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About Us

Original members of Team Brendo, otherwise known as the Legion of Doom

Brendo with Peter and Stephanie, Dave, and Danny and Sara


Place of Residence: Yucaipa, CA
Personal Site: Radio BrendoMan

One night in April of 2002, Brendo was up really late,depressed about a girl. He went over to Eric's room to talk and Eric showed him Blogger. Brendo immediately changed his crappy homepage into a blog and invited all his friends to post on it. It was a roaring success. That summer he spent his birthday money on real hosting and a domain name. He also switched the blog software over to Movable Type. Brendo's friends from all over the country (even the world) post to the blog and this makes him happy. Brendo taught English in China for 9 months. He has lived in a lot of places and done a lot of things. He currently lives in Yucaipa and makes a bunch of podcasts. He also co-authors a webcomic, Brax the Alien Rocker with his best friend Phil.

Place of Residence: Tuscon, AZ & El Paso, TX
Personal Site: whoisgringo

Before his unit was mobilized and he was sent to Fort McCoy, Gringo was Brendo's partner in crime at Central. Gringo likes surfing, X-Box, and lots of other good stuff. He is married and is currently serving on active duty in El Paso, Texas.

Place of Residence: Whittier, CA
Personal Site: .jeri.

Brendo met Jeri at Biola, the school he used to go to. They really got to know each other through Chaos, a board on BUBBS (Biola's bulletin board service) and have been friends ever since. Jeri likes almost all the same stuff that Brendo does, which is why they get along so well.

Place of Residence: Columbia, MO
Personal Site: hundiejo.com

Honzo was the first person Brendo ever met at CCCB. They became fast friends. A lover of basketball, video games, politics, and other various geeky things, Honzo has been a big contributor to the site. He also likes apples.

Place of Residence: somewhere in Oregon
Personal Site: Smiles' Blog

Smiles is really tall and smiles all the time, hence the nickname. He is a basketball powerhouse when his shoulder isn't seperated. He was Brendo's roommate for a year. Watch out for this one, ladies.

Place of Residence: Adrian, MO
Personal Site: Danny's Blog Cabin

The real brains behind this site, Danny is a really smart guy. He has an affection for all things geek, They Might Be Giants, and The Screen Savers (RIP).

Place of Residence: Mahopac, NY
Personal Site: Mend the Fence

Luis has been around in one form or another since the summer of 2002. Although none of us have ever met him in person, he's definitely part of the family. He's had his own blog on brendoman.com since January of 2003. He is a lover of good movies, music, and video games. Now that he has a digital camera, he also takes all sorts of cool pictures.

Place of Residence: Chicago, IL
Personal Site: The Mindful Mission

Brendan got to know Dave when he was working at Biola. Definitely the coolest hippy you will ever meet, Dave always has something interesting to say over at his blog. He's also super smart and likes the Cubs. I'm not sure if those two go together or not.

Place of Residence: San Diego, CA

Eric is back! The man, the myth, the legend has resurfaced in San Diego. The only author to have his own category, Eric is, well, Eric.


Yeah, he's coming soon. I swear.

Peter and Stephanie

They'll be on here too, I guess.

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