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OMG December

Holy crap you guys, it's December, Christmas is coming, Blue Christmas 12 is tonight, OMG my Mom is on Facebook...

Yeah, I actually helped her do that, in a fit of holiday spirit and charity. But my mom is cool so I guess I'm cool with it. This is just the world we live in. Right? Right? Guys?

posted by | 12/01/09| 12:26:40 pm| Rants and Raves|


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12/01/09 @ 13:35
Comment from: rem-dog [Visitor] · http://www.blackcatscomic.com

Heaven help you, cuz.

12/01/09 @ 18:04
Comment from: justin2you [Visitor]  

Bahhhh humbug on Christmass.
MAY the SCROOGE get you & soon.

12/02/09 @ 06:29

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