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It took over 12 years to get to this point but yesterday I published the 300th episode of Radio BrendoMan. It's funny reading the old posts from when Danny and I were trying to figure out how to even publish the file. This was way before there were plugins and any sort of podcast directory, let alone iTunes and all the fancy apps we have now. Thankfully Movable Type, the software we were using at the time (memories...) was one of the first blog publishing platforms (Wordpress was still in its infancy) to enable the use of enclosure tags for its RSS feeds. These magical tags are what point the podcast app or feed reader to the location of a file, in this case the MP3 file of the podcast episode. The only reason I knew about any of this stuff is because I read Dave Winer's blog. Dave is one of the fathers of podcasting as we know it. The only reason I knew about Dave was through reading Wil Wheaton's blog, which is the blog that inspired me to start this blog you are reading right now way back in April of 2002 (yes we are almost 15 years old!). So yeah, it all goes back to Wil. Which is why it was crazy that I got this reply from Wil when I emailed him about contributing to my fledgling podcast that I was already thinking about giving up on because it was really hard:

Subject: Re: Podcasting and such
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2004 08:37:04 -0400
From: Wil Wheaton
Organization: WWdN
To: Brendan Creecy

Hey Brendan,

I totally downloaded and listened to your first podcast about ten days ago! Cool!

I liked it a lot that you used Creative Commons music, and your thoughts about commercial music were interesting to me, because I pretty much want to podcast just so I can do 42 minute radio shows with music that I like. It's going to be interesting to see what happens with that whole aspect of podcasting.

I haven't been able to make it go just yet, though, and I can't record any audio at this time, which is the sucks. If I ever *do* get a podcast up, though, it obviously means that I can get it going, and you could shoot me an e-mail so I remember to send you a drop.

Hope you're well,


It took 7+ years, but I did get that drop from Wil and it's featured on every 4th episode of the show to this day. Without Wil's encouragement and support, I probably would have stopped around episode 3. We did slowly stop doing the show after I got back to SoCal but we did do a few episodes a year until 2008. It has been such a fun experience doing the show, especially in its current form with my best pal, Phil Vecchio. Special thanks to all the crew who contributed to the show over the years: Danny, Brian (Gringo), Henry, Luis, Smiles, Kyle, Sara, Brandon, and anyone else I forgot. There's always an open seat for you guys. Finally, thanks to all the listeners out there. I am continually overwhelmed by your support.

Oh hey, this is my first post on here for 2017 so happy new year!

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This Things I Believe

I know you're probably disappointed I stopped posting 90210 recaps. It was making the watching of the show way less enjoyable and more stressful. Also it made it so after an episode or two I was worn out and the whole point of watching 90210 is to relax and binge. So that's that, I guess. I also got a new job. I am a Computer Specialist at a magnet school in San Bernadino. It's pretty sweet. I get a real summer vacation. Maybe I'll write some more blog stuff then. Phil and I are working on a few different projects. We're currently writing a script for a short film that will be released sometime this year so stay tuned for more on that. There's always Radio BrendoMan and Pop Sickles. We'll be doing some convention appearances later this year including Comic Con Palm Springs and hopefully SDCC.

This Sunday, May 22nd, we'll be up at Mountain Room Escapes in Big Bear. We'll be doing a room escape, a live BrendoMan All-Stars performance (yes, really), and a live recording of Radio BrendoMan. You can enjoy all this for the low price of $10 at the door. Just hit us up if you plan on attending. It's going to be awesome!

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How to Record a Podcast With An Old Laptop, Bad WiFi, and a Smartphone

People have been asking how I've managed to record Radio BrendoMan and Pop Sickles since I've been living in hotels with very unreliable internet access and my desktop computer is in storage. It took some trial and error as we almost lost a Radio BrendoMan episode in the process. Right now for gear I have an ancient Dell laptop running XP and my Yeti microphone. I tried recording using our traditional method of using Google Hangouts and Audacity on my laptop but running but Hangouts on Air brought my laptop to a standstill and the hotel wifi was practically useless. Next we tried using Skype and Audacity and this seemed to work until I tried to sync our two tracks together. It appears that running both Skype and Audacity caused Audacity to stutter a bit resulting in out of sync tracks. Phil was able to fix it by painstakingly listening to the files in real time and deleting the gaps as he found them but it was not a viable option going forward. Back to the drawing board I went.

Pop Sickles was the next test and this time everything worked. After messing around with Hangouts on my Galaxy S4 I determined that the audio quality was pretty great when using my 4G connection. I plugged in my headphones on the phone, started a group hangout with Derick and Benson, and fired up Audacity on my laptop. The recording went off without a hitch since Audacity was no longer competing for processing power. Everything synced up perfectly. It's not super ideal since you can't use Hangouts on Air with the mobile app so you don't have the YouTube video you can use as backup in case something goes wrong and you don't have the stream for people to tune into and chat on but it gets the job done when the next option is not podcast at all.

Feel free to comment with your suggestions or questions. The main thing I've learned from this experience is that you really can put together a podcast in almost any circumstance and with even the crappiest of gear. Seriously you guys, this laptop I am using to run Audacity is probably 10 years old. It takes a while to encode files but it gets the job done. If you really want to make a podcast, gear shouldn't be holding you back. As I've said before, I recorded the original Radio BrendoMan on my sub-par laptop with a $2 PC microphone and I was behind the Great Firewall of China. Phil uses a Rock Band microphone. One of the first podcasts I listened to on a regular basis was a show some guy recorded on his Palm Treo in his car. If you've got a good idea, just do it. Figure out the rest as you go.

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Calling All Podcasters Headed to SDCC

If you are a podcaster headed to Comic-Con in July and you are looking for a venue to conduct interviews and record your podcasts, I have an opportunity for you! Some colleagues and I have a venue available very close to the convention center and all the gear to record so you would only need to bring you and your guests. If you or someone you know are interested please contact me at and I can give you more information.

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How To Publish a Podcast with Wordpress and

I've been meaning to publish this for awhile so thank you to Jason Paul for sending in this email to get me motivated:

Hey man,

Just took your advice and got setup with to host my podcast. I have my wordpress site up and running but my question is what do you use to generate your RSS feed? My first thought is feedburner, is that correct? If so how do you make sure the RSS feed picks the podcast up as an audiofile ( I use the code to stream my podcast on my site)? Also, do you know of anyway to migrate my old rss feed to the new one (itunes subscribers)? Sorry for these random questions but I know you probably know a shit load more than I would find out pecking around on Google. Not sure if this is a show email or not but feel free to respond anyway you see fit.

Here was my response and I am publishing it here as I know others are curious:

If you are on Wordpress you don't need to use Feedburner. Use a podcasting plugin. I use BluBrry Powerpress. It is easy to use and install.

Do you have control over your old feed? The only way to really do it is to add the itunes:new-feed-url tag to your feed and point to the new URL. You can find more info about itunes tags here:

Let me know if you need any more help.

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Radio BrendoMan Kickstarter

Hey there everybody. I guess this is my first post here of 2013. I find myself posting things I used to post here on Facebook instead. I don't know how I feel about that. I do have some plans for this blog this year. I will probably be posting more long form stuff here and maybe some of my writing projects that I am working on.

The reason I am posting today is to alert you to the Radio BrendoMan T-Shirts Kickstarter that Phil and I launched last week. We already reached our $500 goal and will be posting some awesome stretch goals soon. I would highly recommend checking it out. Also please give the show a listen if you haven't yet.

What's going on with everyone on this side? If you're not on Facebook, you probably aren't aware that I have lost 36 pounds since December 30th and I am on track to lose much more. I will detail that sometime on here. I also successfully migrated Radio BrendoMan off of Podbean and we are now hosting our files at I learned a lot through this process and also plan to share what I learned sometime soon. I've got a lot of irons in the fire right now though so I can't promise any timeframe.

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Advanced Podcast Stuff - Microphones, Mixing, and More

This will be the first in a series of posts about advanced podcasting techniques I use on Radio BrendoMan. You can read my introductory article here. If you have your own tips or have a question, feel free to comment.


People are often tempted to blow a huge chunk of cash on a fancy microphone thinking it will make their podcast awesome. This is true and also not true. If your content stinks, a fancy mic will do nothing for you. But I’m not here to judge your show. Heck, I still don’t quite understand why people seem to enjoy listening to me talk about teen soap operas and Doritos. If you can only afford a cheap pc microphone, use a cheap pc microphone. You may have to clean up the show a little bit more in the mixing process but as long as you don’t get too close to the mic it won’t sound completely terrible. I recorded my original show on a $2 microphone hooked up to my Dell laptop and nobody ever really complained about the audio quality.

That being said, if you can afford a nice microphone it is probably the best thing to spend your money on. I was lucky and I got a Blue Yeti for Christmas last year from my lovely family. If your family isn’t as awesome, maybe shoot lower. Blue makes a really great line of USB microphones that are all great. Whatever you choose, make sure you know how it works. If you can, get a pop screen, but it’s not the end of the world if you don’t. You can also make one. You may have awesome USB microphones lying around and not even know it. Phil uses the USB microphone from his copy of Guitar Hero World Tour and it sounds pretty stinking great. I tested out my Rock Band mic and it sounded pretty good. If you are using a handheld mic like that, I would recommend investing in a mic stand.

Once you have your mic and the placement of it figured out, the next thing to do is make sure any unnecessary background noise is gone. When I had a PC with a really loud fan, this meant turning down the fan speed and making sure the mic was pointed away from the fan. It might also mean you need to turn off the AC or any other noise generating device. Sometimes when we recorded Pop Sickles it got really hot due to this fact as we had no AC and had to close the front door. It really made a difference in the recording though. I know you are a smart person and this may sound like I’m talking down to you but it’s easy to forget minor things like this when it’s time to record.

Create a Template

Anything that streamlines your post-production process is a plus. That way you can spend more time focusing on the show itself and less on the rest of the junk you have to do to get the show on the web. One of the ways I have saved some time is by creating a project template file. It contains my opening and closing music and they are mixed to the way I want. I saved that as an Audicity project. Once I have my finished file of the show itself, I just drop that into the template, do a final check, export and I’m done. Also make sure to save a copy of your ID3 tags that you can load each time, that way you only have to change the title when you save a new episode and you have a uniform set of ID3 tags on all your shows.

Mixing the File

I used to spend a lot of time tweaking the file in Audacity, trying out all kinds of filters and leveling techniques. Then Gates told me about Levelator and all that changed. Once I have our merged file I simply run that through Levelator and then drop into my template and I’m good to go. As long as you keep your levels halfway decent while recording, this is all you need to do. Things get a little more tricky when you are recording in front of an audience or have a ton of guests or people sharing a mic, but in most cases Levelator should be all you need. I would also recommend reading any documentation or tutorials you can find on Audacity or your program of choice as there may be lots of other useful editing tips and tools in there. I just wouldn’t totally stress out about getting the mix exactly right. This is another one of those stress traps podcasters fall into and eventually can cause them to burn out and even give up. Don’t do that!

Next time I will talk about iTunes, hosting, and other stuff like that. So stay tuned for that.

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How to Record a Podcast Using Skype and Audacity

A lot of people have been asking how the newly re-launched Radio BrendoMan is recorded and published. It is really the easiest podcast I’ve ever done. Phil and I live pretty far apart so recording in person was not an option. However, recording a Skype conversation also really wasn’t an option because even the best Skype recorders sound pretty crappy. So we used a workaround that podcasters have been using for years.

Step 1: Download Skype for each host.

This is pretty self explanatory. You probably have it on your computer already. The only thing I changed for podcasting purposes was to turn off the auto mic levelling in Skype because that ended up messing up my levels when trying to record. Thanks Adam Wells for that tip.

Step 2: Download Audacity (or some sort of recording software) for each host.

Everyone has their favorite recording software. I know a lot of Mac users only use Garageband and that’s totally cool. As long as it’s something you know how to use and can export in both wav and mp3 format, you are good. I prefer Audacity because it is totally free, easy to use, and surprisingly robust. Make sure each host has Audacity running and they know how to use it. Again, it’s pretty basic. You just click the record button and you’re off. I would recommend doing a test recording just to check your levels and to make sure everything is in working order.

Step 3: Start the Skype Call

This is pretty straightforward. Make sure you can hear each other, but don’t worry about the quality of the call because this is not what you are recording.

Step 4: Sync up and start recording

Phil and I have a pretty basic process. Phil counts off and we click record, then he counts off and we clap into the microphone. This needs to be done simultaneously so when you mix each file together, you just sync up the clap, which should be easy to spot. Then you just do your normal podcast routine. If you have to stop in the middle of recording, make sure you sync back up again when you resume.

Optional Step: Use Google Drive for Show notes and to share wav files

Google Drive allows you to have a document you can share and edit collaboratively in real time. Phil and I have an entire shared folder where we keep our show notes file as well as other miscellaneous files for the show. It’s also where Phil uploads his wav file when we’re done recording.

Step 5: Save and share raw files.

Once you have stopped recording, each person now needs to save their recording in a raw format (either WAV or AIFF, I prefer WAV). In Audacity, you do this using File-Export. Next, the person who isn’t creating the final file needs to get their wav file to the editor. Phil and I use Google Drive to do this but you can use Dropbox, an FTP server, or whatever else you want to do.

Step 6: Assemble show from raw files.

Once you have all the raw files, create a new project in Audacity (or your preferred audio editing program) and import each file. Then use your clap you did at the beginning of the record to sync them up. As part of my process, I then export this combined file as a WAV and run that through Levelator, then use that to edit the final show. This is entirely optional though. You can edit and mix however you like once you sync up the raw files.

Step 7: Export and Upload MP3

Now that you’ve mixed and edited your show, export the MP3 file and then upload it to whatever podcast host you use. I’ll do another post on how to choose a host and other advanced techniques but for now you have a complete MP3 file of your show and if you didn’t totally screw up the levels it should sound pretty great. At the very least, it will sound way better than if you had recorded the actual Skype conversation.

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In Case You Missed It: Radio BrendoMan is Back!

I know many of you already are aware but for those folks who aren't on Facebook or Twitter, I will post the news here. Phil and I are recording new episodes of Radio BrendoMan! You can check them out at our new site or on Facebook. Phil and I have been wanting to do a podcast together for years and I thought this would be a great way to bring back the show. Basically we just record both ends of our Skype conversation and then I mix them together. At some point we would like to have some guests, maybe some of the crew, as long as everyone is capable of recording their end of the conversation and uploading it to dropbox or something like that it should work just fine. So check out the show and let us know what you think!

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Plugging Podcasts & Podcasting Tips

I received this email today:

Hey Dude,

The names james i have had a few choice words with you on twitter @Jimbotheledge :)

I need your help ... hehe

Me and My good buddy have just uploaded our first podcast onto the site

I was hoping for two things actually a cheap plug and twitter or better yet on one of your many podcasts :)

and if you have any advice on how we should get our podcast out there and how we can improve :)

Sorry for all the questions...

Cheers dude ... Peace...

I wanted to share my response here, first to see if you guys thought I was being a jerk and second because I thought it would make a good blog post. Here it is:

I will definitely listen to your podcast when I get the chance but I can't plug it and I hope you understand. It's nothing against you, I'm sure your podcast is great, but I get many requests to plug people's podcasts and if I plugged yours I would have to plug everyone else's and then all I would be doing was plugging podcasts. I hope you understand. As far as tips go, I would get a good logo and put yourself in as specific of a category as possible so you can rise to the top of the charts in that specific category. You should be on all the social media sites - twitter, facebook, tumblr. Don't be a total whore but it's ok to be a little slutty (lol). Tweet about your show once a day or so, try and get some friends to RT it. Make sure you get listed in every podcast directory possible. Make sure you're in the iTunes music store. If you haven't already, submit your feed ASAP and make sure it's configured properly. Podbean makes this VERY easy. Again, make sure your category is as specific as possible. It's much easier to get into the top 100 that way. The biggest thing I can tell you though is to not worry about the numbers. If you're doing this for the numbers, you're doing it for the wrong reason. The reason why I do podcasts is because they are fun to do. If I was a wealthy billionaire living in my BrendoMansion, I would still be doing Pop Sickles and a variety of other podcasts. Quality is king, so work on making your podcast the best possible podcast you can make it. Research stories, write down notes (I use Evernote religiously. Highly recommended), try out new things, come up with original ideas. You can do it!

Yes, I realize that by publishing these emails I have now plugged his podcast. That being said, I am sorry if you have sent me a link to your podcast and I did not plug it. I get sent a lot of links. Maybe it's because James was the first person to ask for some advice along with the plug. Yeah, that's it.

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Radio BrendoMan Returns

Remember when I was doing a podcast in China? Of course a lot of folks do because many of you were part of it. A lot of fans of the podcasts I am on now have been asking about these old shows since the oldest of them are no longer up on the site. This gave me the idea to create a new repository for our podcasts of yore (and maybe some new stuff eventually). So yeah, here it is. Enjoy!

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Check out Pop Sickles

Hey, look at that, I'm on another podcast. This time it is Pop Sickles with my good friend Derick Armijo. We record the show live every Friday night at the Smodcastle but if you don't live in the L.A. area you can listen here or if you're lazy, here is an embeddable player:

Mildly NSFW, just so you know. We discuss various pop culture news and things like that. It's fun. I hope you think so too.

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Congratulations to Bagged & Boarded!

A couple years ago I was riding to Disneyland with my friend Matt and he played a podcast he had recorded with our friend Jesse. It was going to be released on Quickstop Entertainment, which is now known as FRED. It was one of the funniest podcasts I'd ever listened to, one that definitely catered to my interests and sense of humor. Last week Matt and Jesse recorded their 50th episode. The content is completely NSFW, the subject matter varies so much I can hardly keep up, but that's what I love about it. Also, since episode 23 they've let me yap away for a couple minutes every week. Here's to you, Matt and Jesse. I couldn't even come close to 50 episodes back in my podcasting days so I definitely salute you.

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Link of the Day: AudioBoo

Somebody sent me an email the other day asking if I would ever do a podcast again. I was rather honest in my response, saying that I was frankly too lazy. Podcasting is a lot of work if you want to do it well. That's becoming less and less of a fact now, especially with services like AudioBoo. AudioBoo is both a website and an iPhone application. The app lets you record up to five minutes of audio and upload it to the AudioBoo servers straight from your iPhone. You can also listen to the most recent recordings of others straight from your phone. From the site you can actually create a profile (which is necessary to use the iPhone app to record podcasts), follow people whose podcasts you like, and subscribe to automatically generated podcast feeds for individual users, recommended podcasts, or even the entire AudioBoo community.

If you're looking for interesting people to follow on AudioBoo, you should of course start with me. I also recommend webcomic authors Scott Kurtz, Brad Guigar, and Kris Straub. Another great thing about the site is how easy it is to get your recordings out into the world. You can easily have it automatically post your new Boos to Twitter and other social applications. I already mentioned the automatic podcast feeds and iTunes links. Finally, it is easy to embed the audio files themselves anywhere you wish. For example, here is my latest Boo that I recorded while riding The Haunted Mansion last week:

Pretty cool, huh?

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Check Me Out On Bagged and Boarded

Bagged & Boarded 21: Experts of Nothing and Everything » Quick Stop Entertainment

BAGGED & BOARDED #21: Experts of Nothing and Everything - In which Matt and Jesse are joined by guest host Brendoman and discuss a veritable cornucopia of geek related topics. It's all here. It's bonus sized. It's got beat-boxed movie scores. It's got dinosaurs holding guns. It's got what you want. So come get some.

[CONTENT WARNING]: This podcast may contain some foul language and horribly off-color jokes. Don't say we didn?t warn you.

My friends Matt and Jesse have a pretty awesome podcast and I finally convinced them to let me on it. We talk about a bunch of random stuff. It's definitely NSFW though. It was a lot of fun to do. I keep saying we'll record another podcast soon but that just hasn't materialized yet. I even got a USB soundcard and a new headset.

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Gringo's First Post-Iraq Podcast

Gringo is back from the land of sand and roadside bombs and he tells about his time in Iraq in this podcast. Brendan got up early to join us, but his mic didn't work with Vista, so we went ahead without him.

We also discussed the outgoing and incoming Presidents, Religulous, Expelled and swiftboating.

Download the mp3 (53 MB)

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Podcasting and vozMe Test

I'm testing the new podcast functionality of b2e. I made this file using vozMe, which will turn any text you write into an audio file. Hopefully this file will show up in our neglected podcast feed.

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Upgrade In Progress, Podcasts to Tide You Over

Danny is hard at work on the b2e upgrade and things are going pretty well. I am almost finished widgetizing the sidebars. If any authors need help doing that, please let us know. I couldn't fix the last podcast but it's listenable for the bulk of it. The delay really comes in the last 5 minutes or so of part 3. We'll do better next time. Smiles joins in on these, making his live debut on the podcast. We discuss a certain chicken patty eating Jim Cunningham type and football. Prepare to be amazed.

December 16th Podcast - Part 2

December 16th Podcast - Part 3

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Part 2 and 3 of Podcast Coming Soon

Sorry I haven't posted the last two parts of the podcast. I didn't forget. There's some sound issues with the tail end where everything goes out of sync and there are some serious echo problems. I think Smiles needs to turn down his mic next time but it was good having him never the less. I'll see if I can do anything more to fix it up and if not I'll go ahead and release it anyway. The second part is fine at least.

posted by | 01/02/08| 12:21:48 pm| Podcasting| Leave a comment » podcast: Farewell to Gringo, Part 1

Sorry I'm a bit behind in this but I just got Beautiful Katamari for 360 and I'm hopelessly addicted. This is the first of what is looking to be at least 4 installments of an epic podcast. In this edition, Honzo, Danny, Gringo, and I discuss many things, including Gringo's graduation from Central and his deployment to Iraq. As always, there's some language, but not too much. Probably NSFW though.

Download Part 1

The rest are coming soon. Enjoy.

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Podcast Coming Soon

Sorry for the delay but I've had other things on my mind lately. My last final of the semester is tonight and I've been scrambling to try and find a roommate. It looks like that might be remedied soon. Henry, Gringo, Danny, Smiles, and I recorded for two freaking hours Sunday night. I'm in the process of breaking that up into more digestible chunks. It will probably be ready tomorrow.

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Podcast Time

We're probably recording a podcast in the next couple hours. Hit us up in the comments or email if you're interested. You can also comment with your topic suggestions.

posted by | 12/16/07| 02:20:34 pm| Podcasting| 2 comments » podcast - Religion, Politics, and Stuff

We recorded an hour and 45 minutes of podcasty goodness yesterday. Danny and Gringo joined me. As usual, we ended up discussing mostly religion and politics but we also talked about the WGA strike, video games, comic books, and some other stuff. Our podcast feed isn't working right now so get the files here:

Part 1

Part 2

Both of these are NSFW due to some language. Yep, we're bad.

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Podcast Delay

Gringo had something come up so it looks like the podcast is probably going to be delayed until next weekend. Sorry to all you folks who were eagerly looking forward to it. I'm going to head back to the Battlegrounds now!

Update: Gringo has returned so we are recording right now. Hop on Skype if you would like to join us.

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Podcast Coming Up

Gringo is rallying the troops for another podcast. We'll be on Skype starting at 3 PM Central, 1 PM Pacific on Sunday. My username is brendoman. Feel free to comment with your topic suggestions.

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