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Psy is Y2Kai

Finally saw Gangnam Style by Psy tonight.

All I could think of is "Y2Kai is all grown up!"

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Some Beach Boys Memories

I've been listening to The Smile Sessions a lot on Spotify and it's really taken me back to a lot of good memories I have listening to albums like Pet Sounds and Spirit of America with my dad, who was a huge fan of the group. I remember seeing them a few times play at Padres games, which were always a blast. I will never forget dancing to "I Get Around" from our field seats as the band played in the outfield. The greatest Beach Boys memory I have though occurred the summer after my senior year of high school. I was at a party at my friend's house in Del Mar and we were outside in his front yard. We could hear "Good Vibrations" playing down the street but thought nothing of it. Then we realized it was a band playing and decided to check it out. So we went over to his neighbors house and there was Brian Wilson strumming a guitar. My friend's neighbor had hired him to play their party. It was pretty nuts.

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I'm Alive so Here's Some Comic-Con Videos

Comic-Con was incredible. The opening night of Smodcastle was a roaring success. I think I might finally be caught up on sleep. I have a ton of pictures and video from Comic Con. So far I've uploaded two. Here's Danny Elfman from his Q&A:


Here's Kevin Smith from the Batman: Widening Gyre panel:


I have multiple clips from several other panels, including Kevin's Film Threat panel, RED, The Expendables, and Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. I'll be editing those together and posting them throughout the week on my YouTube Channel.

R.I.P. Alex Chilton


I was sorry to to hear the news that Alex Chilton, frontman for the band Big Star passed away. While they were never super huge, Chilton and Big Star influenced a generation of bands including R.E.M., Wilco, and The Replacements. I got into them after hearing Elliott Smith's cover of the song "13," featured in the video above being performed by Chilton and Big Star. He will definitely be missed, but the music will definitely live on.

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Watch the New Wesley Willis Documentary Free at Pitchfork

Pitchfork is offering the new Wesley Willis documentary, Wesley Willis's Joy Rides: It's a Rock You Mentary free to stream on their website right now. It's pretty awesome. Longtime readers of the site will know that Wesley is kind of an icon for us and we got to meet the legend in person during Spring Break St. Louis in the spring of 2002. I don't know about you guys, but I still tell that story to folks. Drop the bomb...

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I Am The Egg Man

This pretty much sums up what is going on with me right now. Work is crazy, but I dig it. I am busy every weekend from now until Thanksgiving. Holy crap, life.

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R.I.P. Captain Lou Albano


Man, 2009 has been a really bad year for 80's icons. Earlier this week I had heard Captain Lou Albano was in hospice care and today I was rather shocked by the news that he had passed away. Yes, he was 76 but it seemed to have happened rather suddenly. Even if you weren't a wrestling fan, who could forget his performances in Cyndi Lauper's various videos? And let's not forget the Super Mario Bros. Super Show!


You will be missed, Lou.

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The Awesome Fairy came to my apartment last night and made a little delivery. So yeah, I'm a little preoccupied at the moment. My apologies.

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In My Life

I don't have much to say right now except work is pretty darn good, the new Beatles remasters are pretty magical, and I want The Beatles Rock Band more than anything right now. I'm being a good boy though.

Oh! Tomorrow marks the release of the 50th strip at Brax the Alien Rocker. I'll probably post about in again in case you all forget, but Phil and I are both pretty happy about it. We are actually going to have a table at the Los Angeles Comic Book and SciFi Convention on Sunday where we will be passing out free stickers and giving high fives. If that isn't enough to get you there, Larry Hama (creator of the G.I. Joe comic) will be there with several of the original G.I. Joe cartoon voice cast as well as Juliet Landau of Buffy and Ed Wood fame.

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We Used To Vacation

So I'll start with the awesome news that tomorrow I'm signing the lease on a new apartment and hopefully sometime next week I should get the official word that I indeed will be employed. A background check is currently being run and I don't have any priors as far as I know so I think I'm good. As the saying goes, when it rains it pours.

Tonight I met up with Phil and Janelle and many old friends to see Cold War Kids play in Long Beach. It was a reunion of sorts as Matt Death also played and in case you didn't know they feature many former members of a band I am very fond of called Havalina, a staple of my early college years. Phil used to do sound for them and even appeared doing hand claps on their album America. Phil was also a member of a band called Thee Spivies and tonight we were joined by two other members of that band, Clark and Ivan. Seeing so many people from such a fond part of my past really brought me a lot of happiness tonight and to wrap it all up was a phenomenal performance from Cold War Kids, the biggest success of all our friends' bands. It was a great time and a great way to celebrate all the good stuff happening. Here's to even more memories in the future...

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Vote for Cold War Kids for the VMA's

Jeri alerted me to the fact that our friends Cold War Kids have been nominated for a VMA for Breakthrough Video. While there are a TON of great nominees in this category, which is rather odd for the VMA's, I would like to encourage folks to vote for Cold War Kids. All you have to do is sign up for an MTV account and click the vote button. Thank you!

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Breaking it Down Again

Saturday night, the wife and I went to see one of my favorite bands ever, Tears For Fears, at the Oregon Zoo Amphitheater. It is a great venue, and they allow you to bring your own food in. It was a sellout, so I am glad we got there early!

We had great seats, and I was able to go down close for some pics.

Tears For Fears!

No disrespect to the talented and creative Curt Smith, but Roland Orzabal IS Tears for Fears IMHO. I almost cried like a little girl when he came out.


A highlight for me was that they played Woman in Chains which is my favorite track. They also did the original version of Mad World. I like the Gary Jules cover, but it was refreshing to hear it played as it was originally written.

Funny story of the night: We got there way early, and while we were waiting in line for the gates to open, my wife and I took turns holding the place in line so the other could go check out the zoo or whatever. The zoo was just closing, so there were a mix of concert-goers and people just there for the zoo. I walked up when they were doing sound check just in time to hear Roland and Curt warming up. Two young teen girls approached me-

Teen 1: Excuse me, do you know who this is?
Me: Yeah, it's Tears For Fears.
Teen 2: (feigning recognition): Ohhhh! Tears For Fears!
Teen 1: They are SO OLD!
Me: (sigh)

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Ghostbusters game. Catching up on TV shows: Madmen, Weeds, and Dexter. Not to mention that pesky job hunt thing.

My pal Jesse and I saw Black Dynamite on Thursday at the L.A. Film Festival. The screening was at the outdoor Ford Theatre, which turned out to be quite amazing. The movie was a blast. I haven't laughed that much in a long time and it's one of the most quotable movies I've seen in ages. My apologies to Michael Jai White for any bad things I said about him after watching Spawn. He's definitely redeemed in my eyes.

Hope you all are having a good weekend. If you're looking for something else to check out, how about the music of The New Limb? They're playing their final show of a month long residency at Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa on Monday and man, they are just amazing to watch. Phil said it best that it reminds me of seeing Cold War Kids up there just a few years ago. Very similar energy and quite the huge crowd. You can find out more by checking out their interview with Brax.

Hope you guys are having a good weekend.

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Vote for Brax

In case you didn't know, Phil and I have a webcomic called Brax the Alien Rocker. Many of the stories come from our own adventures in the music industry over the last ten years or so. We've managed to put out 22 strips so far without missing a deadline and we're pretty proud of that. Even if the strip isn't your cup of tea, we would really appreciate your vote at Top Webcomics. Thanks!

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Sit beneath the shade of Porcupine Tree.

Greetings. I am Kirby. I have been a reader of this blog for a long time, you might recognize my name from the comments, or when I destroy you in fantasy football or Tournament Pick 'Em. I came to through who you call Smiles (I know him as Andy, I coached him when he was in 7th grade through high school in football and basketball. Basically I taught him everything he knows about posting up.)

I would like to invite to check out a band you may have never heard about, Porcupine Tree.

Ignore the weird name, they really kick ass. They started back in the late 80s as a one man prog band, and have evolved to what they are today: amazing musicianship and tight production that will really blow you away. If you like Pink Floyd, Tool, or any other spacey prog type stuff, I think you will like it. They are on tour this fall, and they are well worth the $25 to check out.

You can also check out their MySpace.

I recommend Stupid Dream as a good starter album. Let me know what you think!

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Anvil! The Story of Anvil


My friend Matt invited me to a screening of Anvil! The Story of Anvil at the Nuart in L.A. tonight and boy, am I glad I made the drive. It is seriously one of the best documentary films I have ever seen. Imagine This is Spinal Tap except everything is real. Anvil is a metal band that at one time seemed destined for greatness, but for one reason or another descended into obscurity. Through it all, the band stayed determined and are still out there doing their thing. As someone who has been involved with music for the last ten years, I can tell you that it really struck a chord for me. Even if you are not into metal or even big into music, this inspirational story will hit you on some level. After the screening, we were treated to a short concert from the band!

Lips singing Thirteen

The singer, Steve "Lips" Kudlow, is just a phenomenal front man. His energy is intoxicating. Matt, who isn't into metal in the slightest and wasn't planning to stay after the movie had a change of heart while watching Steve and drummer Robb Reiner (yes, that is his real name) pour it all out on screen. After the show we got to chat with director Sacha Gervasi. His story is almost as inspiring as the band themselves. He was a roadie for the band in the early 80's and lost touch with them, reconnecting with Lips and Robb in 2005 and then filming this film as a result. He was truly a nice guy and it was really cool to talk with him.

If the movie is playing ANYWHERE near you, I urge you to go. These guys deserve all the support they can get. You can find out where it is playing and buy tickets at the movie's website. You can also find out more about the band at their site.

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WTF of the Day: Paul Scheer's Michael Jackson Auction Photos

Michael Jackson Auction: My Favorite Items

If you haven't heard, Michael Jackson auctioned off all the stuff at his Neverland Ranch. Comedian Paul Scheer was there to get the more bizarre and noteworthy of the items on camera. There's a finger painting by Macauley Culkin, some bizarre paintings of children, really creepy life-size dolls, a Batman suit, and lots of other stuff. Yeah...

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Cool Site of the Day

Back in the day there was a site called that allowed you to listen to your music library (well, most of it) from any web browser. When (the old one, not the new music store that is up now) went under it disappeared as well. Yesterday Allen (ThePrawn) clued me in to lala. It's pretty much the same thing but with even more features and it's a lot easier to add your music library. You can also purchase new music for very cheap in either web only format or actual mp3 download. There's also a social aspect to it as you can follow what others are listening to and even recommend music to your friends to earn song credits which will allow you to add music to your online library for free. The only way I can see this getting better is if they come out with an iPhone app. If you're already on the site you can add me as a friend by going to my profile.

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April Fools Deal: William Shatner's The Transformed Man For 99 Cents

This is totally worth 99 cents. Head on over to Amazon as it appears to be a one day only deal.

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Show Review: Ann Lynn and Slings @ Tuesday Tunes

Ann Lynn

After class on Tuesday Phil and I rushed out to Riverside to check out Ann Lynn and Slings play at Tuesday Tunes at La Sierra University. It's nice to see a school doing a regular gig like we used to do at Biola. I wish more places did stuff like that. We missed the first two bands but we made it just in time for Slings.


I haven't seen these guys play since we caught them at eVocal awhile back and they are just as amazing as I remember. They have a great folk rock sound and use a wide variety of instruments including an accordion and a trombone. They go really well with Ann Lynn. I highly recommend checking out their new CD, which is fantastic.

Ann Lynn closed out the night and you wouldn't have been able to tell that it's been quite awhile since they've played shows regularly. Aside from a couple oldies (including their great track "The Scene") they played a bunch of new songs. They have definitely evolved as a group but I would say for the better. I would say they are a bit more alt-country, comparable to some of Tom Petty's stuff especially as far as the vocals go. It was an incredible set and even though I was pretty tired I could have listened to them all night. While I admit I have a vested interest in Ann Lynn I will say that even if I didn't they would be one of my favorite bands. You can check out their new stuff on their MySpace page and check out their album on iTunes. Speaking of vested interest, Brax was there again. He tried to bum a ride off of us but we didn't have room in the car. Dude's got a huge head, you know?

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Show Review: Yellow Red Sparks @ eVocal

Yellow Red Sparks

Phil and I went to eVocal in Costa Mesa after class on Tuesday to check out Francisco the Man. When we got there it turned out they had broken up or something and weren't going to show. So instead we got to see the headliner, Yellow Red Sparks, who turned out to be quite amazing. They are a three piece folky acoustic band and their bass player plays a stand-up, which is awesome. At times he played it normally and at others he played it with a bow like a cello. It was amazing to watch and listen to. They did a great intro featuring a cover of "Unchained Melody" which led into one of their more upbeat songs. It really got the crowd going. Speaking of the crowd, the place was pretty packed. Brax was even there. I really like going to eVocal. The folks who run the place are friendly and they get lots of great local bands to play. They also have lots of cool artwork:

evocal artwork

It's also right next door to Avalon, which is a nice little bar. I was bummed we didn't there in time to see The New Limb play but we talked to them after the show and they were really cool. Hopefully I'll get to check them out sometime soon. I really dig places like eVocal that encourage local artists and help develop a scene. It's been awhile since I've been a part of something like that and hopefully I can get involved more. I highly recommend giving Yellow Red Sparks a listen. I know I'm glad I did.

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Best Albums of 2008 From A to Z

If you haven't figured it out yet, I am a very lazy man. I'm just now getting back on the blog wagon, getting my sea legs back if you will. I'm feeling good. So it's time to do something I haven't done in a long time. It's time to choose my top albums of 2008. I quickly ran into some glitches. I can't decide things in the manner I used to. I used to be able to come up with a top five at the drop of a hat. I guess I've expanded my horizons. Or I've become more indecisive in my old age. So what I did this year was just go down all the albums I listened to and listed the ones I like by the order of artist name. Since Media Monkey sorts by first name, that's how I did it. Also, you might notice this list is awfully similar to Justin's, but his is better because he was actually decisive enough to rank things. He also managed to publish his list in a timely manner, whereas I took over a month to compile mine. Hey, I took extra care. Think of it that way.

Read on for the list:

Full story »

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Tomorrow Night

If you live in the OC/LA area, we're doing our 11th annual Blue Christmas show at Biola tomorrow night in Sutherland auditorium. It's free and starts at 7 PM. Joy Electric is heading up the bill. Also playing are Map, The Foxglove Hunt, Ohm's Law, Paravell, and The Bittersweet Way. If you want to find out more about the bands or the show itself, head over here.

If you can't come to the show you can still enjoy our volume 2 compilation. It can be purchased here or on iTunes. You can also listen to clips and buy mp3s at CD Baby. It also makes a great holiday gift!

Finally, I'd like to give a warm and hearty welcome home to Gringo, who has returned from his tour of duty in Iraq. He was visiting Danny for a couple days and the three of us chatted on Skype for a few hours. Sadly we didn't have the means to record but it was great catching up. We're all proud of you Gringo and glad you are back home.

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Video of the Day: All My Friends

I have no idea who these guys are but this is the best music video ever made.


Oh yeah, go vote.

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Remember When MTV Used To Play Videos?


It's the rallying cry of a generation. I mean, how many times have you heard someone ask that question? The last time I was at my mom's house I was perusing our old VHS tapes and I came across an 8 hour tape of MTV videos my brother had recorded. Apparently there was some music video by Live that he really loved that he had seen once and then never saw again so he would just tape MTV at night in order to find it.

For the young folks, MTV used to play large blocks of music videos. In fact, in the late and wee hours, that is pretty much all they played. Crazy concept, huh? Well MTV apparently is finally listening to their original core audience and has launched a new site that features an insane amount of music videos, both new and old. You can even embed them:


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