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Photo of the Day: Ken Jennings is Awesome

I am glad he has a sense of humor in the face of our impending doom.

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Robonaut 2


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Speaking of our robot overlords, are you watching Caprica?

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I Know the Answer...

I'm glad someone is asking the tough questions.

Hat tip to Geekologie.

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Obama Knows What's Up With Robots


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WTF of the Day: Titan Robot


Forget that little blob thing, this guy is part T-800 and part Cylon. Yikes. Look at how fast it is! It has hooves like a freaking Cyberdemon from Doom! Thank goodness it is just a dude in a suit. A very fancy suit, but a suit nonetheless. If this were an actual robot, I would probably be heading for the hills right now.

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Morphing blob robot


This could be T-1000's ancestor. Increase the resolution of the cells and you could make a very versatile and frightening bot.

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Robots climbing walls

Robots can climb walls now. Sorry to be the one to tell you this.


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WTF of the Day: Cyberdyne is Real

Yeah, you heard me. Cyberdyne is a real company in Japan. Did I mention they are building a "cyborg-type robot" that you wear as a suit? This both fascinates and terrifies me. Thanks to /Film for the heads up.

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It Starts in Japan

The revolution has begun. As expected, it started in Japan under the cover of "Roppongi Art Night." As crazy conspiracy theorists and creationists, the Brendo-Team knows what is really afoot. Here are pics of the carnage:

For more on this, check out: Giant baby robot spits fire on Roppongi (pics), Streaming Live Saturday - Roppongi Art Night, Giant Robot, and Robot signals beginning of future-themed weekend in Roppongi.

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Chuck Klosterman Knows What's Up

A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century - Esquire

2074 TO 2078: Robot vs. Animal War.

MAY 4, 2079: The Robot vs. Animal War concludes with the Kenya Peace Accords. The animals get Africa, Asia, North and South America, and Australia. Europe and Greenland are conceded to humans and nonhuman mechanical life. Antarctica is a free zone. The majority of remaining Earth people migrate to the moon, where overpopulation becomes an immediate problem.

I knew the guy was a good writer, but he also appears to be quite the seer.

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Robot with biological brain


These scientists, working to hasten the day when we are exterminated by our robot overlords, have attached a suspension of biological neurons to a robot. The electrical activity of the biological brain drives the robot via some electrodes. The robot has sensors that feed back into the brain. In the video it bumbles around the room in a very nonintimidating fashion, but THEY SAY IT'S GETTING BETTER AT IT!!!!!!! The neural connections for certain activities are strengthening. Of course, they say they're doing the study to help them understand the human brain and cure diseases like Alzheimer's, but isn't that exactly what the robots would want you to believe?

(via Atheist Media Blog)

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WTF of the Day: Robot Kills Man

Robots: Man Designs a Robot to Kill Him -- And Succeeds

It begins....

An elderly man in Australia who didn't want to be placed in a home for assisted living built a robot to end his misery. He downloaded the specs for a robot that could point and shoot a gun, built it himself, then took it out to his driveway. There, the robot shot him down and killed him.

This is something right out of I, Robot. I'm almost more freaked out that someone actually designed a robot that could point and shoot a gun for personal, non -military use.

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Lifelike robotic quadraped


Boston Dynamics, a small DARPA-funded robotics company is designing the robot in the video for the US military. The video shows the bot, called BigDog, maintaining balance while being kicked, slipping on ice, climbing over rubble and leaping. It can carry more than 300 pounds.

(via io9)

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When robots become self aware...

... we are so fucked.

Honda Robots Pair Up to Lend a Hand - AP - 11DEC07


The music to the vid is quite fitting for a science experiment gone awry.

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Robots walking on water

Scientists discover how to make robots bounce on water - Your private island won't make you safe from the coming robot take-over.

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More Robots

Toyota's new robot can play the violin, help the aged - Breitbart - 06DEC07

Flexible-jointed robot is no pushover - - 06DEC07 - Watch the Video

Playing the violin, taking care of our old folk, and now we can't seem to even push them over when threatened. Damn.

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Scariest Robot Ever

Simroid: Dentistry in the uncanny valley (video) ::: Pink Tentacle


Seriously, this dentist training robot is super creepy. It looks like something out of a Japanese horror movie.

Hat tip to Boing Boing.

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Soundwave Has Arrived


Whoever buys this for me gets a high five. Even the freaking headphones transform and it has an SD Card slot!

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New Poll

Gringo and I were talking about this one on the phone and thought it would make a good poll. Add your own answer if you want. The Return of the King won the best #3 poll, for anyone who is wondering.

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Robotic lawnmower kills human

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Holy Crap, Voltron is REAL

This Slashdot article is crazy. It's only a matter of time before an armed automated module is created, stolen by or sold to someone, and we're discussing the "Great Voltron War of 2019." Seriously.

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Asimo on stairs

If you thought you could escape the robot rebellion by hiding upstairs or running, you better head back to the drawing board.

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Scary Robot Stuff

Swarmanoid robot project foreshadows certain robotic takeover - Engadget

The primary focus (aside from instilling an imminent fear of global robotic dominance) is to create a small army of specialized robots that can successfully "adapt to live in buildings," and help us common folk out while they're at it. The project will focus on 60 "dynamically connected autonomous 'bots," known collectively as a Swarmanoid, that consists of eye-bots, hand-bots, and foot-bots. While the names are fairly self-explanatory, eye-bots will handle the vision aspect while grappled onto ceilings, conveying the info to hand-bots (wall climbers and grabbers) and foot-bots (ground terrain specialists).

Holy crap.

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Jazz Designs Leaked

Ain't It Cool News: The best in movie, TV, DVD, and comic book news.

I sense inspiration from all over the place (BIONICLE and EVANGELION?), but no real uniqueness. This being said, I'm assuming (and hoping) such distinction will be better defined when the characters are brought to life....have voices, eyes, and expressions. A lot could change when that happens. And, yes, it could go both ways.

I pretty much agree on this. I think Jazz looks a lot better than some of the other designs I've seen so far, but like Merrick says, it just doesn't seem "Transformery" enough. I guess we'll just wait and see, eh?

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More Optimus Prime Pics

Ain't It Cool News: The best in movie, TV, DVD, and comic book news.

AICN has some clearer versions of the already leaked Optimus Prime pictures, including some close-ups of his head. Check out this one:

I think it looks pretty good. Like I said, this design at least resembles the original Prime. Apparently a lot of people are bitching about the flames but I don't see what the big deal is. Like the guy says in the article, we really can't tell how it's going to be until we see the guys in action. I definitely can't wait for the next trailer.

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