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Remember When...

Remember when most of this site's authors were fundamentalist Christians? We were Bible college students, pastors, and missionaries. Now we're mostly skeptical of religion and mostly politically liberal. I know that's an oversimplification. We've always been a group with diverse beliefs. But it's been fun to see the changes we've all gone through. For me, the conversations I had on this site were a big part of that. I've just reread some of the posts about politics from 2003-2004. Those conversations may be happening more on Facebook now, but I'm very happy that I've been able to stay in touch with Brendan, Brian, Henry, and Dave.

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Sites are Back!

If you were trying to get to Brax, this blog, My brother's site, or most of the other sites on our server for the last several days you may have noticed they were not available. We've been getting slammed by what looks like a DDOS attack of some sort. I'm not sure what warranted the trouble but I'm kind of flattered. In the effort to patch the hole that caused the issue I spent yesterday evening and most of today updating our main blog software, b2evolution. This is no easy task when your blog has been around for 10 years and has 40 (!) sub blogs and 13,000+ total posts. Also due to the attack some of our database tables had grown insanely huge so the update scripts were timing out. I ended up having to run the update piece by piece and going through the code mostly step by step. It reminded me of the long hours I spent sitting up late at night in my dorm room back at Central going through CGI scripts and various template files back in the early days of the blog. I'm happy to discover those skills are still there. Danny has done a lot of the heaving lifting for the last several years when it comes to the site and it's made me a little lazy. It was fun working more in tandem with him on this project and I think the site is in a much better place because of it.

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Radio BrendoMan Kickstarter

Hey there everybody. I guess this is my first post here of 2013. I find myself posting things I used to post here on Facebook instead. I don't know how I feel about that. I do have some plans for this blog this year. I will probably be posting more long form stuff here and maybe some of my writing projects that I am working on.

The reason I am posting today is to alert you to the Radio BrendoMan T-Shirts Kickstarter that Phil and I launched last week. We already reached our $500 goal and will be posting some awesome stretch goals soon. I would highly recommend checking it out. Also please give the show a listen if you haven't yet.

What's going on with everyone on this side? If you're not on Facebook, you probably aren't aware that I have lost 36 pounds since December 30th and I am on track to lose much more. I will detail that sometime on here. I also successfully migrated Radio BrendoMan off of Podbean and we are now hosting our files at I learned a lot through this process and also plan to share what I learned sometime soon. I've got a lot of irons in the fire right now though so I can't promise any timeframe.

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Ten Years!

TEN YEARS! I can't help but think of Jeremy Piven yelling that in Grosse Pointe Blank as I write those words. Ten years ago this morning I was coming down from the last gasp of a caffeine infused all-nighter, sitting in the CCCB cafeteria eating biscuits and hash browns and watching Saved by the Bell on TBS with Eric Wright. Earlier in the wee hours of the morning, Eric had shown me Blogger. I had converted my crappy tripod site into a blog and had made my first post. Then I invited all my friends to join in. The rest is history.

I know the blog has changed a lot over the years. I feel at times that Facebook and Twitter and other things like that have almost made it obsolete as far as this being a place where a bunch of friends can stay in touch. But there's so much history in these pages, so many memories, that I could never let it go. It's just nice knowing it's here. It's also nice having a place where I can still post my thoughts on things that don't quite belong anywhere else.

I want to give huge hugs and props to everyone who's ever posted here at You guys are all awesome. I also want to give hugs to all the people we've connected with exclusively through this site. You are a constant reminder of why the internet isn't always dumb and evil. I met tons of cool people thanks to this blog and this community. When I think of all the stuff I've learned and ideas I've had that have come directly out of this, it kind of blows my mind. Case in point: Danny taught me some Linux command line basics so I could manage the site better through SSH. That knowledge helped me get the job I have now.

Speaking of Danny, biggest hugs of all to him for being the true keeper of the keys for all these years. We've changed blog software three times. We've changed hosts four times. Without him, I would have thrown in the towel a long, long time ago. I can't even count how many emails I've sent over the years pleading for help and he's always quick to respond. YTMND.

I could go on and on but I feel at this point, the blog speaks for itself. Here's to ten awesome years and many, many more. Hundie Jo!!!

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In Case You Missed It: Radio BrendoMan is Back!

I know many of you already are aware but for those folks who aren't on Facebook or Twitter, I will post the news here. Phil and I are recording new episodes of Radio BrendoMan! You can check them out at our new site or on Facebook. Phil and I have been wanting to do a podcast together for years and I thought this would be a great way to bring back the show. Basically we just record both ends of our Skype conversation and then I mix them together. At some point we would like to have some guests, maybe some of the crew, as long as everyone is capable of recording their end of the conversation and uploading it to dropbox or something like that it should work just fine. So check out the show and let us know what you think!

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I guess it's only appropriate that as we approach our ten year anniversary, I finally got around to creating a Facebook Page for this site. A few years ago I would have thought it was a dumb thing to do, since why have a facebook page for a website since you can just go to the website. The reality now is that a whole lot of people go on Facebook and don't really leave. It's like the old days of AOL. I find that very strange. On the other hand, it's nice to have all the information you want in one nice little place. So if someone who normally wouldn't go to the trouble of coming here will like our page and then find out about all the stuff we post about and our other projects, why the heck not.

To summarize, Like our Facebook page and maybe we can have a second life on Facebook. Who knows.

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The Brax Book Is Here!

Phil and I are pleased to announce that Brax The Alien Rocker Presents: Tales From Planet Earth Volume 1 is available for purchase. We got our first copy and it looks even more awesome than I thought it would. Thanks to Wil Wheaton for recommending Lulu for on-demand publishing. HUGE thanks to my cousin, Jeremy for the awesome cover art. It turned out really great. Thanks to everyone who supported us in this ordeal as well. Now that we figured out how to do it, the next book should hopefully get finished a lot faster. You can order the book here and it will also soon be available on Amazon. Please tell your friends or anyone else you know that likes comics, music, or cool things in general.

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My Brother, the Comedian

I have always been very proud of my brother Carson. He has been a stage actor for the past several years and is pretty fantastic. He's also one of the funniest people I know. He is now doing stand-up comedy in Portland. You can find out more at his website, which I was happy to create for him. If you're in Portland, definitely check out one of his upcoming shows!

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Station Identification

I am well aware that I am no Warren Ellis but I am taking a queue from him and making a post to point folks to when they ask me where they can find stuff. Time saving things are good even for us common folk. So here's all the stuff:

Blog: The page you are on, dummy
Twitter: @brendoman
Brax the Alien Rocker
Pop Sickles
WTF of the Day
Radio BrendoMan
Contact form

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Early Birthday

In case I forget to mention it on Sunday because I will just be getting back into town from our annual Ranch-A-Thon in Paso Robles, April 10th marks the 9th birthday of 9 years! That is nuts. This blog has definitely evolved over the years. Gone are the 10 post a day when we were all in college. I'm thinking of doing more extended posts about various things I'm watching, reading, and listening to, but those things take time and I am bad about those things. We are always looking for new contributors for the blog, so if you think you have what it takes, send me your stuff. Finally, as I do every year, I want to thank all the folks who make this community/blog/whatever great, both the readers and all who have contributed over the years. Special huge ups to Danny for his super skills and generosity as without him this all probably would have gone away a long time ago. Here's to all of you guys and gals!

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200 Really is a Whole Lot

Phil and I published our 200th strip for Brax the Alien Rocker yesterday, in case you missed it. It is a really great feeling to look at something and think, "Hey, I put this into the world, and I don't think it sucks." I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Phil for this and all the other random ideas we've had over the years. I'm glad this is one of the ones that actually stuck. He does a lot of the heavy lifting for the comic and I can't give him enough credit. He deserves most of it. Here's to the next 200, and the next 200 after that. Thanks to all of you guys who read it!

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Radio BrendoMan Returns

Remember when I was doing a podcast in China? Of course a lot of folks do because many of you were part of it. A lot of fans of the podcasts I am on now have been asking about these old shows since the oldest of them are no longer up on the site. This gave me the idea to create a new repository for our podcasts of yore (and maybe some new stuff eventually). So yeah, here it is. Enjoy!

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We're Back

I'm not sure if anyone noticed but and all hosted sites were down this weekend. Thanks to Danny for saving the day. I'm pretty excited because Neil Gaiman is going to be at the Smodcastle tomorrow. Wednesday morning I'm headed up to Modesto for Thanksgiving so there will probably not be any further updates this week. Hope you all have a good holiday!

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Happy birthday Danny!

Danny is thirty today. Welcome to the club. I say this every year, but and the rest of the family of sites wouldn't exist if it wasn't for Danny. That kind of thing bears repeating on a yearly basis. Hoorah.

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Happy Belated Birthday!

So our site's 8th birthday was like two weeks ago and I totally forgot. I really need to start putting it on the calendar. I just wanted to take the time to thank all the people who helped get it going and to all the readers. It's amazing to me that something started out of sheer boredom could become what it has. Here's to all of you!

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Oh yeah, I booked my plane tickets yesterday for my trip to Portland next month. I'll be visiting my brother and attending a certain someone's wedding. No, I will not be flying Southwest. Good times!

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More Free Stickers!

Today we announced a new sticker which Phil actually designed for me (using custom artwork from Ian Johnston) as a Christmas present. For an unknown limited time we are giving these away for free along with our regular Brax stickers if you contact us here with your mailing address. So there you go, free stuff.

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New Poll: What Would You Like To See More Of?

No one submitted an actual poll idea so I created a poll to see what you fine folks would like to see more of here since I honestly have no idea. Feel free to add your own answers. Also feel free to comment here with better poll ideas.

Update: We're having some issues with the poll so I'm disabling it for now. Hopefully it will return soon. Please still comment with your thoughts and ideas.

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New Poll?

I just noticed how freaking old the poll is. Does anyone care about the poll anymore? Does anyone have any good ideas for a poll topic? It doesn't even have to be something serious or anything. Think Heathers.

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If you are reading this post than we have successfully upgraded to the latest version of b2evolution.  If you're an author here and you're having some trouble with the menu bar or the back office be sure to hit refresh a couple times to clear your cache and everything should be okay.  If you're still having issues let me or Danny know.  All right then, carry on, nothing to see here.

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One More For Fantasy Football!

We need just one more person for our Fantasy Football league. Did your team in your current league get destroyed this week? This is your chance for a fresh start! Scroll down for more details.

In other news, the job is going really great but it's taking up pretty much all my time. When I get home I pretty much just want to relax, eat, and watch TV. I'm finding it much more difficult to jam everything I want to do in before I have to go to bed. I guess that's how it is.

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Free Stuff!

If you live near me or know someone who does, feel free to respond or pass on this information!

Hello! No, I am not lying, this stuff is free. What is the catch, you ask? Well, you have to pick it up by Saturday afternoon the 29th at the absolute latest, preferably earlier at my apartment in La Palma and there is ONE (1) flight of stairs. Okay, still with me? Here are the goods:

Kitchen table

This is a great kitchen table with four (4) matching chairs. It also comes with secret drawers on each side, ideal for napkins or other things you don't want your guests to see. There is also an optional fifth non-matching chair but you don't have to take it. You might hurt its feelings though if you don't.


This microwave will cook your food and can also serve as a clock and a timer. It spins food around too! Sorry, the Tabasco sauce and paper towel tube are not included.


This giant TV is broken. I don't know how to fix it. It is pretty old. If you think you can fix it or want some giant thing to really tie the room together and maybe put your xbox on, it's yours. However, it is really heavy and will require probably three people to get it down the stairs. And there are no give backs. You have been warned. HOWEVER, if you agree to take the TV, I will give you priority access to the microwave and/or table and I will give you some stickers from our webcomic, Brax the Alien Rocker ( Also I will give you a high five. This TV has an amazing two (2) RCA inputs!

So like I said, any of these can be yours for no cost (0) if you are willing to come pick them up by Saturday afternoon at the latest. People who can pick them up the earliest will be given priority. If you want the TV, you get absolute super double secret priority.

Feel free to comment if you are interested and I will get back to you, or email me at brendoman AT gmail DOT com and I will get back to you ASAP.

Thank you!

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Oh yeah...

I forgot to mention this when I first heard the news:

Looks like our Smiles is all grown up. Congrats are in order. Also, I expect an invitation.

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Happy Birthday Danny!


Happy birthday to the guy that keeps the wheels here turning. Hope you have a good one!

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Happy Birthday Brendo!

Happy Birthday Brendan!!

Brendan got me started blogging. Not sure if that (the blogging) is a good thing or a bad thing at this point, but it sure changed the way I viewed the world.

So happy birthday to a good man who helped change my world.

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