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R.I.P. Jim Cunningham

Holy crap you guys, Patrick Swayze died. It is a sad day indeed.

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LHC Video

Webcam feed for Large Hadron Collider - Pretty boring so far, but you never know what you might see.

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WTF of the Day: The Real Donnie Darko


Oh man, are you guys ready for some crazy? I don't think you are.

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Southland Tales Trailer!!!

Oh snap....


I know a lot of smack has been talked about this one, but Richard Kelly has made a huge effort to tighten things up and got the money he wanted to do all the visuals properly. I personally can't wait. Looks great. The Moby soundtrack sounds amazing. Go here for the Hi-Def version. Check the move out in theaters on November 9th.

Update: Holy crap, check out a pic of Kevin Smith after the jump. Dude looks awesome!

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Crazy 4 Cult

Tuesday night Jon and I went to a really cool art show that Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier are putting on called Crazy 4 Cult. It's at Gallery Nineteen Eighty Eight in Los Angeles until August 10th, so check it out if you are in the area. All the art is inspired by cult films and is pretty darn awesome. The opening reception was a lot of fun. I got to meet Richard Kelly again, which was cool. After checking out the art, Jon and I spent the rest of the evening hanging out with Jen Smith and some folks from the View Askew message board. It was a good time. Here's a cool video of the paintings and the event:


I saw myself in it three times. See if you can find me. And check out the awesome paintings.

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Southland Tales Pics

Ain't It Cool- Southland Tales Pics

Ain't It Cool has some new pics from Richard Kelly's Southland Tales. I'm super excited for this movie as it is Kelly's first since Donnie Darko. This one seems to be just as bizarre and amazing. Some of the casting choices seem odd, but many thought the same thing about Darko. Patrick Swayze anyone? Kelly is also working on a series of graphic novels leading up to the movie. They're being released by Kevin Smith and Graphitti Designs, so that should be sweet.

I haven't seen a lot of movies lately. They're too freaking expensive and I don't really have the time. I've been wanting to get to the dollar theater more, but I just haven't had the chance. I still haven't seen Corpse Bride and despite the reviews I really want to see Elizabethtown. Shopgirl comes out today and I'm all over that. Claire Daines, Jason Schwartzmann, and Steve Martin? Yeah, I'm there.

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Southland Tales

Southland Tales

Another great website for what looks to be another great movie from the makers of Donnie Darko. Sweet.

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An honest look at the facts surrounding ANWR drilling

The Seattle Times: Opinion: An honest look at the facts surrounding ANWR drilling

The Gov. of Alaska, Frank H. Murkowski Gives his two cents.

Alaska's environmental standards are the highest in the world, and yet Washington Sens. Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray — opponents of ANWR drilling — have repeatedly declined my invitations to visit ANWR and see firsthand this area of national importance...

Critics falsely claim ANWR will only produce six months of oil. This incorrectly assumes ANWR would be the only oil field in operation in the world. In fact, ANWR oil will make significant contributions to the nation's energy supply for decades, replacing what we import from Saudi Arabia for the next 20 years. To bring this statistic home, ANWR alone would supply the state of Washington with all of its oil needs for 15 years...

Some say ANWR will take at least seven years to begin production. That delay is because of the comprehensive environmental-impact study necessary to ensure that the environment is protected...

Like all Americans, I support research and technological development in alternative energies so that in the future we can reduce our energy dependence. But we must be realistic — right now the world moves on oil and that will be the case for years to come. Until the arrival of new energy technology, oil from ANWR can significantly help in easing our dependence on foreign imports...

Like most things, it makes sense if it is all true....

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Iran oked fly overs?

Iran Okayed U.S. Drone Flights

I don't really 100% trust the site, but interesting news tid-bit.

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Article from Slate, by a liberal.

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Kevin Smith Doing Donnie Darko Commentary

This is going to be great. Kevin Smith just announced that he is going to be doing a commentary track with Richard Kelly for the new Donnie Darko: Director's Cut DVD. I can't wait.

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Donnie Darko NYT Article

The New York Times > Movies > The Resurrection of 'Donnie Darko'

This is a great article about the rise of Donnie Darko over the last couple years. The Director's Cut recently premiered in L.A., so hopefully it should be rolling out around the country soon. There's also talk of a new DVD release.

P.S. If you don't have a login for NYT, use BugMeNot.

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Frank Masks!

Someone posted this link in the comments on a very old post and I thought I'd share it with you. There's no direct link to the Frank Mask, so click on 2004 and it's in there. Here's the picture. It's kind of pricey, but it looks pretty darn cool. Now all I need is a bunny suit.....

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Donnie Darko Director's Cut Trailer

Check it out here. I really hope this comes out somewhere near me.

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More Info On Donnie Darko Re-Release

I found this over at the View Askew board. Be sure to go see the film in theaters this summer if it plays anywhere near you. The director's cut will feature deleted scenes that aren't found on the DVD.

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Another Richard Kelly Interview

Here's another great interview with Donnie Darko writer/director Richard Kelly. He discusses some future projects, including a theatrical re-release of Donnie Darko in a director's cut format. He mentions the aforementioned Cat's Cradle project as well:

But it’s yet to be determined who is going to direct it, if it’s going to be Darren. I don’t know if it’s going to be Darren or not.

I think that they’re still figuring out exactly what they want to do with the project. It’s very much up in the air and in flux right now, so stayed tuned on that one (laughing). That’s another [project] that I can’t really talk too much about or else I might get into a lot of trouble, and I don’t want to upset anyone (laughing).

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Q & A With Richard Kelly

Check out this really cool interview with Donnie Darko writer/director Richard Kelly. There's lots of good stuff explaining certain parts of the film and some of his other projects.

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The wonders of wi-fi

I just posted from the crapper at CCCB. Yes.
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Songs... for sale or for sue?

I hate the record industry. They will only alienate us more. I am reminded of a classic line from Star Wars:

"The more tighter your grip, the more starsystems will slip thru your fingers"
-Princess Leia Organa to Governor Grand Moff Tarkin

Anyway, why can't the RIAA or whatever its called (I hear they are thinking of changing to the National Socialist Party) follow suit of iTunes and the like, which have a huge, legit demand and suppply thing going.... itunes sells music for 99 cents. 15 songs/cd = $14.85/cd.... Seems better that going hardline. But that is my two cents.... (Ninty-seven more and I can buy a song!)

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One of my Favorite Movies of all Time

I think Dogma is one of my favorite movies of all time. I do not agree with some of the statements made in the movie, but I love the flick. All the performances are wonderful except for the lead actor, Linda Fiorentino. She was terrible. All the speeches, esp Bartleby's speech to Loki after they were thrown from the train. I am trying to think of my favorite movies, and why this one is my favorite, or one of my favorites. It flys in the face of contemporary christianity and it's naive train of thought. Anyway, this is a movie that I could watch at anytime. It is quite a bit corse.

Oh yea, I love all t actors in the movie. I think they are all really good. (And such!) It has a lot to say about God and theology

Alan Rickman plays Metatron, the angel who serves as the Voice of God and has to make a most challenging visit to earth when humanity is threatened.
Ben Affleck stars as Bartleby, a fallen angel looking for a way home.
George Carlin appears as Cardinal Glick, founder of the movement Catholicism Wow, who unwittingly opens up a celestial loophole that could end the human race.
Matt Damon is Loki, the exiled angel of death looking for a way home.
Linda Fiorentino portrays DOGMA's heroine, Bethany, who attempts to save the human race by going on a pilgrimage to New Jersey
Salma Hayek is the heavenly muse Serendipity who inspires passion, poetry and art . . . when she's in the mood.
Jason Lee is a hotheaded demon with an appetite for indoor air conditioning.
Jason Mewes is the New Jersey prophet Jay, whose purpose is mysterious, even to himself.
Chris Rock is a 13th Apostle: the disgruntled and outspoken Rufus.

I friggin love Alan Rickman.

I highly recomend the flick.

Honzo's Page

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Donnie Darko Avatars/Icons

I was surfing around LiveJournal and found this sweet page of Donnie Darko icons. Sweet.

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Comming Soon: The War of the Ring (for AOC!)

Soon, Gondor will strife with Mordor as Rohan (SMILES:MVP!) contests with the will of Orthanc in the new senerio from for Age of Empires II

Hopefully a beta map will be up by tommorow, I have only sketched in Mordor and Isengurd so far....

Good Night!!!
(This is not me)

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I finally got it to work! (Age of Mythology Middle Earth Map!)

I have got the AI to work on the senerio editor on Age of Mythology! I have been working on a Middle Earth Map for a week now. It is still in the early development stages, but go and look at the screen shots and the download the file!

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Kevin Smith Sounds Off on Donnie Darko

One of our favorite directors here at, Kevin Smith sounded off the other day on one of our favorite films, Donnie Darko. Here's what he had to say:

: I have seen Donnie Darko about the same amount of times as I've seen Mallrats (around
fifty times) and I love both movies. What's your opinion on Donnie Darko?

I thought it was a big swing for the fences, and that goes a long way in my book.

Also met the director the other night at the "Charlie's Angels" premiere. Really nice guy.

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Online Special! Purchase the Painting!

Title: Ship and Air, the Effects.
Henry "-phel" Imler
inted: 2003
£ 7,004.54
Now just £6,456.33!
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