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Things I Can't Wait For: The Walking Dead

Yes, Mad Men and Rubicon are over for the season but that doesn't mean we have to pout!

I am super pumped for this show. My friend Matt B and I went to the panel at Comic-Con and it looks super awesome. It was cool seeing how pumped Darabont, Kirkman, and the cast were for the show and the amount of work they have put into making it a good translation of the graphic novel. Halloween can't come soon enough!

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Comment from: Matt S. [Visitor] · http://twitter.com/ghetto_journo

IGN.com already gave the pilot a 9/10. My expectations for this could not be any higher. Nielsen viewers better tune in.

10/22/10 @ 13:01
Comment from: NoCalMike [Visitor]

As soon as I can, I am setting the DVR….I have all 5 of the hardcovers, and Book 6 comes out Tuesday I believe…..I am soooo pumped. Everything thing I have seen makes it look fantastic, and I think the pilot is 90mins! WHOOOOOO!

10/22/10 @ 13:02
Comment from: [Member]  

I’ll be watching! Seeing the dude from Jericho in the trailer clinched it.

10/22/10 @ 14:11
Comment from: Luis [Visitor] · http://asdhfasdjk.com

I saw the pre air episode, it is pretty damn cool

10/26/10 @ 04:40
Comment from: Dude [Visitor]   · http://ccavins.com

Yo Brendo, I want to know what your thoughts are on the first 4 episodes. I am obsessed with it.

11/23/10 @ 01:19

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