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So Long Blockbuster....

Most people I know who had Blockbuster Online accounts canceled theirs when prices were nearly doubled a few months ago. I got to keep my old rate for some reason so I decided to keep my subscription. I've been a little burnt out lately though, seeing as how I haven't even gotten a chance to watch some of the DVDs I received as Christmas gifts since I feel like I'm wasting money if I don't keep up with my Blockbuster movies. Then this morning when I went to look at my cue, I found this staring at me:

My crappy queue status at blockbuster.com

I actually have to scroll down a couple screens to see movies that are actually listed as "Available." Not to mention that many titles that are listed in my queue as "Available" have been passed over for quite some time. And let's not forget the 15+ movies that have been removed from my queue entirely and the 11 titles that have been placed in a separate "Titles Not Yet Available" section. So while Netflix has lowered their prices, increased the number of titles available, added distribution centers, and added online distribution, Blockbuster has raised their prices and has had movies removed from distribution since I've joined over a year ago. That makes perfect business sense. The whole exchange in store thing is nice but it can no longer make up for your crappy and overpriced service. Sorry guys, I'm done.

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Comment from: Trish [Visitor] · http://www.trishalyn.com

Dude no kidding… I’m totally happy with my Netflix - friend me up! :P Just search for trisha -dot- fawver -at- gmail -dot- com!

03/26/08 @ 12:35
Comment from: Ryan [Visitor] · http://agadoni.blogspot.com

I switched away from Blockbuster last year when they stopped sending me the game rental coupons. Netflix has been so much better. Better selection, better availability, and I like the Instant Watch feature. Way to go, Blockbuster! It’s like they didn’t want to keep the service anymore, but instead of canceling it, they passive-aggressively turned everyone off.

03/27/08 @ 09:54
Comment from: Henry Imler [Visitor] · http://hundiejo.com

So, how do we get this magic bullet through our shoes and into our toes?

03/27/08 @ 12:01
Comment from: Justin [Visitor] · http://www.thelookback.com

You finally see the light. I canceled Blockbuster 6-8 months ago after my queue started to look like this. I have a physical store half a block away like you and it was still not enough.

I’ve since been on Netflix again for the last 5 months and really enjoy it. Heather also enjoys it as the instant watch is FULL of great stuff and she gets to use that back in Michigan on my account. (Shhhhh..don’t tell Netflix.) I’ve only had one movie skipped over in this time and have never had a movie show more than “yet to be released.” I did notice when i was going through 4 movies a week the shipping went from 2 days to 3 which MAY have been accidental.

03/27/08 @ 19:11
Comment from: Tim [Visitor]

I agree with Ryan about the passive aggressive thing. My only worry is the lack of competition for NETflix. Will netflix raise their prices soon? Lets hope not.
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03/29/08 @ 06:45

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