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Letting the Days Go By

I don't know how it happened, but I'm hopelessly addicted to Animal Crossing again, this time on the Wii. I didn't think I would be that into it since it's so similar to the DS version, but really that is all I need. My schedule literally rotates around the freaking selling of turnips. Turnips! I wake up 5 minutes early now so I can check the prices before I go to work and I make sure to get on before the store closes at night so I can check them again. I also wake up early on Sunday to buy them from Joan. OMG you guys it's like 2006 all over again.

As I've said before, I'm a total OCD gamer. Even if the rest of the world thinks a game sucks, if it involves collecting things or reaching some kind of percentage, I will most likely love it and play it obsessively. Right now I am also addicted to Smash Bros. Brawl for the Wii. Not for it's awesome multiplayer fun, mind you. I haven't even tried that. I am obsessed because there are over 500 trophies to collect as well as a couple hundred stickers, also some achievements, secret characters to unlock, and who knows what else. You're tearing me apart, Wii!

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WTF of the Day: Frys In Store Pickup Is Useless

So I want to buy a Wii. Apparently between Saturday afternoon when I saw Wiis everywhere and last night when I went to buy a Wii, everyone went Wii crazy and bought them all. They were sold out everywhere in my area. So just now I went to and was very excited to see that the Wii was available for in-store pickup according to their site. This is the screen I saw when I tried to check out:

Hooray! I can go pick up my Wii after work and that is the end of that business. Nope. Sorry. A couple minutes later I get this email:

Dear Brendan Creecy,
Your order IS NOT READY for pick up because the following items are not available in the store at this time:

Item(s) Req Qty Aval Qty

You may come to the store list below to pick up your available item(s) if desired or follow this link to cancel your order. apologizes for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

WTF???? I feel like Jerry in that episode of Seinfeld when the rental car lady tells him they have no cars available after he made a reservation. The stinking site said "available." I don't think knows what available means. Seriously.

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Now I Must Have a Wii

Holy crap. Excitebike World Rally + Epic Mickey = I officially have to have a Wii. I've really enjoyed playing Wii at my various friends' houses but I keep putting off buying one. I don't think I can for much longer.

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Happy President's Day!

I'm at work, but at least I'm getting holiday pay. So hooray for that. I haven't had much to say lately. Just a couple things:

  • I got a 196/200 on my first Intro to Programming test. The average was about 160, so I'm very happy.
  • I got a couple of goodies this weekend. First I got Wii Play. The games are fun, especially Tanks and Billiards. The best part is now I have my own Wiimote. Also, I bought a new video card since mine is about to crap out. I got a 512MB NVDIA 9500GT, so that should hold me over for quite awhile.
  • I am going to San Francisco in April for my brother's birthday. My mom is coming too. I haven't seen her since my brother's graduation, so that should be really cool.
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm: Buy it, rent it, just watch it. It's freaking hilarious.

That's pretty much it. I've just been working, hanging out with folks, and working on a few other side projects I have going on. More on that soon.

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Brothers Chaps Release Wii-Friendly Versions of Games

The Brothers Chaps, the guys behind Homestar Runner and those awesome Videlectrix games, have released Wii-friendly versions of Strong Bad Zone, Secret Collect, Kid Speedy, and Population: Tire. Just point your Wii browser to this page. The page also says more games to come. Sweet.

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Posting from wii

This is pretty darn cool, especially with our projector. I am going to play games now.

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Busy Again

Duncan got a Wii, which means we all have a Wii here at the apartment. It's been keeping us quite busy. Chris is the mack at Wii Boxing but I beat everyone in Bowling. We can't get the Wii Store to work yet even though our internet is working and we can use the Weather Channel. So no posts from Wii Opera just yet.

I went with my friend Greg to see Pan's Labyrinth. It was fantastic. Definitely in my top two or three of the year. If you enjoyed The Devil's Backbone or are just looking for something different you will definitely want to check this out. Del Toro shows that his strength truly lies in Spanish language films. I enjoyed Hellboy, but this was soooo much better.

This weekend looks to be busy. I have to run errands today, tomorrow after work I am going to Grace's after-Christmas party, and on Sunday night some of us are going to see Children of Men, which I'm really excited for. Hope you all have a good weekend!

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Posting from my Wii

Sweet sassy molassy, this is pretty sweet. The thing I don't like is that it automatically adds 'us' after every period. Mos def could benefit from a keyboard though, the remote doesn't really cut it. It's still in beta so I don't know what features are missing.

And because I'm still a fanboy, OPERA FTW~~~~~

This reminds me of the Dreamcast browser. Memories~~♪

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