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(Early this morning, one of our shared web servers ovaltine started crashing. We quickly narrowed it down to nastialiukin.com. At her website manager?s request, we moved her temporarily to a different shared server with nobody else on it. It also kept crashing!

So, we switched her (static html) site from Apache to lighttpd and immediately the load dropped from 200 to .2 (unfortunately, lighttpd is really only good for static files).. but then the network port started to saturate!

To deal with that, (again at her website manager?s request) we turned off the auto-playing flash mp3 streamer on the front of her site (who wants those anyway), and then things were finally under control!)

So when a famous customer of yours' site has issues you totally go out of your way to fix everything. When a non-famous long time customer of yours' site causes server issues you disable their account and send cryptic messages offering no help. That's super. Don't be fooled, people.

posted by | 08/15/08| 11:59:07 am| Rants and Raves|


Comment from: justin [Visitor] · http://www.thelookback.com

I keep crossing my fingers nothing goes wrong on my side with these guys. They have been pretty good to me so far.

08/16/08 @ 21:14
Comment from: [Member]   · http://brendoman.com

If you’re only running one site you probably won’t have any problems, unless you get huge, which could happen.

08/18/08 @ 12:50

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