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Fall TV Start Dates

I'm kind of dreading the start of the fall TV schedule seeing as how I've barely been able to keep up with summer TV. I totally missed the first Vampire Diaries and had to catch up last night. I'm still definitely hooked on that show. I got to talk to co-creator Julie Plec at Comic-Con and the little teasers she gave me for Season 2 definitely got me curious. Anyways, Ain't It Cool has the list of show premieres and here is the alphabetical list:

Amazing Race (CBS) Sept. 26
America’s Next Top Model (CW) Sept. 8
American Dad (Fox) Oct. 3
Apprentice (NBC) Sept. 16
Better With You (ABC) Sept. 22
Big Bang Theory (CBS) Sept. 23
Biggest Loser (NBC) Sept. 21
Blue Bloods (CBS) Sept. 24
Boardwalk Empire (HBO) Sept. 19
Bones (Fox) Sept. 23
Bored to Death (HBO) Sept. 26
Brothers & Sisters (ABC) Sept. 26
Caprica (Syfy) Oct. 5
Castle (ABC) Sept. 20
Chase (NBC) Sept. 20
Chuck (NBC) Sept. 20
Cleveland Show (Fox) Sept. 26
Community (NBC) Sept. 23
Cougar Town (ABC) Sept. 22
Criminal Minds (CBS) Sept. 22
CSI (CBS) Sept. 23
CSI: Miami (CBS) Oct. 3
CSI: NY (CBS) Sept. 24
Dancing With the Stars (ABC) Sept. 20
Defenders (CBS) Sept. 22
Desperate Housewives (ABC) Sept. 26
Detroit 1-8-7 (ABC) Sept. 21
Dexter (Showtime) Sept. 26
Eastbound & Down (HBO) Sept. 26
Event (NBC) Sept. 20
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (ABC) Sept. 26
Family Guy (Fox) Sept. 26
Friday Night Lights (DirecTV) Oct. 27
Fringe (Fox) Sept. 23
Glee (Fox) Sept. 21
Good Guys (Fox) Sept. 24
Good Wife (CBS) Sept. 28
Gossip Girl (CW) Sept. 13
Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) Sept. 23
Hawaii Five-0 (CBS) Sept. 20
Hell’s Kitchen (Fox) Sept. 22
Hellcats (CW) Sept. 8
House (Fox) Sept. 20
How I Met Your Mother (CBS) Sept. 20
Human Target (Fox) Oct. 1
Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret (IFC) Oct. 1
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (FX) Sept. 16
Law & Order: Los Angeles (NBC) Sept. 29
Law & Order: SVU (NBC) Sept. 22
League (FX) Sept. 16
Lie to Me (Fox) Nov. 10
Life Unexpected (CW) Sept. 14
Lone Star (Fox) Sept. 20
Mad (CN) Sept. 6
Medium (CBS) Sept. 24
Mentalist (CBS) Sept. 23
Middle (ABC) Sept. 22
Mike & Molly (CBS) Sept. 20
Modern Family (ABC) Sept. 22
My Generation (ABC) Sept. 23
NCIS (CBS) Sept. 21
NCIS: Los Angeles (CBS) Sept. 21
Nikita (CW) Sept. 9
90210 (CW) Sept. 13
No Ordinary Family (ABC) Sept. 28
Office (NBC) Sept. 23
One Tree Hill (CW) Sept. 14
Outlaw (NBC) Sept. 15
Outsourced (NBC) Sept. 23
Parenthood (NBC) Sept. 14
Private Practice (ABC) Sept. 23
Raising Hope (Fox) Sept. 21
Regular Show (CN) Sept. 6
Rules of Engagement (CBS) Sept. 20
Running Wilde (Fox) Sept. 21
Sanctuary (Syfy) Sept. 28
Saturday Night Live (NBC) Sept. 25
Shit My Dad Says (CBS) Sept. 23
Simpsons (Fox) Sept. 26
60 Minutes (CBS) Sept. 26
Smallville (The CW) Sept. 24
Sons of Anarchy (FX) Sept. 7
Stargate Universe (Syfy) Sept. 28
Star Wars: The Clone Wars (CN) Sept. 17
Supernatural (The CW) Sept. 24
Survivor (CBS) Sept. 15
Sym-Bionic Titan (CN) Sept. 17
Terriers (FX) Sept. 8
30 Rock (NBC) Sept. 23
Two and a Half Men (CBS) Sept. 20
Undercover Boss (CBS) Sept. 26
Undercovers (NBC) Sept. 22
Vampire Diaries (CW) Sept. 9
Venture Bros. (CN) Sept. 12
Walking Dead (AMC) Oct. 31
Whole Truth (ABC) Sept. 22

What new shows are you guys looking forward to? Aside from Boardwalk Empire, which looks incredible, I think I am going to check out No Ordinary Family after Guillermo Diaz hyped it up a bit on Bagged and Boarded last week and I'll probably check out that show with Will Arnette and Keri Russell. Feel free to chime in with your pics in the comments.

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Comment from: [Member]  

I’ll be watching:

Amazing Race
America’s Next Top Model
Caprica (if it gets better)
Community (SO AWESOME)
The Event (checking out)
Grey’s Anatomy
Human Target
Lie to Me
Modern Family
90210 (don’t make TOO much fun of me)
The Office
Parenthood (hoping it gets better)
Running Wilde (love Will Arnett)
30 Rock
Dirty Jobs
What Not to Wear

09/13/10 @ 17:02
Comment from: [Member]   · http://brendoman.com

You know I love 90210. It’s gotten so insane. Season 3 starts tonight!

09/13/10 @ 17:05
Comment from: [Member]   · http://www.brendoman.com/

You can make a customized TV calendar here: http://pogdesign.co.uk/cat/9-2010

09/14/10 @ 05:30

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