I have no idea what the point of that scene was.

At the Beach House, Tara sneaks into Kelly’s room and steals her keys. Dun Dun Dun. Tara takes Kelly’s car out to what I think is Colin’s house and keys Valerie’s car with the words “DIE VAL”

Back at Casa Walsh the gang is still studying. Susan asks Brandon if they have a future and implies that taking the job in Boston could put their relationship in jeopardy. This of course pisses off Brandon.

David is filming the Powerman 5000 video at the After Dark with a crappy home video camera, one of those late 90’s ones with the extra large viewfinder screen. Super professional, David. The girl who was going to strike matches in the video (also very creative) isn’t there so Donna is going to fill in,

Valerie discovers the message on her car and is rightfully scared. She tells Colin she is going to call the police.

Steve is doing laundry and ruins Claire’s dead mother’s shawl. Why is Claire putting that in the laundry? Steve freaks out.

Tara got her stuff from a friend who was keeping it at his store. She now has a camera and is taking pictures at the music video shoot. Colin and David have another stand-off. Valerie confronts Kelly regarding her keyed car. She thinks Kelly did it. Valerie asks Kelly if she wants to take it outside but they are interrupted as David and Colin are in a pull apart brawl. Colin thinks David keyed the car. Valerie says the music video shoot is over. Oh yeah, Donna is wearing a fishnet shirt over a bra as she is the star of the music video. That’s pretty amusing.

Brandon meets with the guy from the Boston Globe. He offers Brandon not just a summer internship but a job waiting for him when he graduates from CU. Everything's coming up Brandon.

Kelly is totally blind to the fact that Tara obviously is the car keyer. Kelly and Tara discuss Tara’s love of photography. She says when she was living on the streets she took a lot of photos but couldn’t afford to develop the film. Kelly says she can ask Brandon if Tara can use the Condor dark room. Tara opens her suitcase when Kelly leaves and we discover she has a gun.

David has found a new location for the music video and Donna is wearing a sexy leather top and short shorts with a spiked collar and armbands. Joe is not pleased when he comes to visit. This is a very nice looking set and David is still using that shitty video camera. Joe storms off in disgust.

Brandon tells Susan about the job offer and she is not pleased. Brandon then tells her he wants to go on their summer trip and being his cocky self thinks if he blows off the Mirror they’ll offer him more money next year.

Steve gives Claire some flowers and a spotless kitchen to try and apologize for the shawl that he hasn’t told her about yet. He shows her the ruined shawl and Claire is super upset. Not understanding sentimental value he tries to give her a bag of shawls. Poor Steve. Claire forgives Steve though and says her mother would have approved of him. Awwwww….

Tara comes home to show Donna and Kelly her Single White Female haircut. It’s exactly the same as Kelly’s. Kelly freaks out. Finally. It might be too late though as we cut to credits. Between the bizarre music video, Tara going full crazy, and the fighting between David, Kelly, Valerie, and Colin, this was a pretty action packed episode!

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