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Doritos Taco Shell? Yes please.

As some of you may know, Phil and I are both big fans of Doritos. We even own but haven't really done much with it. This might be one of the greatest Doritos related announcements I have heard:

Mexican chain restaurant Taco Bell is reportedly testing the Doritos Locos Tacos, a taco shell made entirely of nacho cheese Doritos.

"Shut the front door and hand me a bib and some wet wipes to wipe the flavored dust from my trembling mouth!" blogger MB Quirk celebrated in The Consumerist.

The buzz surrounding the cheesy creation stems from the discovery of a July video making the viral rounds across the Web. In the footage, the willing taste tester exclaims that the taco is "everything I expected and more."

Sign me up. In other Doritos happenings, I had Tapatio Doritos last weekend. They were pretty awesome. Very spicy with a nice Tapatio finish.

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