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Bad Technology Week

I am having a bad technology week. It all started when I plugged in my laptop and heard a bad sparking noise. I then noticed that the connector to the AC adapter was extremely frayed. I'm not sure how it happened, but now I have to get another AC adapter. Then just a few minutes ago I was watching a DVD on my desktop and the movie just stopped. While I was trying to figure out what happened, my DVD drive made some crazy sounds. I hit the eject button to get the disc out, restarted the computer, and then it wouldn't recognize the drive. It appears to have totally crapped out on me. No power, no nothing. It was second hand, so I'm not surprised. Good thing those suckers are cheap these days. Guess I'll be making a trip to Fry's soon.

In other exciting news, I got my final grades for spring semester. I got three A's and a B, so I'm pretty darn happy about that. I'm taking two classes this summer, both easy ones I need for my various certificates. The first one is called Computer Information Systems. It goes over MS Office as well as basic computer concepts. I really like the instructor for this class since he taught my Intro to Programming class but the one thing I don't like about his classes is he uses his own books that you can only buy at the book store. He also changes them every semester with new material so you can't sell them back. At least I found the other book I need for the class for only $3 on Amazon. Beats the heck out of the $60 they were charging for it new in the book store. College book stores are the devil, I tell you. The second class I'm taking this summer is a basic web design class. Apparently it's the class I was supposed to take before I took my Web Page Programming Class last semester since it uses the first six chapters of the book from that class that we skipped over. Should be a total piece of cake, but it will give me a chance to brush up on my basic HTML skills. The most difficult thing about these classes is that they are condensed into a one month format so we have assignments due every two days. I've decided I'm going to do my homework a week at a time so I'm not scrambling every other day. Shouldn't be too bad.

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Comment from: [Member]  

Great job with those grades!!

05/30/07 @ 10:20
Comment from: [Member]  

One semester I spent about $500 on books, and I couldn’t sell any of them back because new editions got released for the next semester. :s

05/30/07 @ 15:23
Comment from: Anthony [Visitor]   · http://www.csupomona.edu/~anthonychu

w00t w00t for CIS!

05/30/07 @ 19:28

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