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Freak Test

Josh did it, so I'm doing it too:

I'm 53% freak!!

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Duck Tales

Remember the great cartoon made by Disney called Duck Tales. That cartoon was awesome. So awesome, that I think that they should realease it on DVD. That is right, DVD of Duck Tales. I was doing some reasearch on the series itself and did you know that there were 100 episodes of Ducktales. That is right 100 episodes. That is freakin' awesome. I remeber coming home in the second grade and watching the Disney afternoon, and what was on second in the four shows in the Disney afternoon. None other than Duck Tales. I loved that show with Scrooge, and his nephews, Huey, Duey, and Luey. The great exploits and adventures they would go on, could anyone disagree with me that this was one of the greatest cartoons ever, I submit that they cannot.

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From the Drudge report....

Nothing Stops Baghdad Zoo Looters, Except Lions...

Now aint that funny?!

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AND NOW, PRESIDENT OF EUROPE: Europe was last night on track to have its own 'super president' to give it a stronger voice in the world... MORE...

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I couldn't have said it any better

Found this while surfing around It also reminded me of a little song I posted a link to earlier.

"Mood Rings"
by Reliant K

we all know the girls that i am talking about
well they are time bombs and they are ticking
and the only question's when they'll blow up
and they'll blow up; we know that without a doubt
cause they're those girls, yeah you know those girls that let their emotions get the best of them

and i've contrived some sort of a plan to help my fellow man
let's get emotional girls to all wear mood rings
so we'll be tipped off to when they're ticked off
cause we'll know just what they're thinking
cause what they're thinking...

she's so pretty but she but doesn't always act that way
her mood's out swinging on the swing set almost every day
she said to me that she's so happy it's depressing
and all i said was "someone get that girl a mood ring"

if it's drama you want then look no further
they're like the real world meets boy meets world meets days of our lives
and it just kills me how they get away with murder
they'll anger you then bat their eyes; those pretty eyes that watch you sympathize

and i've contrived some sort of a plan to help my fellow man
let's get emotional girls to all wear mood rings
so we'll be tipped off to when they're ticked off
cause we'll know just what they're thinking
cause what they're thinking...

she's so pretty but she but doesn't always act that way
her mood's out swinging on the swing set almost every day
she said to me that she's so stressed out that it's soothing
and all i said was "someone get that girl a mood ring"

cause when it's black (it) means watch your back because you're probably
the last person in the world right now she wants to see
and when it's blue it means that you should call her up immediately
and ask her out because she'll most likely agree
and when it's green it simply means that she is really stressed
and when it's clear it means she's completely emotionless (and that's all right i must confess)

we all know the girls that i am talking about
she liked you wednesday but now it's friday and she has to wash her hair
and it just figures that we'll never figure them out
first she's jekyll and then she's least she makes a lovely pair

mood ring oh mood ring
oh tell me will you bring
the key to unlock this mystery
of girls and their emotions
play it back in slow motion
so i may understand the complex infrastructure known as the female mind

heh...that's terrible

Yeah, I'm feeling a little bitter today.

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Tons of AoM Goodness

For all you Age of Mythology nuts out there, there's a lot of good stuff that has been recently announced/released for the game.

  • There's a new campaign you can download here which features the adventures of two dwarves and covers 4 scenarios. Sounds pretty cool.
  • There's a new patch (v1.05) that has been released. You can get it via the auto-updater now and it should be available at the download page soon.
  • Finally, the big announcement. An expansion pack, The Titans, has been announced. Shacknews has some screenshots up here, including this awesome picture of one of the stinking huge new myth units.

I think I've geeked out enough for now, but for all the latest updates, check out Planet Age of Mythology.

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People are changing

I see it in today's society, people are so naturalistic anymore. They tend to be a whole heck of a lot more spiritual. Just listen to music nowadays, it is filled with a spirituality. Now it is still Monistic which kind of stinks, but at least people are open to the Idea of the spiritual.

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The Day in IRAQ...

(Thanks to the Drudge Report for finding all of these stories!)

Blair Thrilled...
Bush pleased, but war is NOT over....
Iraqis Celebrate...
Arabs Shocked, Relieved...
Baghdad: A Battle That Did Not Happen...
U.S. Official: Iraq a Lesson for Others...

Did you guys notice that the Iraqi sign says Hero of the Peace? Is that not awesome!

Peace in, and Hundie Jo....

And also, my heart is screwed up, I have yet another test to go through, first the Electro Cardiogram, the the Eco Cardiogram, now a test where they stick a tube down my throught and do a eco cardiogram from my esphogas. Anyway, Brendon and Smiles, you should come to my house this weekend to play video games and also hundie!

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Well... I have an ear infection right now. Here is probably what my ear looks like:

Yes that is right, a small hole in my ear. I have had this for years but it hasn't bugged me too much.

Of course there was a time that my ear looked like this:

and like this:

but that was when I was six years old, so the doctors put tubes in my ears and they looked like this:

When they came out, my right ear never fully healed and that is why there is a perforation in it today. Which is why my right ear is draining fluid as we speak. So just in case you were wondering this is what an ear should look like:

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This one goes out to Jeri and all her Peep loving counterparts. Check out the Official Peeps Website and join the Peeps fan club! You guys do know that they've been using the same batch of Peeps since 1942, right?

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All Your Base Are Belong To Us: The Remix

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Good things, Crazy Things

Check this out! Wil Wheaton talks about being Chester of the Week over at his site. Awesome.

Like Honzo said, it's freaking snowing here right now. In April. Bleh. I was just in 85+ degree temperatures in Arizona and Cali, and now this. I can't wait to get out of here.

Tropico rocks. I can't wait to get my hands on the sequel.

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Your nightly news update....

War with Iraq

    The U.S.-led coalition bombed a Baghdad commercial block yesterday after receiving a tip that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein was there, Bill Gertz and Rowan Scarborough are reporting for the WASHINGTON TIMES. A U.S. military official tells the TIMES that the allies bombed the al Saa restaurant block at 3 p.m. Baghdad time yesterday on information from a 'sensitive intelligence source.' The source said that Saddam and senior Ba'ath Party leaders were meeting with 30 intelligence officials in a facility behind or beneath the restaurant. developing...


="" border="3" / />

Nature of the Number Seven

Greater than the number 6
the combination of three and four
prime (Still hangin in there!)
not equal to 456,456,332.3
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and also Lego Henry

I thought I better put my self up here. (My hair was pretty darn crazy until Meredith cut it last night!)

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Har Har

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Now this is just wrong

Yet another reason for me to be ashamed at times to identify with other "Christians." Apparently some Bible study website has purchased the domain so that people misspelling the address of any blogspot blog will go to the site. That's just great. We've stooped to the level of pornographers. Check it out for yourself, using the URL's of some of my friends blogs.

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I hate The Sims Online

It turns out that my "free" subscription that came with my game renewed itself when it was up and charged me $9.99 for a game that sucks ass and I haven't played in two months. Now my bank account is all jacked up. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr........

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New Pirates Trailer

Boing Boing pointed me to this page where you can download the new trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean. This movie is looking cooler and cooler the more I read and see of it. Also, it has Geoffrey Rush, Johnny Depp, and Orlando Bloom. It's going to be hard to go wrong with those guys.

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OH yeah!

I am Duffman!
Which Simpsons Character are YOU?

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I just got my hands on The White Stripes newest album, Elephant. I know some people criticize the Stripes for being so simple, but that's what I like about them. This is an excellent album, from the first catchy bass lines of "Seven Nation Army" to the last notes of the mysterious "It's True That We Love One Another." Holding it all together is the 7+ minute long "Ball and Biscuit," an excellent track that has Jack White sounding more like Page and Plant put together than ever before. Meg sings on a couple tracks. She's fantastic on "In the Cold, Cold Night." Her drumming isn't anything special, but she certainly is hot.

Yep, she's hot. I just love bands that have that classic sound. Bands like The Stripes, The Black Crowes, and The Soundtrack of Our Lives. "There's No Home for You Here" is a great example of that classic sound, especially the intro. I'm listening to it right now, and it's breathtaking. Although the album isn't as rocking out (meaning it makes me want to get up and dance around) as their previous releases, I would definitely say it is better musically and lyrically. The songs have a lot of depth to them, especially since it's a two piece band. This disc is definitely worth checking out.

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Battle Monkeys!

BrendoMan the Destroyer
is a
Sausage-Eating Paladin Monkey

...with a Battle Rating of 7.5

To see if your Food-Eating Battle Monkey can
defeat BrendoMan the Destroyer, enter your name:

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Random Movie Stuff

Here's a couple bits from Movie Poop Shoot:

Steve Buscemi will be joining the cast of The Sopranos. He will also be directing episodes. In other Buscemi news, Steve is currently shooting Tim Burton's newest flick, Blue Fish, which also stars Ewan McGregor, Albert Finney, Billy Crudup, and Helena Bonham Carter. I'm sure Jeri will be excited for this one.

In some sad news, Jason Mewes was sentenced to rehab yesterday, stemming from a 1999 heroin conviction. If Mewes messes up this time, he could be facing up to five years in prison. Here's hoping the guy can make it.

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Roland showed me an article in this month's Guitar World where one of the guys from Sum 41 said that Joe Strummer left a message on their machine saying how much he loved the band. This reminded me of some endorsments we have recieved in the past from various people.

"I visit every day!"

"I check before every game!"

" is my favorite blog!"

"Those chesters at are right. I'm not dead!"

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I love Cartoons!

I was about to take a nap but then this piece from Metafilter came over the wire. You must check this site out if you are a fan of 80's cartoons. You can download episodes of Thundercats, He-Man, Dennis the Menace, Snorks, and even Dungeons and Dragons. Sweet.

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I'm sure this is going to pop up all over the place, but I thought it was interesting. This guy is seeking conscientious objector status in the Marines because he didn't realize that Marines kill people. I'm sorry, but I don't feel to bad for him if he ends up getting court martialed.

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