Brendan Creecy, AKA BrendoMan, likes to say he is just a guy, a geek, a dreamer.  He grew up in North County San Diego in the 80’s and now lives in Yucaipa, which is far away from everything.  It’s all right.

Brendan started a blog on his old Tripod page in April of 2002 and that became brendoman.com that summer.  It has evolved quite a bit since then, featuring a rotating cast of Brendan’s friends and a variety of content management systems.

In August of 2004, Brendan started his podcast, Radio BrendoMan, while teaching English in Harbin, China.  It sputtered out when he moved back to the states in 2005.  Brendan would sporadically release episodes throughout the Aughts but wouldn’t make a full-time return to podcasting until he joined the cast of Matt Cohen’s Bagged and Boarded in 2008.  Brendan started off as a correspondent, doing the “BrendoMan Minute” segment on the show.  However, when a live version was introduced at Kevin Smith’s Smodcastle in 2010 and co-host Jesse Rivers had to move to Alabama, Brendo was brought in as co-host, where he served in the role until 2011.

Smodcastle also brought about the creation of Pop Sickles, the brainchild of Brendo’s friend, Derick Armijo. Brendo joined Derick as co-host of the live show until the closure of Smodcastle in May of 2011.  The show then continued as a normal podcast recorded in various apartments and garages.  The show continues today but is largely on hiatus.

Brendo started doing stand up comedy when his brother, comedian Carson Creecy IV, brought him to an open mic in Portland in December 2016.  He then performed at Portland’s Helium Comedy Club and was hooked.  His home mic is Monday Night RUPO at Back to the Grind in Riverside, CA.   He has been performing there since July of 2017 and also produces the RUPO podcast.