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Testing ScribeFire

Now that the b2e xmlrpc appears to be fixed I figured I would test out the ScribeFire Firefox extension.  While I really like the b2e back office, I think something like this makes it easier to post links and other items straight from the page you are on.  Hopefully it will work!

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Fall Back

Ah, my favorite time of the year. I know a lot of folks are whining that we're losing an hour of daylight, but I really don't care about that. What I care about? That extra hour of sleep/staying up. Also, it's the closest thing we'll ever probably get to time travel. So I'm all for the end of Daylight Savings Time. Actually, that gives me an idea for a poll.

In other news, between the Chargers and my fantasy teams, football is kind of making me a little mad this morning. Hopefully things will pick up a bit.

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enclosure test

I've pasted the url of Matt and MaryEllen's podcast in the 'Link to url' field in the b2e backoffice. If this works correctly, then an rss 2.0 enclosure should be created in this feed.
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I'm getting more serious about switching the main blog to b2e since it is my favorite of the open source blogging applications. I still don't know if I'll do it though. I'm not going to force everyone else over and I don't think that would be a good idea, so that would mean seperate logins for people to post on the main blog and that is kind of lame. So I'm kind of torn. If we can get these MT dynamic publishing problems working, maybe it will blow over. Or maybe if we got some better hosting. I don't know.

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Firefox over Mozilla

Firefox Will Benefit from Mozilla's Death

Now that Mozilla development is being halted, we can expect that Firefox will again get the attention it deserves. The announcement couldn't have come at a better time, because Microsoft is hard at work in version 7 of Internet Explorer.

All right, looks like the new bookmarklet Danny hacked together works perfectly.

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Pimp my Firefox ||

Lots of great Firefox tips here.

Firefox straight 'out of the zip' is ok, but there's a lot you can change, modify and improve. From performance to looks to usability, Firefox tuning gives you the power to make a browser specific to your needs and taste.

There's some great extension recommendations that even I hadn't checked out before and even more stuff in the comments.

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Can Firefox outfox IE in browser wars? | CNET

O.K., it looks like the bookmarklet is working properly now. Cool.

"The Internet Explorer is a terrible browser and it has security problems," says Wharton legal studies professor Dan Hunter. "Firefox is just a better browser, but I would argue that its market share gains have come because spyware and other hacks plague Explorer."

Firefox Hacks (Hacks) by Nigel McFarlane

That was me testing out the Amazon plugin Danny installed. Maybe if we could add an image for the book? Never mind. I am dumb and missed that image tag that was there. Good work Danny!

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