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Around the Tubes: Red State, Bagged & Boarded, Rubicon

Hey guys, what's going on? I have been busy. I hurt my foot on Halloween which put me out of action for a couple days but I have recovered quite nicely. Here are some things that are cool and not so cool.

Kevin Smith just announced a new podcast on Smodcast.com that is all about his new movie, Red State. Kevin did a screening of the teaser he put together for the movie at Smodcastle last week and recorded the whole thing, which includes the audio of the teaser and some Q&A afterward. It was really cool seeing people's reactions to the teaser and Kevin's enthusiasm for the whole thing. The most amazing thing about Red State? It's already done! Kevin edited the film while he was shooting and showed a complete cut of it at the wrap party. That's INSANE and awesome. Since I know folks are going to ask, consider this my official "No comment" regarding all things related to the movie itself. If you want to know the scoop direct from the source, be sure to subscribe to the aforementioned podcast.

Speaking of Smodcast.com, Matt and I recently got the news that the amazing podcast network will soon be the new permanent home of our show, Bagged & Boarded. This coincides quite well with our new sponsorship by Golden Apple Comics and our move to Wednesday nights. Our first show on the network will most likely be the show we recorded last night with Tim Sale to benefit The Hero Initiative. I had a great time listening to Tim talk about his career and what he has in store for us in the future. Special thanks to Ryan at Golden Apple for helping put it all together and bringing cool swag for all the folks in the audience.

In bad news, I just read that Rubicon was canceled. I am bummed because this was one of my favorite new shows and I think they finished up the season quite strongly and I was eagerly awaiting what would happen next. I can't stay too mad at AMC though as The Walking Dead is amazing and of course there is Mad Men and even though I haven't watched it yet I have only heard good things about Breaking Bad.

Finally, I guess I really don't want this blog to just become a promotional tool for the various things I have going on. If you have ideas on things for me to post about or if you would like to post here about pop culture, geek stuff, and the like, feel free to hit me up.

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