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WTF Indeed

You can't make this up. The CIA has named their new Wikileaks division the Wikileaks Task Force. Yep, WTF. Speaking of WTF, I would like to announce the launch of a new fun blog type thing, WTFoftheday.com. You can submit your own WTF's and enjoy the ones folks (well, right now it's just me) are posting. So go on and WTF away!

posted by | 12/22/10| 03:26:00 pm| Anything Else, WTF of the Day|


Comment from: eric [Visitor]

good idea

12/24/10 @ 02:30
Comment from: Brian [Visitor] · http://www.zombieoutlaw.com

Very cool!

12/26/10 @ 06:48

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