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Merry Christmas!

I just watched Die Hard so now it's officially Christmas. Unemployed again. I think it's time to try writing for real. It's hard to not be lazy though. Any ideas or encouragement would be appreciated. We're recording the 200th episode of Radio BrendoMan on Sunday so that's pretty cool. Every year I say I'm going to try and write more here. I really want to make 2016 the year that really happens. I wish you all a happy holiday and all my love.

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Reminder To Myself That Things Are All Right

So I just turned 35. At first I didn't think it was a big deal, then I was browsing through this site and I realized that I was 21 when this blog started. That's kind of nuts. But I don't want to do another introspective what does it all mean type thing because I feel like that's what all of my blog posts have been about for the last few years. Heck, I just noticed I didn't even bother to do the annual Comic-Con schedule post in 2013 or 2014. What's up with that? I'm totally doing it this year!

What this post is all about is that right now I'm kind of freaking out and I need to remind myself that things are OK. Phil usually does that for me but he is on vacation right now and it would probably be weird if I called him with yet another Brendo freak out call. I'm sure a lot of you guys and gals would be happy to take that Brendo freak out call but it's OK. The whole point is I don't need to make that freak out call because I have this and I think I forgot how much it can sooth me to just write stuff down.

So I've been unemployed since December 7th. In 2009 I was unemployed for 9 months. We're not there yet but it sure as hell feels like it. The reason being is that unlike then when lots of people were unemployed, now things are better in theory so you only get 6 months of unemployment money. My last check was deposited this week. No more money. I am not 100% sure how I'm going to pay my bills for July but I think I have it figured out. Anyways, I need a job like yesterday and right now I am waiting to hear back on if I got one job. I have two tests this week for two different IT positions at the same school district and I have an interview at another. That's 4 jobs. Out of like hundreds I have applied for. I really need one of these to pan out. Everyone keeps telling me it's going to work out, because it always does, but what the hell is that? I guess it's because the alternative is misery and pain and that's just pointless because I've done all I can and the rest is up to forces out of my control. It's still scary and when you have a lot of free time you end up spending a lot of time staring into that abyss. I can't help it. It's there. I guess you just have to acknowledge it and keep going on with your life.

So yeah, that's what is going on job wise. Other than that I have a lot of cool shit going on and I am trying to remind myself of that. First off, Comic-Con is a little over two weeks away and Phil and I are doing our Webcomics Advocates panel. I went to my first Comic-Con panel when I was 17. It wasn't even in my realm of possibilities for that young version of me that one day I would be up on that stage, let alone be asked back again. So that is awesome. Phil and I also just funded our second Kickstarter and we're making freaking Radio BrendoMan records. Just writing that makes me squee a little. I've loved records my whole life. Phil re-instilled that passion in me when we were in college and would spend hours in the used bins at any record store we could find. Now we're making a record with our names on it. I'm super excited. We're also making a real BrendoMan All-Stars EP and another Brax book. Again, amazing.

This is all amazing and I need to remind myself of that. I am 35 years old, currently unemployed, but that doesn't say anything about me as a person. Some company bought the company I work for and I got laid off. I guess the feelings of inadequacy are coming from the fact that even after trying to better myself by taking some classes and getting a certification I haven't gotten a job yet. Who cares about that though? I shouldn't. I am trying. Besides, I am not Brendan Creecy, guy who does some type of computer work. I am Brendan Creecy, AKA BrendoMan. Writer, podcaster, creator, geek, dreamer. And that guy is doing all right.

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Thinking Up, Looking Down

We are rapidly approaching the 13th anniversary of the day I started this blog with some of my dearest friends. I was a 21 year old bible college student. I don't really know what to do with this space anymore but I know it needs to stay here. It's one of my comforts, being able to type it in and see all that history. I figured something I could do since I have the time is reflect on some of those moments. Here we go.

10 years ago:

Baby Steps

In the end, this is a deeply personal blog. It was started nearly three years ago by me and five of my best friends (Henry, Smiles, Gringo, Jeri, and Eric (who never got his own subdomain off the ground). I barely knew what a blog was but I knew it was something I could do well and it was a great way to interact with my friends. Then we grew. And grew some more. And it's awesome. Three years later and here I am sitting in an internet cafe in Chiang Mai, Thailand and I still feel just as close to my friends thanks to this blog, this community.

So that being said, I want to keep that spirit alive by being open and honest with you guys. I've been holding stuff from pretty much everyone for awhile. Most of you know I struggle with depression. I learned this past year that going to a foreign country doesn't take away your problems. It almost always magnifies them. But I was too proud and too scared to seek some help. This kind of made things worse. I went through some really dark times in Harbin. But thankfully we have a God who really does love us and is bigger than all that. He has shown me a lot of stuff these past couple weeks and has given me the strength to finally admit I can't do this on my own. Thankfully the organization I work for provided a counselor for me to talk to and he suggested something I've been hearing for awhile. I'm going back on medication. But that is just the beginning. I'm going to be make some serious lifestyle changes with the help of my teammates and hopefully with the help of you guys.

10 years ago yesterday I wrote a pretty heart felt post from an internet cafe in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I was still trying to make the China thing work. I was really trying to still make the God thing work. What I failed to mention in this post is that before I left Harbin in January I had tried to kill myself. I don't think I was ready to acknowledge that, let alone process it. I had seen a counselor in Thailand but I gave him some vague answers about being depressed. He recommended I go back on medication. It was my first time on Paxil and when I got back from Thailand I started having panic attacks and more suicidal thoughts. A month later, I was on a plane back to the States. My final destination was a treatment facility in Fresno.

Yeah, in case you didn't know I spent a few months at a residential mental health treatment center. It was for people like me who had done missions work in foreign countries and had experienced mental health problems due to this work. I met with both a psychologist and a spiritual counselor every day as well as group therapy sessions. I wasn't locked up or anything. I had a studio apartment on the property and I could come and go as I pleased. I stayed there for a few months while I got my meds figured out and talked through some problems. I still wasn't ready to talk about the deeper issues that were troubling me though. I was still clinging to the last shreds of faith that I had left. I absolutely don't regret agreeing to go to that place, though. It was much needed and it helped me along the path that would lead me to the person I am now.

At first when I think about 10 years ago, it doesn't seem like it's been that long. Then I think about everything that has happened in the last ten years and it is absolutely overwhelming. And I am so thankful for all of it. Most of the time.

In geeky fun things, Danny posted about the debut of Google Maps. The fact that is older than Google Maps is strange and awesome.

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Funemployment Again

Hello. Is this thing still on? Looks like it. 2014 has been quite the year. We were told at the beginning of the year that our company was moving to Austin and most of us in tech support would be laid off on December 5th. If we stayed until then we would get a retention bonus plus a severance package. For me this totaled up to about 3 months pay. That's a pretty large sum of cash but I had no intention of staying on a sinking ship for almost a year. The company started training a huge amount of new techs in Austin to replace us. People here in San Diego started bailing out like crazy and were not replaced. Our work loads went up. Stress went up with that. If you've listened to the podcast at all this year you've heard my tales of work related woe. Meanwhile I started going to interviews and applying for jobs with little success. Mostly temp positions that paid much less than I was making or I was lacking some of the certifications to put me ahead of the giant pack of applicants. That's kind of the way it tends to go when you finagled your way in the door 5 years ago and have been working non-stop since then with no time to work on those certs you told yourself you'd get eventually.

Things calmed down a bit once the new techs started on the phones and took on some of the workload. I was still trying to find a way out though. Then I got an offer at the beginning of the summer to stay on and move to Austin. It was a pretty sweet deal so I made a verbal commitment and waited for a formal offer letter. Then I waited. And waited. Then I waited some more. Things shifted over the summer at the company and they were trying to cut costs. I found out at the end of September that the Austin job wasn't happening. This both bummed me out and relieved me. It bummed me out because I had come to terms with moving to Austin. Part of me was excited for it. San Diego is crazy expensive. I knew I couldn't afford to stay here if I didn't have a job. I was barely able to afford my apartment even with a job. The relief came because I realized that I could finally do what I really wanted to do, which was get the heck out of tech support, and I could stay in Southern California. The wrench in everything was that my lease ran out on October 19th and I didn't want to renew it since my job was now ending on December 5th. That's where the elaborate plan commenced.

On October 19th I moved out the apartment I'd lived in for two years. It was a bit of a bummer. After crunching the numbers I decided that putting my stuff into storage and living in cheap hotels until December 5th was the best way to go. So that is what I'm doing now. At first transient life took some getting used to but it's not so bad anymore. What's next? On December 6th I am moving to Yucaipa. It's way inland and it's way cheap. It's also where Phil and Janelle live. I am getting a two bedroom apartment for half of what I was paying for a one bedroom in San Diego. Phil and I are going to set up a studio in the spare bedroom to record podcasts and work on our other various projects. I'm also going to be working on certifications and taking online classes. Once I'm done I'm hoping to find some kind of server admin job or something like that. I might try programming again. I do know that I am ready to move on from tech support. The dream is that one of our creative projects will take off. I will always keep that dream. In the meantime I will better my skills so I can support that dream with a good job that doesn't drive me nuts.

So that's what is going on. Once I am settled in and everything, I plan on writing here a lot more. So you have that to look forward to, I guess. Hope everyone is doing all right.

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Hello 2014

Yes it has been 4 months since I posted on here and I think that is a new record but let's forget about that, shall we? If 2014 is half as good as 2013 was for me, I will be stoked. 2013 saw me lose 75 pounds, successfully fund a Kickstarter with Phil for Radio BrendoMan, and fulfill a life goal by being on a panel at Comic-Con, among other things. This was also my first full year back in San Diego after a 12 year absence. It's been pretty great. I miss my OC and L.A. friends every day but this was definitely the right choice. Things are a little up in the air at my current job due to a buyout situation rather similar to the one at my last job, but that is outside of my control so I am doing my best to just enjoy each day as it happens. I hope you all are doing the same. Much love to all of you in this new year. I have so many great memories of 2013 but this is the one that I keep coming back to:

Keep on dreaming.

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What's Going On?

It's been quite awhile since I've posted anything. Most of my energy is given to the three podcasts I am a part of, all of which can be found at Benview Network. Things have also really ramped up at work as I am now supporting all of our Web products. When I get home every day I am pretty wiped. I need to stop using that as an excuse though. If I can sit in front of the TV and play Animal Crossing until bedtime, I can probably do things like write, play guitar, work on website stuff. I hate how our brain lies to us pretty much all the time.

On the fitness front I still can't seem to break the 300 pound barrier. It's getting more difficult to stay on track with my diet but that is partially my fault as sometimes when I get home from work I rationalize eating something I'm not supposed to. From there it just snowballs. I am working out every day still so that helps a lot but I just need to keep on the diet and I should be OK. It's really hard though.

I hit a wall with the memoir project due to circumstances out of my control so that is on hold. I am trying to come up with a new idea. It would probably help if I actually sat down to write but Animal Crossing is too hard to resist. I finally started watching Gilmore Girls. I am already on season two and I love it, as I knew I would.

Comic-Con was amazing as always. We talk about it a lot on Radio BrendoMan and Pop Sickles so I won't get into it here. I can't believe we did a panel at the con and it was amazing. Now I have to find a new dream to achieve.

Thank you to everyone for being so supportive and encouraging. I am sorry if I am not always the most communicative guy. I fall into routines and it is easy to forget there are other people out there sometimes. Hope you are all doing awesome. Know that I love you all and want to hear how you are doing all the time, even if I don't always ask.

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The Hardest Blog Post I've Ever Written

Do you want to know how I know who has listened to me on Bagged and Boarded? It’s really easy. I know who has listened to me on Bagged and Boarded because those are the people who know I am gay. I came out on the show 3 years ago during the second episode I hosted. If you didn’t know I was gay until just now, then you didn’t listen to my show and that bums me out a little but I understand because we cussed a lot on that show and I guess that makes some people uncomfortable. I know many people might not understand, especially if you’ve known me for a long period of time. I don’t have all the answers you guys. I just know a few things. First, I know that I first thought I was gay when I was very young but I remember my dad telling me that was bad so I put it out of my head. I also didn’t know anyone who was gay until high school so it was easy to think that all gay people were bad people. Then I became a Christian when I was 13 and that made it easy to think I wasn’t actually gay since I was taught no one was really gay, it was a sinful choice they made and they were all going to hell unless they were celibate forever and even then it was kind of a gray area. So I lived with that for years. Always thinking in the back of head that maybe I would be more happy if I could be myself. No, I didn’t want to go out and have gay sex. I still don’t really want to go out and have gay sex. Sex period kind of freaks me out you guys but that is a whole other thing.

I feel like I’m dropping a bunch of bombs right now on my friends and loved ones and I am sorry. I’ve been so scared to share this with anybody, let alone you guys so I hope you can forgive me. I love everybody and I don’t want anybody to be mad at me but I know that’s an unrealistic thing and I just have to get over it. So what changed? So much changed. I could write a whole book about it and in fact I will once I finish the book I am working on right now. When I got back from China in 2005 I was a mess. As I slowly rebuilt the pieces that were once a Christian leader named Brendan, I realized that guy wasn’t really me. I wanted to still love God, I wanted to follow Jesus but I had done that all the way to China and I only found pain, emptiness, and misery. Again, that is kind of a separate topic so I’ll move on from that since this isn’t about religion or anything like that. This is about a guy who was trying to figure out who he really was and one day his friend got him a job at Disneyland, the happiest place on earth. I loved it at Disneyland, for the most part. My favorite thing to do was work guest control during parades because I got to talk to people and walk around and I got to watch the parade. It was great. One day on my parade shift I met this guy named Greg. We started talking and realized we had a whole lot in common. We had pretty religious backgrounds that we were both trying to move on from, we both never really dated, and we had a passion for life that most people just didn’t seem to understand. We quickly became best friends.

It was probably a few months into our friendship that I realized I was falling in love with Greg. While our relationship was never physical and we were both afraid of what our relationship meant given our backgrounds, it was more intimate than any relationship I’ve ever had. He was the only person I’ve ever felt I could truly be myself around, that I could truly be vulnerable. He was the only person who knew everything and he never judged me. The more we talked, the closer we came. If that’s not intimacy, then I don’t know what is. I knew it was different than a normal friendship because I already had a best friend, as most of you know. Phil is my best friend. But as Jay always says in Kevin Smith movies, he is my “hetero-lifemate.” While Phil knew me pretty well, better than most people, there were still things I kept from him. Both out of the fact that we were two friends and I respected our boundaries and also just because it’s really hard to show your full self to anybody. Greg told me he loved me, and I know he meant it. No one besides my family and some very close friends had ever said that to me and not in this way ever. It was the happiest I have ever been in my whole life but the whole time I still was so conflicted with my own sexuality that I tried to be straight. I tried dating women. And don’t get me wrong, there are some beautiful ladies out there and I’m still not 100% sure I’m completely unattracted to them, BUT I know I don’t want to date them really or have sex with them. I think women are cool though and my female friends are awesome. So please don’t think I hate the ladies. I just know when I’m with a girl I have to force it and even then it is awkward at best. Every girl I have ever attempted to have a relationship with can definitely attest to this. Any of my friends who have ever witnessed me try to date a girl or woo a girl can attest to this. The main reason is because I was playing a part the whole time. Doing what I thought was normal, doing what I thought I had to do otherwise I would be labeled UNCLEAN or god forbid a “faggot” a word I had heard all too often when I was younger. So I would make attempts to date girls, they would fail, and I would be angry single guy for months on end. A lot of that anger came from the fact that I had no idea who I really was or what I really wanted. That all changed when I met Greg. Then it all went to hell.

As most of you know, Greg killed himself in 2007. Aside from the death of my father, that day was the worst day of my life. The worst thing about it was that I had to hide my true grief since I couldn’t tell people the love of my life had just abandoned me. I could only say my good friend died. And no one knew the truth. Nobody. I fell back into a depression that would last for years. I also thought I had gotten my answer about whether or not it was OK to be gay. It seemed like that was a big no. So I just withdrew from dating period for over 3 years.

Then some other stuff happened and I ended up on a stage on a Friday night at Smodcastle, telling my story in front of a bunch of people and for thousands of listeners of our show. I told some friends, I told my brother, but that was it. I was too scared to tell anyone else. I was kind of out, but not really. That all changed today. Due in part to the recent supreme court hearings over Prop 8 and DOMA and due in part to the facebook postings of some of my less tolerant friends, I decided I can no longer ride that fence. I am standing by my fellow gay brothers and sisters with my head held high. As I wrote on my friend’s facebook wall just a few minutes ago:

“I'm tired of being afraid of my own friends, I'm tired of hearing people I respect say stupid things about fellow human beings. I'm just tired man.”

That’s basically what this all comes down to. I’m tired. I’m also sorry I haven’t done this sooner. I love you all. Thank you.

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Download the First Chapter of My Book at

I am in the process of writing a book. It is something I have been wanting to do for basically half my life. It is basically the story of my youth and the death of my father and how that affected me. There's both humor and heartbreak. I want to thank my team of folks who read the treatment for the book and gave me a lot of great feedback. This is very much a work in progress but I feel pretty good about chapter one. You can download it at here. I am working on getting the PDF converted to other formats. If anyone wants to help me with that, feel free. The PDF is CC licensed, no commercial, share and share alike.

Update: My buddy Ish Plata made a Kindle version in Amazon format which can be uploaded directly to your Kindle. You can download that here. The link now has other formats available including mobi and epub.

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2012 Year in Review

This morning I was thinking about highlights of 2012 for me and the thing I kept coming back to was this: I was in a dance circle with Felicia Day, Amber Benson, Brea Grant, Adam Savage, Alexis Denisof, and Joss Whedon. Yeah. That alone makes 2012 pretty damn cool. And also this:

Comic-Con crazy happenings aside, 2012 was a pretty banner year. Here's to 2013!

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We need to start talking about mental health issues

I wasn't going to post this here because I wanted it to get read and I don't think people read blogs that much anymore. However, I wanted to be able to share it with folks on Twitter and make it easy for others to share it who aren't on Facebook. So here you go.

I was going to post this on my blog but I don't think people read blog posts anymore (maybe?). I have been wanting to post about this for awhile and I think today is as good a day as any with the tragic events in Connecticut. No, this is not about gun control. I will let others pontificate on that one.

We need to start talking openly about mental health issues. As many of my close friends and
family know, I have struggled most of my life with various mental health issues including clinical depression, anxiety disorder, ADD, suicidal thoughts, and other not fun stuff. I have been in and out of therapy, on and off drugs, done both in-patient and outpatient treatment. I am lucky to be able to say that for the most part I have gotten the help I need when I needed it. Many are not so lucky.

Even with my very good HMO plan, mental health is like the red-headed stepchild. I can only visit a therapist once a month. I have to jump through several hoops to get certain medications every single time I need a refill. I have to drive twice as far to my psychiatrist as I do to my doctor because there is a severe lack of psychiatry offices. When I moved to San Diego, I almost had to re-do all my evaluations (which would have taken numerous doctor visits and a co-pay each time) because of bookkeeping issues. After calling about five different people and working my way up the chain, they finally agreed to "make an exception for me" and allow me to continue treatment un-interrupted. I can't tell you how stressful this whole process was and how close I came to just giving up for the time being.

And I am one of the lucky ones with adequate health coverage. When I had no health insurance, I didn't get any treatment because it was completely unaffordable. Without insurance, my meds cost hundreds of dollars a month. Doctors visits are out of the question. I suffered for a few years in silence. Things would get really bad and then they would get better for awhile.

Many are also afraid to talk about their mental health issues because of social stigma. "Stop being depressed!" How many times have we heard that? I know I've heard it a lot. If someone is asking you honestly for help and you respond in that manner, you are part of the problem. For those of us who are clinically depressed, positive thinking and cheering up and all that other stuff will not work. It won't. Sorry.

So what can we do? We can encourage our politicians and our healthcare providers to make mental health a priority, especially in this era of health care reform. We need to create an environment where people aren't afraid to talk about these problems with their friends and loved ones. That is a big step in getting the help we need. I know it was for me.

All right, end of soapbox. I hope that made sense.

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Some Beach Boys Memories

I've been listening to The Smile Sessions a lot on Spotify and it's really taken me back to a lot of good memories I have listening to albums like Pet Sounds and Spirit of America with my dad, who was a huge fan of the group. I remember seeing them a few times play at Padres games, which were always a blast. I will never forget dancing to "I Get Around" from our field seats as the band played in the outfield. The greatest Beach Boys memory I have though occurred the summer after my senior year of high school. I was at a party at my friend's house in Del Mar and we were outside in his front yard. We could hear "Good Vibrations" playing down the street but thought nothing of it. Then we realized it was a band playing and decided to check it out. So we went over to his neighbors house and there was Brian Wilson strumming a guitar. My friend's neighbor had hired him to play their party. It was pretty nuts.

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You Let Life Get In The Way

Hello? Is this thing still on? My bad, guys. Life has been hectic with the whole car thing (I did get new wheels, more on that later) and now I'm having some major difficulties trying to get out of my lease after the whole stolen car thing went down. I'm still not sure how that's going to end up but hopefully I'll be posting some cool goings on soon enough since Crazy 4 Cult 4 opens on Friday night, Smodcastle is opening soon, and of course Comic-Con is only weeks away. I'm always posting random goings on on my Twitter feed so you can always check that out if you get really bored. What's new with you guys?

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My Geek Roots

For some reason I was thinking about how I got to this point in my life on my car ride home yesterday. When you have no stereo due to the fact that it was stolen by savages and you have a 45 minute commute, you tend to do a lot of thinking. At this particular time I was thinking about the first time I saw the World Wide Web. It was 1995. I was attending a small private school at the time and while the facilities had yet to be improved to the impressive structures they are now, we were one of the more technologically advanced schools in the state. This was thanks to the efforts of John Couch, one of the pioneers at Apple who for some reason has no Wikipedia page. He had acquired a lab full of top of the line Macs and we had what was at the time a blazing fast internet connection.

Looking at the page of text, if you had told me this technology would end up putting entire industries out of business, I would have never believed you. But it sparked something, just as years before I had felt it the first time my dad sat me on his lap in front of one of the giant PCs at his office, the first time I made a line in LOGO at school, the first time I logged in to BBS to play LORD, and everything after that.

What are your geek roots?

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Happy New Year and stuff

It's 2010 in other parts of the world so this totally counts. I am off work at 2 today and then who knows what will happen so I better get this taken care of. 2009 was a pretty crazy year. Yes, I was without a job for 9 months but I made the most of that time and now I have a super awesome job that I actually enjoy. I will always remember this year because it was the year I became a webcomic creator alongside my best friend and so far it is the most awesome thing to come along in my life since this very website. I also spent tons of time with friends and family this year and that is always great.

I also had many great adventures in L.A. and other places, the greatest of which happened just a couple weeks ago when Phil and I went to a comedy show hosted by Black Francis (Frank Black of The Pixies). In addition to comedy sets from Brian Posehn and Bob Odenkirk and a musical set from Tim and Eric we were surprised with several musical interludes from our host, who played several Pixies songs. It was beyond incredible and a great way to wrap up a pretty great year. Here's to 2009 and to a great 2010!

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Here's to the Aughts: A Decade in Photos

I think the aughts sound kind of silly but I don't know what else to call it. All I know is I've had quite the decade. Read on for lots of photos.

Full story »

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Christmas Memories

Here's a good topic of discussion: Your favorite Christmas gift ever. Before I received my NES a couple years later, this was probably mine.


That voice changing snake head microphone was pretty much the coolest thing ever as far as my 6 year old mind was concerned. Yes, Castle Grayskull was awesome, but somehow Mattel managed to top it with Snake Mountain. Those guys were pretty much geniuses when it came to selling toys to young boys.

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Link of the Day: 2012 Infographic

Getting tired of hearing crazy 2012 talk around the office? Print this out and give it to your local wackjob.

Found via Reddit. In other news, I think I'm starting to like Reddit more than Digg, mostly because the stories on Reddit seem to appeal to me more and it seems less like a competition.

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We Close Our Eyes

I think I stole that title from Wil Wheaton, but heck, it just seems appropriate. I should save this post for our 8th blog birthday in April, but I don't want to lose this. This. I got an email from the one and only Lauren a couple days ago and today I was filling her in on what was going on in my life and the lives of the rest of the crew and it just brought a smile to my face, seeing where our paths have gone, where they've crossed, where they've kind of gone their own way. Yes, lots of other people read this massive collection of words and sentences, but in the end it just comes down to some people long ago who stayed up way too late playing video games and watching movies in crappy dorm rooms and some other folks doing pretty much the same on the other side of the country. The fact that this is still here is a testament to our little community. Not just me. Not just you. But us. Those internets can be a pretty awesome thing sometimes, am I right?

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Happy Veterans Day

I just wanted to take a moment to salute all the veterans out there and thank you for your service. It is hard sometimes for us to understand just how huge a sacrifice you have made for all of us and it is easy to forget. I almost did today. The only thing I was really looking forward to today was the fact that since most schools are out we won't be getting very many calls at work. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but we should also be thinking about all our friends and loved ones who have served proudly for our country, not just today but every day.

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Celebrate St. Brendan Day

Forget Columbus, it's all about my namesake, St. Brendan. If you're wondering why, I'll let this post explain:

You see, nearly a millennium before Christopher Columbus’s famed trip on the Niña, the Pinta, and the Santa-Maria, St. Brendan got the moniker “Brendan the Voyager” for completing a rather impressive journey that took seven years. According to the extant sources, St. Brendan went looking for the Garden of Eden, but may well have stumbled across the New World in little more than a leather-clad boat sometime between 513-530 CE. In fact, some even claim that Christopher Columbus himself was inspired by the monk’s journey, and is reported to have written in his travel log before leaving on his historic trip, “I am convinced that the terrestrial paradise is in the Island of Saint Brendan, which none can reach save by the Will of God.”

Yeah, that's right, Brendan the Voyager. While it's still highly speculative whether or not Brendan made it to America, he sounds like a pretty interesting fellow.

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Summer Nights

I've been spending a lot of my nights staying up late, watching old teen movies and thinking about old times. I don't know why. Tonight was Clueless. Just like old songs, I can remember where I was in my life when I watched these films. Who they remind me of, what kind of person I used to be. It's actually kind of nice. Perhaps it's because this summer feels almost like high school and college again. Staying up late. Having various adventures. Lots of music. Pretty soon it will be time to get serious again.

I had a very good job interview today. I won't hear anything for a couple weeks, but I sincerely hope this is the one. This routine can't stay healthy forever.

And in the midst of it, the cycle of life continues. We have had births and deaths. A good friend of mine lost their young child. My roommate's grandma just died suddenly. My own grandparents aren't doing so well, but they still seem to be hanging in there and I am thankful for this. My best friend's mom was diagnosed with leukemia awhile back but she's responding well to treatment and we are hoping for the best. I guess it just shows that tomorrow really is uncertain so we might as well make the most of today.

I guess I only have sentimental thoughts on my mind lately. I haven't really been in the blogging frame of mind for awhile. But this place can never die, nor should it. I just wish I had more to say. I don't really have the desire to write about movies I've seen. I've been way into music lately. My wrestling fixation is still going strong for some odd reason. What's new with all of you guys?

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Time Flies

I was reminded of that fact after looking at this picture that was taken over three years ago and then watching the video Danny posted of his daughter Emma's recent piano recital. Going back even further, I remember when Emma was first born. As I watched the video, I was shocked to see how tall Emma is and how grown up she looks. I can't even explain it. My goddaughter Audrey turned six months old last week and already she looks pretty different from when she was born. I guess now that my friends have kids I've really gotten the opportunity to see just how fast we really do grow up. I guess I can understand now how my parents must have felt. I never thought I would.

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On the Haircut Front

Since the movie isn't happening for quite awhile now, it's getting hotter, and my hair is just getting out of control, I think I'm going to cut it. I can donate it to Locks of Love, which is cool. It's just kind of sad. I feel like I put in a lot of work to get to this point and it would be a huge change to go back. I made the decision to grow out my hair when my brother and I were at our friend Mark's funeral way back in October of 2007. I think I actually hadn't gotten it cut since April or May of that year. So yeah, that was a long time ago. But maybe it's time. I'm still having second thoughts though. I know I posted about this earlier, but now I think it's time to get serious about it.

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My Bad

Just when I was on a roll with regular posting, I pulled an epic fail. I apologize. I think the whole unemployment thing is really starting to make me stir crazy and I'm trying my hardest not to just sit at the computer all day. Also, since the closure of our beloved Geek Group, I've felt a little lost on the interwebs, like there isn't really a purpose to any of it. I don't know. I guess I'm just going through a little rough patch when it comes to mindless browsing, which is really what keeps this blog running. I suppose I could do a call for new guest posters but that usually results in nothing. If you are seriously interested, let me know though.

We celebrated our 10th strip at Brax the Alien Rocker. We feel pretty good about and we have lots more good things in store. Phil and I went to the L.A. Comic Book and SciFi Convention yesterday to see if it would be worth it to rent a table in the future. It definitely was but they said their next show won't be until September, which was kind of a bummer. I did get some cool free Star Trek swag though and we passed out some Brax fliers. We have some surprises in store for Comic-Con this year so definitely stay tuned for more information on that.

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Goodbye Sunny

My friend I posted about earlier this week, Sunny Bresin, died today. One of our friends who was with her said she went peacefully. I am still kind of in shock from this. I wish I had made a better effort to keep in touch with her. I guess I should be glad I have the memories that I do have of her. She was a wonderful person. I was quite the emo kid when I started at Biola and tended to be angry a lot. I know, it's hard to believe. I remember sitting in the cafeteria pouting a lot and Sunny would always manage to get a smile out of me. She had a wonderful sense of humor. I know I say this a lot, but it's true. Take some time today and everyday to cherish your friends and family. You just never know.

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