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what's up, y'all?!

it is true.. i am drunk.. actually i was drunk.. now after some soup, an entire package of saltines, a hansens's vannila cola and an hour and a half of facebook bullshit.....i am just "loose."

ok. tonight it was whiskey and pepsi double talls. dominated in some pool. my cousin and i held the table from game 1 (which was against two drunk girls) until the bar closed. ..i also rocked "drop it like it's hot" by snoop and "pepper" by the butthole surfers in the karaoke game. good night.

i just need to run a couple of thoughts by the readers of this blogzone. i am thinking about getting back into the programming game and writing an RTS (real-time strategy game) very similar to warcraft. this is a realllllllllllllllly ambitious endevor. i'm not sure that this is even possible by me. ..i looked around and dug up some software called darkbasic. it sounds appealing. maybe this happens..probably this doesn't...i would like to increase creativity in my life.. i would like to reduce negativity in my life. what will happen? i dunno.. but it is probably predictable.

on more concrete, life-type news: my life-partner/someday wife and i are having a baby girl as confirmed by the ultrasound staff at some hospital in columbia, mo that i went to at 10am after not sleeping at all the night before because i was ridiculously excited. after learning that we were pregnant i was leaning girl... because i just want to hold and hug and kiss a baby and i thought that i would make a male baby too soft for the world, but then i started wanting a boy because i am a boy and i could disciple him... well, it's a little lady and i couldn't be more stoked. i want to get an abacus and a baby drum set and a sweet-ass camera and start making some e*trade parody commercials.

still no job luck. i applied for a security guard job and i was denied on that front.. i would like to get like a decent-paying factory job that requires no brain power, but provides cheap health i could pay my bills and go back and finish school and donate my body to work, but retain the innerworkings of my brain. pipe dreams. ..if i am pipe dreaming, i want to be a super hero. ....and also, if i write an RTS game then i am overqualified for factory work and for college.

peace out earthlings.

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eric in da house

yo sukkaz!

here in missouri we are in the middle of the great blizzard of death/2011.

it's pretty effing intense.. like 20" of snow. i ain't goin nowhere man! --i am laying in bed typing this, and my ceiling just popped super loud. i think this might have something to do with the three foot snow drifts and ice on my roof. zoinks!--

anyway.. i wasn't going anywhere even before the snow hit. i basically haven't had a job since late november. i barely made bills this month. was like indiana jones sliding under a closing wall and bbbbarely making it. ..and his hat, that is my cell phone bill. it is the last bill that i pay every month and i barely got it this month. haha!

this is especially stupid because i am scheduled to become a father on june 30th! yeah brendo, i made a baby dude! how fuckin crazy is that. i am tryin to get serious and get my shit together so i can be a sensei to this little tiny fetus. i am ssssuuppperrr excited, though.

..ok, back to the massive amounts of free time i have. aside from stressing and constructing pipe dreams i have been watching a lot of shit.


Glee - kate and i started watching glee and it got outta hand fast. we got season 1 volume 1 one disc at a time through netflix.. we went to blockbuster and rented disc 1 of volume 2, watched it in one sitting and then burned up to current status by watching on the internet. i like it a lot..and it has accelerated my desire to practice singing. i have alway wanted to attempt to develop a singing voice, but all i have done about it is think.. singing is just so cool, though.. it's just you.. unless you sing like t-pain, and then it's just awesome.

Parks and Recreation - we started this series a long time ago. started out as a show that we would watch when we were gonna eat and didn't wanna invest much time into something. i never got sucked in.. i was skeptical about the quality of the show for a while, but once the pit got filled in and Andy started shining shoes at city hall.. i feel like the show got good and then we chain-watched it up until the end of season 2. i haven't started season 3 because i hate hooking my computer up to my tv because that means i have to get out my computer speakers and plug them in and all that shit.. and for some reason that annoys the hell outta me. ..i do/did it all the time for lost/glee/30 rock/the office, though.

Battlestar Galactica - HOLY SHIT! i recently had lunch with honzo at fazzoli's. we caught up on life and it was awesome. at some point we got to the inevitable shit-watching discussion and he told me to check out BSG. he was about the fifteenth person that told me this..but he told me something that turned the tide: it was now "watch instantly" on netflix. boom! done. i am on like episode 7 or 8 of season 2 and i want to just fucking inject this show into the veins of my right arm. i didn't even know i could still get hooked on space shit, but i can! i can. i love itloveitloveit.

i am tired of typing about tv shows because i want to get this post over with so that i can watch battlestar galactica..i am actually kind of pissed that i have already spent this much time on this post because i could've got an episode in. ..actually this is fun.

ok..also watching the office(many have given up, but i haven't yet)/30 rock/the event(haha...nnnnot!!)/some cake boss/hoarders season 1/extras season 1


ok, i am just flying through this

exit through the gift shop -fuckin loved it

kasino jack -interesting(had to use a k for c.asino for some reason)

confederate states of america -stopped 20minutes in because i thought it was pretty lame and uncreative

weather girl -bluhg, it happened, i was entertained

social network -it was pretty cool..but i invented facebook in 1998, so it's kind of a sore spot with me

catfish -ooh, i dug this movie. anyone else seen it? anyone else reading at this point? didn't think neither..

true grit -the new one, loved it.

..other stuff..i know it! ..i can't remember, though.

video games

i sold rock band 1 and all my instruments on craigslist for $20. i am broke and that shit just took up too much space.

i also sold my DS and my seven game collection for $100 on was bittersweet. i love the ds, but i don't ever play it and that hudred bucks was crucial!

trials hd -i've played it for like 30min lately, but i love that game.

madden 11 -i have been playing some madden lately. picked my franchise back up.. i am in year four and am trying to get the rams back to the super bowl. i love franchise mode, but it's kind of a black hole.. no matter how much i feed it, it still wants more of my time and thought.

i want to buy a 3DS.

i also want to play skyrim, the new elder scrolls game. ohhhh myyy.

--media shit over.


..back to other stuff.

I really want to play D&D. i always wanted to growing up, but i was told that it was of the devil.. i was only like 12 and retarded, so, while i didn't believe it..i WAS brainwash-scared enough to not play it. thank you church! ..anyway, reading about you playing it, brendan, has rekindled my desire to play.

..crap..battlestar galactica is calling too loudly for me to hear my thoughts, i must go.


pea-ess: i have been in vampire mode for like 3 months and i have almost sucked this entire county dry of it's blood reserves! ..nneeed jorb!

for realzies, i'm gone. i send my love to all creatures of the universe>>>(except keenan from SNL [just kidding, him too])


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what's up duuuuudes???

i got a new laptop a couple of days ago and i love it! it has put me back in semi-computereric mode. i even downloaded the WoW ten day trial and have been playing that a bit. i'm having trouble getting sucked-in like i used to with other mmoprg's, which is probably a good thing... i have something in my brain now that tells me i am waisting time or i get off the computer and zone out on the couch.

umm, yeah.

i haven't eaten solid food since last monday. i have wanted to do the master cleanse for the past couple of years and never have... but i haven't had shit to do lately, and no money, so i figured it was the perfect time to stay at home and starve myself. i'm not really following it exactly, but it's crazy. i feel awesome. it's like i'm doing a science experiment on my body. i am hungry as fuck, though.

i been readin': pretty much nothing. facebook. i have like 10 books started and no motivation. i am very lazy and foggy as of late.

i been watchin': the office, 30 rock, espn3 on my xbox, random documentaries on netflix on my xbox, veronica mars, and i seem to be running into dr. phil and rachel ray quite frequently.

i been playin': halo: reach, madden 11, world of warcraft.... word dojo on the megatouch machine at my girlie's bar..and also photo hunt on the ol' megatouch.

i been lissnin' tuh: not a whole lot.. the submarines - honeysuckle weeks, the strokes - is this it?, spoon - ga ga ga ga ga, 3 different flaming lips albums... and radio songs... other shit..

well that's it for now.

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bzZZz....... bZzZZ....... bZZzz.......

hola. it has been a while.

how you doin brendo? what's been going on? what video games have you been playing? what kind of martial arts have you been practising? will you be in the san diego metro area any time soon? i was looking at upcoming concerts on the internet tonight... but i didn't really see anything that i could get excited about.
i have been in a zombie zone.

and hello to danny and henry and smiles and brian and jeri and luis and dave and lil rae rae and old man witherspoon and anybody else that reads this. lucas, do you read this? if so... what is happenin, fool?

yo henry, do you play any basketball anymore? i've been playing at least once a week. i should come to columbia and me, you and jeremy could play some basketball. are you happy that the heat got beasley?

i've been watching a lot of tv lately. not good tv watching, though. friggin zombie tv watching. hours and hours of espn news cycles. watching friends dvds with my girlfriend. i go through long periods where i have no brain activity. i will start to see my soul floating up from my body and then my dog will bark and bring me back to consciousness.
i've been going to work and not liking my job... but the intensity of the suckage of that situation goes through cycles. sometimes it barely sucks, or doesn't even really suck... and sometimes i get burnt out and it sucks balls.
i got a group of dudes from my work and we played in a basketball league and it was super fun... but what i wanna do is create a basketball team of all the dudes that i have played basketball with growing up and enter a league somewhere and get cool jerseys and shit. i just need to create a new super-town and move all of my friends to this new utopia and then i will also have to populate the town with opposing teams. maybe like seven medium teams, one hard team and three easy teams.
i could have:
my cousin jeremy
nathan see
andy hodges
my friend jeff from back in the day
j dub
i would also like more of my cousins and my brother, but maybe they should be on another imaginary team... anyway... what am i talking about?

my dog won't stop staring at me.
she keeps changing poses and trying new tactics to get my attention.

i think i'm done. hi everybody.

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i forgot my password and i started to freak out, but then it came back to me...

to whoever put "the lebron game?" on the season finale poll i say "hehe".

also, i'm goin to missouri for a wedding. i'll be in the heezy june 21 - july 2. i'm excited.

the nba finals suck. the eastern conference sucks. and drew gooden's patch of stupid hair on the back of his neck makes it hard for me to watch the cavs play anybody.

the end

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robot wiener

yo, here's some pictures of my puppy. warning GIANT ASS PICTURES

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hello everyyyyyone.

i just registered a domain name. i got ...i had that domain a long-ass time ago. i got it for free from some place...i can't remember the name... and they put an ad at the bottom... anyway. i wasn't gonna go, cause i'm not really skwull'in it out...

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yo homies.

i'm kickin it live in farmington, missouri right now. i came home for the summer to work with my cousin jeremy. we clean out dirty-ass forclosed upon houses. it kinda sucks... but it's not all that bad.
i think i'm headed back to california in like mid-august...
i bought a DS and it kicks total ass... i've got brain age, and fifa 06...
hmmmmm..... i read "the rum diary" by hunter s. thompson... and it kicked ass. it made me want to drink. hunter s. thompson is pretty badass... the way that he writes makes me feel a little less crazy.
ehhhhh... i'm also reading a couple of other books, but i somehow i've gotten back into some kind of funk where i don't really feel like finishing anything once i start it... i don't know what i'm talking about... i gotsta BOUNCE
oh yeah... i got a cell phone. my number is (619) 203-5673... so call me if you like. leave a message if i don't answer cause i can't get any friggin reception where i live.

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Gov. Tim Kaine

(D) Virginia

...while listening to george bush i zoned out and thought about how rediculous anything sounds when it comes out of his mouth. then i started thinking about what saturday night live might do with the whole state of the union shit this week...
and then...
out of nowhere comes crazy tim kaine and his crazy arching left eyebrow!!! that dude... whoa... they HAFFFFTA do a skit on SNL with that dude this week.


ps - i finished reading the tibetan book of living and dying recently... and i started reading this book called THE POWER OF NOW!!! it's not really all capitally and exclamation-like, but it IS called "the power of now". it's pretty cool so far. after i finish this book i'm going to learn how to play the piano.

also played some basketball... i am weak and i get tired really fast... but i can block shots alright and sometimes i get hot strokin' the three balls, but most of the time i'm bricking shit and apoligizing to my teammates.

steelers or seahawks? don't care.

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merry christmas y'all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i went to an 80's christmas party a couple of days ago... it was pretty rad. i bought a women's medium turtle neck sweater at a goodwill and hot glued christmas-y shapes made out of felt to it. that sentence was grammatically whack. i hope you can read it.

still reading the tibetan book of living and dying and it is still the bomb.

right now i'm listening to "groove is in the heart" by dee-lite... hehe this song is awesome.

did anyone watch the apprentice this season? the finale was on recently... zingggggggg!

did anyone watch saturday night live on the friggin' 17th?! that shit was the bomb. chris parnell and adam samberg made a rap video called "lazy sunday" that you must download somewhere (i gots no clue where, but do it). it was hiiii-larious.

i had CRAZYYYYYYYYYYYYY dreams last night...... like totally insane... people were getting killed by people with magical powers, people were sailing on the ocean battling magical beings, people were making potions out of human blood and jewels and golden buddhas and drinking them. all this shit was really vivid... when i say "people were..." i mean i was... it was totally f-cked... and awesome. sooo... uhhhh, i'm nuts.

dude... watch that "lazy sunday" video... it's hilarious. do it do it doooooo it.

bloooo.... what else.... i've been doing a good job for the most part of acting like a regular member of society... going to work and paying bills and all that, i even have a new girlfriend. a couple of days ago i was trying to sink into "alone eric mode"... i had a strong urge to withdraw and stop doing shit and to stop participating in the social game... buttttt i think i have aquired a level 6 intelligence spell that can slowly counteract these detrimental attitudes. goo. the spell doesn't work that well, but... hmmmmmmm.... what the hell am i talking about...

cool... that's it... i'm out. i'll try to write again soon.
the coldest it gets here is 50. that rules.

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what's up dudes?
i've been kickin it in san diego. things are swell. i got friggin sickkkkkkkk after thanksgiving... i got an infection in my lungs and for like five days i had to focus ~85% of my brain power on properly breathing so that i could get enough oxygen. it sucked dino-balls. i don't have health insurance so i was freaking out, but i went to this free clinic place and saw a doctor and got antibiotics and didn't pay a thing. which made me super happy. so that's cool that i used the system and it really helped me out...
so anyway i've been like mega-happy since i started feeling better. i feel like i figured a lot more out about my brain and all that. so now i feel pretty good but i have a lingering fear of getting sick again... because that stressed my out pretty bad.
i finished my server training at work, so during christmas i'll hopefully build up some cash. working at applebee's has been pretty good lately. i've gotten to know everyone i work with and everyone's pretty cool. even the people that aren't cool, are cool.
i've become better friends with my roommates' cat. she's pretty funny.
i painted a picture a few days ago... and it was really damn fun. i have a hard time doing creative things because i'm so paranoid of judgement... but i did a good job of detatching myself and playing around. so it was good......
i feel like i'm in a pretty good environment at the moment. *knock on wood* i'm gonna go eat BBQ baked lay's and play nba live 2005 on my xbox.

oh yeah... brendan, your year in review post mini-series is the bomb. i missed a lot of shit, so it like the cliff's notes version of the site. i thought episode 3 was around a B- as well. this game if f#%@ing cool.

i saw the lion the witch and the wardrobe on the 9th at 12:01am and i do testify that it is the sheeeeeeeeee-it.

i saw walk the line, twas good.
i saw the goblet of fire and it was good as well.
i like cookies. live... i'm outta here. i just started a new season on my dynasty, so i gotta go do some team maintenance.
:::::END TRANSMISSION:::::..:.:;;>::>>;;;;;:::

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boyz II men

bah umm bah da da da ee da ee da  eee aaahhh ahhh ahhh ahhh ahh
abc bvd east coast fa-mil-y mmmm mmmm

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i gots no brains

i'm listening to missy elliott, it's goin pretty good.

i was like 2 hours late for work last night because i got lost in the san diego mass transit web... it was stresstastic.

i'm gettin trained as a server at the bee's, so my money rating should be on the up and up.

i just finished watching a documentary on tibet. it was good.

my fantasy basketball team sucks.

i played real basketball the other day...
things started out fly
i was hitting the three
the nba three
i was cleanin the glass
then thirty minutes in a ran outta gas
my cardiovascular system is ass. it pretty much sucks. i've been feeling really mortal lately.

sorry for all this scatterbrained crap...

i read that YTMND article... that shit is HILARIOUS. i had no idea.

i'm in a very creative mood... i really want to write more... but i don't really know what to say anymore. i think i'm gonna mess around with fuity loops and try to get my rap career off the ground.

bad boy entertainment.
castle greyskull.
mr. garrison.
shout outs to the island of borneo.
talkin bout sea turtles.

ps - you dudes should tivo the show "i shouldn't be alive", for i proclaimeth that its entertainment rating is at a level that is deemed acceptable by the institutions that govern such integers.


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i haven't posted in friggin forever... i moved to my new apartment by the ocean, it's pretty fly. me and my roommates also got a dvr which is also fly. the album "doggystyle" by snoop dogg is definately fly. working at applebee's probably isn't fly. it's not all that bad though. reading books... fly. i read "calming the mind" and "turning your mind into an ally" both ruled that ass. a couple of days ago i started reading "the tibetan book of living and dying" and that book is the shit. if you're down to hear some ideas on how things operate, then you should checketh it out. i need some gangsters to talk to about all this shit i've been reading with... we could go live in the mountains of colorado and wrestle bears... maybe find bigfoot... maybe not... bigfoot is elusive. i bought a hardback sketchbook/journal thingy the other day... and i think i'm going to go draw and write in it. seau, i guess i'm out. i hope you all are having fun doing the things you do.

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yo players
not much going on in hereland... i did get that apartment that i was talking about the other day... so i'm pretty much pumped about that. 1.5 blocks from the ocean. 2 blocks from billy ocean.
...i'm gonna go eat some easy mac

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robotica erotica


today me and the two people i live with sent in our application for a badass apartment that's like 100yards from the ocean. ohhhh man i hope we get our shite approved. we looked around the manager's apartment to see if we liked it... and it was pretty neat, i guess... the manager and her husband had a kickass book collection, and her husband was in a separate room meditating while we were there... so hopefully i'll get a chance to have a few conversations with him.

after the apartment hoopla i rode the bus around san diego for awhile... i tried out for the real world 18... it's gonna be in alaska... the tryout was pretty lamified, it was fun, though. then i bought two budweiser tallcans and fell asleep on the beach.

the word-
books: still reading dream yoga... it's badassedness is steadily increasing
movies: i saw the exorcism of emily rose last night, it was entertaining
video games!!!: i rented burnout 3, and that game is damn fun... also been playing some halo 2 and nba live 2005
food: cheese popcorn
hair: long
chicken: delicious
insults: fatso, mr. stupid, i hate you
women: yes
shrubs: the stickiest of the icky
weather: good
clothes: dirty
skin: burned
bo jackson: knows


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dude! this shit is hilarious to me!!!
ahhh... i am laughing RIGHT NOW thinking about it. oh yeah... it's a link to brendan's old message board. it's just full of ridiculous crap.

also-- brendan: me and my two roommates are coming up to anaheim on thursday to eat like a thanksgiving dinner with people from my hometown who now live in CA or something like that... anyway... i think we're gonna stay the night and go to disneyland on friday...maybe... so, do you work that day? and do you have any super discount powers for three people, or can i buy a coke can and get buy one get one free or something? and do you think i would go to jail for getting into a fistfight with goofy because i don't think that dog deserves his fame... he can't even talk can he?

oh man...........

also... nightmare on elm street was a pretty good concept for a horror movie.

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hee hee... i was looking through some old posts... this page has come a long way. when i first entered brendo-land it resided in geocities. remember when we(henry, brendo, brian, and smiles) flamed the shit out of your message board jim-what's his face(gigantic nipples man)-style? that was pretty funny.

but i digress... not really... i just wanted to say 'digress'

i miss the triple-C-to-the-B days. all my early posts were like "i'm so mad at myself. i woke up at 4pm today and did nothing but play age of empires 2 for 7 hours" that's some real shit.

i love y'all bitches and miss you guys a lot.

hmmmmmmmmmmmm.. i'm out!
ps - charcoal
pss - mr. fincher? jon ralls? cccb exists in some crazy universe

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i'm eating this oatmeal and raisin breakfast bar thingy and it tastes EXACTLY like the way that a hay-ride smells. it's awesome.

pretty much all i've been doing lately is reading... and i'm always out on some crazy tangent thinking about shit i've been reading. so here's is my current 9-hit book combo. it's worth 93,861 points and it will fill your turbo meter.

has anyone read any of these books?

  1. stranger in a strange land by robert heinlein
  2. the electric acid kool-aid test by tom wolfe
  3. survivor by chuck pa-dude that wrote fight club
  4. some book about the power of the human brain...
  5. secrets behind the iron curtain...blahblahblah
  6. journey of awakening by ram dass
  7. foundations of buddhism by rupert gethin
  8. be here now by ram dass
  9. dream yoga by some crazy superninja dude

if you answered 'yes' to the previous question, then i say 'which ones? what did you think?' then i say 'peanut butter and crack sandwich!!!' in a tyrone biggums voice.

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sup poonannies?

  1. i played some basketball today and got D-stroyed in some 2on2 action.
  2. i was able to remember a few dreams from last night, so hopefully that means that my lucid training is going well.
  3. swords
  4. guns
  5. knives
  6. knives
  7. communism
  8. del taco

hey, what do you guys think about reincarnation?
that's sorta random, but i'd like to hear some people pop off on this subject... maybe that should be a forum-type thing... i dunno.


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what's up humanoids?
i'm kickin' it san diego style... well not really.
i just got outta bed so my mind is kinda swirly. i started reading this book called "dream yoga". it's pretty fly. it's all about learning to be aware while you're asleep, gettin' lucid and all that. soooooo, here's my plan:

>master the lucid dream state
>get a gay ass hat
>get a red and blue striped sweater
>get a glove with razorblades attached to the ends of the fingers
>haunt all you bitches in dreamland... fredrick kreuger stizzyle!!!!

this plan is 110% foolproof.

....crap i gotta go take a shower before work...

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bruce wayne

yo dudes
eric here
ummmmmmmmm... a-ight.
i haven't posted in like 79 years. i don't quite know what to say.

i was in MO working at 7-11 on the graveyard shift, then i quit and moved back in with my parents... then i got a job at a hotel as a front desk clerk (that job was the friggin' BOMB by the way), but i quit so that i could move to san diego.

...currently i live on a mattress in the living room of my friends' apartment... i work at applebee's.

mentally i've been lockin' shit down and solving the chinese riddles of the universe. i've been on a kick ass streak of reading really interesting books. i've really been grooving on buddhism and meditation and crapola like that.

i've got pretty long hair now...

alright, alright... this post sucks... i really was in the mood to type and talk and shite, but i've got no message. soooooooo i'll have to come back when i'm in a more open mood. it's nice to be backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

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Call my cell phone as soon as you get this! Do you remember your forum password? 'Cause my phone number is in the LOD forum if you can login. If not, we'll work something else out. Danny and I can set you up with a POP account if you want to and we can get you setup on b2e so you can post again. Also, tell me where you live and stuff in San Diego so I can come visit you cause I'll be down next weekend! DUDE!

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Annual Where Is Eric Post

So we've had a couple clues as to the whereabouts of Eric Wright but we aren't sure. I last saw him in the winter of 2003 when Return of the King came out. Eric is the only author on that has earned his own category. Read the entries if you haven't and you'll know why. We've even set up an e-mail account for any anonymous tips regarding where he is. Please let us know at if you have any information. Thanks.

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yo blogstronauts

it has definately been a loooooong time.

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