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FGotD: Spewer

Flash game of the day: Spewer - Run around eating stuff and solving puzzles using vomit, just like real life.

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Flash Game of the Day: Doom Triple Pack

Remember Doom? Remember Heretic? How about Hexen? Then Doom Triple Pack will be right up your alley. Be sure to read the controls before you get rolling because they take some getting used to, but once you get rolling, you'll feel like it's 1994 all over again.

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This is a Pandemic 2 post

Swine flu has inexplicably captured our hearts and minds, so I think that it is only appropriate that we revisit the game that was responsible for nearly bringing me to the brink of insanity.


I still have not beaten it, ugh.

Sorry it's so big.
That's what she said.

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Flash game of the day: Assembler

Assembler. Enjoy. The last level (18) is a bitch.

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Flash Games of the Day: Rhythm Games

MUO Games - 5 Rhythmic Flash Games To Groove Up Your Day |

Since I can't check out most Flash games from work I figured I'd at least share this page of games that look pretty cool. I haven't played most of them but if you're a fan of Guitar Hero and those type of games you'll probably dig these.

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WTF I keep trying and trying but everytime I come close, Madagascar is the only country left STOP CLOSING YOUR FUCKING BORDERS AND DIE ALREADY JESUS CHRIST

here's a link teehee:

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Flash Game of the Day: Dino Run

- D I N O * R U N -

I'm just happy I finally found a flash game that isn't blocked at work. The name says it all here. You're a dinosaur and you run. The 8-bit graphics are fantastic.

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Game of the day: XSketch

XSketch is an online multi-player pictionary game. It's pretty fun.

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Flash Game of the Day: Lego Indiana Jones Indiana Jones Games

It's been awhile since I've gotten to post a Flash game since most of them are blocked at work. This is a really fun but tricky game that promotes the new Indiana Jones line of Legos as well as the upcoming game. Instead of controlling Indy you have to click on obstacles as well as gather treasure with your mouse. Timing is crucial.

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An Observation

Flash Game of the Day

I posted this in 2005. Many people did. Yesterday it was on the front page of Digg. I guess the internet is pretty cyclical. It's only a matter of time before people rediscover those Yeti Sports games and that damned Elf Bowling.

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Flash Game of the Day

Sure, you can place the 50 states in the right place...

but How Well Do You Know Your World?


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Flash Game of the Day

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Flash game of the day: 50 States

50 States - Place all 50 states on the map. You're judged on percent that you place in the correct spot, the average distance that you're off, and time. Good luck, and no cheating.

Here's my score:

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Flash Game of the Day: Monopoly Express

Monopoly Express is a dice game similar to Yahtzee. You are trying to build monopolies and buy houses but if you roll three police dice you wind up in jail and get zero points for your turn. This is a fun, quick Flash game and is especially great for Monopoly fans.

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Flash Game of the Day: Splash Back

Someone asked Kevin Smith if he plays any games on the computer and he replied by saying he only plays Splash Back. At first I had no idea what was going on but after getting the hang of it I was quickly addicted. It's actually a pretty clever strategy game.

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Name Change

After looking at the search cloud I'm starting to think we should just change our name to the Pinch Hitter 2 blog. They'll come in droves! We could sell game secrets and codes. At least until Pinch Hitter 3 comes out. Unfortunately all that stuff is blocked at work, so I can't continue in my pursuit to finish the freaking game.

Not much else to report. I went down to San Diego on Saturday. That was cool. Friday I'm flying up to San Francisco to hang out with my bro. We're going to see Arcade Fire instead of The White Stripes and Cold War Kids. Then next weekend Carson is coming down and we're going to the San Diego Film Festival to see The Pacific And the Eddy, which stars our friend Mark Gregg, who died last month. Then it's back up to L.A. for the poker tournament and Kevin's last signing at the West Coast Stash, which is closing its doors on October 1st. Kevin decided to close it since manager Bryan Johnson is leaving. At least we'll always have the memories.

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Flash Game of the Day: Pinch Hitter 2

Pinch Hitter 2 is my latest addiction, thanks to my pal Jesse from the VA Board. It plays almost exactly the same as the original Pinch Hitter but now there are multiple levels and achievements to unlock. I'm stuck on achievement 9, the first of the Major League achievements.

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Flash Game of the Day: Play Ring Pass Not

Despite the silly title, Play Ring Pass Not is a really cool puzzle game. You have to create a ring by matching pieces by either color or pattern. It gets tricky when certain requirements are thrown in. I found the game on Kongregate, which has become even more addicting now that they have added achievements, similar to those on X-Box Live, for a variety of different games.

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Flash Game of the Day: Cat Bow Golf

I played this game a few days ago and I didn't really get it. After giving it another go, it's become one of my faves out of the recent crop of games. The real secret to this one is learning to shoot your bow while you are in mid-air. I'm still getting the hang of it so I haven't been able to finish with a good score, but it's a lot of fun.

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Flash Game of the Day: Vector TD

Despite the commercial during the load screen, this is a really fun tower defense game from the maker of the fantastic Flash Element TD. It's a lot like Desktop Tower Defense but with a more futuristic slant and you don't really have to make your own maze, there are walls already in place. You can choose from a wide variety of mazes and difficulties.

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Flash Game of the Day: Tangramz!

Tangramz! is a puzzle game where you have to put together those tanagram things you did in elementary school. The cool part is you are going head to head with someone else. Don't worry if they finish before you, you can still keep going to get points.

Hat tip to Random Good Stuff

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Flash Game of the Day: Newgrounds Rumble

Newgrounds Rumble is a pretty freaking awesome game. It's like Smash Bros. but with characters from the mother of all Flash game sites, Newgrounds. There's tons of play modes and unlockable content. Speaking of awesome Flash game sites, I've recently become addicted to Kongregate. Once you've registered, you can rate games and then get personalized game recommendations. There are also weekly challenges. Kongregate will also keep track of your scores and will show you how you're doing against your friends. If you sign up, be sure to add brendoman as a friend. Fair warning, this site will definitely suck you in.

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Flash Game of the Day: Castle Wars

This is a pretty fun card game. It's pretty difficult though. Make sure you build up your resources and grab the school, recruit, and magician cards whenever they pop up. There is also online play and a two player option where you can alternate with a friend on the same computer.

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Flash Game of the Day: Boxhead 2Play Rooms

Don't let the name confuse you, this is another pretty sweet game where you kill zombies. The twist on this one is you are one of those block-head LEGO figure looking guys. It's pretty darn fun and bloody to boot. I'm off to go ride the Submarines, so I'll catch you guys later.

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Flash Game of the Day: Lucky Coins

If you are a fan of Plinko on the Price is Right then you are really going to dig this game. Simply drop the coin and watch it fall. There is some added strategy involved since there are spots that catch your coin and you can then shoot it back up the course. This is how you really get your score up.

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