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Bever Hills 90210 Recap - "Ray Of Hope"

This episode is titled “Ray of Hope” and is the 30th episode of Season 6. It originally aired on May 14th, 1996. We start off with Kelly and Donna are in Eric the manager’s office celebrating their upcoming music video deal. Donna tells Eric they didn’t actually read the contracts before they signed. Eric laughs at this and says they just signed for the food. Jeez, Donna. Eric says he wants them to check out an act at the After Dark that he thinks they would be perfect for. You knew this was coming with the episode title, it’s Ray Pruitt! Donna has a flashback to Ray throwing her down the stairs in Palm Springs and she and David look shocked.

At Casa Walsh Brandon is saying goodbye to Susan who is leaving for a journalism seminar in Washington. Steve is parked on the couch with his jaw still wired shut after his tragic sock related stairs accident. He and Brandon are excited about watching Vega$ on TV. Claire is bewildered.

Donna is freaking out about meeting with Ray about doing the video. She says Joe is going to freak out when he finds out. David tells her she shouldn’t tell Joe. Donna agrees to this. Meanwhile Joe is at Dr. Martin’s office. Doc Martin gives Joe a clean bill of health and says he is excited to see Joe on the field next season. Joe tells him he won’t be playing football next year and that he is going back to his hometown to coach high school football. Doc Martin asks Joe if Donna knows, Joe says he hasn’t told her yet.

At the Peach Pit Kelly is studying for summer school. She throws Valerie some shade. Valerie and Nat meets with Colin’s Bail Bondsman, who tells Nat that he is on the hook for the bond as well since he put up some of his equity for the club and is on the lease.

Carl shows up at Casa Walsh with flowers. Claire thinks they are for her but they are actually for Steve. Carl joins Brandon and Steve watching Matt Houston, a show I have never heard of. Claire says she is bored and Steve tells Carl to get her out of the house. Carl asks Claire out to dinner.

Colin is in a bar with his old coke dealer. He tells Colin they all got off due to tampered evidence so if Colin hadn’t gone on that police chase he would have gotten off. Sweet irony. Colin buys some coke off him and asks if he can buy a fake ID for him so he can get out of the country.

Carl and Claire are at dinner. Carl says Claire’s mom told him she hoped they would get married someday. Claire says her mom was a hopeless romantic and her romantic side died with her mom.

Donna and David meet with Ray. David gets straight to the point and says this isn’t going to work out and they should just say they had creative differences. Ray says he loved their Powerman 5000 video and that this song is about his old life and that he would like a second chance. A girl then enters the room who Ray introduces as his fiancee, Wendy. Donna then says she’d like to listen to the new material and tells Ray she is happy for him.

Brandon and Steve are watching Love Boat, another Aaron Spelling show. Valerie tells Brandon she thinks Colin’s dealer would know where Colin is. She asks Brandon to ask Kelly where the dealer lives and Brandon insists Valerie come with him.

Donna finally tells Joe that she is working with Ray’s band. He, of course, is not happy. Seeing as how Ray tried to get Joe arrested and almost ruined his life, not to mention all the abuse of Donna, Joe is definitely not wrong. Donna insists it is business.

Brandon and Valerie approach Kelly for her help. Kelly immediately shuts it down. Brandon tells Kelly that if she doesn’t help them find Colin that Nat could lose the Peach Pit. Kelly agrees to help for Nat’s sake.

Prince Carl arrives at Casa Walsh to tell Steve he’s going to the After Dark tonight to watch Ray. At the After Dark Brandon runs into Ray. Ray thanks Brandon for giving him good advice when all the bad stuff was happening and being a good friend. Joe and Donna are in the parking lot. He tells Donna his plans to go back home and coach high school football. He says he wants Donna to come with him and marry him. Donna is speechless. Joe asks her to say yes and we cut on Donna pondering a response.

I totally forgot that the drug dealer’s name was Danny Five. That’s a pretty good drug dealer name. Valerie, Kelly, and Brandon are outside Danny Five’s house. Kelly goes in to talk to Danny. She asks him if he’s seen Colin. He tells her he is gone. She tells Danny Colin is her whole life. Danny is sympathetic and gives Kelly Colin’s beeper number. He then offers to sell her some coke. He offers her a taste and Kelly says she can’t. She buys a gram off Danny to keep up appearances. When she gets back to the car Brandon makes sure Kelly dumps the coke.

Donna is back at the Beach House and tells Claire about Joe’s proposal. She tells Claire she didn’t say anything and that she’s an L.A. girl. She says she doesn’t know if she can change her whole life for Joe. Claire says she is having her own brush with destiny and is thinking about how her mom wanted her to be with Carl. She insists she doesn’t want to give Carl the wrong idea but things seem uncertain.

Brandon, Valerie, and Kelly are driving around. Kelly has paged Colin and they are trying to figure out what to do. Colin finally calls Kelly on her cell phone. Kelly says she has to see him. Colin says he will call her tomorrow. Poor Valerie has to hear Colin tell Kelly he needs her more than ever. Kelly has a bit of a smug look on her face.

Ray is packing up his stuff at the After Dark and Donna says she loves his song that was obviously cut out of the Hulu version of this episode. Wendy tells Donna that Ray wrote the song for Donna. It really seems like Ray has changed.

Colin calls Kelly and says they need to meet right now at his motel room. Kelly tries to stall but Colin insists it has to be now. Kelly, Valerie, and Brandon have called the cops and told them about the meeting. The cops bust in the room while Kelly, Valerie, and Brandon watch. The cops drag Danny Five out of the room and it turns out Colin was never in the room. We also learn Danny Five’s really name is Danny Fivinksi. Awesome.

Donna and Joe are walking on the beach. She tells Joe how much she loves him but she is not ready to get married. Joe says his mom got married when she was 19. Donna says her mom was young too and even though it worked out for her she knows her mom wants more for Donna. This has been the only time Felice Martin has been sensible. Donna says she is not ready to leave her friends. She asks Joe if he will stay here with her. Joe says no. He says he has to chase his dreams. His sad dreams of dropping out of CU, moving back to his hometown, and coaching high school football. Joe and Donna share one last kiss and thus ends the tale of Joe and Donna.

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Beverly Hills 90210 Recap - "Ticket To Ride"

This episode is titled “Ticket to Ride” and is the 29th episode of Season 6. It aired on May 7th, 1996. We start off at CU. Brandon and Susan are at the CU student store and buy a scratch off ticket. They agree to split whatever they win since Brandon paid for half of it. Brandon scratches it off to reveal it is a winner to the tune of $5,000. Brandon tries to cash it in at the store because he is a doofus and the cashier tells him they have to take the ticket to the California Lottery Office in Van Nuys. So I guess this is an advertisement for the California Lottery.

Dave, Donna, and Claire are walking to class and discussing having a study session later. David tells Donna that Eric the manager has given them some CDs of groups that they can do music videos for. Joe joins them and says he is starting summer drills for football next season. He’s a little nervous since he has been out of commission since having heart surgery.

Val is helping Colin pack up his place since Colin is going to prison tomorrow. Valerie cries and shows some genuine emotion for once. Colin assures her things will be OK.

Kelly is at Jackie’s house and says she is ready to go to Summer School since she missed the end of last semester due to being in rehab and then nearly being killed by her roommate from rehab. The phone rings and Jackie answers. It is Colin. He hangs up.

Steve is playing racquetball with Prince Carl. They are discussing Steve’s relationship with Claire. Steve says he isn’t sure how serious things are since he’s only 20 years old. He asks Carl if he has any prospects, Carl says there have been a few but he’s still looking.

At the Peach Pit, Brandon and Susan are showing off their winning scratcher. If I had a winning scratcher I know I would show it off to the hard working wait staff at the diner I frequent before I cashed it in. Brandon suggests heading over to the Valley immediately to cash it but Susan says there is too much traffic. She suggests going in the morning after finals.

Colin calls Kelly again but hangs up. Valerie brings food over and Colin says he is thinking about taking off to Mexico. He then says he’s joking but he is obviously freaking out. Colin and Valerie enjoy one last evening together before Colin has to go the Big House.

Back at Casa Walsh, Steve is telling Claire what a great guy Carl is and how he’s become a true friend. Claire warns him that Carl can abandon people on a whim once he is bored and not to get his hopes up. Steve refuses to believe this and insists this bromance is the real thing, pointing out his royal cufflinks that Carl gave him. Claire isn’t buying it.

Kelly has moved back into the Beach House. She asks Donna if she has seen Colin or Valerie around since Colin is going to prison tomorrow. She says she remembers how happy they were when Colin first moved to California. Donna reminds her how that turned out. Kelly decides to call Colin. Valerie picks up. She gives Kelly a hard time and Colin says he doesn’t want to talk to her.
Susan and Brandon are studying for finals but they are distracted by their pending lottery winnings and their upcoming summer trip. Susan says she wants to see the ticket one more time and asks Brandon for the ticket. He says Susan has it. She thought Brandon had it. The ticket is gone. Oh no!

Steve and Claire are eating dinner with Carl at a fancy restaurant. Carl brags about golfing with Barry Bonds and Steve lets him know he has done the same, something we, the viewers, know since it was in an episode a while back. Carl asks Steve what they’re doing for Steve’s birthday. He wants to throw a big party for Steve. Steve rubs this in Claire’s face.

Joe and Donna are playing backgammon in Joe's dorm room because that’s what all the college kids are doing. Donna gets a conference call from David and Eric the manager to discuss their future as music video producers. Eric invites them to a big industry party the next night. Joe bugs Donna about having finals and Donna says it won’t be too late, it’s a business party. Joe is a little perturbed and calls it a night.

After their dinner Carl invites Steve out for a night on the town. Carl says they are going to a “Gentleman’s Club” which Claire takes to mean a strip club. She leaves the boys to do their thing.

Now it’s morning and Val picks up Colin to surrender himself to the authorities. Brandon and Susan are frantically scouring the Peach Pit for their scratcher ticket. Nat says everything is in the dumpster and Brandon goes diving for it. While Brandon is in the dumpster Susan gives him a hard time and blames him for losing the ticket. Brandon says it’s her fault because he wanted to cash it in right away. Susan says if it wasn’t for her they never would have bought the ticket. Brandon takes off in a huff.

Colin and Valerie drive up to the police station. Colin tells Valerie to go inside and find his lawyer. He pulls around and sees a line of prisoners getting into a bus. He freaks out and takes off.

Donna is timing Joe on his 40 yard dash. He is bummed because he is not running as fast as he did before his heart surgery. Joe gives her a hard time for being so cheerful. He then apologizes as he realizes he is being a huge dick.

Back at the police station the police tell Valerie they were able to recover her car but Colin is still at large. They ask Valerie if she had any idea he was going to flee. She says she didn’t. They tell her that the longer he stays on the run the worse it is going to be for him. The Bail Bondsman warns Valerie that he will take her club if he can’t get Colin back.

Joe, Donna, and David meet up with Eric the manager at the big party. Eric grabs David and Donna to meet various music executives and a woman from Warner records flirts with Joe.

Carl shows up at the Beach House and gives Claire a fancy pearl necklace as a way of apologizing for be a jerk when they were kids. He tells Claire that he wants to take her and Steve to Long Beach to cement some plans for Steve’s birthday party. Steve calls and says he is running late. He drops a sock on the stairs and when he heads back down he slips on the sock and injures himself.

Back at the party, Joe says this isn’t his scene and wants to leave. He insists Donna stay but Donna says they can leave after the next song. Eric asks David what the deal is with Donna and Joe. He seems to be interested in Donna. David seems to be also.

Kelly comes home to the Beach House and Colin is waiting for her outside. Kelly asks him if he was supposed to turn himself in today. Colin tells her he ran away. He asks Kelly why she called him and if she still cares about him. She says she just wanted to say goodbye and she doesn’t care about him in that way. Colin says he doesn’t know where to go from here and asks Kelly what he should do. She says he has to figure that out for himself. She says she won’t tell anybody he came to the Beach House but not to contact her again.

Steve is at the Peach Pit with Claire and Carl and his jaw is wired shut. He is also in a neck brace. Carl offers to put him up at the Beverly Hills Hotel to help him recover. Steve can only make goofy mumbling sounds.

Kelly visits Jackie and tells her about Colin coming by the Beach House. Way to not tell anyone. I guess Jackie doesn’t really count. Kelly says she is glad Colin is out of her life.

Back at Casa Walsh Brandon and Valerie are commiserating about their assorted woes. Val opens Brandon’s travel book and finds the missing lottery ticket.

Donna is walking to class with Joe. Joe says he is frustrated with the fact that football is the only thing in his life. He says he wants to discover himself. At the Condor Office, Susan apologizes to Brandon for the way she acted regarding the lottery ticket. Brandon then shows her the winning ticket and says it has been nothing but grief. He says he’d rather lose the money than lose her. That was pretty sweet. He and Susan agree to donate the money to a family whose house burned down in Boyle Heights.

Valerie comes to see Kelly asking if she’s seen Colin. Kelly says she hasn’t. Valerie is on to her and says she will lose everything if Colin doesn’t turn himself in. Kelly tells her she hopes he runs and runs. Dang...

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Beverly Hills 90210 Recap - "The Big Hurt"

This episode is titled “The Big Hurt” and is the 28th episode of Season 6. It aired on May 1st 1996. Crazy how that was almost 20 years ago. My 20 year high school reunion is 2 years away. I now feel bad about all the people I said I was going to keep in touch with at my 10 year reunion and haven’t bothered to contact. Sorry guys.

Tara, Kelly, Donna and Claire are all at the Beach House. Tara takes a group picture of the girls. On their way out Donna, Claire, and Kelly comment on how great Tara is dealing with the fact that she has to move out of the apartment. Yeah, I’m sure this is going to go just fine. Tara overfeeds Kelly’s fish by dumping a whole bottle of fish food into the tank. I would have thought they would have shown Tara the door as soon as she showed up with Kelly’s exact haircut but this is the same group of people who are hanging out with a convicted felon who almost ruined Kelly’s life.

At the courthouse Colin is told he will be serving his sentence at a halfway house instead of prison if he pleads guilty. His lawyer says it’s dependent on if the judge approves but it’s a slam dunk. I’m sure nothing will go wrong here.

At CU a very dapper Steve is wearing a suit in preparation for a fancy dinner with Claire and her friend Prince Carl, who is a real prince. Claire says she hasn’t seen Carl in a long time and he was a real jerk when they were kids so she is not dressing up. At the Condor, Brandon is surprised to discover Tara’s new look as she is using the dark room. Tara is developing pictures of Kelly and tells Brandon Kelly is still in love with him. She then tries to kiss Brandon and tells him she wanted to see what it was like to be Kelly. Brandon shrugs it off. He does tell Susan Tara is crazy so at least he’s one step ahead of most of the gang.

Claire and Steve arrive for dinner with Chancellor Arnold and Prince Carl. Steve and Carl talk about their mutual love of Corvettes. Very exciting stuff.

Back at Casa Walsh Brandon leaves a voicemail with Kelly trying to warn her about Tara. David and Donna are showing off their Powerman 5000 video that we saw the filming of last episode. Donna is wearing various skimpy outfits in the video and Joe does not look pleased. David notices this and looks a little worried. He leaves the room and tells Donna he is nervous and that the video might need some work. The video appears to just be shots of the band intermixed with random shots of Donna in sexy outfits striking a match. Very creative, David. Joe is very upset about Donna’s outfits and shames her about it. Donna isn’t happy about that.

Kelly and Tara come home to the Beach House. Kelly discovers that her fish are dead but Tara claims innocence. Kelly says he wants Tara to move out tomorrow. Back at Casa Walsh Brandon tells Valerie he thinks Tara keyed her car. Steve seems to have a big man crush on Prince Carl.

David is working on editing the Powerman video and Donna says she has some notes. These include losing a lot of the shots of her in skimpy outfits. David knows these are coming from Joe and says he doesn’t like the notes. Donna says she thinks she is being exploited and says she doesn’t want to be a sex object in a music video. David refuses to change the video. Donna says either make the changes or she will never work with David again. Jeez, Donna.

At the Beach House Tara says she’ll do whatever Kelly says, she just wants Kelly to be her friend. Brandon arrives as Tara is leaving, Tara says Kelly is really upset about her fish and she asks Brandon to talk to Kelly about it for her and how sweet a guy Brandon is. Kelly is planning on packing up all of Tara’s stuff while Tara is on the beach to hasten her departure. She opens Tara’s suitcase and discovers a bundle of letters from Tara’s parents. It turns out Tara lied about her parents not trying to find her or caring where she was. Big shocker.

Carl, Claire, and Steve are walking on the beach. They are discussing starting some kind of Corvette dealership business bankrolled by Carl. Steve goes off to get some hot dogs. Carl starts flirting with Claire.

Colin is in court and they discover that there is now a different DA handling his case than the one he made the deal with. His lawyer insists that all the DA’s compare notes and he should be OK.

Kelly confronts Tara about the letters from her parents. Kelly called Tara’s parents and she tells Tara that her parents love her and want her to come home. This sets Tara off. Tara tells Kelly how she came on to Brandon and keyed Valerie’s car for her. She then pulls out her gun which Kelly didn’t bother to find in her suitcase and forces Kelly to take her for a drive.

Back in court Colin pleads guilty. The DA brings up the deal that was discussed involving 6 months in a halfway house and the judge refuses, bringing up Colin’s high speed chase. He sentences Colin to two years in prison. Whoops.

David and Donna are at a manager’s office showing their Powerman 5000 music video. The manager loves the video and says he can use it to get the band signed and David and Donna signed to a video contract. He says the video does need to be more sexy though. He says it needs more Donna. David says he agrees and says he has another cut of the video. Donna doesn’t look too happy about it. She and David argue about it for a minute but Donna agrees to make the changes so they can get the deal.

Tara and Kelly stop at an overlook. Kelly says she is going to leave and Tara pulls the gun again. She then pistol whips Kelly and knocks her out.

Steve, Carl, and Claire are at some kind of official banquet for Carl and Carl gives Steve a set of royal cufflinks.

Back at the overlook Kelly wakes up tied to the steering wheel in the car with Tara to discover that Tara has hooked a hose to the exhaust of the car and is planning to kill both her and Kelly via carbon monoxide poisoning. Tara says this is for the best as Kelly has also been hurt by Colin, Valerie, and Brandon.

Valerie and Colin are arguing about the verdict. Valerie assures Colin they will be able to appeal. Colin is rightfully freaking out and says he shouldn’t have listened to Valerie in the first place. Valerie insists she won’t give up. Colin says he can’t survive in prison.

At the Peach Pit, Steve shows off his Royal Cufflinks to Nat. He says it signifies that he is now a friend of the Royal Family. That sounds pretty goofy. Carl continues flirting with Claire in the parking lot and tells her he will be staying longer in L.A.. He asks if that is all right with Claire and she says yes. They seem to share a moment.

Donna visits Joe in his dorm room and tells him about the video deal. She lets him know that they will need to put back in the scenes with Donna in the video. Joe says he has had some time to think about it and is embarrassed about the way he handled the whole thing. He says the real issue is about all the time Donna is spending with David. Donna insists there is nothing there and they make up. Good man, Joe.

It is night time at the overlook and Tara has started the car so it will fill up with carbon monoxide. Kelly begs Tara to untie her, saying she wants to end her pain and that she won’t run away. Tara obliges and Kelly grabs the gun away from Tara. She gets out of the car and shoots the gun in the sky. I guess to call for help? Tara screams in despair and we cut to the hospital where Kelly seems to be doing OK and is with Brandon. Tara is in the Psych Ward on suicide watch and her parents say they are hoping to transfer her to a psychiatric facility in Colorado. Tara’s mom apologizes for what happened and thanks Kelly for saving Tara’s life. Brandon takes Kelly by the arm and we go to credits. One more chapter in the Perils of Kelly Taylor has come to a close.

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Beverly Hills 90210 Recap - "Strike The Match"

This is the 27th episode of Season Six, titled “Strike The Match.” It aired on April 10th, 1996. This episode is not on Hulu Plus, which is stupid. Hulu told me on Twitter it was due to music rights issues but that makes no sense since all the episodes on Hulu have garbage replacement music. I guess some of the episodes featuring live performances are too difficult to edit. That seems lazy. What is the point of having a series like 90210 on your service with episodes missing? Oh well. The missing episodes aren’t that hard to track down but it’s still annoying. Enough griping, on with the melodrama!

We start off at the Beach House and tensions are high between Donna, Claire, and Kelly over Tara. Kelly insists she’s trying to get her into a halfway house but there is a waiting list. Claire says Tara gives her the creeps, proving she is still the smartest person in the gang. She says she’s going to stay with Steve until Tara is gone. Tara comes in and Donna and Claire blow her off. Kelly tells Tara she can stay as long as she wants.

Special appearance by Powerman 5000! Wow, remember those guys? I think I bought their CD for $3 at Tower because I liked that “Are You Ready” song. Steve and Brandon are at school and Steve asks Brandon if he’s broken the news yet to Susan that Brandon got an offer to spend the summer in Boston. Joe, David, and Donna are hanging in the Student Union and David is playing Powerman 5000 for them as he is hoping to make a music video for them. I guess this is a few years before the band had their 15 minutes of fame so kudos to 90210 for being on the cutting edge. Donna calls Joe a square for not liking the band. Really, Donna?

Colin is at the After Dark touching up the mural. David comes in looking for Valerie and Colin gives him some serious attitude. I hope these guys throw down. David asks Valerie if he can use the club to shoot the music video. Valerie agrees and David taunts Colin on his way out. Valerie squabbles with Colin a little bit for giving David a hard time, reminding him he has bigger problems, like his pending trip to prison.

Susan and Brandon are discussing their summer trip and Brandon drops the bomb that a recruiter from the Boston Globe is coming to discuss a summer job opportunity. Susan handles it pretty well but these people are all masters of disguising their true feelings and then lashing out at each other in bizarre, passive-aggressive ways.

Tara and Kelly are in the bathroom at the After Dark and Tara is complaining about her hair. Kelly says she will get her an appointment with her stylist. Tara then begs Kelly not to make her move out of the apartment that she is not paying for. Kelly stands pretty firm, surprisingly. They run into Valerie and Colin on the way out and Valerie immediately tries to start some shit. Kelly tells Tara she hates Valerie and Tara says she hopes Valerie dies. Whoa, you guys.

Donna and David are brainstorming ideas for the music video. The song is called “Strike the Match,” hence the creative episode title. There’s a lot of bickering between David and Donna and Donna ends up storming out. She says she wouldn’t be around David if he was the last person on earth. David stops her as he has an epiphany to make the theme of the video “The Last Person On Earth.”

Brandon, Steve, Claire, Susan, and Joe are all studying at Casa Walsh. Steve complains he is bored and gets frisky with Claire. I have no idea what the point of that scene was.

At the Beach House, Tara sneaks into Kelly’s room and steals her keys. Dun Dun Dun. Tara takes Kelly’s car out to what I think is Colin’s house and keys Valerie’s car with the words “DIE VAL”

Back at Casa Walsh the gang is still studying. Susan asks Brandon if they have a future and implies that taking the job in Boston could put their relationship in jeopardy. This of course pisses off Brandon.

David is filming the Powerman 5000 video at the After Dark with a crappy home video camera, one of those late 90’s ones with the extra large viewfinder screen. Super professional, David. The girl who was going to strike matches in the video (also very creative) isn’t there so Donna is going to fill in,

Valerie discovers the message on her car and is rightfully scared. She tells Colin she is going to call the police.

Steve is doing laundry and ruins Claire’s dead mother’s shawl. Why is Claire putting that in the laundry? Steve freaks out.

Tara got her stuff from a friend who was keeping it at his store. She now has a camera and is taking pictures at the music video shoot. Colin and David have another stand-off. Valerie confronts Kelly regarding her keyed car. She thinks Kelly did it. Valerie asks Kelly if she wants to take it outside but they are interrupted as David and Colin are in a pull apart brawl. Colin thinks David keyed the car. Valerie says the music video shoot is over. Oh yeah, Donna is wearing a fishnet shirt over a bra as she is the star of the music video. That’s pretty amusing.

Brandon meets with the guy from the Boston Globe. He offers Brandon not just a summer internship but a job waiting for him when he graduates from CU. Everything's coming up Brandon.

Kelly is totally blind to the fact that Tara obviously is the car keyer. Kelly and Tara discuss Tara’s love of photography. She says when she was living on the streets she took a lot of photos but couldn’t afford to develop the film. Kelly says she can ask Brandon if Tara can use the Condor dark room. Tara opens her suitcase when Kelly leaves and we discover she has a gun.

David has found a new location for the music video and Donna is wearing a sexy leather top and short shorts with a spiked collar and armbands. Joe is not pleased when he comes to visit. This is a very nice looking set and David is still using that shitty video camera. Joe storms off in disgust.

Brandon tells Susan about the job offer and she is not pleased. Brandon then tells her he wants to go on their summer trip and being his cocky self thinks if he blows off the Mirror they’ll offer him more money next year.

Steve gives Claire some flowers and a spotless kitchen to try and apologize for the shawl that he hasn’t told her about yet. He shows her the ruined shawl and Claire is super upset. Not understanding sentimental value he tries to give her a bag of shawls. Poor Steve. Claire forgives Steve though and says her mother would have approved of him. Awwwww….

Tara comes home to show Donna and Kelly her Single White Female haircut. It’s exactly the same as Kelly’s. Kelly freaks out. Finally. It might be too late though as we cut to credits. Between the bizarre music video, Tara going full crazy, and the fighting between David, Kelly, Valerie, and Colin, this was a pretty action packed episode!

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Beverly Hills 90210 Recap - "Flirting With Disaster"

This episode is called “Flirting With Disaster.” It is the 26th episode of Season 6 and aired on April 3rd, 1996. We start off at the Beach House. Tara is listening to Kelly’s voicemail greeting over and over again because that’s a creepy thing, I guess. The Doctor drops off Kelly and they kiss as Tara watches and repeats Kelly’s voicemail greeting. That was kind of creepy.

I still love Marc Andreyko’s idea of a graphic novel detailing the misadventures of Kelly Taylor.

Yes! It’s time for another group camping trip with the gang! It’s been quite awhile since we had one of these. This time it’s Steve, Brandon, Joe, Donna, Claire, and Susan. The gang comes across a trio of gals with a flat tire. The guys help them out and tell them where they are headed. They seem to have no problem flirting with these gals in front of their dates.

Meanwhile, Valerie is at Colin’s but Colin is out running errands. Colin’s blind artist dad shows up. We then join Kelly and Tara at the Peach pit. Kelly wants David to accompany Tara on a double date with her and Greg. That’s the doctor’s name. I finally remembered it. Tara and David agree and another great Kelly Taylor idea is put in motion.

The gang arrives at their campsite to discover they are located next to the ladies they met earlier. They ogle them again in front of their long time girlfriends. Men are jerks, am I right? They introduce everyone. Susan, Claire, and Donna have a territory marking conversation with the stranger ladies.

Back at Colin’s his dad is giving Valerie a hard time in a stereotypical bad dad way. Colin arrives. Things are tense.

Back at camp. the lonely ladies are still having trouble putting up their tent because haha three girls can’t put up a tent, am I right? The guys assist them, the girlfriends are pouty.

Tara and Kelly have a frank conversation about when to have sex. Kelly reveals she can’t wait anymore to have sex with Greg. We enter into full Single White Female category as when Kelly goes to the bathroom Tara looks into the mirror and impersonates Kelly saying she can’t wait anymore to have sex with Greg.

It’s night time at camp and the guys discover that the lonely ladies’ tent is missing some poles. The girlfriends are mad and head over to investigate. Yep, there it is, a joke about not being able to “get it up.” Donna, Susan, and Claire each offer the girls a spot in their tents and the guys get to sleep outside. BURN.

At the bowling alley, Tara pulls Greg aside and starts her sabotage by telling him that Kelly told her she thinks her relationship with Greg might adversely affect her sobriety. Greg takes Tara at face value and says he needs to get up early in the morning.

At Colin’s house, Colin’s dad has a bit too much to drink and starts telling his war stories. He and Colin get in a fight.

Back at the Beach House, Greg, having taken rehab patient Tara’s advice to heart tells Kelly they should cool things off. Tara is ecstatic upon hearing this.

Back at camp, the guys are pissed that they had to sleep in a van down by the river. Nice Matt Foley reference. They are seriously mad at the girls for them being mad that they hit on the lonely ladies. OK.

Tara orders flowers for Greg with a note saying they are from Kelly and not to call her anymore. She then does the same for Kelly. Dun dun dun.

Colin and Valerie have a fight about Colin’s dad. Valerie is just the queen of getting in everyone’s business, letting Colin know he should drop whatever issue he has with his dad. Colin thinks his dad has ulterior motives but discovers his dad found out about his legal problems and is just there to help. Dad storms off. Valerie gives a crazy ultimatum to Colin saying if he lets his dad go, she’s going to go too. WHAT. Colin relents and apologizes to his dad, they make up.

Brandon, Steve, and Joe are fishing and the Lonely Ladies drop by. They tell the guys that their girlfriends have met some Lonely Guys of their own back at camp. Brandon and Steve insist this is a trap but eventually give in and decide to head back to camp.

Tara’s plan seems to be working as Greg won’t see Kelly. She confides in Tara about it. She then gets the flowers she thinks are from Greg saying he doesn’t want to see her again. Tara chuckles (!) to herself in victory.

Donna, Claire, and Susan are back at camp cooking dinner as the guys confront them about these mystery guys. They laugh as they admit it was a ruse. They apologize for being so hard on the guys and the guys apologize for flirting and all is right in the world. Credits.

I think this episode was the writers saying the couples are getting stale. In the teen soap opera world I guess happy couples are stale. You need conflict to keep the show interesting. Expect some trouble ahead!

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Beverly Hills 90210 Recap - "Smashed"

It’s Monday. Bowie is still gone and my heart still hurts. 90210 has always been a wonderful escape for me so here we go. This episode is titled “Smashed.” It is the 25th episode of Season 6 and aired on March 20th, 1996.

Donna and Claire have their reservations about Tara moving in but Kelly says she needs her. Like I said before, Post-Brenda Kelly is a disaster magnet so this is no surprise.

Claire and Steve are in bed at the Casa Walsh. Steve is his usual frisky self as he makes some cheeky comments to Claire. Meanwhile it looks like Valerie dumped Ug and got a real lawyer for Colin. He tells her Colin is going to have to do time even if they make a deal but it will be at one of those mythological minimum security prisons where he can paint and it isn’t scary. Are those real? If they are, they sure don’t ever show them on Lock Up.

Kelly is still flirting with her doctor from rehab friend and invites him to join the gang for dinner. Jesus, Kelly. Tara is sporting some nice Chucks. This is back when they were affordable so it makes sense.

Brandon is using a slick Mac Powerbook and on the screen it looks like someone has scribbled all over the paint program. Weird. Val thinks it is a good idea to bring Colin over for dinner with the gang. That sounds like a fantastic idea.

Rush needs to dump off his sons again with Steve. This was one of Randy Spelling’s few acting gigs. Also, how are Randy and this other dude brothers? They don’t look alike at all and they look very similar in age. Does Rush have three sons from three different mothers? Actually, that’s super likely.

Tara and Kelly drink Claire’s orange juice. It looks like cloudy water. Come on prop guys. Kathleen Robertson is sporting some great highlights.

Colin is insistent he won’t go to prison. This all seems really harsh since he just gave a dude a ride somewhere but I guess that is the definition of Accessory. Also he had some coke on him, I guess. She pushes the party with the gang on him. Valerie, I want to like you but things like this are why sometimes you are just a cartoon villain.

There is a painting of a fork with some spaghetti on it hanging in the Casa Walsh kitchen. What the hell is that. Recently out of rehab Tara and Kelly talk about attending this wild college party. Great decision making, ladies.

Joe and David hang out in the Student Union because the writers realized they hadn’t been in any scenes yet so why not.

Colin doesn’t want to go to the party but Valerie is pushing him to go. Colin just wants to spend time with her. For once Colin is being the reasonable one.

Tara is wearing one of Kelly’s dresses and her necklace as they get ready for the party at Kelly’s suggestion. Boundaries, Kelly! Tara surprisingly is the one to think it is weird that Kelly asked Greg the doctor to the party. She also doesn’t want to be the odd one out. After a pep talk from Kelly, she comes around.

The party at Casa Walsh is bumping. You know it’s bumping because Muntz the KEG guy is there. David is making videos of frat guys playing quarters with Donna commentating for the campus TV station. That’s great television that I’m sure the CU administration would approve of. Steve lets his brothers play quarters with Muntz. Joe plays the jealous boyfriend bit with Donna as she is busy with this late night TV show thing.

Colin and Val show up and everyone seems to be cool with Val and the guy that was basically responsible for Kelly’s downfall including Brandon, most surprisingly. They run into Kelly and she also seems to be cool. She gives him a kiss and gives Valerie a death stare. Boom.

Steve’s brothers sneak some booze outside and go to town. They then start drinking people’s leftover drinks. Gross. David and Donna are still filming the party for this TV special that I am very curious about.

Doctor guy shows up. She and Kelly dance. Tara looks on with a hint of jealousy. Steve’s brother Ryan passes out on the porch. Doctor guy says he has alcohol poisoning and needs to go to the hospital. Steve doesn’t know what alcohol poisoning is because of course he doesn’t.

Valerie and Colin are back at Colin’s place and Valerie is pissed about what went down between Colin and Kelly. What the heck did she think was going to happen? Colin says he loves her. She returns the sentiment.

I would totally talk about the clothes everyone is wearing because they seem ridiculous but I don’t know anything about clothes and fashion. In 1996 I was still wearing Stussy shirts and jorts.

Steve is with his brother at the hospital. Rush is pissed. Steve is scared his brother might die. Chuck Rosin wasn’t kidding when he said the network wanted them to show the evils of underage drinking.

Doctor and Kelly kiss outside the beach house and Tara watches through the window. She crushes Kelly’s necklace and says “You bitch.” Subtle, guys.

Steve’s brother pulls through his bout with death by alcohol poisoning and Rush and Steve share a moment. Randy Spelling isn’t half bad playing a high school doofus. We end the show with Steve watching him sleep it off in his hospital room. Don’t drink, kids!

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Beverly Hills 90210 Recap - "Coming Out, Getting Out, Going Out"

I just got home from a pretty insane Lucha Underground taping that I can’t talk about so what better way to wind down than with my continued re-watch of Beverly Hills 90210. I am pretty deep in the series now, past the point that I was watching every single episode during it’s original run. This episode, titled “Coming Out-Getting Out-Going Out,” aired on March 12th, 1996. It is episode 24 of Season 6. I was a sophomore in high school and finally had a budding social life so at this point 90210 kind of took a back seat. I would tune in every once in awhile so I vaguely remember most of these episodes but those memories could also be from the summer of 2000 when I watched the bulk of the series as FX re-ran it in order to celebrate the series finale. I think I’m going to do this free form and see where it goes. I realized I spend a lot of my time on my phone while watching shows and that seems like a bit of a waste of time so maybe I can at least write about what I’m watching and get something productive out of it. We shall see.

Last week on 90210 Kelly was in rehab for her coke addiction. Meanwhile her drug buddy ex-boyfriend Colin got busted in a sting and ran from the cops to no avail. Valerie had just swooped in on Colin. Brandon met Susan’s parents and it was pretty nuts. Donna tried to convince Joe to have heart surgery. David was doing David stuff. Steve bought a motorcycle and it pissed off Claire. I think that’s everything.

Kelly is back home after completing rehab. Her rehab roomie Tara calls immediately. Nothing bad will happen as a result of this. Oh wait, this is Kelly we are talking about. Kelly in post Brenda 90210 is a catastrophe magnet. Valerie puts up the Peach Pit After Dark to bail Colin out and Ug from Salute Your Shorts is Colin’s defense attorney. I think I just found a new favorite guest star.

Immediately after Ug walked in to 90210 land I found out David Bowie died and now my mind is kind of a mess. But Bowie made Blackstar while he was dying of cancer so none of my excuses for not writing or doing anything for that matter are worth a damn. Let’s do this, world.

Oh, I almost forgot that Claire and Susan are on a mission to save Nat’s relationship with a woman he re-connected with at a Roger Corman Festival in a previous episode because Nat was in a Roger Corman movie. Yep. This woman works at a lamp store because I guess that is a logical place for a retired actress to work in Los Angeles.

I forgot how great Emma Caulfield is as Susan. She’s right behind Emily Valentine in my favorite Brandon love. Also Kathleen Robertson is great too.

I can’t even remember the last time any of the gang was really at school. I guess the writers finally realized actual college is pretty boring.

Just as I wrote that they show the gang at CU. I don’t know what I’m doing. Susan wants to re-create Nat’s golden years so he and Joan can ignite that flame. I wish when I was in high school and college I had a diner I could live at and whose kind old owner I could befriend. Also why isn’t there a real Peach Pit in L.A.? I would live there.

David dumped Valerie because she offered him to her best friend who was blackmailing her and he seems to regret his decision. Come on, dude. He hassles her about Colin and she stands firm. You’re both idiots.

Donna takes Kelly to a Blockbuster video. 1996 Blockbuster is everything I remember. Playstation games! Those buckets of popcorn my mom wouldn’t let me have! Kelly runs into her doctor from rehab so she can start another inappropriate relationship.

The kids take the olds to a hot dog stand in a limo. This date is pretty great. I’m pretty sure even hot dog stands frown upon you bringing outside booze. This is Beverly Hills though so who knows.

Kelly and Donna are getting ready to watch Soap Dish and Tara calls. She’s bailed out of rehab and is in Venice. The travel times on this show are the most unrealistic thing about it as Kelly and Donna seem to teleport there.

Great shots of 1996 Sunset Strip. Aww… Tower Records. They stop at Nat and Joan’s old place but it’s gone. Nat and Joan kiss in a vacant lot while the kids watch.

Donna and Kelly agree to take Tara to their apartment instead of back to rehab. Great decision making. I guess I did a lot of dumb things when I was 21. Tara found the remote so she must be cool.

Colin is having Shawshank flashbacks from his time in County. He can’t go to prison. Valerie does seem genuine in her love for Colin. That’s nice.

The group date’s last stop is the Excelsior Hotel which Nat says has been closed for years but they all walk right into. Somehow the gang has restored the Stardust Ballroom. Nat and Joan dance. Brandon dances! He’s danced quite a bit this season. Him not dancing was silly anyways.

And that’s the end! Nothing is resolved but that’s why it’s a teen soap.

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Universal Studios Florida to Build Springfield!!

Universal Studios Orlando Is Building The Simpsons' Springfield - Topless Robot - Nerd news, humor and self-loathing.

If they pull this off it will be more exciting to me than Harry Potter world and I am pretty stinking excited about that. Here's hoping they bring it to L.A. as well!

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Link of the Day: Game of Thrones - The King's Roadmap

This was emailed to me today and I thought it was really cool. Spoilers though. If you want to get a quick catch up on the events of the TV show just scroll through it and it will take you all over Westeros, episode by episode.

Game of Thrones - The King's Roadmap

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Most Amazing Thing Ever: Interactive Saved By The Bell 16-Bit Game


Seriously, this is amazing. You can actually sort of play the game.

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VOTD: Cowboys & Aliens on Clarissa Explains It All



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Comic-Con Sunday Schedule

Last, but not least, we have the Sunday schedule. Let's see what we have here.

10:00-11:00 Archaia Entertainment and The Jim Henson Company: The Early Works of Jim Henson Screening with Special Tale of Sand Discussion— Jim Henson was a creative genius responsible for some of the most iconic properties today, including The Muppets, Fraggle Rock, and The Dark Crystal. But what was he like leading up to that success? Archaia and The Jim Henson Company explore his early works and creative process, complete with archival, rarely seen footage, brought to you by Henson archivist Karen Falk. Then, get an advance look at Tale of Sand, the new original graphic novel coming in September, based on a never-before-seen screenplay written by Jim Henson and his longtime collaborator, Jerry Juhl. Falk, Archaia editor-in-chief Stephen Christy, and A Tale of Sand artist Ramón Pérez will discuss the behind-the-scenes production of the book and debut some new images. Moderated by Archaia CEO P. J. Bickett. Room 4

10:00-11:00 Axe Cop— Meet Comic-Con special guests Ethan and Malachai Nicolle, the 30- and 7-year-old brothers behind the award-winning web comic and print series Axe Cop (Dark Horse Comics). With moderator Kevin Murphy (Mystery Science Theater 3000, Riff Trax) and other guests Ethan and Malachai discuss Axe Cop and give you an exclusive look at what's coming up in the world of the head-chopping policeman. At age 7, Malachi is Comic-Con's youngest special guest ever! Room 6DE

10:00-11:00 Glee
— Creator/executive producer Ryan Murphy, creator/executive producer Brad Falchuk, and stars of Glee present a sneak peek at Glee The 3D Concert Movie featuring never-before-seen footage, behind-the-scenes secrets, and Q&A session. Hall H

11:00-12:00 Watchmen: 25 Years Later— The first issue of Watchmen appeared in comic book stores in June 1986, and its shockwaves are still reverberating. The landmark series' artist Dave Gibbons, colorist John Higgins, and editor Len Wein discuss its legacy with moderator Douglas Wolk.
Room 7AB

11:00-12:00 Allen Gregory— Creator/executive producer and star Jonah Hill (Superbad, Get Him to the Greek), showrunner David Goodman (Family Guy), and creators/executive producers Andrew Mogel and Jarrad Paul, along with an all-star voice cast including French Stewart and Nat Faxon, present a sneak peek at FOX's new animated series that tells the story of the most pretentious 7-year-old of our time. Exclusive preview of Allen Gregory animation will be followed by a fan Q&A session. Room 25ABC

11:45-12:45 One-on-One with Castle Star Nathan Fillion— Nathan Fillion (Firefly) and the cast of Castle offer a lively discussion about their popular ABC crime-solving series. If you at last year's panel, you'll remember the fun and surprises. Enjoy a sneak peek into season four and walk away with Double Rainbow! Room 6BCF

12:30-1:30 BBC America's Doctor Who
— Stars Matt Smith and Karen Gillan, along with writers and producers, make their first Comic-Con appearance for a panel and Q&A! They're bringing exclusive new footage of the new season to be shown ahead of its late summer return on BBC America. Doctor Who follows the adventures of the Doctor, the mysterious traveler who journeys throughout all of time and space, picking up companions along the way and almost always sidestepping danger. From award-winning lead writer and executive producer Steven Moffat and starring BAFTA nominee Matt Smith as the Doctor and Karen Gillan as his companion Amy Pond, the second season's Part One delivered record ratings for BBC America and marked the first time Doctor Who filmed on American soil. Also starring Arthur Darvill and Alex Kingston, the Part One finale ended with the unveiling of a massive secret and the words "Let's Kill Hitler" on screen. Part One is now available on Blu-ray/DVD/iTunes, and Part Two premieres late summer on BBC America's Supernatural Saturdays. Hall H

2:00-3:00 Max Brooks: Zombie Survival 101— Max Brooks, screenwriter and author of bestselling books The Zombie Survival Guide, World War Z, and The Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks, is the world's leading authority on the defense against a ghoulish uprising! Renowned for his campus and convention lectures nationwide, Brooks comes to Comic-Con to share his insight into the rotting minds of the undead, reveal how the Zombie Survival Guide came into existence, and field questions from zombie-phobic fans. You dare not miss this lecture -- your very life may depend on it! Room 7AB

2:45-3:30 It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
— Join the hilarious cast -- Rob McElhenney, Glenn Howerton, Charlie Day, Kaitlin Olson, and Danny DeVito -- for a Q&A panel session. Hall H

4:00-5:00 Buffy the Musical— Let's end this show with a bang! The powers that be behind Fandom Charities Inc. and present a screening of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer musical episode "Once More With Feeling" as Comic-Con 2011's big Hall H closing event! Many say this is the finest, funniest, most ingenious episode ever to come out of the Buffyverse. But remember, the best part of the show is up to you! This episode was made for talkin' -- back, that is -- and singing and shouting and dancing in the aisles, with or without your dry cleaning! Audience participation: it isn't just for Rocky Horror and mob riots anymore. Hall H

Axe Cop! I am very excited for that one. Sunday is always pretty laid back and is usually when I spend the most time browsing the convention floor. It is also the best time to get last minute deals! So that's this year's panel schedule. While some might complain that it is not as movie heavy as some years, I still think it is strong and has a wide variety of topics for all to enjoy. See you in San Diego!

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Comic-Con Saturday Schedule

Here is the link to the full schedule and here are my highlights:

11:45-12:45 TWIXT: Francis Ford Coppola and Dan Deacon— Legendary filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola and acclaimed musician Dan Deacon present sequences from Coppola's latest film, TWIXT, and involve the audience in a dress rehearsal of the completely unique and innovative way they plan on performing it. Plus a Q&A session. Hall H

12:15-1:00 Futurama— Futurama is back! Again! On stage will be creator/executive producer Matt Groening, executive producer David X. Cohen, and stars Billy West (Fry, Professor Farnsworth, Dr. Zoidberg), Katey Sagal (Leela), John DiMaggio (Bender), and Maurice LaMarche (Kif Kroker, Calculon, Morbo). Get a sneak peek at never-before-seen footage of Futurama reincarnated as Japanese anime, along with a thrilling preview of this summer's new season on Comedy Central. Moderated by Bill Morrison. Ballroom 20

1:00-1:45 The Simpsons
— Now entering its record-annihilating 23rd season on FOX and airing its landmark 500th episode on February 19, 2012, The Simpsons has won 27 Emmy awards, was the subject of an international film smash in 2007, and inspired a ride you ride again at Universal Studios. Plus, Homer Simpson was named the greatest television character of the last 20 years by Entertainment Weekly. Get insight into the daily doings of this series from creator Matt Groening, showrunner Al Jean, co-executive producer Rob Lazebnik, co-executive producer Matt Warburton, supervising producer Mike Anderson, and producer/panel moderator Tom Gammill. Ballroom 20

1:00-2:00 Robert Kirkman— One of the most prolific writers in comics today, Robert Kirkman is known for his work on The Walking Dead, Invincible, Super Dinosaur, Astounding Wolf-Man, Marvel Zombies, and the upcoming series with Rob Liefeld, The Infinite. After becoming an Image Comics partner in 2009 and introducing the internationally renowned hit TV show based on the comic he created, The Walking Dead on AMC, he has proven to be an unstoppable creative force. In 2010, Kirkman launched his own imprint at Image Comics, Skybound, providing him the opportunity to hand pick up-and-coming creators and maintain an active role in promoting and expanding their properties as Skybound Originals. Here he offers fans some insight behind their favorite hit comics. Room 25ABC

1:00-2:00 Community— The cast and creative team from Sony TV's critically acclaimed NBC series -- Joel McHale (The Soup), Chevy Chase (Hot Tub Time Machine), Donald Glover (30 Rock), Yvette Nicole Brown (Rules of Engagement), Danny Pudi (Greek), Gillian Jacobs (Choke), Alison Brie (Mad Men), and Ken Jeong (The Hangover Part II), and executive producers Dan Harmon (The Sarah Silverman Program), Joe Russo (Arrested Development), Anthony Russo (Arrested Development), Neil Goldman (Scrubs), Garrett Donovan (Scrubs) and Russ Krasnoff (The Soloist) -- come together for an animated discussion and Q&A session about what's in store for viewers this fall! Indigo Ballroom, Hilton San Diego Bayfront

2:00-2:35 Family Guy— Alex Borstein, Seth Green, Adam West (Batman), and executive producers Mark Hentemann, Steve Callaghan, and Kara Vallow present a sneak peek at the new episode Stewie Goes for a Drive, featuring voice guest star Ryan Reynolds, followed by a Q&A session. Ballroom 20

2:00-3:00 Legendary Comics— For its inaugural year at Comic-Con, join iconic writer/artist Frank Miller (300), Legendary Comics editor-in-chief Bob Schreck (All-Star Superman), and other artists from the Legendary stable to find out about upcoming releases, including Miller's Holy Terror. Indigo Ballroom, Hilton San Diego Bayfront

2:15-3:15 Knights of Badassdom— In this humorous fantasy adventure from IndieVest Pictures, Joe (Ryan Kwanten) is a heavy metal rocker who's just gone through a painful breakup with his girlfriend, Beth (Margarita Levieva). His concerned roommates (Steve Zahn, Peter Dinklage) kidnap him to their LARP (Live Action Role Playing) gathering, where he enters a realm of fantasy escapism in which pretend knights, elves, and barbarians clash with foam weaponry on a mock battlefield. When Joe's "sorcerer" roommate (Zahn) inadvertently summons a deadly succubus that takes Beth's seductive form, bloody reality crashes down on their fantasy world. Once LARPers start to turn up dead, the make-believe wizards and warriors must become the real-life heroes they have been pretending to be in order to conquer the evil that has been unleashed. The panel will include a Comic-Con exclusive trailer and a discussion/Q&A with stars Ryan Kwanten (HBO's True Blood, Red Hill), Peter Dinklage (HBO's Game of Thrones, Station Agent), Steve Zahn, pending availability (HBO's Tremé, Saving Silverman), Summer Glau (Firefly, Serenity, The Sarah Connor Chronicles), Danny Pudi (NBC's Community), Jimmi Simpson, pending availability (A&E's Breakout Kings, Date Night), Margarita Levieva (The Lincoln Lawyer, Adventureland). and director Joe Lynch (Wrong Turn 2). Knights of Badassdom will be released in Spring 2012. Hall H

2:30-3:30 Digital Disruption:
Comics, Webcomics, and the Business Model of the Future— The explosion of online digital distribution -- not all of it authorized -- has created both challenges and opportunities for comics creators and publishers. What is the business model of the future? What can we learn from the webcomics movement? How have other media created innovative money-making solutions for creators? Comics industry legend Mark Waid (Daredevil) and webcomics pioneer Scott Kurtz (PvP) conduct a no-holds-barred discussion on competing with "free," confronting the torrents, and bringing marketable value to the comics audience today. Moderated by Bruce Lidl ( Room 8

3:00-4:00 Dark Horse: Joss Whedon— Long before signing on to helm one of the most anticipated superhero films in history, Joss Whedon rewarded fans the world over with some of the most compelling characters and plot lines in the history of comics, television, and movies. Here's your chance to find out what he has in store for us next, including a sneak peek at the brand-new Angel & Faith and Buffy Season 9 comics, plus exciting news about Buffy digital comics! Indigo Ballroom, Hilton San Diego Bayfront

3:30-4:15 Universal Pictures: Snow White and the Huntsmen— Universal Pictures is bringing the stars and filmmakers of its epic action-adventure film based on the script Snow White and the Huntsman to Comic-Con. Scheduled to appear to discuss their roles in this breathtaking new vision of the legendary tale are Kristen Stewart (Twilight), Oscar winner Charlize Theron (Prometheus), Chris Hemsworth (Thor), and Sam Claflin (Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides). Director Rupert Sanders (Halo 3 campaign) and other filmmakers will also be on hand to reveal exclusive footage. Q&A session to follow. Hall H

4:00-5:00 The Guild Season 5: Convention Timez!
— In their upcoming season five, the lauded web series breaks out from behind the computers and takes the cast on a fun-filled road trip to a fan convention. Writer/producer Felicia Day (Dr. Horrible, Eureka, Guild), producer Kim Evey, director Sean Becker, and the cast of The Guild offer a discussion and Q&A, along with the debut of never-before-seen content, announcements, and other surprises! Indigo Ballroom, Hilton San Diego Bayfront

4:30-5:15 Fringe Screening and Q&A
— Fringe returns to Comic-Con with series stars Anna Torv, Lance Reddick, Blair Brown, Jasika Nicole, and John Noble and executive producers Jeff Pinkner and J.H. Wyman for a Q&A with fans and an exclusive video presentation. Delve into parallel universes and alternate doppelgangers and join the discussion about this critically acclaimed thriller as Fringe continues to explore otherworldly cases with endless impossibilities. From Bad Robot Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television, Fringe airs Fridays at 9/8c on FOX, and Fringe: The Complete Third Season will be released on Blu-ray and DVD on September 6. Ballroom 20

4:30-5:30 Further over the Rainbow: A First Look at Dorothy of Oz
— Join the author and creator, Roger Baum (great grandson of L. Frank Baum), songwriter, producers, and various cast members of Summertime Entertainment's Dorothy of Oz, as they discuss the many angles of creating the anticipated new 2012 animated musical starring Lea Michele (Glee), Megan Hilty (Wicked, Spielberg's Smash), Martin Short (How I Met Your Mother, Frankenweenie), and Patrick Stewart (Star Trek: TNG, X-Men). Be the very first to see the footage, hear the music, and witness a surprise new casting announcement. Q&A to follow. Hall H

5:00-6:00 Webcomics Weekly Live!— Join Scott Kurtz (PvP), Kris Straub (Chainsawsuit), Dave Kellett (Sheldon), and Brad Guigar (Evil Inc) for a live performance of their rollicking podcast. They'll discuss the latest in webcomics and digital downloads and end with a lightning-round Q&A. Room 25ABC

5:45-7:30 An Early Evening with Kevin Smith— You know Comic-Con is over for the night on Saturday when the fat man sings. Kevin Smith takes to the Hall H stage for his annual Q&A. Fair warning: he works bluer than Doctor Manhattan (though, unlike Doctor Manhattan, Smith will wear clothes for this performance). Hall H

6:00-7:00 The Penny Arcade Q&A
— After establishing their tiny media empire in the gaming space with PAX, PAX East, Child's Play, Penny Arcade: The Series and the recently announced animated feature film The New Kid, Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik do their first Comic-Con panel in two years. Business, life, art, games, parenting -- all topics are on the table. Room 25ABC

7:45-8:45 MythBusters— A Comic-Con fan favorite, MythBusters is back with their traditional Saturday evening panel. Adam Savage, Jamie Hyneman, Tory Belleci, Grant Imahara, and Kari Byron talk about their recent exploits and upcoming fall Mythbuster-y goodness! Room 6BCF

The Community panel was awesome last year and I'm sure this one will not disappoint. Kevin Smith is always great in Hall H. I am surprised they still have not moved Mythbusters to a bigger room as it is always overcrowded and lots of people get turned away.

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Comic-Con Friday Schedule

It continues! Here are my highlights:

10:00-11:00 Torchwood: Miracle Day
— John Barrowman (Doctor Who) and Eve Myles (Doctor Who) join cast members Mekhi Phifer (ER), Bill Pullman (Independence Day), Alexa Havins (All My Children), and Lauren Ambrose (Six Feet Under), along with writer Jane Espenson (Battlestar Galactica), to discuss the fourth installment of the hit BBC Worldwide show, a Starz Originals co-production, currently airing Friday nights at 10 ET/PT on Starz. Ballroom 20

10:15-11:15 Star Trek: The Captains— William Shatner is joined by fellow Star Trek captain Avery Brooks to present a preview of the EPIX Pictures original documentary produced and directed by Shatner, in which he travels the world to interview all the actors who've played Starfleet captains. This lively discussion and Q&A session is moderated by Comic-Con fave Kevin Smith. Room 6BCF

10:30-11:30 Locke & Key FOX Pilot Screening— The most talked-about pilot not on the fall schedule was the FOX production of Locke & Key. This screening of the entire pilot will show you just what a void there will be on your TVs this fall. Watch the special filmed adaptation of Welcome to Lovecraft, and see the Eisner-nominated comic brought to life. Can't get in to see it this morning? Don't worry...there's a rescreening tonight at 9:15 in Room 6DE! Room 8

11:00-12:00 Paramount: The Adventures of Tin-Tin— TBA Hall H

11:15-12:15 AMC's The Walking Dead— Stars Andrew Lincoln (Love Actually), Jon Bernthal (The Pacific), Sarah Wayne Callies (Prison Break), Laurie Holden (The Mist), Norman Reedus (The Boondock Saints), Steven Yeun (The Big Bang Theory), Jeffrey DeMunn (The Green Mile); series creator/writer/director/executive producer Frank Darabont (The Shawshank Redemption); executive producer Gale Anne Hurd (The Terminator); executive producer Robert Kirkman (creator/writer of The Walking Dead comic book series); and makeup artist and consulting producer Greg Nicotero discuss the success of season one of AMC's series The Walking Dead and reveal what to look forward to in season two, which will air on AMC thisfFall. Join the panelists for a one-on-one Q&A session and an official sneak preview of season two. Ballroom 20

11:30-12:30 Locke & Key Panel— Make your plans to watch the Locke & Key TV pilot at 10:30, then join Eisner-nominated creators Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez, along with Locke & Key TV pilot writer Josh Friedman, for a frank discussion of the show, the comic, and what's coming up in Clockworks, the second-to-last story arc in the acclaimed series (or is it?). Room 8

12:15-1:15 Relativity Media: Raven and Haywire— Two fantastic films from Relativity Media debut in this Hall H presentation.

Raven -- The film is a gritty thriller in which Edgar Allan Poe joins forces with a young Baltimore detective to hunt down a mad serial killer who's using Poe's own works as the basis for a string of brutal murders. Raven stars John Cusack as Edgar Allan Poe, Luke Evans, and Alice Eve and is directed by James McTeigue.

Haywire -- An electrifying tale of espionage and betrayal. A female covert ops specialist who works in the deadly world of international operatives strikes back after discovering she's been double-crossed by someone close to her in the agency. Mixed martial arts superstar Gina Carano makes her feature film -- and Comic-Con -- debut, starring and performing her own high-adrenaline stunts. Also appearing is director Stephen Soderbergh.

Hall H

1:30-2:30 Adult Swim: Childrens Hospital— See a never-before-screened episode of Childrens Hospital and hear from the show's creative team led by Rob Corddry (Cedar Rapids) and Jon Stern (The Ten). They will be joined by members of their ensemble cast of comedic heavyweights, including Malin Akerman (Couples Retreat), Lake Bell (No Strings Attached), Erinn Hayes (Parenthood), Rob Huebel (I Love You Man), and Megan Mullally (Will and Grace). Childrens Hospital explores the emotional struggles and sexual politics of a group of doctors charged with healthy libidos. The panel will close with a sneak peek at Adult Swim's newest live-action comedy, NTSF:SD:SUV::, featuring creator and star Paul Scheer (The League). NTSF:SD:SUV:: is a clandestine team of government agents working to protect San Diego from numerous terrorist threats coming in daily from such evil countries as Mexico, Canada, and Guam. This team of highly trained operatives has only one job: saving your ass so you can drive your Prius and see your movies in 3D without worrying about living in a country run by no-good terrorists. Indigo Ballroom, Hilton San Diego Bayfront

2:30-3:15 Adult Swim: Black Dynamite
— Creators and voice talent from the new animated series offer a sneak peek at the show and answer questions. Executive producer Carl Jones (The Boondocks) and director Scott Sanders (Black Dynamite) appear, in addition to writer and star Michael Jai White, voice actors Tommy Davidson and Kym Whitley, and writer/voice actor Byron Minns, all of whom also starred in the live-action feature film Black Dynamite. The 2009 movie is an outrageous action comedy/spoof that follows ex-CIA agent and full-time ladies' man Black Dynamite, who's out to avenge the death of his brother against kung-fu masters, drug-dealing pimps, and The Man. The Black Dynamite animated series further chronicles the exploits of Black Dynamite and his crew. Indigo Ballroom, Hilton San Diego Bayfront

2:45-3:45 DreamWorks: Fright Night
— Colin Farrell (The Way Back), Anton Yelchin (Star Trek), Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Superbad), Imogen Poots (Jane Eyre), Dave Franco (Charlie St. Cloud), director Craig Gillespie (Lars and the Real Girl), and screenwriter Marti Noxon (I Am Number Four) take the dais to give fans a taste of the horrific fun to come in DreamWorks Pictures' 3D reimagining of the classic horror film. Hall H

3:00-4:00 Eureka— Small town. Big panel. Syfy's smash hit Eureka is back at Comic-Con. Colin Ferguson (Jack Carter), Salli Richardson-Whitfield (Allison Blake), Neil Grayston (Douglas Fargo), and guest star Felicia Day (Dr. Holly Martin) join executive producers Jaime Paglia and Bruce Miller for a chat about the big secrets of America's smartest little town. Moderated by guest star Wil Wheaton (Dr. Isaac Parrish; Wesley Crusher, Star Trek: Next Generation). Ballroom 20

3:00-4:00 Bob's Burgers— Bob's Burgers creator/executive producer Loren Bouchard, executive producer Jim Dauterive, and cast members H. Jon Benjamin, John Roberts, Dan Mintz, Eugene Mirman, and Kristen Schaal entertain animation fans with hilarious never-before-seen footage from season two, followed by a Q&A. Room 23ABC

3:30-4:15 Adult Swim: Robot Chicken— Seth Green (co-creator, Robot Chicken), Matthew Senreich (co-creator, Robot Chicken), and Tom Root (head writer, Robot Chicken) discuss the popular Adult Swim series. The series uses stop-motion animation to bring pop culture parodies to life in a modern take on the variety/sketch show format. In Robot Chicken, no pop culture target is safe. Legions of action figures are used to spoof everything from reality television and Star Wars to past presidents. Moderated by Keith Crofford, vice president of production, Adult Swim. Indigo Ballroom, Hilton San Diego Bayfront

4:00-5:00 The Boy Who Loved Batman— Dreams can come true, but some of them can bloody your knuckles. That's an apt description of what it took film producer Michael Uslan to fulfill his dream of making a dark and gritty Batman movie in 1989. Join Uslan, executive producer of Batman, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises, as he tells columnist Tony Panaccio of the lifelong odyssey that led him to launch one of the most successful film franchises of all time. Room 4

4:00-6:30 Sony— Sony returns to Hall H with a stellar lineup of films and talent, including:

Ghost Rider-Spirit of Vengeance -- After blazing a trail around the globe in the worldwide hit Ghost Rider, Nicolas Cage returns as Johnny Blaze in Columbia Pictures' Ghost Rider-Spirit of Vengeance. Still struggling with his curse as the devil's bounty hunter, Blaze is hiding out in a remote part of Eastern Europe when he is recruited by a secret sect to save a young boy (Fergus Riordan) from the devil (Ciaran Hinds). At first, Johnny is reluctant to embrace the power of the Ghost Rider again, but it is the only way to protect the boy -- and possibly rid himself of his curse forever. Live on stage: directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor (Crank) and stars Nicolas Cage, Idris Elba, and Johnny Whitworth.

30 Minutes or Less -- From Ruben Fleischer, the director of Zombieland, comes the action comedy 30 Minutes or Less. In the movie, Nick (Jesse Eisenberg of The Social Network and Zombieland) is a small town pizza delivery guy whose mundane life collides with the big plans of two wannabe criminal masterminds (Danny McBride and Nick Swardson). The duo kidnap Nick and force him to rob a bank. With only a few hours to pull off the impossible task, Nick enlists the help of his ex-best friend, Chet (Aziz Ansari). As the clock ticks, the two must deal with the police, hired assassins, flamethrowers, and their own tumultuous relationship. Talent in attendance includes director Ruben Fleischer and stars Aziz Ansari, Nick Swardson, and Michael Peña.

Total Recall -- Welcome to Rekall, the company that with one little implant can turn your dreams into real memories. For a factory worker named Doug Quaid (Colin Farrell), the mind-trip sounds like the perfect vacation from his ordinary existence. But when the procedure goes horribly wrong, Quaid becomes a hunted man. With the line between fantasy and reality blurred and the fate of his world hanging in the balance, Quaid goes on the run to discover his true identity, his true love, and his true fate. Based on Philip K. Dick's classic story "I Can Remember It for You Wholesale," this new take on some of his most visionary ideas is directed by Len Wiseman and stars Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel, Bryan Cranston, and John Cho, all of whom will be appearing.

The Amazing Spider-Man -- The Amazing Spider-Man is back on the big screen, shot in 3D for the first time, and will be swinging into your neighborhood on July 3, 2012. Starring Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Rhys Ifans, Denis Leary, and Martin Sheen, as well as Sally Field, and directed by Marc Webb, The Amazing Spider-Man's new creative team will be taking a whole new direction in the unfolding saga of everyone's favorite web-slinger. Appearing in person are producers Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach, director Marc Webb, and our own Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy -- Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone.

Hall H

4:30-5:00 Adult Swim: Eagleheart— Chris Elliott discusses his first lead television role since the cult favorite Get a Life. Panelists include series stars Chris Elliott, Brett Gelman (The Other Guys), and Maria Thayer (Forgetting Sarah Marshall) and executive producers Michael Koman, Andrew Weinberg, and Jason Woliner. Produced by Conan O'Brien's Conaco Productions and Dakota Pictures, Eagleheart promises violence, suspense, intrigue, and copious amounts of needless bloodshed as Marshal Chris Monsanto (Elliott) blindly kicks, punches, and shoots his way to what may or may not be a legitimate solution to his case. Indigo Ballroom, Hilton San Diego Bayfront

5:30-6:30 True Blood Panel and Q&A session— Mixing romance, suspense, mystery, and humor, the Emmy and Golden Globe nominated True Blood kicked off its 12-episode fourth season June 26 on HBO. The series follows the on-and-off romance between waitress and part-faerie Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin), who can hear people's thoughts, and 173-year-old vampire Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer). Oscar and Emmy award winner Alan Ball created and serves as executive producer of the series, which is based on the bestselling Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlaine Harris. The series -- and this panel! -- also features Ryan Kwanten as Jason Stackhouse, Sam Trammell as Sam Merlotte, Rutina Wesley as Tara Thornton, Nelsan Ellis as Lafayette, Deborah Ann Woll as Jessica Hamby, Kristin Bauer van Straten as Pam, Joe Manganiello as Alcide, and Kevin Alejandro as Jesus. Moderated by Tim Stack of Entertainment Weekly. Ballroom 20

6:00-7:00 The Hub: Batman: 45th Anniversary of the Original Series— Holy Comic-Con Panel, Batman! For the first time ever, three stars of the iconic 1960s TV series are together at Comic-Con: Adam West (Batman), Burt Ward (Robin), and Julie Newmar (Catwoman) team up to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the landmark television series now airing on The Hub TV Network. The cast will share memories from the show and introduce and discuss their favorite scenes, followed by an audience Q&A. Bang! Pow! Woosh! Room 23ABC

6:30-7:30 Dungeons & Dragons: How to Be a Dungeon Master: The Art of the DM
— Being a great Dungeon Master requires a variety of skills, such as rules arbiter, character actor, and expert storyteller. The art of the Dungeon Master is in combining all these talents to become a superhuman master of Dungeons & Dragons. Chris Perkins, senior producer for the D&D tabletop role-playing game and Acquisitions Incorporated's #1 DM, discusses various tips and tricks to bring the best adventure to your players, as well as ways to make them equal participants in the story. A Q&A session will follow. Room 32AB

6:45-7:45 RiffTrax Live— Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett (, Mystery Science Theater 3000) return to Comic-Con to perform another live, hilarious riff to a classic short! Join the riffers for fun, laughs, and the latest news about their upcoming Jack the Giant Killer live show, a one-night event playing in select movie theaters nationwide in August. is the site where MST3K-style humor meets mainstream movies, TV shows, and vintage shorts. At RiffTrax they don't make movies, they make them funny! Room 6DE

6:45-7:30 At the Drive-In
— Come with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear when one of the few places you could see some offbeat genre films and a slew of trailers was at your local Drive-In. We're trying something new at Comic-Con this year by giving some up and coming genre filmmakers an evening berth to preview their upcoming films. So as San Diego gets darker tonight, so will Hall H as we welcome our first guests to the Virtual Drive-In:

Grave Encounters -- Locked in an actual abandoned mental hospital, the crew of a ghost-hunting reality show find themselves trapped in a psychotically endless and deadly labyrinth. Written and directed by The Vicious Brothers, Grave Encounters, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival earlier this year, takes the found footage horror genre to a terrifying new level. Appearing on stage: The Vicious Brothers.

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil --Tucker and Dale are two best friends on vacation at their dilapidated mountain house, who are mistaken for murderous backwoods hillbillies by a group of obnoxious, preppy college kids. When one of the students gets separated from her friends, the boys try to lend a hand, but as the misunderstanding grows, so does the body count. Tucker & Dale Vs Evil has been a hit on the festival circuit, debuting at Sundance, and winning the Midnight Audience Award at SXSW, the Jury Prize for First Feature at Fantasia, the Best Director award at Fantaspoa, and the Best Motion Picture Award at Sitges. Confirmed panelists include Eli Craig, Alan Tudyk, and Tyler Labine.

Hall H

8:00-10:00 World Premiere: Batman: Year One— Warner Home Video, Warner Premiere, DC Entertainment, and Warner Bros. Animation proudly present the World Premiere of Batman: Year One, the highly anticipated next entry in the ongoing series of DC Universe Animated Original Movies. Based on the landmark 1987 DC Comics titles from 12-time Eisner Award winner Frank Miller and illustrator David Mazzucchelli, Batman: Year One depicts young Bruce Wayne's return to Gotham City in his first attempts to fight injustice as a costumed vigilante. The playboy billionaire chooses the guise of a giant bat to combat crime, creates an early bond with a young Lieutenant James Gordon (who is already battling corruption from inside the police department), inadvertently plays a role in the birth of Catwoman, and helps bring down a crooked political system that infests Gotham. When the film ends, stay in your seats for a lively panel discussion amongst voice cast members Ben McKenzie (Southland), Eliza Dushku (Dollhouse, Buffy the Vampire Slayer), and Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica), executive producer Bruce Timm (DCU films), directors Lauren Montgomery (Superman/Batman: Apocalypse) and Sam Liu (All-Star Superman), and casting/dialogue director Andrea Romano (DCU films). Moderator Gary Miereanu will offer a first glimpse into the 2012 DC Universe Animated Original Movies slate, give away some exclusive prizes to inquisitive audience members, and quite possibly introduce a few surprise guests. Warner Home Video will distribute Batman: Year One on Blu-ray and DVD, OnDemand and For Download on October 18, 2011. Ballroom 20

8:30-9:30 The Aquabats Super Show
— The Aquabats continue on their never-ending quest to right wrongs, destroy boredom, and seek justice for all as they invade their first-ever Comic-con panel! All the Aquabats -- MC Bat Commander, Crash McLarson, Jimmy the Robot, Ricky Fitness, and Eagle Bones Falconhawk -- will address their legions of fans with insights on their long-awaited new series coming this fall to The Hub TV Network. Attendees will have a chance to win tickets to the Aquabats concert on Saturday night! All followed by a Q&A. Room 5AB

Definitely not a lack of things to do on Friday. I'm going to have to make some tough choices.

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Comic-Con Thursday Schedule Announced

It has begun! As I do every year, here are my Thursday highlights:

1:45-2:45 Ringer— Sarah Michelle Gellar makes her highly anticipated television return in the gripping new thriller Ringer, as a woman who, after witnessing a murder, goes on the run, hiding out by assuming the life of her wealthy identical twin -- only to learn that her sister's seemingly idyllic life is just as complicated and dangerous as the one she's trying to leave behind. Be the first to see an exclusive sneak peek at the new series about family secrets and stolen identities, followed by a panel discussion with series stars Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy The Vampire Slayer), Ioan Gruffudd (Fantastic Four), Nestor Carbonell (Lost, The Dark Knight), Kristoffer Polaha (Life Unexpected), executive producer Pam Veasey (CSI:NY), and co-executive producers Nicole Snyder (Supernatural) and Eric Charmelo (Supernatural). Ballroom 20

2:00-3:00 Napoleon Dynamite— Original cast members from the hit indie film including Jon Heder, Tina Majorino, Efren Ramirez, Jon Gries, Sandy Martin, Diedrich Bader and executive producer Mike Scully (The Simpsons) present a new series following your favorite awkward teenager like you've never seen him before -- animated! Join us for a sneak peek at never-before-seen footage of the newest member of FOX's Animation Domination lineup and a "sweet" Q&A session. Room 7AB

2:00-3:00 FilmDistrict Studio Panel— FilmDistrict, the new studio that brought you Insidious, celebrates two upcoming features: Don't Be Afraid of the Dark, a Guillermo Del Toro production starring Katie Holmes and Guy Pearce, and Drive, directed by Nicolas Winding Refn, starring Ryan Gosling, Carey Mulligan, Ron Perlman, and Christina Hendricks. Exclusive footage will be presented and a Q&A will be held for both films. Hall H

3:00-4:00 Game of Thrones Panel and Q&A session— Based on the bestselling fantasy book series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin, HBO's Game of Thrones concluded its 10-episode debut season on June 19. The series, executive produced and written by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, follows kings and queens, knights and renegades, liars and noblemen as they vie for power in a land where summers span decades and winters can last a lifetime. Some of the cast featured in the first season and appearing on this panel are (in alphabetical order) Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Ser Jaime Lannister, Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister, Kit Harington as Jon Snow, and Jason Momoa as Khal Drogo. Moderated by George R. R. Martin, who also serves as a co-executive producer and writer on the series. Ballroom 20

3:15-4:30 20th Century Fox— At past Comic-Cons, 20th Century Fox has previewed Independence Day, X2, Avatar, and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. You won't want to miss the excitement this year, as Fox presents first-looks at some of its most-anticipated pictures of 2011 and 2012. Hall H

4:00-5:00 Archer Screening and Q&A— This animated half-hour comedy revolves around the spy agency known as the International Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS) and the lives of its self-involved employees. Series creator Adam Reed (Sealab 2021, Frisky Dingo) and the show's voice-over actors discuss their daunting and enigmatic work of espionage, reconnaissance missions, and undercover surveillances -- which are all actually unmitigated occasions for the ISIS staff to undermine, sabotage, and betray each other for personal gains and prosperity. Panelists include H. Jon Benjamin (Bob's Burgers, Jon Benjamin Has a Van) as the highly skilled yet incredibly vain master spy Sterling Archer; Aisha Tyler (Talk Soup, CSI) as fellow agent provocateur Lana Kane; Chris Parnell (Saturday Night Live, 30 Rock) as the easily intimidated comptroller of ISIS, Cyril Figgis; Judy Greer (Mad Love, Arrested Development) as the loquacious secretary, Cheryl/Carol; Amber Nash (Frisky Dingo, Aqua Teen Hunger Force) as the discordant director of human resources for ISIS, Pam Poovey; and George Coe (Funny People, Curb Your Enthusiasm) as Sterling's elderly and always-exploited butler, Woodhouse. Indigo Ballroom, Hilton San Diego Bayfront

4:15-5:15 TV Guide Magazine: Fan Favorites
— TV Guide is back with an all-star panel for the fans! Moderated by editor-in-chief Debra Birnbaum, Fan Favorites features your favorite talent from your favorite shows -- in front of the camera and behind the scenes. Panelists include Nestor Carbonell (Ringer), Johnny Galecki (The Big Bang Theory), Jorge Garcia (Alcatraz), Leslie Hope (The River), Zachary Levi (Chuck), Joe Manganiello (True Blood), Julie Plec (Vampire Diaries), Matt Smith (Doctor Who ), Kevin Williamson (Vampire Diaries), Deborah Ann Woll (True Blood), and others. Ballroom 20

4:45-5:45 Robert Rodriguez's Quick Draw Productions— Be the first to get a sneak peek at Robert Rodriguez's upcoming films. Robert presents Quick Draw's new slate featuring special guest collaborators. He will also show exclusive material from his latest top-secret project. Hall H

5:00-6:00 Beavis & Butthead
— In 1993, Mike Judge (creator of Beavis and Butthead) and MTV knocked their heads together and launched a cartoon series starring a couple of lunkheads and unwittingly started an animated pop culture revolution. Now, Beavis and Butthead are coming back to MTV in 2011 to unleash on music videos, Jersey Shore, viral videos, and more. See the first footage from the new episodes, and join Mike as he discusses the duo's return to MTV! Room 6A

5:00-6:00 Batman: Arkham City
— Get the inside scoop on Batman: Arkham City, the highly anticipated follow-up to Batman: Arkham Asylum, one of the top-selling games of 2009 and the Guinness World Record holder for the Most Critically Acclaimed Superhero Game Ever. Be among the first to see and hear new details about the next chapter in Batman's gritty, immersive world -- including some surprise game and character reveals -- from panelists Mark Hamill (Star Wars), Kevin Conroy (Batman: The Animated Series), DC Comics co-publisher Jim Lee, writer Paul Dini (Lost, Tower Prep), and game director Sefton Hill (Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman: Arkham City). Indigo Ballroom, Hilton San Diego Bayfront

5:30-7:30 Showtime : Tired of Ordinary Television?— This year at Comic-Con, Showtime saves! The casts and creative forces behind Dexter and Shameless give sneak peeks into the new seasons. And be the first to see an exclusive look at the new Showtime original series Homeland.

Dexter -- See the exclusive world premiere of the new season's trailer, then moderator Ralph Garman (KROQ entertainment reporter) will preside over a revealing interview and Q&A session with the stars and executive producers, including Michael C. Hall (star/executive producer), C. S. Lee (Masuka), David Zayas (Batista) , guest star Colin Hanks (Peter Jackson's King Kong, Roswell), and more. Also appearing are executive producers John Goldwyn, Sara Colleton, Scott Buck, and Manny Coto.

Shameless -- Come party with the cast and creative team behind the hottest new Showtime original series, Shameless. If you thought your family was dysfunctional, wait 'til you meet the Gallaghers. Get the inside scoop on what's in store for the new season as Mike Schneider (TV Guide Los Angeles bureau chief) leads an interview and Q&A with stars William H. Macy (Fargo, Jurassic Park III) and Emmy Rossum (Day After Tomorrow, Dragon Ball: Evolution ), plus more, along with executive producer John Wells (West Wing, ER, Southland).

Homeland -- This fall, the war on terror comes home in the new Showtime original series Homeland from executive producers/writers Howard Gordon (24, The X-Files) and Alex Gansa (24, The X-Files, Numb3rs), starring Claire Danes (Terminator 3), Damian Lewis (Band of Brothers, Life), Mandy Patinkin (The Princess Bride, Criminal Minds), and Morena Baccarin (V, Firefly). Comic-Con favorite Morena Baccarin will make a special appearance to introduce exclusive footage from Homeland.

Ballroom 20

6:00-7:00 Entertainment Weekly: The Visionaries: A discussion with Jon Favreau and Guillermo del Toro on the Future of Pop Culture
— EW moderates an in-depth conversation with Jon Favreau (Cowboys & Aliens) and Guillermo del Toro (Don't Be Afraid of the Dark), two filmmakers at the forefront of bringing geek culture to the masses and making blockbuster art out of pulp fiction. They will discuss their inspirations, their current work, and how they strive to put a personal stamp on blockbuster entertainment. Plus: How is new technology changing the way stories are produced and viewed? And what do they think the pop culture universe will look like a decade from now? Moderated by Jeff "Doc" Jensen. Hall H

7:00-8:00 Writing Movies for Fun and Profit
— Meet Thomas Lennon (Reno 911!, The State, I Love You, Man) and Robert Ben Garant ( Reno 911!, The State, Bob's Burgers). Sure, you love their cult TV shows, but the movies they've written -- Night at the Museum I & II, The Pacifier, etc -- have made over a billion dollars at the box office. Their new book Writing Movies for Fun and Profit will teach YOU the secrets of the studio system and everything you need to know to break into the film biz and start earning piles of money by SELLING OUT. Join them for an informative and irreverent Q&A. Room 5AB

7:00-8:00 Penn & Teller Tell a Lie— They've been fooling people for years, and now they're going to do it on the Discovery Channel. Penn Jillette and Teller talk about their 35+-year careers, answer audience questions, and introduce their new fall series, Penn & Teller Tell a Lie. In each episode, they'll answer the big, urgent questions of the modern world such as: Can you make a welding torch out of bacon? Can you lift a 5,000-pound car with human hair? Can Teller survive a piranha attack? But there's a twist -- each episode presents several amazing stories, but one of them is an out-and-out lie. It's up to you to figure it out! Indigo Ballroom, Hilton San Diego Bayfront

8:00-9:30 Comics on Comics Live!—, the innovative web series that matches comedians against comic book creators in geek debates, returns to Comic-Con for its second year! Host Jonathan London ( and comics journalist Rich Johnston ( engage the greatest comic minds and the greatest minds in comics! Room 5AB

8:30-10:00 Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog— Sing along with your fellow fans at this screening of the original three acts of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog hosted by the California Browncoats, complete with callbacks! Dr. Horrible stars Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother), Nathan Fillion (Castle, Firefly), and Felicia Day (The Guild) and was written by Joss Whedon, Jed Whedon (Dollhouse), Zack Whedon (Fringe), and Maurissa Tancharoen (Dollhouse). Room 6BCF

Not a lot going on earlier in the day, which is fine by me. The big highlight for me is definitely Game of Thrones so I will definitely be lining up for that one. It appears Comic-Con finally listened to the horde and put Twilight first thing on the first day. Also, for the folks that always seem to complain that Comic-Con isn't about comics anymore, there are TONS of pretty amazing comics related panels on Thursday (and likely every other day). I never really understood that complaint. If you want comics at Comic-Con, they are there in force.

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Salute Your Shorts Quiz

Salute Your Shorts: The Quiz

Score: 90% (9 out of 10)

Did you guys know the bulk of Salute Your Shorts is available on iTunes? If that is the case, where the heck is the DVD or why isn't it on Netflix? I think a wise thing would be for all the studios to have a print-on-demand service similar to The Warner Archive. I think Nickelodeon would do pretty well with it, don't you?

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Video of the Day: Troys Don't Cry


This is just one of the many reasons why Community is probably my favorite show on TV right now.

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Another Saved By The Bell Quiz

The Saved by the Bell Sports Quiz

Score: 100% (10 out of 10)
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Best News Ever: Retro Nickelodeon Shows to Return

First The Hub and now this!

If you’re a twentysomething who’s been jonesing for repeats of All That and Clarissa Explains it All, then this news is for you: EW has learned exclusively that starting this fall, TeenNick will dust off old faves like Rugrats, Kenan & Kel, Pete & Pete, The Amanda Bynes Show, All That and Clarissa and air them in a new midnight-to-2 a.m. programming block dubbed (appropriately enough) The ’90s Are All That. The tween cabler came up with the idea after seeing the huge interest in early Nickelodeon programming on social media sites. There are several Facebook pages — followed by millions of fans — that are devoted to Nickelodeon shows from the ’90s.

The also go on to say if it does well they will expand it to other shows and movies. How about if it does really well you guys resume the Nickelodeon Rewind Collection? I will definitely have my DVR set when it starts.

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Image of the Day: Freaks & Geeks and Undeclared PaleyFest Poster

I was very happy to hear that Gallery 1988 would be making a poster for the Freaks & Geeks and Undeclared reunion at PaleyFest this Saturday. I can't even tell you how excited I am for this event and this makes it even more cool. I will definitely be picking up one of these.

via /film

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Check out Pop Sickles

Hey, look at that, I'm on another podcast. This time it is Pop Sickles with my good friend Derick Armijo. We record the show live every Friday night at the Smodcastle but if you don't live in the L.A. area you can listen here or if you're lazy, here is an embeddable player:

Mildly NSFW, just so you know. We discuss various pop culture news and things like that. It's fun. I hope you think so too.

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VOTD: Andy and Pee-Wee's Night Out

Best Digital Short in a long time.

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VOTD: Saved by the Belding

Saved By The Belding
Uploaded by STEproductions. - Classic TV and last night's shows, online.

This video just might be the very reason streaming video on the web was created. It's amazing. Thanks Mike for the tip.

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VOTD: James Van Der Beek is a Good Sport

James Van Der Beek is pretty awesome. Check out James Van Der Memes for awesome animated gifs like this one:

And a new take on an old classic:

Perhaps we're not too far away from him embracing his role as Rick Sanford in Angus. One can hope.

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The Wire Alignment Chart

Folks have been posting these for a bit but this one is definitely my favorite.

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1 3 4 5 ...6 ...7 8 9 10