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Amazon Fail

I'm having a problem and when I really start to think about it, I know it's a really silly thing, but it still bums me out. I love Amazon Prime. It's one of my favorite things. I like that I can order an item when it is on sale and not have to spend at least $25 for free shipping and I get it insanely fast. It especially makes holiday shopping a breeze. One of the highly touted features of Amazon Prime is free Release Date Delivery for select items such as video games and movies. This has been pretty awesome, up until now.

Several weeks ago I ordered the Collector's Edition of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. Yeah, I'm playing WoW again. That happened. Anyways, the product featured the much famed Release Date Delivery but to my disdain when I got home from work yesterday it was not there. I checked the tracking number and it showed the item as still in transit. It hadn't even shipped until that morning. Even though the Amazon tracking was still touting my delivery date as December 7th, Fedex was saying the real story. I wouldn't be flying in Azeroth until the 8th. Yes, I know, it's only one day. But I can't play today. Or tomorrow. I was all set to play yesterday. If I had known Amazon could not deliver on their advertised service, I would have purchased the Blizzard direct download so I could play the game as soon as it launched.

A strongly worded email to Amazon received a form email reply that didn't even address my actual issue and a promo certificate for $10 so they could get me to spend more money. I'm going to call today to try and talk to a person. I don't want money, I just want to know what happened and why I should ever buy something for release date delivery ever again. For a minute I almost swore off Amazon all together, but I know everyone makes mistakes, even awesome shopping websites. I did cancel my video game pre-orders I had with them, at least for now.

Update: I just got off the phone with Amazon. I am very pleased with their customer service. I was able to talk to someone on the phone immediately. I guess their initial form response just really rubbed me the wrong way. The person I spoke to on the phone gave me an explanation, which is really all I wanted. I don't think that was too much to ask for. All is well.

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New WoW Patch Is Tempting Me

I just read about a new patch in WoW that allows players to queue up for dungeons. It sounds pretty awesome:

Basically you can now queue up for a dungeon (just like you would with a Battlefield PvP match) and the game will match you up with like-minded adventurers and appropriate classes. Once you're in a group with a range of healers, DPSers and tanks, and everyone checks their ready mark, the game will automatically teleport the group right inside the dungeon for nigh-instant adventuring.

If I had to narrow down my gripes with WoW to one thing, it would be finding groups for dungeons and now that seems to be resolved. Yes, it's not the same as playing with people you know and there is room for a lot of potential disaster, but I think the good definitely outweighs the bad. That being said, I have absolutely no time for WoW and I'm sure now that I would be able to crawl dungeons at will the game would pretty much consume any free time I have. However, if this feature had been in the game when I was playing all the time, I probably never would have left. Perhaps it's for the best then that it wasn't.

P.S. for those wondering: I haven't logged in in over 2 years. Man, time flies.

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To WoW or not to WoW...

So Les alerted me to the fact that a release date for Wrath of the Lich King, the latest World of Warcraft expansion. Having achieved level 70 and obtaining my epic flying mount after countless hours of grinding I took a break from WoW last November. Yeah, you heard me correctly. I haven't played WoW in almost a year. With the addition of a new class, the Death Knight, a new tradeskill, and a bunch of other cool stuff, I'm very tempted to get back in the game. Now that I have a 360 I think my playtime will be even less than it was, but that might be a good thing. I'm still debating on what to do. I guess I still have a few months to decide.

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Because Someone Asked...

I haven't played World of Warcraft since sometime in November. Yeah. I spent countless hours getting my epic flying mount and then I started the insane Netherwing quest chain. Somewhere into my gazillionth daily quest I guess I just got burnt out and I stopped playing. It became a sort of job that I would do while watching TV or movies, not something that was really a ton of fun for me, which is what playing video games should be.

I'm sure when the expansion rolls out I'll get the burning desire to play again, but for now I'm more than occupied with my increasingly massive DVD collection, my 360, and my DVR. Not to mention those little things called social life, work, and school. Please note that I am not making any kind of attack on people who currently play WoW. I can personally testify to the fact that it is possible to have a life and also play the game quite a bit. It's just gone to the wayside for me, for now.

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Videos of the Day: Mr. T and Shatner WoW Commercials

Behold, the Night Elf Mowhawk:


And William Farking Shatner:



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Screenshot Saturday

Since it's Saturday I don't really feel like putting a lot of effort into posting. Here's a couple screenshots from my WoW adventures.

Ding Level 70

Flying Mount

There you go. Enjoy your Saturday. Stay tuned tomorrow for the podcast.

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I Got Nothin'

I've perused my feeds, checked out Digg, and stumbled around a bit but I can't really find anything that I MUST blog about. Hmmm...

A quick vanity search reveals I have way too many blogs and other stuff I've just abandoned. Also, I've done a lot of the legwork for any potential stalkers.

Since I have nothing else to write about, I'll give a quick WoW update. I bought my epic flying mount, so that is awesome. I got a red one. I know I've been really bad about posting screenshots, but I will try my best to remedy that situation. I started working on my Netherwing reputation so I can get a totally sweet looking Netherdrake. I'm almost to Honored. The thing that is taking up most of my WoW time though is the Battlegrounds.

I've always shyed away from PvP (Player Versus Player) in the game, mostly because I suck at it. Because of this I had never played in a battleground until a few weeks ago. Now that I am level 70 and have somewhat decent gear, I figured I would give it a go. It was a BLAST. I ended up playing Alterac Valley for several hours. Most fun I've had playing the game in ages. Now I'm rotating through the battlegrounds, playing whichever one is having a holiday weekend. This yields more honor. I'm going to be using all my honor and marks I'm earning to buy a stinking awesome Arena gear set when they go on sale when Season 3 starts. Then I won't die in 10 seconds like I normally do when fighting one on one.

Okay, end of geek talk. Hope you are all enjoying your day.

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Geek Bliss

I freaking LOVE my iPod Classic. It's wonderful and has made my work day 313% more awesome. I'm thinking of buying Texas Hold 'Em to throw on there. Gotta keep those poker skills sharp. In other blissful news, Duncan and I finally found a good deal on digital cable, which also included bumping our internet up to 10Mbps/1Mbps for only $10 more. So now our internet is pretty smoking fast. I downloaded a torrent last night at 1 Mbps. Crazy.

To complete the geekfest, I am 700 gold away from my epic flying mount in WoW. Yeah, I have 4,300 gold right now. It's taking every inch of restraint not to spend it. Don't know if I'll hit the goal this weekend as I am going to be crazy busy. Next week for sure.

Hmmm... How about some quick movie reviews? I watch a TON of DVDs but for some reason haven't felt like talking about them here. Remember when I used to review every single movie I watched? I don't know what happened to that dude.

Beyond the Gates: Really good, really depressing. I especially liked the fact that they used a lot of genocide survivors in the crew and the cast. John Hurt was pretty amazing. Solid A.

Away From Her: Great first feature for Sarah Polley. Gorden Pinsent and Julie Christie were fantastic. Once again, very depressing, but also a beautiful story. Another Solid A.

The Big Picture: Somehow I missed this one for awhile. It's Christopher Guest's first feature and a hilarious sendup of Hollywood. While not done in Guest's traditional mockumentary style, it still works. I don't understand all the Kevin Bacon hate. He's really good in a lot of flicks, including this one. Michael McKean really shines in his brief performance as well and I always enjoy Jennifer Jason Leigh. B+

I could review flicks forever, seeing as how I'm about 306 movies into this year's 365 movies in 365 days challenge. However, I must return to work. Enjoy your day, folks.

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WoW, It's Been Awhile

It's been awhile since I did a WoW post. After 4 months off, I got back on and finally got my Warlock up to 70. I also got my flying mount. Pics to come soon.

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New WoW Expansion Announced

I haven't played WoW in like 3 months, which is quite an achievement, but today's announcement at Blizzcon of a new expansion has me all excited. Maybe I'll start playing again in a month or two.

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hi2u 70

Click for full glory~~

And it only took my 2+ months to gain 10 levels.

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My WoW Character Sheet

The folks at Blizzard just launched a cool new section of their website called The Armory. You can look up complete profiles of any player, guild, or arena team in the game. Check out mine. You can see my phat gear, or lack thereof. Click on the tabs to browse my talent spec, skills, reputation, and guild information. This is all stuff you can already to with third party add-ons, but it's neat that I can now share this information without having to do anything.

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Picture of the Day

For those of you who don't know, there are tons of awesome pop-culture references in World of Warcraft. Blizzard is always adding new ones into the game. Here's one I haven't had the chance to see, but found via Metroblogging Azeroth:

Pretty awesome if you ask me.

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Adventures in Outland

So last night after work I headed over to my local Gamestop to pick up my copy of Burning Crusade. I was one of the lucky folks who got a Collector's Edition. It comes in a cool box and has a bunch of goodies like a soundtrack CD, DVD, trading cards, an art book, and an in-game pet. My favorite thing is probably the mousepad that is a map of Outland, the new region in the expansion.

I got to Gamestop and they hadn't opened yet so there was about 150 people outside. Once they opened for business, the line went pretty fast and I was out of there by 12:30 or so. I got home, installed the game, installed the patches, and was on my way to Outland with my level 60 Warlock. Aside from a weird video issue I had this morning that caused a crash, I haven't had any issues. Even though a lot of people are doing quests, the mobs (monsters) respawn extremely fast. So far I've finished 4 quests or so and I've already upgraded 3 pieces of gear. I'm glad I didn't waste my time grinding for gear in Azeroth the last month or so.

So, yeah, this is probably what I'll be doing with my spare time for quite awhile. Mind you, I don't forgo any social outings or anything like that for WoW. So that means I'm fine. Right?

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lol sup

Everyone is in Outland. I think I killed like 8 mobs in a half hour. :(

At least the belf starting area isn't too bad. lol @ everyone rolling a paladin, though. Myself included.

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Yesterday I finally hit level 60 in World of Warcraft. My playing has been very casual lately, only a few hours a week usually. I'm proud of myself though because I never really did grind just level. A lot of folks level at a much quicker pace because they just go around and kill monsters for days on end. I wanted to actually enjoy the game so I decided to just let the leveling happen naturally through questing and doing dungeons and things like that. As you probably noticed, I don't have a screenshot to mark the occasion. Right when I was about to take one I got ganked (killed) by a couple well-geared level 60's and I was so ticked off I decided to just quit the game and call it a day. So what now? I'm not exactly sure. I want to try and get some good gear before the expansion comes out and the level cap raises to 70. I don't really have the time for raids so maybe I'll just do PvP (player versus player) on the Battlegrounds or something. So that was my big achievement yesterday.

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Shocker: Burning Crusade Delayed to '07

Destructoid » Blog Archive » Burning Crusade delayed until January 2007 - Video Games PC Games PlayStation 3 GameCube PSP DS GBA PS2 PS2 Xbox 360 PlayStation 2

This news does not come as a surprise to any Blizzard fan. I'm surprisingly not even bummed about it. This gives me a little bit more time to get my characters ready for the expansion. I hit 56 yesterday on my main so I only have 4 more levels to get to 60. Hopefully by the time BC rolls around I will have my epic mount and some good gear. I'm also building up an alt for blacksmithing to make socketed items and I've also got him storing up ore for jewelcrafting. Not to mention this will also give Blizzard some more time to fine tune the servers and work out some more bugs. So yeah, I'm not bummed about this.

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sup level 60

Click for full glory~~

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Gringo Joins The Masses

Before I went to work I joined Gringo for some fun WoW time in Mulgore. I logged on as my alt, a level 17 Orc Hunter named Baddude (a nod to the classic Konami game, he has a pet named Karnov), and joined Gringo's Tauren Hunter in Bloodhoof Village. It's always cool playing games with real life friends, so I had a blast helping out with some quests and terrorizing goblins. I took some screenshots, which I will post tonight when I get home.

I figured I would also take this chance to post some tips for Gringo and any other newbies who are looking to get started in the game. These are just a few things I've learned along the way. Read on if you're interested.

Full story »

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