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How Kirk was able to Bang Every Girl in the Galaxy.

I was watching Star Trek on Joost last night while I was grading. I looked up from a paper on dualism in Zoroastrianism and saw this:

Now that explains some things. The episode was "What are Little Girls Make Of?" where some scientist cat is able to make an android Kirk out of some green foam. This is the same eppi that featured Ruk, a Lurch in a Amish dress:

For more awesome content like this, check out The Internet, coming to a library near you.

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Joel Siegel walked about of a screening for Clerks II and made a ruckus on the way out.

Kevin Smith responded:

"Getting a bad review from Siegel is like a badge of honor. This is the guy who stole his mustachioed-critic shtick from Gene Shalit years ago, and still refuses to give it back. This is a guy who seemingly prides himself on his own nyuk-nyuk wordplay. For 'Pirates 2,' he made us all titter with 'Yo, Ho, Ho and a Bottle of Fun' . . . He made us squeal with delight when he wrote, 'Wheelie Good Time for "Cars." ' I mean, Fozzy [bleeping] Bear laughs at this guy."

I don't need Joel Siegel to [bleep] my [bleep] the way he apparently [bleeps] M. Night Shyamalan's, gushing over his flick ['The Lady in the Water'] before he's even seen it, but [bleep] man, man - how about a little common [bleeping] courtesy? You never, never disrupt a movie, simply because you don't like it. Cardinal rule of moviegoing: Shut your [bleeping] mouth while the movie's playing.

I don't come down to your job and slap the taste out of your mouth for coming up with a line like, ' "Shark Tale" Is a Halibut Good Time' - so don't [bleep] with my stuff while it's still screening . . . What are you, a 12-year-old boy cutting loose with your pals at a Friday night screening of 'Scary Movie' 4' while your parents are in a theater down the hall watching 'The Devil Wears Prada'? Leave the diva-like behavior and drama-queen antics to the movie stars, not the movie reviewer, ya' rude-ass [bleep]."

Kevin Smith
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They're Back....

Sleepless Nights

The Chester of the Year award winning site has returned in a new format. Check it out!

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A battle without Witts!

The G-Man Bloggeth - The Shaven Challenge

This might honestly have a worse outcome than the Honzo-Gringo Fued of the Early 2000's.

Not really, but it just might have just a silly outworking.

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Danny fixed the poll, so be sure to vote for Chester of the Month. Mega props to Danny for all the work he's done on the site during this transition. This wouldn't have happened without him.

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Chester of the Year

Holy cow, is three years old. To honor this momentous occassion, we decided to make the site hard to get to and the servers keep changing from one to another. Not really, but we are naming our third annual Chester of the Year. Congratulations to Sleepless Nights on this prestigious honor. Brandon and Justin really do deserve kudos on curing our boredom for the past year or so. If you haven't checked out the site, you really are missing out. It's definitely the most chester-worthy website I've ever seen.

On that note, thanks to all the crew for making this the best year yet on the web for us. Our numbers have greatly increased in the last twelve months as well as the sense of community we have going here. Kudos to all of you. And we'd also like to thank you, the reader, for being along for the ride. Finally, even though he didn't win, I'd like to name Danny an honorable Chester of the Year for all his contributions to the site, both behind the scenes and on the blog. Here's to another great year!

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Good day on the net.

I had a great day on the net.

We were able to discuss at length (38 comments) something and it was fun and not a drop of hatefulness was involved.

Also had a good discussion at my place with some cats from over here.

Grant is back to posting, so that is a good thing. I like what he has done with his place. He even has a topic called "The Destruction of Smiles." With the lan goodness that is comming up this weekend, hopefully he can fill that up. Right now he only has a post about hating cats in the category.

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To further prove his chester-worthiness, Danny has created a badge. Bravo man! It's free for all to use, so go for it!

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Chester of the Month

Our final Chester of the Month for the 2004-2005 season is none other than our very own Danny Ferguson. In addition to being a great friend, Danny has been a lifesaver for our site. He's helped out with server problems, fixing templates, dealing with comment spam, and upgrading and installing plugins for Movable Type. In addition to all that stuff, the guy is a great husband and father, works hard at his job, and even maintains his own Linux server. He's a well rounded geek, that's for sure. I honestly don't know what I would do without Danny. Congrats man!

Now the time has come to vote for Chester of the Year! Be sure to vote before we announce the winner on April 10th, which just happens to be our 3rd birthday. May the best Chester win!

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Make your own Church sign

Click to make your own, or make your own tombstone instead.

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Held Hostage.

What is Iran going to do?

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Chester of the Month

Once again I forgot all about the Chester thing. Sorry about that. This month's Chester is w.bloggar, a great, free blog posting client. Many of the folks use it and love it. After a period of inactivity, there has been a great new release of the already excellent software, which also works with several other types of blog software. It's my blog client of choice and I'm glad many other folks appreciate it.

On that note, this month's chester voting is our last Chester of the Month vote before the Chester of the Year vote begins. I hope to announce the last Chester of the month for the 2004-2005 period the first week of March. Then the previous years worth of Chester's (around 8 or so, I don't remember) will compete for Chester of the Year, which will be announced on's 3rd birthday on April 10th.

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Chester of the Month

It's about that time of the month again, so congrats to our newest Chester of the Month, Brennotia. Brennotia is the official NationStates region of We're rapidly losing member nations as people's countries get booted from the game because of inactivity, but that doesn't mean we're not the coolest region around. So congrats to us. Woo.

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Chester of the Month

Congrats to our newest Chester of the Month, U2. They're my favorite band and I'm glad to see others agree of their Chester-worthyness. With their new single, Vertigo, and their upcoming album, "How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb", the Irish foursome prove that they still have what it takes to be a great rock band. Their live show is the best out there, and I've seen a ton of live shows. They had the best Super Bowl half-time show ever. Imagine how different things might be right now if they hadn't been taken off the bill for this past year's show. You cannot deny the influence they've had on music for over the last 20 years. Congrats guys!

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Thier first Battle, Yoda, and the Proto X-Wing.

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so fresh and so clean, clean

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Who is my Chester of the Semester

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Chester of the Month

Congratulations to this month's Chester, Sleepless Nights. Brought to you by our good friends Justin and Brandon, Sleepless Nights is quite possibly one of the greatest blogs ever. It's a place I frequent whenever I'm up late, whenever I'm looking for a diversion, heck, all the time. If you like Flash games, I gaurantee these guys have found something you'll like. They scour high and low for all the greatest stuff. If you haven't been there, you're missing out! Congrats guys!

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Tenant to CBS: "Memo's are a Slam Dunk.

Comedy or Comentary? [or both]

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June/July Chester of the Month


Sorry this took so stinking long, but as you all know, I've been busy. It was a close contest, but in the end Jenna Malone came out the victor. Jenna can be seen in fine films such as Saved!, The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys, and Donnie Darko. She also had a very brief cameo in Cold Mountain. She's a great actress, and I think she's beautiful. Looks like the Chester of the Month voters felt the same way. We're going to skip July so now we're voting for August. So get to that.

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May Chester of the Month


Our newest Chester of the Month is Morrissey. The former lead singer of The Smiths has made quite a name for himself on his own, scoring legions of die-hard fans. His album, You are the Quarry was released in May to rave reviews. I dig his voice and personality. Everyone I know who has seen him live says it's one of the greatest things they have experienced. Hopefully some day I'll get that chance. So congrats to Morrissey, our Chester of the Month for May. Be sure to vote early and vote often (did you know that quote is from Al Capone?) for June's Chester of the Month!

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April Chester of the Month

Quentin Tarantino is a CHESTER

The votes are in and Quentin Tarantino is our first Chester of the Month. Resevoir Dogs. Pulp Fiction. Jackie Brown. Kill Bill. The guy makes some very violent and very well done films. He also has appeared in several flicks including many of Robert Rodriguez's films and has written films such as True Romance and Natural Born Killers. The guy is probably the ultimate film geek which is why his films appeal to film geeks so much. The man is definitely worthy of the title of Chester. Be sure to nominate your choice for next month's vote.

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Chester of the Year

Last year we had Christopher Walken. Now we have Wesley Clark. I don't know what else to say except Steven Jackson is the equivalent of Ralph Nader. Be sure to vote in this week's poll.

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Chester of the Year Finalist #6

Well, this sure has been interesting. Our final Chester of the Year finalist is Dead Alive. The voting was very close, but Peter Jackson's zombie masterpiece has pulled through. So now we have our six finalists. The winner will be announced on April 10th, which happens to be our second birthday.

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Chester of the Week Finalist #5

Well, I couldn't put it off any longer. The Star Wars Kid fans came out of the cracks again and the guy won by 2% of the vote. I would be lying if I said I wasn't the slightest bit bummed. I guess now I know how Luis felt. So this is our final round of voting before the final. Be sure to vote!

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