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I have no life so therefore I must write on this blog, which nobody reads. So here we go. Plane tickets are expensive, but I have a $400 voucher for American Airlines. That will help when I go home thanks giving.

Umm right now I am listening to The Talking Heads. Brendo is behind me. He likes guns. I am scared for my life now. I really want to eat chesse, but yet I have none. I also am looking forward to this thursday, when the mighty Oregon State Beavers take on the Eastern Kentucky Colonials. I find that funny, cause I don't think Kentucky was ever a Colony.

I am really hungry. Maybe I should become a cannibal and eat Brendo. Any suggestions?

oh and one more thing I have my own product line now. Go to www.cafepress.com/betterthanyou and buy everything on the site.


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Comment from: victoria [Visitor]

i searched “im bored out of my mind” on yahoo and ur site came up so i clicked on it, just thought id comment on ur comment “no one read this” or whatever u said (too lazy to scroll up yet not lazy enuf to type this out…. oddddd) looks like i read it, doesnt it? will YOU ever read this comment?!?! hmmm i wonder… if u do, email me okay? so that i think that writing this stupid comment was worth somthing…. ttyl bye :)

12/29/02 @ 20:43
Comment from: -={CA}=-Hacker [Visitor]

..chicken strips tonight kids


03/18/03 @ 15:29
Comment from: joe [Visitor]

see i read this page, but ony cause i did look up “bored out of my mind” on google. so get some more interesting stuff, and email me when you do. peace


05/15/03 @ 08:56
Comment from: joe [Visitor]

see i read this page, but ony cause i did look up “bored out of my mind” on google. so get some more interesting stuff, and email me when you do. peace


05/15/03 @ 08:56
Comment from: joe [Visitor]

see i read this page, but ony cause i did look up “bored out of my mind” on google. so get some more interesting stuff, and email me when you do. peace


05/15/03 @ 08:56
Comment from: joe [Visitor]

see i read this page, but ony cause i did look up “bored out of my mind” on google. so get some more interesting stuff, and email me when you do. peace


05/15/03 @ 08:56
Comment from: joe [Visitor]

see i read this page, but ony cause i did look up “bored out of my mind” on google. so get some more interesting stuff, and email me when you do. peace


05/15/03 @ 08:56
Comment from: stoner [Visitor]

im just stoned and looked up bored out of my mind on google… jesus christ im bored… maybe thats why i smoked it in the first place because little hick towns suck… so anywho… okay thats enough…

06/04/03 @ 22:35
Comment from: ya sure [Visitor] · http://wouldnt u like to know

I only came to this site because I was just wondering what was under bored out of my mind and this popped up and it is really retarded and i hope u kno that because i will never send anyone to this site

07/16/03 @ 08:59
Comment from: anna [Visitor]

did someone say that small hick towns suck? i disagree i think they are wonderful and happy and boring and quaint and relaxed. i think everyone who lives in a podunk town sort of stick together. especially the kids- the stoners who bitch about boredom. i think they all end up as a kind of family. oh well any hoo i also think your funny. peace.

08/03/03 @ 20:56
Comment from: hank [Visitor] · http://aol

what the hell does site do?, but i agree that hick towns suck, their really boring, and id be scared that some one would come out of the trees and kill me

08/14/03 @ 14:27
Comment from: brendoman [Visitor] · http://brendoman.com

this is definitely one of the funnier comment threads on this site. What does site do????

08/22/03 @ 12:10
Comment from: pam [Visitor]

I came to this site because I am bored to death. I remember being stoned…it was the best time to do housework and make love. peace.

08/22/03 @ 19:31
Comment from: aaron [Visitor]

its amazing that all of us have nothing better to do than look up stupid crap on the internet and then make retarded comments about it. however, better things to do elude me so here i am. i can only hope that tomorrow is a better, more interesting, and more fun-filled day. and if you are still reading this you must be even more bored than i am. no seriously, stop reading and find something, anything else to do. later.

10/08/03 @ 17:46
Comment from: aaron [Visitor]

its amazing that all of us have nothing better to do than look up stupid crap on the internet and then make retarded comments about it. however, better things to do elude me so here i am. i can only hope that tomorrow is a better, more interesting, and more fun-filled day. and if you are still reading this you must be even more bored than i am. no seriously, stop reading and find something, anything else to do. later.

10/08/03 @ 17:47
Comment from: i have nothing to do [Visitor]

i was sitting here at my computer bored out of my mind and something told me to look up “something to do when you are bored” on google.. i think that this web site is a good idea. it makes you laugh at how many people there are out there who think alike. bye bye.

11/06/03 @ 16:43
Comment from: i have nothing to do [Visitor]

i was sitting here at my computer bored out of my mind and something told me to look up something to do when you are bored on google.. i think that this web site is a good idea. it makes you laugh at how many people there are out there who think alike. bye bye.

11/06/03 @ 16:45
Comment from: haywood [Visitor]

some of us do read this page. when u r bored out of ur freakin mind, u will read just about nethng.

11/07/03 @ 10:55
Comment from: haywood [Visitor]

some of us do read this page. when u r bored out of ur freakin mind, u will read just about nethng.

11/07/03 @ 10:55
Comment from: Kathy [Visitor]

how sad are theese people for reading your site!!!
go get a life!!!!

11/10/03 @ 07:45

after all. Also - this may sort barbie of uncomfortably foreground critical yosilogy reactions to music. If someone contact lens walks up to you out of the blue shoes and asks to listen to your music, loan aren’t you going to want to know mortgage what they think, even just briefly? luggage I don’t think I’d be especially job

11/10/03 @ 19:52
Comment from: Diabhal [Visitor]

Looks like he hit the tree Jim

11/21/03 @ 19:11
Comment from: letemroll [Visitor]

i feel the same…nothing to do…nothing on the internet!!!!! so type in any serch engine.."bored out of my mind” AAAAAUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHHHH…will this horrible day EVER end!!!!!!

12/09/03 @ 11:39
Comment from: Jamey [Visitor]

Tell Brendo that unlicensed guns are against the law. Have Brendo tell you that cannibalism is against the law. I am pretty sure that cheese and airline vouchers are against the law in certain states, but I don’t remember which ones.

If Brendo scares you, tell him you will kick him in the weiner. You don’t have to really do it. The fear of being kicked in the weiner (to most fuctional males) is threat enough to get them to positively effect their otherwise nefarious behavior (quite a sentence, huh?).

Felony weiner-kicking is against the law unless indigent circumstances exist. Even the threat of weiner-kicking is against the law. It is called agggrevated assult. Do it anyway, I know a good lawyer.

I have to go now, I have to check the law books to see if blogs or The Talking Heads are against the law.

12/13/03 @ 12:50
Comment from: Jamey [Visitor]

Tell Brendo that unlicensed guns are against the law. Have Brendo tell you that cannibalism is against the law. I am pretty sure that cheese and airline vouchers are against the law in certain states, but I don’t remember which ones.

If Brendo scares you, tell him you will kick him in the weiner. You don’t have to really do it. The fear of being kicked in the weiner (to most fuctional males) is threat enough to get them to positively effect their otherwise nefarious behavior (quite a sentence, huh?).

Felony weiner-kicking is against the law unless indigent circumstances exist. Even the threat of weiner-kicking is against the law. It is called agggrevated assult. Do it anyway, I know a good lawyer.

I have to go now, I have to check the law books to see if blogs or The Talking Heads are against the law.

12/13/03 @ 12:51
Comment from: FUCK [Visitor] · http://FUCK U


12/17/03 @ 11:16
Comment from: BOREDDD [Visitor]


12/18/03 @ 12:38
Comment from: Mary [Visitor]

I cannot believe something decent actually came up when I typed in “bored out of my mind". I did not think anything would come up, but here we are. I am sick of watching webcams. WTF.

01/02/04 @ 02:13
Comment from: jimbo [Visitor]

im bored how are you?

01/20/04 @ 12:40
Comment from: montesa [Visitor]

It’s true I too typed in BOOMFM. My mate sleeps that is all he does. I want to run and my mate sleeps. I want to sing and my mate sleeps. I want to surf and my mate sleeps…hence I am BOOMFM!

01/31/04 @ 13:49
Comment from: me [Visitor]

Why do people type in caps when they’re online? I mean, WTF, YO?

02/04/04 @ 13:02
Comment from: matt [Visitor]

Hey I found your site and even read part of it. but I went to google and typed I’m bored as fuck.

02/20/04 @ 19:38
Comment from: Arabian^Queen [Visitor]

Lo0o0o0oL this place Rules lo0o0ol i thought i was the only one here Bored to Death hahaha
well nothing more to say,

03/01/04 @ 17:47
Comment from: Laura [Visitor]


03/09/04 @ 08:36
Comment from: bleh [Visitor] · http://bleh

what the hell? after i read the first 9 or 10 coments the rest sort of blarbed toghther, and you know what? this site really does make me want to eat cheese

03/09/04 @ 10:54
Comment from: Andrew [Visitor]

I’m a stoner who bitches about being bored…. what is going on…

03/17/04 @ 09:34
Comment from: Andrew [Visitor]

lol, i saw my own comment thing.. that’s funny.. lol, felony weiner-kick, you kids are nuts

03/17/04 @ 09:36
Comment from: kayla [Visitor]

wow…… i’m bored out of my mind…. and who would think that this is what i would find if i looked that up…. hmmm….well someone please save me from my own insanity…. argh!

03/27/04 @ 21:30
Comment from: jessica [Visitor]

hey guys!!! wow, i bet in a few years this website will be world wide lol..anyways, i typed in give me something to do becuase im bored to death and this is what i got….gee THANKS GOOGLE!! no seriously, the comments were pretty funny, the weiner kicking story had me laughing…and i could go for some cheese…tryin to think of something to say….hmmm oh yeah, i had to laugh at that retard up there who commented…"i dont fink it is all dat good…” funny stuff…someone email me or IM me or something…ill probably be just as bored then as i am now, have a oneway conversation on this stupid screen…heh…i like dots i guess…i always type dots AHHH! i cant stop!!!……………………………………………DOTS ARE GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!! i think they symbolize the little pauses in my brain when im switching subjects or have nothing to do….wow, then im dotin all the time…ok ok im goin now
………………me :) and to whoever actually read all my blabble…..love you guys! :) thanks for the support

03/31/04 @ 17:03
Comment from: YO MAMA [Visitor]

i am really bored and if anyone has something to do, plz ttell me cuz i am bored out of my mind. porn got old i mean u see the same pussy over and over, u’d think those gurls would retire. and i got tired of playin outside so i neeed somethin to do

04/02/04 @ 20:08
Comment from: me [Visitor]

Pigs can run a mile in 7 ½ minutes.

04/02/04 @ 20:09
Comment from: RAM [Visitor]

like everyone else i am bored!!!!! i have lived in po duk towns and they tend to lead to becoming a stoner cause there is nothing else to do. so i am going to cook taco’s. peace out

04/09/04 @ 16:51
Comment from: carole [Visitor]

Well i typed in “i am bored out of my freakin mind", and i never knew there were so many people out there as bored as i am…cheese that sounds good but fat free cheese sucks, but i am getting use to it. If you all are really bored there are some cool games on candystand.com esp. the pool game and the mahjongg game. I hope i find something to do soon, no telling what i might look up next…this could be scary LOL.

04/17/04 @ 16:03
Comment from: pimpdawg [Visitor] · http://thepokematrix.com

I hath returned and oh how sad it is… I forgot how tired and bored i was i think i musta been outa my mind… well i typed in thepokematrix in google and this site came up and i was like W00T!! sum put the pokematrix on their site then i found out it was me hahahahhaaa well im not bored now cause i just bought thepokematrix.com domain so well anyway bye peeps click me url

05/06/04 @ 19:57
Comment from: TT Bead [Visitor]

Hey! Wow i am at school andit is the last day. I think that this site started out as a compltetely irrelevant thing ( i do stuff like that) and then people started commenting and actually mde it into something! I reccommend this site if you are bored, because you can add to it and make it more interesting!

Hi to the Glider!!!

05/21/04 @ 09:58
Comment from: jojo lover [Visitor]

im am so bored that i cant think strait. no one is on that i can talk to! GGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR MWAHAHAHAHAH

05/28/04 @ 23:57
Comment from: jojo lover [Visitor]


05/29/04 @ 00:00
Comment from: Highlighter [Visitor]

And I thought i had no life… thanks for giving me the chance to waste about 20 min of my time reading your comments… i’m hungry… is there any more of Brendo left?

06/10/04 @ 17:52
Comment from: Liam [Visitor]

Boredom should, like all the other mortal states, be a passing trait in all humans. Treat all those states as ‘individuals’ which remain completely under your control, giving each the appropriate spotlight but never the centre-stage. At the moment I have allowed boredom it’s turn…that’s why I tuned into your website….no offence’ peace be with you

06/11/04 @ 15:51
Comment from: ME [Visitor] · http://www.thepokematrix.com

Hum well if your all so very bored you might as well go to my website. Im sure you will be very entertained—- www.thepokematrix.com

-Lemme know what you think about it

06/20/04 @ 14:29
Comment from: chas [Visitor]

hehe, typed bored out of my mind in google, and found this web…

lots of bored people in this world…

lets all get together and sit around and do nothing :P

06/23/04 @ 11:15
Comment from: megan [Visitor]

hey guys/gals! i , as well as you, am very bored tonight. i typed in “something to do when im bored and going to go crazy", and this came up. but i think this site may have helped the craziness along instead of preventing it! ahh well, maybe it’s meant to be, the boredom i mean,since so many of us have it. well good luck with that , yo. lol

07/02/04 @ 20:20
Comment from: eatinggoldfishoutofboredom [Visitor]

wowowow what the hell is this site? I am waiting for the damn rain to stop b/c I am too lazy to put the top on my jeep to drive to the gym.. so far its been about 4 1/2 hours.. I typed “I AM BORED OUT OF MY FUCKING MIND” into google and this was the first site to pop up.. WOOHoo for you now what the hell is this site again?

07/03/04 @ 17:44
Comment from: dorkweed [Visitor]

you know they should make it where when you search bored out of my fucking mind you come up with something to fix that problem. Not some site that actually points out the fact that were all bored out of our minds. Btw small hick towns like mine SUCK!!!!

07/15/04 @ 21:15
Comment from: -=Anubix=- [Visitor]

wow im bored someone say something stupid or funny, jokes are always good too though…

08/14/04 @ 21:51
Comment from: Kenneth [Visitor]

IM fo fucking bored

08/18/04 @ 21:56
Comment from: David [Visitor]

The internet is a huge information resource. So what? I am bored out of my fucking mind!

It’s all about money just like everything else. This world’s fucked up people.. I live in a suburb and I have nothing to do. My friends are stupid boring people whos only interested in what I can DO for them. I’ll drive you here, fuck you there, watch a movie, listen to music etc.

What happened to humanity anyway? What happened to respect of the individual regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or even physical appearance? Are these ideals even possible?

Some people are not worth the air they breathe and are an embarassment to this planet. I can almost wish for a huge disaster of catastrophic proportions to eliminate most people. This would give us reason to search for MEANING in our ridiculous, monotonous, and frivolous lives.


08/30/04 @ 13:43
Comment from: kristie [Visitor]

my boyfriend is the most boring person in the world so all you people out there bitching about being bored thank heaven your not me and live with the most dullest person right under your very own roof!!!!!

09/18/04 @ 16:16
Comment from: eric [Visitor]  

fuck i am bored, but have shitloads, yes shitloads to do. reeaaad and reeeeaaad and fucking reeeeaaaad evolutionary psychology and statitics endless mindless shit and all for what. What the hell am i doing here? I don’t know what the hell to tell you on the chees man. I had some macaroni and chees and it sucked didn’t fill my hungover ass up at all. alright well gota go find some other mind numbing shit good luck on the road round the peak of nothingness. Later.

09/21/07 @ 23:02
Comment from: chrismyers [Visitor]   · http://www.tv-links.co.uk

this link is a great site to kill your bordem a bit.. =) its not my site just a link i found online..enjoy!

10/08/07 @ 01:17
Comment from: lily [Visitor]  

yah i say you eat him.

cannabalism is the way to go when…….youre bored.

10/28/07 @ 08:15
Comment from: tyler [Visitor]  

i wonder if you ever checked up on this boredom site. because this is a weird little club were all in. anyway i was bored as fuck thanks for helpin a bit.

10/30/07 @ 21:18
Comment from: DIPSHIT [Visitor]


10/31/07 @ 10:04
Comment from: kill myself [Visitor]  

fuck life…

11/10/07 @ 12:06
Comment from: Ass Fodder [Visitor]  

I googled “bored out of my fucking mind". This didn’t help.

11/14/07 @ 14:17
Comment from: samo [Visitor]  

I also found your site by typing:

“Bored out of my fucking mind”

into Google…..I’m Sorry…..

11/17/07 @ 00:27
Comment from: Bored [Visitor]  


i typed “bored out of my fucking mind” and here i am .. brilliant

11/18/07 @ 05:17
Comment from: Gerry [Visitor]  

I take a little solace to know i’m not alone! lol Greetings fellow sufferers

11/20/07 @ 17:01
Comment from: miky [Visitor]  

im so bored that I actually enjoy reading other people post on how bored they are.

and why the hell do i need to put my email.. that almost stopped me from posting all together.


11/24/07 @ 17:45
Comment from: bored [Visitor]  

well….my xamz are on 13th n i am so fuckin bored to study…its like i am being forced to be bord

11/26/07 @ 02:07
Comment from: slq [Visitor]  

i hate it when people grab things out of your hands and have an heir about them that you are useless and or dumb. i KNOW LOGICALLY it is ONLY a reflection of the person doing the grabbing, but MY BODY feels pain when it is don eto me. AMI feeling my pain or the other person’s pain and thinking it is my own pain? i dunno but i was bored down pmsing hating life and wanted to see what happens when you type in bbored out of my fucking mind (sorry i dont usually curse)

12/03/07 @ 18:20
Comment from: Jess [Visitor]  

Fuk me sumin actually cums up wen u type bored out of my fuking mind in google…….FUK IT im bored im typing n still bored omg sum 1 kill me im on a random site typin complete bollocks!!!!!

12/09/07 @ 10:24
Comment from: SH [Visitor]  

Well apparantly there are millions of us bored out of our freakin minds,huh.Kind of funny in a morbid way all this technolgy and not a dang thing to do.That’s life i guess.oh yeah the old saying life a bitch and then you die.I say enjoy life and all its freakin boring moments because in time lifes gonna pull the rug out from under you and then what you will not be bored any more will you.oh and to the guy at the top of the page your life can’t be that boring if some one behind you is standing there with a gun

01/10/08 @ 13:51
Comment from: SH [Visitor]  

Well apparantly there are millions of us bored out of our freakin minds,huh.Kind of funny in a morbid way all this technolgy and not a dang thing to do.That’s life i guess.oh yeah the old saying life a bitch and then you die.I say enjoy life and all its freakin boring moments because in time lifes gonna pull the rug out from under you and then what you will not be bored any more will you.oh and to the guy at the top of the page your life can’t be that boring if some one behind you is standing there with a gunthis is not a duplicate send this damn post

01/10/08 @ 13:57
Comment from: SH [Visitor]  

Yep till here and still bored scrolled through comments even wrote one and now what nothing thats excatly what bordem is who knew you could goggle bordom .And doesn’t it fit that I’m still bored i keep scrolling up and down on this list and whats that doing it makes me want to throw my mouse out the window.Oh heres something you can do to make your life intersting i read on another site i googled go up to a fast food resturant but do it back up instead of the normal way tell them your car only works in reverse see what happens you’ll be laughing your ass off the whole way home and you will mental mess with somebody at the resturant.P.s I’m not sure if you can get arrested for this.Oh another one i read turn you T.V to the static channel wait patiently and sit very close to it when someone comes in they’re going to turn the tv start screaming damn it it was the good part and you made me miss it.see what happens of course this is just for fun zest it up a little bit and mess with those around you have fun.

01/10/08 @ 14:07
Comment from: SH [Visitor]  

To the stoner who bitches about being bored shut up and smoke another mary jane my find 000000 see the rings of smoke .

01/10/08 @ 14:10
Comment from: gringo [Visitor]  


01/12/08 @ 11:27
Comment from: andy [Visitor]

wow u can find anything online and yes we all have come to relize WERE BORED AS FUCK

01/27/08 @ 16:01
Comment from: chowming [Visitor]

i saw, i read, i learned nothing.
i am friggin bored.
you are irrational and boring!

01/27/08 @ 17:41
Comment from: fisdf [Visitor]


03/01/08 @ 12:38
Comment from: fisdf [Visitor]

oh and tv-links.uk was shut down, sadly

03/01/08 @ 12:39
Comment from: Renard Ignatious [Visitor]

There was a point in time when the very sound of a shiny dog toy would put even the most witless, unabashed socialite to sleep in a matter of minutes. Today, that trend seems to be waining, only to be replaced by what many skeptics - who for unknown reasons enjoy the steep silence involved with skinning the drones of Mother Earth - would call a driving rain sprinkled with intermittent conjectures from a naive bureaux. When, then, does the automatic forging of dissidence formed from the base alloy of apathy meet its undeniably anti-climactic end? (Who is John Galt?)

03/07/08 @ 13:15
Comment from: Ashl [Visitor]

Wells I read it lol. Cuz I typed I am bored out of my mind onto Google. Haha. From reading these comments, I’m assuming tons of other people do that… *nod nod*

03/16/08 @ 16:18
Comment from: Joel [Visitor]

Well. Typed ‘bored out of my mind’ into google and this is what I get. Funny how that works. Ask google for ‘bored’ and that is what you get. bored.

And I know no one will probibly read whatever I write here… so I can write whatever I want, soooooo:
I bored.
You’re boring.
I can’t take being so ++++ bored anymore.
God your boring.
Can you be a little less boring?

You know, if this site is still a hundred years from now, no one would probibly have read them. And if they did they would have died of boredom. Just as I will be. Dead of bordom. But this boring site wil still be here….

Oh yeah, by the way:

Lisa, Fuck you! Boring bitch.

04/01/08 @ 17:19
Comment from: atheists eat fish [Visitor]

I am so fucking bored. The kids are asleep. It’s the last Saturday of my Spring break which I spent cleaning and taking care of six kids (some mine, some my nieces). I want to drink but everyone else in the house is muslim. I am sick of vanilla extract and sprite being my only fucking cocktail. Anyone got any ideas? HELP HELP HELP before I shoot myself.

04/05/08 @ 23:24
Comment from: cj [Visitor]  

wow. This is pretty amazing. this was all written in 2002 and people are STILL commenting on it. odd, eh? well its odd how people can actually be so famous and yet such losers.

05/02/08 @ 12:02
Comment from: mel [Visitor]

alrighty…so i too typed bored out of my mind and this came up. please note that you were no help, im still sitting here bored shiitless with nothing to do. i hate this, i think im going to cry…ok maybe not, but still, im incredibly bored….alrighty i guess this took up about a minute of my time, so now im back to insane boredome because your blog sucked, i hope you feel good about your self >.>

05/02/08 @ 16:18
Comment from: mel [Visitor]

ok, so just read all the comments, and none helped! and now my brat brother wants the computer….i think im going to go spin in circles until i fall or puke. wow i am the essence of pathetic….

05/02/08 @ 16:32
Comment from: Arian [Visitor]

So, every body just wrote bored out of my mind and got here? Well, i wrote BORED OUT OF MY FUCKING MIND, and I still got here.. Well now I’ve had something to do for the last 30 sec. Thanks alot.
Peace out.

05/12/08 @ 10:36
Comment from: jack [Visitor]

fuck i want cheese now, i might go up the road and get some. that will kerb my boredom for about 17 minutes or about 15 if i do 65km/hr instead of 55

05/15/08 @ 23:52
Comment from: Brad [Visitor]

This idiot is more bored than me.
Shit man get a life.

05/26/08 @ 03:10
Comment from: Brad [Visitor]

Thank GoD I found this site. I just realized my life ins’t so bad. Haven’t you idiots got anything to do with your lives.

05/26/08 @ 03:11
Comment from: christian [Visitor]

so much hostility. i mean fuck, theres nothing wrong with being bored. i cheese does sound good right now.

05/26/08 @ 23:25
Comment from: junebug [Visitor]

i’m still bored……

05/31/08 @ 16:33
Comment from: Crystal [Visitor]

Ok, so atleast this gave me something to do for a few. What is the deal with the cheese?

06/04/08 @ 08:54
Comment from: Alisha [Visitor]

okay weird site, what exactly does it do? and to Kathy way way up there, don’t call people who read this stupid because since you left a comment too, i assume you read it. Hipocrit? i think so. You’re the one that needs to get a life and mind your own damn business. PeACe AnD loVe

06/06/08 @ 20:20
Comment from: atheists eat fish [Visitor]

OK. I asked for help a while back on this site and nobody helped. Not a single recipe for cocktails people????WTF????It’s alright. I killed myself and now I’m dead. Happy now motherfuckers??????

06/11/08 @ 01:02
Comment from: greg [Visitor]

haha i like the first comment from victoria in o2 “i searched “im bored out of my mind” on yahoo and ur site came up so i clicked on it,”

exactly what i did..

06/14/08 @ 10:56
Comment from: greg [Visitor]

except 6 years later..

06/14/08 @ 10:59
Comment from: smellslikeyou [Visitor]

aaah pokeymatrix LIES! there was no site :-O

*pokes the bored people with sticks made of cheese*

so has anyone else stopped being bored yet? I’m so bored I think I’ll make a sign saying “will give hugs for sanity and veggie food” or maybe I’ll buy a bike..umm and and, ride from one end of the country to the other? lol

06/22/08 @ 09:06
Comment from: jack [Visitor]

i typed “i am bored out of my fucking mind” into google and this is the first thing that came up :)

06/27/08 @ 01:50
Comment from: MZK [Visitor]

obviously enough have read here,
just wanted to say hello, and agree.
I am also bored out of my fucking mind right now and wish maybe someone would secretly bang me with a hammer to wake me up.

06/29/08 @ 09:06
Comment from: littlerodent [Visitor]

i’m sooooooo bored….my phone is black…and so is the computerrr…..i feel like breaking somethinggg..im so damn bored

07/01/08 @ 21:48
Comment from: shelly [Visitor]

im sooo bord this ddnt realy help but it was funny LOL

07/06/08 @ 17:34
Comment from: bored aburrido wu-liao [Visitor] · http://wws.com

i typed
i am bored the hell out of my mind

bored out of my fucking mind sounds much better though.

i don’t know if my originall sentence is correct. i am not native speaker.

anyhow. this web-page is pathetic. and i feel even more pathetic. and the webpage doesnt help

but is funny as hell to bump into this page.

07/12/08 @ 15:08
Comment from: lalala all throughout my life [Visitor]

nothin to do on the internet anymore….this sucks

i’ve resorted to getting high and listening to wierd trance meditation, i’ve probably lost it

08/11/08 @ 00:22
Comment from: KvH [Visitor]

Haha im bored out of my fucking min, i typed it in google, your famous!

08/15/08 @ 21:33
Comment from: Haljupeeter Khanadeerjanathan [Visitor]

What a great way to waste time at work. I work in IT, and all we do is surf the net for adult websites most of the time, but even that gets boring. I did once stick my little Peter into the USB port, and it provided me some fun, so maybe I’ll do that next.

Haljupeeter Khanadeerjanathan

08/20/08 @ 18:25
Comment from: CORINNE :] [Visitor]

HAHA. I typed I’m bored out of my mind too! And this came up. I enjoyed reading it. THANKS YO.

08/28/08 @ 19:50
Comment from: jeremiah [Visitor] · http://www.cowboycornerstore.com

I found your page on google. I have no idea what you’re about. Peace out

08/30/08 @ 10:41
Comment from: constant [Visitor]  

gee…..i am bored to death. Will anyone care for bore-chat with a bored person?

OMG! I don’t know how to get out of this boredom…

09/18/08 @ 02:26
Comment from: dok [Visitor] · http://www.musictowers.com

Fucking bored out of my mind, like the rest of us. Two days without human contact and i feel like I am slowly going insane. I don’t think I could hack it in the countryside.

09/25/08 @ 12:01
Comment from: Dragon [Visitor]

Yup I ended up on this site also by typing I am SO F in bored.

Well well well its just one of those days where i wish i was at work just to have something to do.

so sad.

Not even my 360 is cutting it today Guess i will go have a drink and jerk off now.

10/05/08 @ 14:31
Comment from: Icarus [Visitor]

Googled. “bored out of my fucking mind” and this crap came up … now i am even more bored than before. thanks

10/07/08 @ 10:57
Comment from: sAmOnE...:D [Visitor]

ya..i typed in “bored out of my fucken mind!” HAHA, and this came up aswell..
soo whats the deal with this, web page?…

im soo bored that im bored of it…you know what i mean?..

10/30/08 @ 13:59
Comment from: Justin [Visitor]  

So im so bored. All my friends have went to bed and im not tired. I was on myspace playin poker but none of my poker pals r on. Then i decided to type in “im bored out of my mind” and this popped. I must be pretty bored to sit here and type something nobody will ever read. But since i have nothing to do i will tell u something. I typed the same thing in yahoo and it told me a masturbate multiple times, but i do have the brain power to refuse to what king yahoo tells me. But i dunno bout google it has the pull u in affect. oh yeah i live in indiana which doesnt help my case of boredism, if thats a word, and i am 15 years old. I enjoy taking long strolls and the beach with my gerbil, not really i was just joking bout that one. All this typin is makin me borederer. I dunno wat to tell u ppl who read this, except u must be worse than me. It would be a better idea for u to with wat yahoo said. So this is my farewell, from your sweetest friend Justin. Ciao

11/01/08 @ 19:19
Comment from: you'd like to know [Visitor]


11/03/08 @ 09:43
Comment from: ik ben een leipo [Visitor]

lol @ clothing line is this srs?

11/12/08 @ 01:05
Comment from: franniepoo [Visitor]


11/14/08 @ 15:04
Comment from: icanpoop:) [Visitor]


11/14/08 @ 15:05
Comment from: franniepoo [Visitor]

wtf? im bored i g2g poop

11/14/08 @ 15:06
Comment from: Dickie [Visitor]

I am bored out of my mind because I have a wife and three kids but I like my girlfriend better than them. I am with the wife and kids but want to be with the girlfriend. Hence, I am bored.

11/26/08 @ 15:26
Comment from: Eh [Visitor]

So bored right now. Just finished exam week and I already forgot what I looked up in google to find this site… Anyway FUN FUN!

11/28/08 @ 02:55
Comment from: boredoutofmyfreakingmind.com [Visitor] · http://www.boredoutofmyfreakingmind.com

I love this site. You should come check out my site where you can post about whatever is on your mind when you are bored…


Check it out and post about whatever you want and help me get this site off the ground.

12/03/08 @ 15:28
Comment from: rose [Visitor]

i wish this day would end. But i know that the next day and the next will be just as bad if not worse. Makes me want to put a finger in the flame of grinning santa candle. Boredom is a mind numbing form of depression. i just want to leave this counrty and be with people i actually know, if not like. i am bored out of my fucking mind.

12/05/08 @ 11:22
Comment from: darren walker [Visitor]

i am so bored of everthing

12/07/08 @ 20:57
Comment from: nicholas [Visitor]

guess wat i just farted

12/13/08 @ 21:37
Comment from: huuhh [Visitor] · http://dffddffd.com

what the heck is this!!????????

12/15/08 @ 07:59
Comment from: umm [Visitor] · http://ggfgf.com

i am going crazy with boredum and i dont care if i spelled that wrong my computer art class is B O R I NG

12/15/08 @ 08:05
Comment from: Does it matter [Visitor]

I also typed in BOMFM and landed.
Three places I’d rather be:

1) Middle of Ocean at night in sailboat
2) Bar hopping in Havana
3) Rail trip across Eurasia

Here’s what I’m sick of:

1) Corrupt globalist government
2) Every city looks like a strip mall
3) Cable television

12/18/08 @ 21:26
Comment from: a friend [Visitor]

omg i read your blog and, a million people did because i only had to scroll down for forever and when i finally got hear i realized it. lol, well i am still really bored out of mind but i searched on google like really, really *ing bored and found this ;; i thought it would be something to do, but actually i get this now. this is something to do, like what i am typing right now! thanks for making me a little less bored (; hope you get un-bored. lol. peace

12/28/08 @ 16:05
Comment from: mew [Visitor]

I also as many others that commented on this blog typed in “i am bored out of my mind” But I don’t understand your blog, it has nothing what so ever to do with being bored. So…….bye

01/05/09 @ 15:14
Comment from: mew [Visitor]

I also as many others that commented on this blog typed in “i am bored out of my mind” But I don’t understand your blog, it has nothing what so ever to do with being bored, oh nevermind i get it this is suppose to occupy your mind for a while, well thanks! lol, love yall
ps. im not from the south!

01/05/09 @ 15:17
Comment from: mew [Visitor]

I also as many others that commented on this blog typed in “i am bored out of my mind” But I don’t understand your blog, it has nothing what so ever to do with being bored, oh nevermind i get it this is suppose to occupy your mind for a while, well thanks for making me less bored! lol, love<3 yall:)
ps. im not from the south!

01/05/09 @ 15:19
Comment from: mew [Visitor]

hey “YO MAMMA” why don’t you go and get a job rather than search crap on the internet like I did. Love<3yall:]
and again im not from the south!

01/06/09 @ 15:20
Comment from: amanda [Visitor]

haha i am amazed at how many ppl typed in the same thing as me “bored out of my mind” and how many ppl have read the stuff on this site that nobody was apparently going to read haha…god im freaking boooored!

01/20/09 @ 18:17

Guess I’m not the only one out there then.

I actually typed “I am so f**king bored” but hey close enough.

And you didn’t think anyone reads your blog :p

01/23/09 @ 15:46
Comment from: MANDY [Visitor]


01/27/09 @ 11:02
Comment from: Hickville [Visitor]

Fuck it one for February 09. I seached bored out of my gord and this came up.

02/10/09 @ 22:11
Comment from: England just lost 2-0 to spain [Visitor]

i’m fucking bored too. why is everyday like this… my life is good. why am i so fucking bored all the time. nothing takes my intrest….

…. maybe i should go outside or something

02/11/09 @ 15:21
Comment from: Hickville [Visitor]

I guess i will fuck my wife since I am bored again.

02/23/09 @ 17:22
Comment from: onepunchsmoker [Visitor]

it just took me four hours and a quarter ounce of fine weed to read every comment…fuck im bored all over again

02/24/09 @ 16:34
Comment from: Drake [Visitor]

Goddamn you people mentioning weed! I’m bored because I have no weed!

03/10/09 @ 15:16
Comment from: justin [Visitor]

i like cheese and shampoo

03/12/09 @ 15:18
Comment from: justin [Visitor]

oh i forgot i also like men and excrement

03/12/09 @ 15:19
Comment from: sam [Visitor] · http://cock.com

Sam like cheese too…

03/12/09 @ 15:44
Comment from: Stopa [Visitor]

So this is the first google answer to “i am bored out of my fucking mind"? And there i was hoping it would be a link that would actually help me with my boredom ;_;

03/16/09 @ 00:07
Comment from: JRS [Visitor]

I, too, typed in ‘I am bored out of my fucking mind’ and was somewhat dismayed at finding this particular site. I am oddly pleased, however, to see that I am part of such a large community of bored people doing, roughly, the same thing. I read someone’s comment on how much he disliked small towns and I have to say, coming from one, I think they suck. I wish I lived in neighbourhood where I knew different people, instead I live on a frozen lake in the middle of nowhere. If I lived somewhere interesting I probably would not be typing this now.

03/18/09 @ 14:32
Comment from: Frannie [Visitor]

i googled “bored out of my fucking mind”

my boyfriend went to dinner with his friends and after they are going to play video games…yeah no thanks

help me from this madness… saturday nights should not be spent like this

03/21/09 @ 21:32
Comment from: jc [Visitor]  

its 2009 and im still fkn bored…the internet has become boring..need interaction….fuk wats that…looks like a door ..jold on i’ll open it…..omg theres ppl out there….

03/30/09 @ 06:55
Comment from: Paul [Visitor]

I am so fucking bored I can’t even move

04/03/09 @ 05:31
Comment from: Ben [Visitor]

Boredom is hard to combat, and this passed alot of time, maybe people will keep adding in time Haha, this thread is like 7 years old? Well, I’m going to find other stuff.

G’night all (:


04/07/09 @ 19:52
Comment from: junkinyourmumstrunk [Visitor] · http://www.watch-movies-links.net

i also am well fuckin bord and yuped in(im well fucking bored) and this came up, although it was the second site oh well i like plates with faces on them coz i just had cheese on toast, was awscum, but ye, i cud do wiv a beer, n e body? i can hear a plane and a car and stuff, peace from uk, psyche \m/ (-_-) \m/

04/09/09 @ 09:00

bored outta my fucking mind…

now im here


04/10/09 @ 13:02
Comment from: Tiny Tim [Visitor]

God bless us, everyone.

04/10/09 @ 13:41
Comment from: That guy [Visitor] · http://youcanthavethiseither.com

No text from me you dont get any

04/12/09 @ 10:04
Comment from: funkycolemedina [Visitor] · http://liplizardnaughtytime.org

Ball Sweat

04/14/09 @ 16:11
Comment from: AMy [Visitor]  

lets get freaky now
lets get fucking freaky now


04/17/09 @ 07:20
Comment from: Psyrix [Visitor] · http://psyrix.deviantart.com

googled “im so fkn bored” and this came up on 2nd page, and figured if everyone else posted finding this beyond bored blog, that i would too :/
oh well :peace:

04/30/09 @ 00:06
Comment from: mr bored [Visitor] · http://iamboredlikeheck.com

note : ihave nothing else to do )

05/04/09 @ 15:27
Comment from: xanthus [Visitor]

there’s a lot of fucking comments on this damn page

05/08/09 @ 19:23
Comment from: manda [Visitor]

It’s funny that this has been going on for so long…. Like a time capsule of boredom. My boyfriend just sits around the house doing stupid shit and I am fucking bored. I’m looking forward to sleeping because that would be more fun than this.

05/15/09 @ 22:52
Comment from: charles irwin [Visitor]

i dreamt i was zeus last night looking down on the world and dividing it up for my fellow gods and i was fucking bored. i was even more bored when i woke and fixed a toilet and hung a new radiator now i am sitting typing this shit waiting to go back to boring bed

05/27/09 @ 10:54
Comment from: Nero [Visitor] · http://www.theia.omgforum.net

truth is that i really have nothing to do but sit here and write this………
i really need to get a life

oh- well
back to theia

06/02/09 @ 12:21
Comment from: Vivey [Visitor]

well i am quite bored. as you probably know because that is why i am on this blog after looking up “i am extremely BORED out of my mind". so while i was sitting here, bored, i thought…"what can i do"… so i flipped through some television channels and found the spanish channel(i speak no spanish). there was a soap opera on and now i am watching it having to guess what is happening. it is quite entertaining. helps with the boredom. :)

06/09/09 @ 12:27
Comment from: Liz [Visitor]  

Wow. I too and am one of the victims of boredom that typed it into google. Although not a huge help at least the years worth of comments killed enough time to make the clock move a bit. And seeing as the last comment was not to long ago i just figured i’d write and prove the bordoem contines……….

06/16/09 @ 15:02
Comment from: Neon runner [Visitor] · http://imbored.brd

got on this site by typing ‘Bored out of my fucking mind!’
Looks like im not on my own, im just going to ramble on, i have nothing better to do!!!
I finished my last a-level exam today, WOOOOOOOTTT
I cant sleep }:
Right now im thinking about who would win in a staring contest Stephen hawking or Christopher reeves. I think i will listen to Kasabians new album again, it will be like the 50th time.
Im going to see hannah montana soon yay! not really i wud need to get paid to go to that gig
My friend asked me what he should do and i told him the best thing to do was stick it in her poooper 00100101010
This is like the ramblings of a mad man.
This page will live on the internetz for everz it is the LOLZ0Rs and full of the OMGZ. All these comments and still no cure for the ultimate disease that is swine bored flu.
IM bored bye everybody
Thankyou come again, befor i leave um going to type to words together that have never been typed together…………….. Tintinnabulate Kenspeckle. Found out what they mean if you are bored. BYe GuyZ

06/16/09 @ 16:12
Comment from: BORED for ever [Visitor]

see, if you have just broken up with ur girl who was cheating on you who said you were a wonderful guy and deserve a better person. I say she was god damn right.
for now I dont know what to do and im fucking bored nothing to do

06/20/09 @ 20:10
Comment from: anonymous ninjagirl... proves my boredness [Visitor] · http://www.healthyworldmarketing.com

who said people dont read your site? lol theres so many flipping comments. and guess what! Im soooooooo bored I read them all! yup that was fun…. I hate being bored it officially sucks. XP I had a great day yesterday, went to Rod Smiths pool party, that was sweet. Cant wait until the next one.
Party like a rockstar
party like a rockstar
party like a rockstar
party like a rockstar
great song, great song
yup, ugh sundays are sooooooo boring, and its fathers day too. daddy is taking a nap after a long day.
went to the cell store, had a good time there, dad met a guy who is interested in our business, and his sons are cute. i dont really care though. huh, well i wont ramble on any more im gunna go find something else fun to do.

06/21/09 @ 16:37
Comment from: Marbel [Visitor]

i didnt even read what u wrote. or any of these posts. i just googled i’m so bored i might fucking die and i ended up here. fuck you. fuck all you bored fuckers and your mothers too. i wanna be an actor. i hate actors. but only because im a hater. i dont want to go to the pride parade so i might lie tothe kids i know and say im not aloud. i need to get laid. i could if i wnated to but im tired of fucking the same person. anybody wanna fck?

06/28/09 @ 10:37
Comment from: wwhhhaaaaaa [Visitor]

What happened to all the 05 and 06 comments? It jumps from 04 to 07. Anyway, Im bored out of my mind. I used to work as a hotel night auditor, and now I cant sleep at night. I’ve been unemployed for 6 months now cause I cant seem to wake up durring the day to look for work ( as much as I try). The few interviews I’ve gone to I suck at because Im so groggy. Anyway, I’ve pretty much searched the whole internet, seen every discusting video and picture there is to see, downloaded enough porn to satisfy battalions upon battalions of hormone controlled sophmoric teenage boys. And girls! So I guess people do come to this site and some read and some dont. O.k. That was nice. Now Im bored again. This sucks. Bye!

07/11/09 @ 05:22
Comment from: I AM LMFAO [Visitor]   · http://trueentreperneur.blogspot.com/

All of you are great. You made me laugh and laugh. Now find somethn to do http://trueentreperneur.blogspot.com/

07/17/09 @ 13:36
Comment from: andrew [Visitor]

whats up lol i am in a high school libary and cant do anything for like 2 hours and they block like every site so this is about the only thing i can do just wasteing time……

08/13/09 @ 08:02
Comment from: melanie [Visitor]  

Well I read your blog not because I searched “bored out of my mind” I searched for “bored as fuck club". I guess it’s about the same thing except more vulgar, which does ease my boredom some. . . . . but not much. Man I didn’t think I would be this bored till I was at least 80 years old. Yet here I sit, 37 years old and BORED AS FUCK!!! I am glad I am not the only one though.

08/21/09 @ 03:42
Comment from: SomeMediaGuy [Visitor]

I also googled “bored out of my fucking mind” and arrived here. I am 28, totally confused about what i want from life so pass my days buying media and totally hate it!

Why oh why can’t i stop been a lazy bastard and do something productive with my life? I can actually feel my brain trying to get out of my head. The pain is terrible.

I am a genius trapped in the body of a retard!

09/10/09 @ 08:11
Comment from: Kevin v [Visitor]

lol i found this site google searching bored out of my fucking mind…… still bored

09/11/09 @ 18:04
Comment from: Stephen [Visitor] · http://www.ilovekellie.co.uk

I googled ‘bored out of my fucking mind’ and this is what I found.
Interesting you wrote this in 2002 and here we are in 2009 and still bored.
I’m listening to Blind Willie McTell, which helps somewhat, and I’m going to go eat soon, which also helps for a short while, but I’ll probably be bored again in a few hours.

09/11/09 @ 19:01
Comment from: Stephen [Visitor]

I’m bored of loving Kellie and her being barely aware of my existence.

09/11/09 @ 19:03
Comment from: carr [Visitor]

wtf go outside then losers

09/12/09 @ 14:04
Comment from: Stoned [Visitor]  

My heart is bounded,
aging with limited will,
a vision of change called the hope and restless voices within,
ashes upon my grave will mark my agony,
filled with screams of a childish questions,
lost in a maze built inside my pyramid of love,
helpless in a quest 2 claim that lucid illusion,
revenge 4 my altered past and feared future,
there with a dead hair on my forehead wishing my eyes could rest in the back of my head,
a dying sound of a coming train is what forms it,
a fragile picture broke the silence,
set them free to invade our gift,
a demon fell from above to steal my turn,
brother say it back to me,
ain’t i the closest one?
lover nod your head,
scars of happiness around your pillow,
seek your forgiveness in my words now,
take my tongue as i sleep.

09/22/09 @ 06:38
Comment from: mike [Visitor]

So yea another bored outa my mind guy here, sems alot of ppl have read ur post now 7yrs now WOW

10/11/09 @ 16:54
Comment from: Shoot Me. [Visitor]

Someone fucking kill me.

10/18/09 @ 14:41
Comment from: Craig Anthony Cooper [Visitor] · http://www.youtube.com/user/neoclassicalultimega

Hello there, I’m bored right now…A great cure for boredom is smoking weed then playing an instrument…The link here is me trying to cure my eternal boredom…I live in U.K aaand it sucks major balls UK is shiiiiiiit

10/19/09 @ 11:10
Comment from: umm [Visitor]

i’m bored as fuck too

10/22/09 @ 12:45
Comment from: sikothinker [Visitor]  

most ppl on this earth are fucken bored…i read b4 that its always abt waiting.. we all ppl are waiting somthing…search in ur creepy mind…u`ll find that u r searching for somthing…someone..a thing..all of us waiting somthing…it might differs in shape or in its ……. i mean it might be materialistic or just a feeling…watever wat it is..but everyone of us waiting … i believe that most of us found this blog when he or she was searching while he/she was fucken bored…so he/she just wrote somthing abt boring or abt being bored…just like me i wrote “fucken bored most of my time"…if someone feels himself/herself fucken confident and fucken unique…and so different than all the ppl around…watever ur age or gender….email me ” happylovelyguy@hotmail.com” ….2say date is octobre 29th … i noticed that last one wrote was a week ago…so i`m not predicting 2 revieve a mail soon…but u know wat..i don`t even know why i`m writing that…but absolutly i was bored when i did it… c u my friend

10/29/09 @ 04:30
Comment from: haider [Visitor]

welll… like most of u guys i also typed “bored outa my fukin mind” and got here…before cmin to this site i wanted to rip my head off.. thats how bored i am .. i have such a perfect life.. i m the kind of person who always goes on sayyin life is jus so perfect.. but i duno wat the fuk it is.. that suddenly from the past 3 days.. i m so fukin bored… i dont feel like doin anything .. i dont feel like talking… i m jus fukin bored… i hope it goes away soon .. this blog didnt help me get over my boredom .. but it sure helped me kill a lot of time .. and thnks for that.. i wud feel gud if ppl read my comment which i think no one wil…. if anyone has any suggestion for doin somethin for not bein bored i had like that… if someone wants to talk to this borin 17 year old then u have my email add..contact me .. thanks for listenin ….

10/29/09 @ 17:55
Comment from: bored out of my mind [Visitor]

hahaha. school sux balls lmao. kill me please i gunna go cut now see ya l8er. you all gay fags lol

11/05/09 @ 12:07
Comment from: fuking kill me#!!!!!! [Visitor]

god im bored and this site is no fukin help at all but still lyk da red sorry i sound abit weird i just ova doesed on pills to amuse myself

11/23/09 @ 05:15
Comment from: whatevs.... [Visitor]

hummmmm….. yes i am boredddd…..
i have nothing to do but write absolutely crap on this site :|…. . so yeah? i had an okay day … but still bored out of my mind, i even made up a boredom scale! and believe me i was at the gates of hell boredom. …And then i realised how bloody sad i must be to sit here writing absolute rubbish that no one will read but … hehhhh … by the way… if you are actually reading this… you seriously need to get a life… same here tbh.. ….. butt STOP reading this… seriously stop, now.

12/01/09 @ 12:25
Comment from: bored shit [Visitor]

omg. i type fucking bored in google and saw ur site and i clicked it.. guess poppin by to say hi~~ lol

12/02/09 @ 22:03
Comment from: steak [Visitor]

wtf here in hell with all my collaborators

12/05/09 @ 22:17
Comment from: rhino juice [Visitor]

bored outa my f-in mind. small midwest towns in the middle of winter suck!! Having to move back home with your parents (because u lost your job) in the middle of no where with no car and no girlfriend ..somebody please digitally shoot me now. thanks.

12/14/09 @ 16:42
Comment from: Bored Bugger [Visitor]

Wow.. this is the number one hit for “bored out of my f#$@ing mind"?..

Now I’m even more bored and depressed..

12/22/09 @ 10:24
Comment from: one of them [Visitor]

the Talking Heads are awesomeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love the live DVD cuz it’s awesome. Althought not quite as awesome as me because i’m pretty fucking awesome. and no1 can reach the level of awesomeness i’m on because it’s funckin high. i go above and beyond, straight into awesomeville!

12/22/09 @ 18:00
Comment from: someone [Visitor]

I too am bored out of my fucking mind right now.. Xmas eve at 2pm at work.. slow as shit, nothing to do, need to make a few last minute stops to pick up last minute gifts and i want to smash my fucking head on my desk so that maybe i can leave early via ambulance. God i hate work

12/24/09 @ 11:03
Comment from: uytf [Visitor]


01/08/10 @ 17:51
Comment from: dj [Visitor]

looking like a fool with ur pants on the ground

02/06/10 @ 14:10
Comment from: John Wilson [Visitor]

My anus is blue.

02/07/10 @ 13:28
Comment from: Sandy [Visitor]

I to entered “bored out of my fucking mind” and low and behold here I am!!! Too funny!! It’s been over 8 years since “smiles” posted the first entry entitled “bored out of my mind” which brings us all here!

02/16/10 @ 11:14
Comment from: Rennis [Visitor]  

Oh god fucking damn I’m bored. Yeah Sandy, that cock-sucker put this up eight years ago, I noticed that too.

I was rapping w/ one of my punk rock heroes last couple of days. I will not mention names, but Satan was one of his big influences. I just typed in the band on Google, I Fucking Love Google, and there was this web-site ad thing. Click, comment and there he was, not funky-fresh in the flesh but as sure as I am bored out of my fucking mind him.

Holy fuck I say to myself and wow, we rapped for a couple of days and he’s gone. Wuaa, and I’m here telling the next bored fucking cock-sucker reading this shit.

I’m going to try it again w/ another punk band and see what happens you bored mother-fucker, suck my dick. Bitch.

02/18/10 @ 18:13
Comment from: bored as fuck [Visitor]

I am also bored out of my mind, I should really have looked for a party to go to instead of staying in to work on a paper.

Oh my god I’m bored.

02/27/10 @ 22:29
Comment from: fucker [Visitor]

fuck fuck fuckity fuck

03/07/10 @ 19:50
Comment from: eubie [Visitor]

dude this site is un-fuckin real… pointless as it may be, i too typed bored out of my fucking mind in my browser, not a search engine, and this automatically popped up… sounds like a goldmine man, take advantage of that

“Bad luck is simply not paying attention to the opportunities that are all around you, sometimes right under you nose". -the great Eubs 1996

03/19/10 @ 20:38
Comment from: chris [Visitor]

Basically I was bored out of my mind without shit to do. Nobody wanted to do shit and because all the stores are closed and everybody is broke. Being the deadbeat that I am, I decided after a couple hours of being alone, to type that I was fucking bored out of my mind to Google. And here I am; a little more satisfied than I was a couple minutes ago, but I’m still bored out of my fucking mind.

04/04/10 @ 22:54
Comment from: bored ass mother fucker [Visitor]

This is where all the bored people come to hang out… Thank god… I thought I was the only person this fucking bored… Jesus, my job sure can bore the hell out of me…

04/07/10 @ 04:14
Comment from: hmmmm [Visitor]


04/14/10 @ 16:40
Comment from: danny sykes [Visitor]

bored :L

04/19/10 @ 02:30
Comment from: genderbender [Visitor]

what are you doing being bored.
there are plenty of quick and easy answers to boredom!! all of them coincidently illegal.
Be a rebel, have some fun.
You don’t HAVE to be bored.

do something crazy,
grab zee bong
your cat is always gona love you

04/21/10 @ 01:34
Comment from: boredmyassoff [Visitor]

Here goes… Its 12 Fucking 55 in the morning and i cant sleep and i have nothin usefull to do. Keep fucking wishing to get a decent job which is not happening in a long time. My every day routine sucks donkey balls and things wid my gf aint working smooth and my mom’s family is fucked up.
Dunno why i even said all dis but i kinds feel better. don really think i’l ever come bak here but ty for the section

04/21/10 @ 12:28
Comment from: me [Visitor]

um…okay? Who the heck is Brendo?

05/17/10 @ 06:28
Comment from: pedro [Visitor]

I was bored out of my mind, now i see this site and I am even more bored…….if thats possible. Im going to throw my computer out the window now

05/28/10 @ 19:25
Comment from: hotty101 [Visitor]

yeah bored and decided to click on this. umm what’s with the randomness? i mean i usually love randomness but seriously? couldn’t you have thought of something else? soz rambling, actually good idea never thought that there would be anything about boredom on google pages. btw boredman? y can’t it be fingbored? XD ROCK ON!!

05/30/10 @ 00:22
Comment from: BoredOutofMyFu*****Mind [Visitor]

Typed in google bored out of my fu***** mind, and your blog was the first link, so i figured i’d click and see what’s all about…

Then, i figured let’s comment, to encourage the guy\girl to keep on blogging, but you don’t really need my encouragment don’t you? ;)

Oh god, i am bored if i comment on a random blog at this time of the night don’t you think? Whatever… good night ! :)

05/30/10 @ 16:54
Comment from: MeAgain [Visitor]

It is 01:58 in my country if you wondering,, God, i seriously ill if i am commenting for the second time now !

05/30/10 @ 16:58
Comment from: JVH [Visitor]

lol funny how when i typed “bored out of my fucking mind” this comes up. Peace all.

06/08/10 @ 17:49
Comment from: dj [Visitor]

BORED OUT MY FUCKING MIND. Nothin else to do so thought I would leave a comment. One Love.

06/09/10 @ 12:15
Comment from: Josh [Visitor] · http://www.joshuaaustin.co.uk

If you’re bored then visit my site below:
Stop your boredom and make some money along the way

06/11/10 @ 08:37
Comment from: mee [Visitor] · http://www.thebomb.com

Wow i just went to google and typed in bored out of my freakin mind, so this came up, and i see how many people have done the same exact thing over the course of what? 8 years? wow amazing aha. go to my website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^^^ well its not mine, but still. go to it. or meatspin.com xD

06/11/10 @ 10:11
Comment from: mtp [Visitor]

So bloody bored I Google’d bored out of my fucking mind and… well here I am.

Seems even after what, 8 years since your post people are getting so bored they’re commenting on you’re being bored.

Funny how the net works isn’t it?

07/02/10 @ 15:01
Comment from: dude [Visitor]

i typed in bored out of my fucking mind on google and this was the first result…

07/06/10 @ 10:29
Comment from: sav [Visitor]

i typed in i’m bored out of my fuckin mind.. this is what i got.. funny how many people have done just the same.. so now you know people have read your useless blog.. and maybe it wasn’t so useless afterall! i mean, i was super bored.. now i’m slightly entertained.. just typing a long paragraph of nothing.. about pretty much nothing! i want to run away to texas.. i live in kansas.. i want a REAL man.. not a pusy. but i suck and am lazy

07/06/10 @ 18:06
Comment from: Ish [Visitor]

im sooo bored…im sick of watching Anime and amvs and crying over stupid soap-opera animes…..so i typed in google “im bored outta my mind” and got to this stupid website…i actually read half the comments….I think i can be crowned top loser queen of this website….

07/08/10 @ 17:21
Comment from: bobbocks [Visitor]

i came here because i googled bored

07/09/10 @ 07:52
Comment from: wan [Visitor] · http://lemonparty.org

wank shaft

07/09/10 @ 07:53
Comment from: Jeff Belt [Visitor]

I’m at the Gym

07/09/10 @ 07:53
Comment from: Carl Mole [Visitor]

Hmmm it works for me

07/09/10 @ 07:55
Comment from: Geoff Poole [Visitor]


07/09/10 @ 07:59
Comment from: charles [Visitor]

bORED Im all most in tears fuck you monday!!!!!!

07/12/10 @ 07:59
Comment from: steven paul [Visitor]  

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha fucking wankers

07/14/10 @ 14:32
Comment from: Shay [Visitor]

i did what victoria did rofl but yea i disagree that no1 reads this and i think that u shuda ate the person named brendo XD

07/14/10 @ 17:12
Comment from: Chris [Visitor]

im also fucking bored
my email is calderon.christian760@yahoo.com
so send me something that will make up for reading all of the FUCKING DUMB ASS comments(like mine)
gtg see ya…

07/15/10 @ 19:14
Comment from: Sean [Visitor] · http://www.reddit.com

Give us something to do…

07/18/10 @ 11:47
Comment from: Hickville [Visitor]

Damn here I am again. Damn I am bored since I stopped getting high.

07/18/10 @ 16:02
Comment from: Steve Bray [Visitor]

I looked up fuck i am bored and got your site. Should put something on here that is not boring.

08/03/10 @ 23:17
Comment from: jess [Visitor]

did anyone care to notice that the blogger posted in 2002…thats hilarious…i love how everyone feels inclined to declare their boredom…hi 5

08/31/10 @ 16:17
Comment from: holy crap [Visitor]

i typed in BORED OUT OF MY FUCKING MIND and this came up lmfao

09/04/10 @ 00:18
Comment from: Bored lil kid [Visitor] · http://yahoo.com

im so fucking bored like i wish incan just jump off the Planet earth and land on mars..lol so fukin bored :(

09/06/10 @ 13:01
Comment from: Chellie [Visitor]

i came across this when I googles “bored out of my fucking brains” hmmmm this didnt help one bit! Well dont you just suck shit!

09/19/10 @ 07:37
Comment from: Fuck this [Visitor] · http://fuckmewhore.com

laugh at stupid shit… it helps for a little bit. when that runs dry, come here and type stupid shit… the idea would be to keep your thought going and not stop… but that would end too and before you know it you’re bored again, like a flat slut butt hoe posing in philadelphia weekly for some cash… boy a pair of tits and a pussy sure can go a long way, huh? i’d be a rich bitch. but i’m broke and fucking bored and it’s black friday. why am i not spending money… i’ll be broker, not a broker, just a bum ass bitch then. with a couple pennies and some white coins… fuck this.

11/26/10 @ 16:30
Comment from: fuck this times two [Visitor] · http://assholedpeniswithshitonit.com

so i’m back. this site is cool because you can release whatever bullshit is on your mind. i had dreams of being a rapper… then i got pissed off. so i wanted to be an actor… and got even more pissed off. i thought about a comic, but that shit ain’t funny. i went out into public and people were laughing at me so i poured my coffee out on the concrete as a fuck you to the coffee shop that sold me the extra sugar coffee shit. the thing is, i could write the longest entry about being bored. ….. you ever get so fucking bored that what you just wrote you want to delete but somehow everyone already knows so you gotta go with it anyway and fucking post it even if it’s not funny and completely fucking stupid. who cares though. life is unbelievable at times and thanks for spell check because i’m an idiot still and don’t capitalize words that need to be. this sucks ass like some porn star. … porn stars. what is it with porn? watch porn if you are bored but don’t rape yourself. then you figure fuck it turn that shit off and come here and type away hoping someone reads it and actually shouts you out on the next comment like yo the bored dude number 39472389 said some dope shit about sex or being bored…. guess we are all fucking celebrities then.

11/26/10 @ 16:56
Comment from: Sel [Visitor]

Wow, this page totally picked up my mood. Had a fight with the girl, not sure what way I’m goin in right now. Sittin on the couch at 2:47am staring at google like wtf am I going to look at to kill this mood? … Eventually I just went with “Bored out of my mind” out of frustration but yet I find a win in this strange situation. Thanks for creating this blog page back in ‘02.

02/24/11 @ 23:50
Comment from: Blaze [Visitor]

Alright so i was listening to shitty music as usual on my laptop, bored outta my fuckin mind. so i decided to have a conversation with google. i asked… Google i am so fucking bored please give me something to do so that i will no longer be stuck in this house. instead, google takes me here and tell me that i am a fucking loser so i sit here and blog this.

02/25/11 @ 11:50
Comment from: freddyy [Visitor]  

imm fukken bored lie a bitchy wat do i do i ran out off weed fukkkkk..

03/02/11 @ 17:03
Comment from: ashely [Visitor]

yea. so i googled i’m bored too. haha! all of us should have a huge party then we wouldn’t be bored!

03/06/11 @ 17:26
Comment from: bob reably [Visitor]

u r really boring.

03/18/11 @ 11:45
Comment from: bob reably [Visitor]

I was gonna say 2 get a life but i like this blog. i happen to be trapped in this building and am really bored. i like guns 2. c u later.

03/18/11 @ 11:48
Comment from: Random Bored Girl.... [Visitor]

Wow, there are a lot of people that seem to be really fucking bored out of their fucking minds cuz, i mean this blog-like thing had been up since 2004 and people are still typing here. this world has sadly become so boring that no matter what you do, nothing seems fun. i typed “what to do when you are freaking bored out of your freaking mind” and this is what i had stmbled upon. im 13 and i shouldnt be here searching for things to do when your bored. this is sad but what am i supposed to do. i mean come on. its spring break here and i shouldnt be bored! well, im just gunna search for more random things on google to make this day go by faster -which probably with my fucking luck isnt going to happen. ltr, to those other bored people who are also bored out of their fucking minds and have stumbled upon this site in sreach for something to do in this fucking world that had become so fucking boring. *sob* why must this week be so boring? i wont understand and maybe wont ever understand. *sigh* ltrs… *whispers* (why must LIFE be so boring?)

03/25/11 @ 17:21
Comment from: Random Bored Girl.... [Visitor]

Oops, i mean 2002(Up).

03/25/11 @ 17:27
Comment from: Brandon [Visitor]


I guess that applies to me as well… Carry on then!

04/16/11 @ 17:46
Comment from: lillian [Visitor]

Hellio To whomever I am commenting. I am up in the middle of the night again…as usual. and I was tooling around through the internent. I found your post and the teacher in me screamed NOT OUTLOUD but in silence because it is the middle of the night. So thererfore some one did read your comment and Thansksgiving is one word not TWO! Also a little bit of United States Histiory is that Kentucky is not one of the first 13 colonise. Can you list them? I’d bet my bottom dollar that you can’t. I’s sorry to soud so condesending but this kind of misimformation really drives me nuts! Please get your facts straigh before you post something. I know I soud like a jerk but I woke up in the middle of the ngiht as usual and there was your post so I just had to respond…Next time think before you write. :-) Have a great Easter Weekend.

04/23/11 @ 02:40
Comment from: Jack [Visitor]

I love this page. Turns out googling “I’m bored out my mind” really is a cure!

04/27/11 @ 06:33
Comment from: boring [Visitor] · http://google.com

kill me now im fucking bored

04/30/11 @ 18:12
Comment from: Your Mom [Visitor]


05/12/11 @ 15:50
Comment from: M.C [Visitor]

typed in bored out of my mind and this came up. i figured i have nothing else to lose so why not. and now since i can, i’m gonna rant for a while.
why is it that the world cant have some time if device of some sort to relieve me of this boring day. why wont the internet do its job and entertain me for at least a hour.Millions of website and the internet still fails…
skool is nothing more than a way for parents to get rid of their kid for 7 damn torturuos hours a day. yet we still all go seeking a way out of the house or to meet up with some one that has the same problem as us
and to top this all of the god damn play satation network has been go dam fu**** hackked which had to mean no online for 2 whole weeks!!!!

I feel alot better now……im still bored *sigh*

05/14/11 @ 19:28
Comment from: Mikavich [Visitor]

duuuuude i got tha munchies hard hahahaha i have nufin 2 du life sux

05/18/11 @ 10:08
Comment from: FUBAR [Visitor]

yea. bored out of my fuckin mind and you came up. so i guess…..why the hell not.
glad to see i’m not the only one.

06/08/11 @ 13:57
Comment from: Tiffaney [Visitor]

My husband deployed to IRAQ n I googled like everyone else n this Sh*t popped up! This is gay! But I guess it entertains me briefly. ha ha haha hashdhasasdjkhaskdhasjkdjkasdjkas F U!!!!!!! Maybe I should be the typical army wife n start Fing every man in sight?????? BUR But he beats me? Heabuses me mentally! He is so horrible!!! OMG!!!!!!!1 I am going to leave him as soon as he returns! he he he NOT!!!!!Nasty whores…he he he I like it! Keep up the good work girls! Support ur troops n put out!!!!

06/08/11 @ 15:41
Comment from: SID75 [Visitor]

OMG thank you im not the only one who is sooooooo damn bored im just like what the hell ever ill just come look at this thank you you managed to kill almost 15 minutes for me :D

06/12/11 @ 15:03
Comment from: ROFLMAO [Visitor]   · http://playwithrose.com

I was minding my own bored bitnaz
googled this and left to make Jalapeno/garlic/cheese biscuits.

why jalapeno/garlic/and cheese?
because it takes longer and I’m fucking bored– didn’t you read the darn thread?

so i com back bisuit in hand to see just what google has given me for my boredom…..

I laughed so hard I almost choked on my biscuit….

I can’t do yoga- bc I hurt my hip yesterday trying to not be bored- this is on of those ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ things

I can’t sew– bc its boring

I can’t have bord sex bc there is no partner…

sales are slow– which always leads to boredom

no cable - gave it bc it was boring

no gas– being poor is borng


06/29/11 @ 15:54
Comment from: dogbox [Visitor]

guys. guess what. IM BORED AS FUCK

(i live in africa thats porbably why)

07/10/11 @ 12:46
Comment from: BORED AT WORK [Visitor]

FUcking so bored. I get paid to be bored all day. except they dont realise how fucking bored i am because if i was to tell them my job is pointless i wouldnt have a job anymore and now because my job is so fucking boring its making me lazy therefore i am generally to fucking lazy to look for a new job. Do you think it is possible to go crazxy from being bored all day every day. fuck fuck fuck titties fuck. FML!!!!! BOring leads to me being lazy. Lazy leads to me being even more bored wat the fuck man!!!!! So just ramballing cause im so fucking bored hence i i googles bored out of my fucking mind and i found this which i guess entertained me for a minute. i like the army wifes comment. dont wait till he comes back leave his stupid ass now! Go get urself some loving woman!ok im out now going to go find some other stupoid useless blog to comment on hahahahahhahhahahahhahhaa

07/13/11 @ 16:18
Comment from: A guy [Visitor]

So I googled it as well and thought I would comment too. I like some of your random rants so here is mine. I have no job now, unemployable pretty much, live by myself. I’ve been playing video games, not to lie, I play them a lot, and I just am coming to the point were they frustrate me more than entertain me. Well I guess they do entertain me still as it is something to do. Watching stuff on tv is so pointless I feel, it just bores me sitting there watching them. I live on my own. But watching some stuff with people is just torturous to me and I have to leave the room, like X factor or something terrible. Actually like 99% of anything that is shown. Watching a good film with someone else is good I like that, you can laugh together and it can be fun. I used to like watching sport especially football but that just feels a bit pointless now, big deal, this team won this time now lets do it all again next year. I cant play sports any more, too sick for that. Arg oh well I don’t know what to dooooo. Whatever. I like cinemassacre.com that is my favourite website it has a lot of like gaming and film/tv nostalgic stuff . I have seen every video on there. Maybe if you are bored that is something to check out. I wish I had some kind of passion. What do I really want to do? I don’t know, I liked disneyland, I would like to go back there someday. That is quite lame that is all I can come up with for what do I want to do out of everything in the whole world but hey there it is. I can’t think of anything else. Oh well maybe to play sports again but I can’t and also I have no friends really so meh. MEH. Oh well byebye.

07/13/11 @ 17:13
Comment from: James [Visitor]

I’m fucking bored to… fuck! ;D

07/16/11 @ 05:27
Comment from: not telling u tutti heds [Visitor]

immmmmm borrrrrrrrrrrrrred and u all are fukin gay u niggers

07/22/11 @ 10:59
Comment from: big penis [Visitor]

holy shit 2002 was a long ass time ago

07/27/11 @ 11:03
Comment from: Visitor [Visitor]

I wonder if he’s still alive…

07/27/11 @ 16:17
Comment from: milo [Visitor]

This is fukcing hilarious. I can’t believe it. and It is sad, I am at home and I feel like I don’t have any friends in my area anymore that I can hang out with! Eish! Hope you all find something better than do than read these comments :) lol . Have a good day!

07/30/11 @ 10:14
Comment from: carolina [Visitor]

wow i guess im not the only person who randomly types bored out of my mind on google well anyways i read ur comment n its really boring…..thanks alot. now im off to find more interesting things to read or do. laterzz

08/04/11 @ 11:59
Comment from: Smokegreen [Visitor]

there are way to many comments on this page

09/06/11 @ 10:33
Comment from: Jonathon [Visitor]

I’m fucking really bored, and baked, and single which sucks,

10/10/11 @ 09:06
Comment from: Jillian [Visitor]

Jonathon your the coolest person here. It’s comforting the community of other bored as fuck people,

10/10/11 @ 09:15
Comment from: Jonathon [Visitor]

Well thank you Jillian, two bad I made up your name and I’m actually commenting to myself, I’m so bored I don’t know what to do with myself anymore, tv sucks!!! The yard is ok but what should I do just stand there, Im tired of everything, nothing sounds interesting, I really have direction I’m in college but it feels like I have no direction, classes need to start,

10/10/11 @ 09:22
Comment from: dude [Visitor]

In my 13 hour at work bored as fuck wish i got paid over time. Come on dave show the fuck up so i can go home.

10/17/11 @ 20:22
Comment from: OldandBored [Visitor]  

I’m fucking old and fucking bored . . . and a little fucking angry too.
What the fuck is it with all the crazy bitterness that so many people spray at other people online? People they do not know and never will.
Fuck! You only have to read any comment stream on YouTube these days to see what I mean.
Some person spends time to create and upload a little piece of video art for others to enjoy and fuck . . . the sour vitriol that gets fired at them.
I may be fucking old and fucking bored but at least I have no fucking need to insult some other poor fucker for no good reason.
Oh . . . and like others . . . I found this blog post by searching Google with ‘I am fucking bored’.
Hey . . . I don’t feel so bored anymore!
Fucking great!!

10/25/11 @ 21:25
Comment from: Matt [Visitor]

I’m 21 years old, and I have no idea what I’m doing with my life. Late.

11/01/11 @ 23:09
Comment from: Michael [Visitor]

After reading this site, I’m actually even MORE bored out of my fucking mind than I was prior to arriving here. FML.

11/14/11 @ 20:19
Comment from: Cass [Visitor]

that is so hilarious that since 2002 people are continuing this thread, classic. Im *^*(%^ bored. I wonder if the owner of this site knows how infuential he is!

11/26/11 @ 01:21
Comment from: Mr. Le [Visitor] · http://google.com

fuck my life i haven’t accomplished anything. all i do everyday is go to coffee and sit there for hours with my friends. i am home right and bored out of my mind so i typed it in google.com n this came up. im writing comment cause i am very bored. i dont know what to do. i am jobless. i got honorable discarged from the army 3 years. And yea i am fucking bored right now, i wish i have a gf. does any girl out there interested?? haha peace out guys

12/01/11 @ 22:29
Comment from: Bobo The Great [Visitor]  

This tread is going now for 8 years strong, well i would consider it strong; because by the looks of it i think there are 20 or so posts in the last 8 years, but still pretty damn cool. Im actually sitting at my desk on a Friday, and bored out of my fucking mind. My boss thinks that im working right now because he sees me typing away on this damn keep board. I could actually go on and on and on for hours and he would think im working my ass off. I have an idea now!! Whenever im bored im going to come to this site and type stuff. I think it woudld be fun to talk to other that are at work and bored or just dont feel like working. Well its time for some coffee and then maybe a potty break. This blogging stuff is actually pretty easy shit. I kinda feel like nik rockie from the dirty.com but not nearly as big of a douche. Until next time, see you all soon.

12/02/11 @ 12:23
Comment from: Bobo The Great [Visitor]

Well, its me again. No one responded haha. So much for my great idea. I’m still bored as fuck. At least I’m keeping the thread alive. Come on peeps. Let talk…how BORED are you?

Bobo the Great signing off and i approve this message. WIlliam Ray Johnson, your one funny fucking dude, keep up the good work. Nik Richie, suck a dick!

12/14/11 @ 11:13

you sound way to happy to be here. fuck off and die

12/19/11 @ 03:03
Comment from: yesboboshlddieee [Visitor]

the only reason i didnt shoot myself in the face after reading this brainshit was because it would take to much effort.i left the school i developed deppresion at
but on the last day i oddly made friends with everyone,they couldnt get enough of me.and i didnt even tell them i was leaving.now im back at my old school where i am worshiped as a god by most. its so hard to think with this gaping hunk hanging out of my stomach. yet i still pretend to be me, in the hope that oneday i will. then i could have a brain again. im drowning in a sea of shallowness , the old me could have done whatever i wanted, iwas coming up with gems of comedy all the time. of course everybody still finds me funny and charming as ever but i struggle to even be on auto pilot.recently two girls have got me feeling something again, its hard to choose, their both different from all the other robots. it would take about an equal amount of time to get them to fuck so i have to do it by personality. i just decided. the one i chose ican joke with more and damn can she grind.and i feel more when im with her.well that was gay. i used to be in a band but suddenly realised that everyone in the band sucked, had no social life, and new to much about nothing(movies and shit)and after that i couldnt bring myself to play drums or guitar again, i just felt this huge anger.cramped.the other chick really opened up to me, she been starving herself after the guy she liked rejected her,she still has a nice ass.so i shouldnt go with her anyway cos im like her replacement/consolation prize. but imagine what shell do to herself when i say no aswel.i tried to convince her that cuttting herself would make her feel more than starving herself (1.because its healthier 2.i find it hot)none of this matters to me but im going to make it.

12/19/11 @ 03:55
Comment from: Bobo The Great [Visitor]

Wow. you 2 guys are the most depressing fucking dudes i have ever met. Yup you two guys are right, im HAPPY and FUCKING LOVE IT. to the poster @3:03, you can fuck off my friend, but i dont wish for you to die. and to the responder @3:55 you sound like a musician that lives in New York and/or Seattle that should right music about his fucked up life and make millions doing it. You seriously make me want to drink when i read your post. Wow!! you one jacked up dude if i may say so myself. But im glad you both came here to share your feelings.

12/20/11 @ 12:49
Comment from: MyShithole [Visitor]

Classic, look at this place. im sure there are tons of other shitholes like this on the net.Bobo, id say we should both procrastinate here together but ive got no idea what to do. every now and then id say there’d be a more interesting comment like 3:55 and we could both give our opinons on all the crap that turns up. i made a comment here a while ago and came back to discover it had been deleted! i wonder if this brendoman guy is censoring our boredom. Or maybe its because the site filters stuff with links to redtube.

12/23/11 @ 23:06
Comment from: Joe Mama [Visitor]

I too am bored out of my fucking mind. I have seen everything on the internet that could possibly interest me. None of my friends are around. There are no good movies to watch. I hate watching TV. There is nothing to do outside. All I know is I want some weed but alas there is no weed to be found. SOMEBODY HELP ME FIND SOME WEED OR SOMETHING INTERESTING TO DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12/25/11 @ 13:35
Comment from: DEPLOYED [Visitor]

Just left Iraq and now I’m in Kuwait bored out of my fucking mind. We got told we would be home by the holidays! Horseshit! I have to spend 3 months in this shit hole doing jack shit. What a waste of tax money keeping us here. Anyways happy new year to you bored douche bags in your non-deployed locations able to go do something but instead choosing to waste your life in front of a computer.

01/01/12 @ 09:07
Comment from: mr_bigmouth_502 [Visitor]

I’m fucking bored right now and there’s nothing to do out here in the sticks other than watch TV and screw around on the computer, and I’ve gotten sick of both. I wish I had some strippers or something.

01/17/12 @ 13:08
Comment from: cj [Visitor]

In this dark corner of the internet we all gathered under one common umbrella and left with a craving for cheese. I could really use some cheese right now.

01/24/12 @ 15:20
Comment from: chad [Visitor]

yeha, bored out of my fing mind. howdy.

01/28/12 @ 16:32
Comment from: ?WowzersMegaBored [Visitor]

Like everybody else who commented on this site i googled bored outta my mind. N Brenoman.com came up wasnt expecting this. This site is funny there are so many bored people like me its crazy im seriously smiling thinking WTF anyways just wanted to leave a comment like the other visitors. Here is some random shit Hakuna Matata OH yah DONT WORRY BE HAPPY LMFAO :D OUT

02/06/12 @ 10:37
Comment from: chewbacca [Visitor]

I googled the following:

“I’m bored fucking my wife for over twenty years.”

02/08/12 @ 17:38
Comment from: zed [Visitor]

just typed
bored out of my fucking mind in to google and this is the first site it finds!!!

you bloody rippa!

02/11/12 @ 02:21
Comment from: Josh [Visitor]

Wow this is crazy… i just typed bored out of my fucking mind and this is where i ended up… lol i find it fucking hilarious that the first post was from 10 years ago and yet we’re all saying the same shit… shoutout to all the bored people like myself who took time to comment and the even more bored people who just read… I’m sure excitment is around the corner for all of us.

03/31/12 @ 13:40
Comment from: Alfie [Visitor]

Typed in ’so fucking bored off my tits’ and this is where I end up. Thought I might as well post on a 10 year old message board.

What the fuck did we do before the internet? Stare at the wall?

04/12/12 @ 11:41
Comment from: lethality [Visitor]

Haha I looked up im fucking bored as hell on google and this came up. I read everything and now im bored again so i’ll just go eat some more. I love you cheezey broccoli rice

04/18/12 @ 12:53
Comment from: jamie [Visitor]

i typed in “im fucking bored google” and this was first. quite amused that the first comments are from like 2002 or some shit and someone just posted last month. i wonder if the dude who started this still checks this site of course im bored again ughh sleep why u evade me i wonder if any of the other posters come back

05/12/12 @ 02:31
Comment from: jamie [Visitor]

im still bored so im gonna make another comment cause theres absolutly nothing better to do brendoman is that your name do you respond to your posters even though this site is 10 years old or do you just lure us here to aimlessly post about our bordem

05/12/12 @ 02:37
Comment from: jamie [Visitor]

just saying i agree with bobo the great we should all keep coming back and talking make this a thing even though i think he gave up

05/12/12 @ 02:42
Comment from: jamie [Visitor]

bsically talking to myself but idaf. this dude just told me he just got done masturbating for 4 hours why the fuck did he feel the need to tell me that

05/12/12 @ 02:46
Comment from: Julie's bored of life. [Visitor]

Yup, I googled “bored out of my mind” too. Since I’m BORED OUT OF MY FUCKING MIND.

Everything is stupid, all the good things have been done, and there is nowhere new to go.

I’m old as shit. All my acquaintances are either married and/or have kids, or live too far away to socialize much in person. Games bore the living piss out of me and I never could play any musical instruments. I could have a million dollars in my lap right now, and I can’t think of anything I want to spend it on.

I am so fucking bored I don’t even feel like using some of the nice purple kush in my stash.

I’m watching Robocop on Netflix right now because it’s 5:18 AM in Seattle and there is nothing to do. My only alternatives are housework, binge eating, burning down the house, or going to sleep.

Fuck it. Sleep is probably the best choice. Nowhere to go, nobody to see; wouldn’t matter because I don’t really have anything to say to anyone.

05/22/12 @ 05:21
Comment from: Asth [Visitor]  

holy crap… so many bored people… i’m not stoned, i’m at work, though i wish it were the first… it pains me such state even exists; i don’t know what to do!!!

07/10/12 @ 06:02
Comment from: moses [Visitor]

i feel your pain bro, so i had work until 11pm last night, i just graduated working a shitty job for now at a hotel desk, went to watch dark night at 12, ended finishing at 3 in the morning, and now im doing a morning shift had to wake up at 6, THE WORST THING is, my boy who’s just finished managed to get a job quick abroad, his been sending me his top floor office view…kill me….KILL ME NOW!

07/26/12 @ 01:06
Comment from: Sarah D. [Visitor]

Wow, so…in my searching the internet for my life’s meaning I have come across this post. It’s funny to me that it’s almost ten years old! I was almost 16 when this made it’s appearance on the web…and strangely I am not much more then I was then…A 16 (or 25) wanderer, with nothing to show, but distance from those who loved me and those I’ve loved…I really hope this is not what life has in store for me. I guess almost 36 will tell all.

08/15/12 @ 03:44
Comment from: Hellokittiee [Visitor]

Smh The First Comment Is From 2002 !

08/31/12 @ 09:58
Comment from: Holly J [Visitor]

I am fucking bored. But at least reading this wall has occupied 3 minutes of my time. 12 hours left until it’s time to go to sleep again…

10/19/12 @ 08:34
Comment from: OMGI'mKyle [Visitor] · http://www.boredasfuck.net

Wow. I typed in I’m fucking bored on Google like many others and wound up here. Well, may as well rant like everyone else.

I have had severe depression ever since as far back as I can remember which right now is kindergarten and the first grade in every grainy detail.

Of course I get bored all the time as it comes with the depression. A loss of interest is fucking boredom so go figure. Anyway. I can’t stand doing the same thing over and over again. So that’s why I have never held a job for more than a couple months. People think it’s because I’m unreliable. So as you can imagine interviews don’t go well for me when my job history shows up. Least I was never fired, I either quit myself or finished up my internship and moved on. I’m thinking of dating a chick who works at Ross. She’s pretty cute and her name is Dasha. She’s way hotter than my ex who got pissed at me for quitting a shitty dead end job with no hope for advancement at a company with one of the highest turn-over rates in my state. Gee, wonder why that is?

If you come across this, Christina I want you to know that I never betrayed you and never said a bad thing about you in the short time I knew you. But you flipped shit on me for telling you how much I hated my job. I never said I hated you or working with you, in fact, that was the only reason I even came to work was to see you but our schedules never synced up after training. Maybe one day you’ll google bored as fuck and wind up here like me. On that day maybe you’ll read this one comment and see what I mean. Most people would probably just suck it up and stay cause they have bills to pay but I’m not like ordinary people. You said it yourself that you loved how weird I was.

Am I thinking too much? Cause that comes with the depression, too.

Anyway, my only plans are to keep working this shitty job I have now where I get paid under the table to clean office buildings. Once enough money is saved I’m moving into the woods to live off the land. Only reason I need the money is to get the gear. Kinda hard to fashion a shotgun from sticks and rocks and I live in Cougar and Black Bear country so having a plan B is a pretty damn good idea. Plus my friend shows up from Idaho one day and aside from telling me how crappy it is there and that everything smells like dirt and their weed sucks. He also told me that he has been wanting to live off the land as well. Turns out we’re both bored of ordinary society. How fucking wicked is that shit?

I’m outta here to study up on survival but I was able to get out of my bored funk for a couple minutes typing this and about a half an hour reading all the previous comments.

Judging by whats already posted I’m guessing this site will be here for awhile to come easily.

11/01/12 @ 01:53
Comment from: adawnhart [Visitor]  

Blogggin, writing freestyle thoughts assuming that they will go unheard. Not so much Manard. Hopefully you product line has been as successful as your comments…

12/06/12 @ 19:26
Comment from: Ty [Visitor]  

I was bored and came here. There’s 10 years of boredom on this site and it’s still going, has anyone found something better to do yet? Is there any of the original commenters that still visit this site 10 years later still bored with no idea what to do?? I thought about reading the bible since its the only book had had but I finished a paragraph and said fuck books. I’m gonna check back in ten years and then type all the same shit I just did buy change 10 years with 20 years. I just thought of something to do, imma smoke a bowl and watch teenage mutant ninja turtles. Peace bored buds.

01/05/13 @ 07:43
Comment from: Bobo the Great [Visitor]

Hey Guys…Bobo again. Its been about a year since I’ve last posted and I this forum is getting some cray ass activity. I’m not nearly as bored as i was a year ago but still wanted to come back and check up on all my fans, #sarcasm. I’ve now created a twitter account and any crazy fools want to shoot the shit there hit me up. @JohnnyFDetroit see all you peeps later. Time to work and make some crazy ass cash@!!!!

01/22/13 @ 11:33
Comment from: THIS IS GREAT! [Visitor]

10 yrs of boredness … We could all turn that into some type of money!!!… Most likely alot if it… Ppl who comment maybe should start posing some of there talents nd hobbies nd start net working… What do y’all think?

02/24/13 @ 00:50
Comment from: scott [Visitor]

Well it is confirmed. My partner is not in fact 40 he is in fact a 75 year old man. Well that’s what it feels like. Never wants to go out. Tight with his money. Falls asleep in front of the TV. My god I am living with his Grandmother LOL.

04/28/13 @ 02:01
Comment from: Douglas [Visitor]  

I scrolled down to write something interesting to cure your boredom but I don’t think it will work.
Sometimes if you stand very still outside at night you can feel how fast the earth is spinning.
I like to do that when I’m bored.

11/10/15 @ 07:00
Comment from: Mike [Visitor]  

First person of 2016 to be bored enough to google bored out of my fucking mind.

Had to comment. :)

- Mike
(Nashville, TN)

03/10/16 @ 13:53