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Beverly Hills 90210 Recap - "Coming Out, Getting Out, Going Out"

I just got home from a pretty insane Lucha Underground taping that I can’t talk about so what better way to wind down than with my continued re-watch of Beverly Hills 90210. I am pretty deep in the series now, past the point that I was watching every single episode during it’s original run. This episode, titled “Coming Out-Getting Out-Going Out,” aired on March 12th, 1996. It is episode 24 of Season 6. I was a sophomore in high school and finally had a budding social life so at this point 90210 kind of took a back seat. I would tune in every once in awhile so I vaguely remember most of these episodes but those memories could also be from the summer of 2000 when I watched the bulk of the series as FX re-ran it in order to celebrate the series finale. I think I’m going to do this free form and see where it goes. I realized I spend a lot of my time on my phone while watching shows and that seems like a bit of a waste of time so maybe I can at least write about what I’m watching and get something productive out of it. We shall see.

Last week on 90210 Kelly was in rehab for her coke addiction. Meanwhile her drug buddy ex-boyfriend Colin got busted in a sting and ran from the cops to no avail. Valerie had just swooped in on Colin. Brandon met Susan’s parents and it was pretty nuts. Donna tried to convince Joe to have heart surgery. David was doing David stuff. Steve bought a motorcycle and it pissed off Claire. I think that’s everything.

Kelly is back home after completing rehab. Her rehab roomie Tara calls immediately. Nothing bad will happen as a result of this. Oh wait, this is Kelly we are talking about. Kelly in post Brenda 90210 is a catastrophe magnet. Valerie puts up the Peach Pit After Dark to bail Colin out and Ug from Salute Your Shorts is Colin’s defense attorney. I think I just found a new favorite guest star.

Immediately after Ug walked in to 90210 land I found out David Bowie died and now my mind is kind of a mess. But Bowie made Blackstar while he was dying of cancer so none of my excuses for not writing or doing anything for that matter are worth a damn. Let’s do this, world.

Oh, I almost forgot that Claire and Susan are on a mission to save Nat’s relationship with a woman he re-connected with at a Roger Corman Festival in a previous episode because Nat was in a Roger Corman movie. Yep. This woman works at a lamp store because I guess that is a logical place for a retired actress to work in Los Angeles.

I forgot how great Emma Caulfield is as Susan. She’s right behind Emily Valentine in my favorite Brandon love. Also Kathleen Robertson is great too.

I can’t even remember the last time any of the gang was really at school. I guess the writers finally realized actual college is pretty boring.

Just as I wrote that they show the gang at CU. I don’t know what I’m doing. Susan wants to re-create Nat’s golden years so he and Joan can ignite that flame. I wish when I was in high school and college I had a diner I could live at and whose kind old owner I could befriend. Also why isn’t there a real Peach Pit in L.A.? I would live there.

David dumped Valerie because she offered him to her best friend who was blackmailing her and he seems to regret his decision. Come on, dude. He hassles her about Colin and she stands firm. You’re both idiots.

Donna takes Kelly to a Blockbuster video. 1996 Blockbuster is everything I remember. Playstation games! Those buckets of popcorn my mom wouldn’t let me have! Kelly runs into her doctor from rehab so she can start another inappropriate relationship.

The kids take the olds to a hot dog stand in a limo. This date is pretty great. I’m pretty sure even hot dog stands frown upon you bringing outside booze. This is Beverly Hills though so who knows.

Kelly and Donna are getting ready to watch Soap Dish and Tara calls. She’s bailed out of rehab and is in Venice. The travel times on this show are the most unrealistic thing about it as Kelly and Donna seem to teleport there.

Great shots of 1996 Sunset Strip. Aww… Tower Records. They stop at Nat and Joan’s old place but it’s gone. Nat and Joan kiss in a vacant lot while the kids watch.

Donna and Kelly agree to take Tara to their apartment instead of back to rehab. Great decision making. I guess I did a lot of dumb things when I was 21. Tara found the remote so she must be cool.

Colin is having Shawshank flashbacks from his time in County. He can’t go to prison. Valerie does seem genuine in her love for Colin. That’s nice.

The group date’s last stop is the Excelsior Hotel which Nat says has been closed for years but they all walk right into. Somehow the gang has restored the Stardust Ballroom. Nat and Joan dance. Brandon dances! He’s danced quite a bit this season. Him not dancing was silly anyways.

And that’s the end! Nothing is resolved but that’s why it’s a teen soap.

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