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Pickle Follow up

Pickle Licious, Inc.

Just wanted to point out that thanks to our wonderful Pickle Week, this showed up in our Adsense ads. Someone buy me a gallon of those suckers.

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sup managerial position

Hello real world, how r u bb?


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Pickle Poll

Be sure to vote in the new poll. For those wondering, "Buy Music?" won the last poll. You should be ashamed of yourselves, for sure.

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Another Flash Game: Japanese Pickle Poker

Forgot about the pickle theme, sorry. I give you Japanese Pickle Poker. Play poker with some pickles. It's pretty darn simple.

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I swear there are pickles on int

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Here's my first entry for Pickles Week:

PICKLES! The movie

The Sneeze is a great blog. There were some follow-up posts after this with user submissions, but none of them topped the original movie.

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