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Photo Mosaic

I found a program called MacOSaiX, which you can feed an image and a bunch of search terms, then it searches Google Images and builds a photomosaic. I did the brendoman.com logo and a bunch of things that Brendan likes or that we discuss a lot here. I won't list the terms. It would be more fun for you to download the image and try to guess some of them. You can get the huge version of the image above (9.2 MB). Or check out this one (huge version - 8 MB), which uses fewer tiles in an effort to make the smaller images easier to see without so much zooming. Each of these ran for about 48 hours. It continues to search for source images and swap things around until you stop it or it can't find any more images. I think there are still some tricks I need to learn to improve my results, but if anyone is interested, I can make one for them. Just give me a picture to make it from and a bunch of search terms (it also accepts a folder full of images, it can grab frames from a quicktime movie, or any combination of these).

posted by admin | 12/20/05| 10:08:22 pm| Fun, Bizarre|


Comment from: [Member]   · http://brendoman.com

Very nice.

12/22/05 @ 22:42
Comment from: Samantha [Visitor]

MacOSaiX is no longer available so I found another nice photo mosaic software TurboMosaic, to replace it: http://www.turbomosaic.com

02/17/17 @ 02:43

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