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Red State Revisited

Red State Revisited

Thanks to Malcolm Ingram for posting these pictures from my set visit with Derick and Melissa. They really made my day. Red State hits On-Demand today. I am excited to finally watch the movie in the comfort of my own home. The first time I saw it was not in the most ideal conditions, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. As I said previously, it is definitely not for the faint of heart and it is absolutely not a "Kevin Smith comedy." That aside, I think it's pretty fantastic and if you're up for trying something different and a little crazy, you should check it out.

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Goodbye Smodcastle

10 years ago I was a 20 year old college dropout living in his mom's spare bedroom. During those troubled times I did what I always did when I needed some inspiration; I watched movies that I held dear. One of those was Clerks. I had watched it a hundred times, but something about this viewing sparked a fire in me. The story of Kevin Smith and making Clerks inspired me to go back to college, to move on with my life and try to make something out of myself. I never would have imagined the journey I started that day would lead me to sitting on a stage owned by Kevin and talking about Dungeons and Dragons with Jason Mewes, but that's exactly what happened on a Friday in August of last year.

One year ago tomorrow I stood in a run-down theater in West Hollywood with my friends Matt Cohen and Derick Armijo, not sure what I was getting myself into. Over the course of that summer I got to watch the place turn into a magical clubhouse of sorts. It became a place where my dreams came true, a place I could go and have fun and help put on a show. It really was magical. I won't go into the details of why Kevin is closing the place down. You can read that all here. Smodcastle will live on at The Jon Lovitz Podcasting Theater and I am very excited to see all that Kevin has planned for the place. However, our little clubhouse on Santa Monica Boulevard will always hold a special place in my heart. Thanks to all of those who played a part in letting me take part in it all, even if it was for just a while.

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Red State News

Red State premiered at Sundance last night. I would recommend reading /film's great coverage here. In a surprising move, Kevin Smith announced the film will be self-distributed, starting with a multi-city tour in March culminating with an October 19th theatrical release. I think this is a bold and inspiring action and am excited to see how it unfolds. Now that the movie has premiered, I have been granted permission to say more about my thoughts on the film, but it really is hard to put those thoughts in to words. All I will say for now is that I saw the movie about 3 months ago and it still resonates with me quite a bit. I still have the occasional bad dream about it. I wouldn't call them nightmares because that would imply something wholly negative. These are just bad dreams about things from the movie that stuck with me. They give me the willies, but I am also reminded of just how great the movie was. I'm definitely excited to see it again.

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Watch the Red State Teaser

It's here. The movie is screening at Sundance, hopefully we'll find out more about a theatrical release after that. Kevin and everyone involved did an amazing job on the film and I am looking forward to seeing folks' reactions when they finally get to see it.

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Around the Tubes: Red State, Bagged & Boarded, Rubicon

Hey guys, what's going on? I have been busy. I hurt my foot on Halloween which put me out of action for a couple days but I have recovered quite nicely. Here are some things that are cool and not so cool.

Kevin Smith just announced a new podcast on that is all about his new movie, Red State. Kevin did a screening of the teaser he put together for the movie at Smodcastle last week and recorded the whole thing, which includes the audio of the teaser and some Q&A afterward. It was really cool seeing people's reactions to the teaser and Kevin's enthusiasm for the whole thing. The most amazing thing about Red State? It's already done! Kevin edited the film while he was shooting and showed a complete cut of it at the wrap party. That's INSANE and awesome. Since I know folks are going to ask, consider this my official "No comment" regarding all things related to the movie itself. If you want to know the scoop direct from the source, be sure to subscribe to the aforementioned podcast.

Speaking of, Matt and I recently got the news that the amazing podcast network will soon be the new permanent home of our show, Bagged & Boarded. This coincides quite well with our new sponsorship by Golden Apple Comics and our move to Wednesday nights. Our first show on the network will most likely be the show we recorded last night with Tim Sale to benefit The Hero Initiative. I had a great time listening to Tim talk about his career and what he has in store for us in the future. Special thanks to Ryan at Golden Apple for helping put it all together and bringing cool swag for all the folks in the audience.

In bad news, I just read that Rubicon was canceled. I am bummed because this was one of my favorite new shows and I think they finished up the season quite strongly and I was eagerly awaiting what would happen next. I can't stay too mad at AMC though as The Walking Dead is amazing and of course there is Mad Men and even though I haven't watched it yet I have only heard good things about Breaking Bad.

Finally, I guess I really don't want this blog to just become a promotional tool for the various things I have going on. If you have ideas on things for me to post about or if you would like to post here about pop culture, geek stuff, and the like, feel free to hit me up.

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G4 Spotlight on Smodcastle

G4 did a cool feature on Smodcast and Smodcastle for the Attack of the Show blog. I know a lot of people have asked me what exactly Smodcastle is and this video gives you an inside look. Probably NSFW due to language. Also, Matt and I have a brief cameo!

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I'm Alive so Here's Some Comic-Con Videos

Comic-Con was incredible. The opening night of Smodcastle was a roaring success. I think I might finally be caught up on sleep. I have a ton of pictures and video from Comic Con. So far I've uploaded two. Here's Danny Elfman from his Q&A:


Here's Kevin Smith from the Batman: Widening Gyre panel:


I have multiple clips from several other panels, including Kevin's Film Threat panel, RED, The Expendables, and Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. I'll be editing those together and posting them throughout the week on my YouTube Channel.

Cop Out

Let me just preface this by saying that I saw an early cut of the film several months ago so there have likely been changes made since then. I might revise this post based on those changes, I might not. That being said, I enjoyed this movie a lot. Yes, yes, I am a huge Kevin Smith fan but I can honestly say from an objective standpoint, as much as I possibly can do so, that I enjoy this flick and I think many folks who might not normally enjoy Kevin's films, as well as those who do, will enjoy this movie.

I think a lot of critics who have been harsh with the film misunderstood a couple things about the movie. First, a simple IMDB search, in addition to reading any of the press attached to the movie, or, well, not living under a rock will reveal the fact that Kevin Smith did not write this film. It is NOT a "Kevin Smith film" or a View Askew film. I'm thinking some folks were expecting that. Some were expecting his regular cast of characters and his regular humor. Seeing as how he had nothing to do with the writing of the script, none of that is there. Jason Lee is in the movie though and he is pretty awesome in his brief role.

Second, I think some folks missed what this film was trying to do. I would call it a homage to the 80's buddy cop film. It's not trying to be a gritty action movie. It's not trying to be an all-out comedy. It hearkens back to the times of Lethal Weapon and 48 Hours and films like that. Perhaps some people don't remember those movies. I don't know. Cop Out takes that formula and modernizes it a bit.

The cast for me is what really made this movie great. I enjoyed Tracy Morgan the most. I think he actually dialed it down a bit from his Tracy Jordan character on 30 Rock and I think that's what makes this movie really work. He and Bruce Willis do a great job together. Bruce Willis is Bruce Willis. Another star that really shined for me was Guillermo Diaz, who plays the villain. His character in Cop Out is a tad more intense than his character in Weeds and just as enthralling.

The bottom line with Cop Out is if you're looking for an enjoyable action comedy and can appreciate what the folks who made it are trying to do, I think you'll enjoy it. For a Kevin Smith project it is a pretty "soft" R so if that's holding you back, I really wouldn't let it. I am hoping the film does well to give Kevin some momentum for his next project, Hit Somebody, which really looks promising.

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In Case You're Wondering

I am NOT going to comment on the Kevin Smith/Southwest Airlines fiasco since I know it will attract trolls and I fear I will be unable to control myself in responding to them. I'm only posting this because folks have been asking.

So how bout LOST, eh?

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Kevin Smith's Cop Out Trailer Available

I can't get the sound to work from my work computer for some reason, but you can check out the trailer for the Kevin Smith directed and Cullen brothers scribed movie Cop Out (formerly A Couple of Dicks) here. Since I can't hear it I can't make a good decision on whether or not it reflects how funny and great the movie is. Yes, I've seen it. I think it will appeal to a much broader audience than the rest of Kevin's movies. It is a great buddy cop flick in the vein of Lethal Weapon and 48 Hours and the action is just as good as the laughs. That's all I'm going to say for now so I don't get sued or anything. The movie hits theaters February 26th.

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Zack and Miri Make A Porno

I was busy on Halloween so I didn't get to see this until Saturday. It was as funny as I expected. Given the title, it's not for everybody. If you're a fan of Kevin's previous films or Judd Apatow's recent work, you'll probably enjoy this. The entire cast really shines. I would have to say that Craig Robinson stole the show for me and Jason Mewes was really funny in his first non-Jay role for Kevin.

In the end, yeah, this is a raunchy comedy but like Kevin's other movies there is a little something more going on. It's a sweet love story as well. As always, the soundtrack is top notch. I was especially impressed with Kevin's selection of tracks from 1998 to accompany Zack and Miri's ten year reunion. Setting the movie in Pittsburgh was a great choice and provides a different look than the rest of Kevin's films, which are primarily set in New Jersey.

While I'm bummed I didn't get the chance to make my onscreen debut as an extra in this movie I have to give props to a few of my friends who did. My friends Josh and Gavin can be seen quite well in the background of the main reunion scene. That's all I'll say because I don't want to spoil it. I don't know what else to say about this movie because many will think my opinion is biased. I'll just say again that it was funny and sweet and I'll definitely be seeing it again.

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Zack and Miri Make a Porno Green Band Trailer

Zack and Miri Trailer at Yahoo

This is the tame version so it's pretty SFW. If you want to check out the less censored (and funnier) version, go here for the red band trailer. I'm really impressed with Craig Robinson and Jeff Anderson. They practically steal the show.

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Crazy 4 Cult 2

Curtis and I went to the opening for Crazy 4 Cult 2 on Friday night and had an amazing time. If you live in the area, the show is open until September 12th and you should definitely check it out. Check out some more pics after the jump.

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Kevin Smith Has Watched The Watchmen Blogs - NC17 No More, Toronto and Crazy 4 Cult! - Kevin Smith MySpace Blog

I saw "Watchmen." It's fucking astounding. The Non-Disclosure Agreement I signed prevents me from saying much, but I can spout the following with complete joygasmic enthusiasm: Snyder and Co. have pulled it off.

Remember that feeling of watching "Sin City" on the big screen and being blown away by what a faithful translation of the source material it was, in terms of both content and visuals? Triple that, and you'll come close to watching "Watchmen." Even Alan Moore might be surprised at how close the movie is to the book. March can't come soon enough.

I believe he also saw the new Star Trek. Color me jealous. If you're going to be in the L.A. area on August 22nd you can come hang out with Kevin (and me) at the Crazy 4 Cult 2 art show featuring some awesome cult film inspired artwork. We had a blast at last year's show and this year will be even bigger and better.

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Vote for Ming!

New York-Penn League: About

For those of you who don't know, Ming Chen is the webmaster and tech guru for Kevin Smith and a good friend of mine. He is currently in the running for a logo contest for the New York-Penn Class A league. His logo is option one. Please take two seconds to vote. Thanks!

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R.I.P. George Carlin

AFP: Comedian George Carlin dead at 71

Gringo emailed me the bad news last night. Carlin was one of my favorite comedians and he also appeared in three of Kevin Smith's movies. While some people did not enjoy Jersey Girl, his performance in the movie was pretty much universally praised. I am saddened we will not get to see him again on screen or on stage. Kevin has always praised Carlin for his work ethic. Even when he was shotting a film he was still doing his stand up act. The guy was on the road the majority of the year even at the end of his life. Here's to you, George. You will be missed.

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Kevin Smith's Zack and Miri Make a PR0no Teaser

Zack and Miri Make Pr0n

NSFW in any shape or form. Duh.


Kevin has said the official trailer will show up in front of Pineapple Express in August. He's been busy cutting the film and the last I heard it was a slim 96 minutes. For those wondering, I missed out on my opportunity to be an extra because of school obligations. Sigh....

Also, I had to change the title to get around our spam filters.

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Kevin Smith's Custom Wii

Kevin's Clerks Wii

I wish I got one of these for Christmas.

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Seth Rogen is Awesome

After reading Kevin Smith's blog entry about how and why he cast Seth Rogen in his upcoming flick, Zack and Miri Make a Porno, I love Rogen even more. I've always been a fan of his, from Freaks and Geeks, Undeclared, and Donnie Darko to Knocked Up and Superbad. Rogen, a talented writer himself, had this to say about the Zack and Miri script:

I’ll read the script again asap and give you some thoughts. Nothing major. Just an idea for a new take here or there, but again, seriously, its one of the funniest things I’ve ever read.

Also, turns out the dude is a fellow fan:


This may sound like bullshit, but when I first moved to LA, I went out to meet with agencies, and one of them asked me what my goals were. I said “to be in a kevin smith movie.” That goal has not changed. I would be honored to read anything you wrote, and am truly flattered and amazed that you sent me this e-mail. I wouldn’t be a writer if it wasn’t for you and your movies. Its as simple as that. Thank you so much.

As you can probably tell, I'm really excited for this collaboration. I think it's going to be really great.

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Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks are Zack and Miri

Kevin's been teasing us for awhile about the identities of the title stars of his new movie, Zack and Miri Make a Porno. He dropped a HUGE hint awhile back on the board when he said he was watching Undeclared to research an actor for the flick. At that point I was 90% sure it was Rogen. I'm pleasantly surprised with his choice for Miri. Spiderman fans will know her as Betty Brant, J. Jonah Jameson's secretary. She's also been in Scrubs and a bunch of other stuff.

I met Seth Rogen tonight at the There Will Be Blood screening (write-up on that tomorrow) and I didn't know he was cast officially so I didn't discuss it with him. Now I'm kind of slapping myself in the head. Oh well. I'm excited for this movie. I think it's going to be hilarious. I'm sure people are going to freak out over the title, which is fine by me, and definitely fine by Kevin. The more people freak out over something, the more people are talking about it.

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Video Finally Surfaces of Kevin Smith Protesting Dogma

Many Kevin Smith fans have heard Kevin tell the story about how he joined in on a protest of Dogma when it was released but until now very few have seen the news story about the protest. Looks like the news channel that aired the story decided to throw it up on YouTube:


As Kevin has said in the past, I always find it amusing that folks took a movie that has a rubber poop monster in it so seriously.

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I am the Donkey

So at the View Askew poker games I usually am a total donkey, but it's still a lot of fun. This weekend I played in a 24 man tournament at the Stash and I nearly made it to the final table. I lost with Ace King, so at least I didn't lose in a stupid way. I donked out Kevin, which was pretty awesome. For the details, as told by Kevin, listen to the latest episode of Radio Askew. Kevin talks about all kinds of cool stuff and then around the last ten minutes of the show talks about the game. I can be heard in the background a little bit during that, but Will had some really nice mics that didn't pick up a lot of background sounds.

The whole weekend was a blast. On Friday night I went to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal. It was pretty freaking cool. The mazes, although much fewer in number than Knotts, were really well done. The Terror Tram was great. I've always wanted to walk around the back lot so that was fantastic. The signing went well on Saturday and before the tournament we had a little gathering at the Westwood Brewing Company. Good times were had. Yesterday I went to Santa Monica pier with some friends and watched the street performers and other assorted colorful personalities. We then went to dinner at Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles off of Sunset which is always tasty. Great way to end a great weekend. Now back to the grind, hope the rest of you folks had a good one.

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Kevin on Letterman

Check out Kevin rockin' it on his debut appearance on Letterman:


It's so funny to watch Kevin tell stories in a less "colorful" manner, having heard the same stuff but told in a much different way. The book Dave pimped out so nicely is available now, or you can come to the West Coast Stash tomorrow and get it signed by the man himself. You can also hang out with me. If you're still on the fence, since it's the Stash's last day of business they'll be selling comics and what not at 50% off. That's a great deal if you ask me.

Update: Check out Kevin on Craig Ferguson.


I'm really dig on Craig Ferguson lately. Funny guy.

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Southland Tales Trailer!!!

Oh snap....


I know a lot of smack has been talked about this one, but Richard Kelly has made a huge effort to tighten things up and got the money he wanted to do all the visuals properly. I personally can't wait. Looks great. The Moby soundtrack sounds amazing. Go here for the Hi-Def version. Check the move out in theaters on November 9th.

Update: Holy crap, check out a pic of Kevin Smith after the jump. Dude looks awesome!

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Name Change

After looking at the search cloud I'm starting to think we should just change our name to the Pinch Hitter 2 blog. They'll come in droves! We could sell game secrets and codes. At least until Pinch Hitter 3 comes out. Unfortunately all that stuff is blocked at work, so I can't continue in my pursuit to finish the freaking game.

Not much else to report. I went down to San Diego on Saturday. That was cool. Friday I'm flying up to San Francisco to hang out with my bro. We're going to see Arcade Fire instead of The White Stripes and Cold War Kids. Then next weekend Carson is coming down and we're going to the San Diego Film Festival to see The Pacific And the Eddy, which stars our friend Mark Gregg, who died last month. Then it's back up to L.A. for the poker tournament and Kevin's last signing at the West Coast Stash, which is closing its doors on October 1st. Kevin decided to close it since manager Bryan Johnson is leaving. At least we'll always have the memories.

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