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b2evolution upgrade

I upgraded our b2evolution install from to today. There was a little bit of downtime and I'm still catching some of the things that got mixed up. I lost some of the hacks I had made to our RSS feeds, which means if you use Bloglines, you'll probably see some posts multiple times. I think I have it sorted out now. I still haven't reapplied my hack for adding Amazon.com links and images, and I'll probably try to rewrite it as an actual plugin rather than a hack. So, it might be a couple of days.

In other b2evolution news, I submitted the Reflection skin to the b2evolution skins repository. I'm working on another one now. I also volunteered to help out with the b2evolution antispam blacklist. So I've been spending some time reviewing what users have reported and deciding what goes on the blacklist that goes out to all b2evolution blogs.

posted by admin | 06/23/05| 04:46:55 pm| Site News|

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Would that be why my comments are not working?

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