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New skin: uneven

I ported another skin from oswd.org to b2evolution. See it in action here:


What do you think?

You can try the skin out on your blog by going to the Blogs tab in the backoffice and changing the default skin to uneven. Non-brendoman.com bloggers can download the skin here. Many thanks to Pat for letting me port his template to b2evolution. Check out his Open Source Web Design templates and his website: fullahead.org.

posted by admin | 07/01/05| 11:36:55 am| Site News|


Comment from: [Member]  

I like that one.

07/01/05 @ 12:32
Comment from: [Member]   · http://hundiejo.com

It looks great Danny. I do see a bug in IE. On DBC the main column appears below the side (in the right horizontal spacing). I think there is an image that is too big or something.

07/01/05 @ 18:11

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