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Latest News

  • 02.08.03-- Happy New Year!  Honzo and BrendoMan are hard at work on TWO Middle Earth maps for Age of Mythology: Middle Earth and Valinor.  We actually did our first play test on the Middle Earth map today and it went surprisingly well!  We are still getting used to the new editor and stuff so it's going kind of slow.  If anyone out there knows the AoM editor well or has some good AI scripts for AoM, please e-mail us!
  • 11.13.02-- Version 2.0 is here!  Features improved AI script, Moria, and the Moria Orcs!
  • 11.09.02-- We aren't dead!  Honzo is working on some new stuff for the map and we are also working on a possible Warcraft 3 version.
  • 6.30.02-- Moved everything to our new domain.  More to come!
  • 5.13.02-- Links section updated, check out the new message board.  Our final update until the fall should be out very soon!
  • 5.08.02-- New version up!
  • 4.30.02-- New screenshots, new version, it's party time.
  • 4.29.02-- The map is up!  The screens are up!  Time for the world to play the greatest map on the planet.  Enjoy!
  • 4.26.02-- Welcome to our Age of Empires site.  This is where we will host our Middle Earth map for Age Of Empires 2:  The Conquerors expansion pack.