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Keeping Busy

What's going on with me? Let's see...

  • I've survived three Grad Nites. Just a few more to go.
  • My lead training starts Tuesday! I'm excited but a tad nervous.
  • We're going to start looking for apartments on Monday. This one looks very promising. Hopefully they will have a three bedroom available.
  • My brother is coming to visit the weekend of my birthday!
  • I got the week off I wanted in September. I will most likely be traveling out to Missouri then.
  • I made it to level 25 in World of Warcraft. Chris just got the game last week and has almost caught up to me. That's insane.
  • After listening to Chris and I talk about WoW all the time, Duncan has decided to renew his account. Our apartment has officially become the nerdiest bachelor pad of all time and we haven't even moved in yet.

I'm off to work. I actually have Memorial Day off, which is the first holiday I haven't had to work ever. So yay for that.

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Leeeeeeeeroy JENKINS!!!!!!!!!!!

05/28/06 @ 23:08

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