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Review: Clubhouse Games (DS) Games : Clubhouse Games

Last week I redeemed my Best Buy Bucks I obtained playing Monopoly at McDonalds. Best Buy and other retailers recently lowered the price on this game to a very reasonable $29.99 so I decided to take the plunge. Last night Phil and I played for about 3 hours. It was a blast. Clubhouse Games contains 42 games including card games, board games, and games like darts, bowling, and billiards. There is a huge amount of variety and only a couple of the games are junk, such as the soda pop shake game where all you do is take turns shaking a bottle of soda. I guess it is supposed to be like hot potato. The card games were probably our favorite. They have the advanced games such as bridge, spades, poker, and blackjack but we had a blast playing the simple stuff like Doubt It (their version of BS), Spit (their version of Speed), and Coins (their version of Spoons). We didn't even get around to playing chess, checkers, backgammon, and some of the other board games. As much fun as it was playing with Phil, we are looking forward to playing with more friends (up to 8 players for most games). It also supports WiFi play. Now I can practice my Texas Hold 'Em skills before the next big game.

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WoW Withdrawals

So I haven't played WoW in over a week thanks to the move and the fact that I've been working a lot. Now that I can play for awhile there is a big patch to download and Blizzard's servers are getting slammed. We do have quite a few other diversions here at our place. Duncan's X-Box is modded like crazy and he has a bunch of games on the hard drive as well as emulators and roms galore. It's pretty sweet. Not to mention I've got my new DS Lite. I was sitting on the fence about getting one right away since I couldn't afford to just buy a new one right now. Then Gamestop offered an extra $20 to the trade in price of a regular DS and I quickly made the switch. It's really stinking cool and waaaay brighter. I also like the new stylus and button layout. Phil and Janelle got me a copy of Big Brain Academy for my birthday. I guess I'll crack that open right now.

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DS Lite is on the way News : New Nintendo DS Lites The Way For Mario

The DS Lite will hit our shores on June 11th and retail for $129.99. There will also be a bundle with New Super Mario Bros. I need to head over to Gamestop and get my pre-order in!

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Friend Codes

A few peeps have been asking me for my friend codes for my DS games, so I figured I would put them in one handy post so I don't have to keep fishing for them. Here we go:

Metroid Prime Hunters: 0988 5186 5569
Tetris DS: 820228 599132
Animal Crossing: 253466392225
Mario Kart: 468214 507767

Feel free to post your code in the comments if I don't have it yet or e-mail it to me. I usually play late at night my time, but if you want to arrange a meeting, just e-mail me or something. I wish the DS had some kind of IM system so you would know when your friends were online. That's my one tiny complaint about the wifi connection.

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Busy Being a Nerd

Now that I have Tetris DS and Metroid Prime Hunters in my hands, posting will be a little light. And then I'm going on vacation. Sorry guys. I stayed up waaay too late last night. Phil and I went over to his brother Dave's house and we played Metroid and Tetris until about 1 AM. We also messed around with Dave's new recording setup and my copy of Electroplankton. In just a few minutes we were able to record some pretty darn cool tracks.

So how are the games? Incredible. And I haven't even really played Metroid that much. We were just playing download play because not everyone had the games yet and it was amazing. The gameplay on Tetris is as addictive as it's always been and now you have all the retro Nintendo goodness thrown in. The multiplayer adds a whole new dimension to the game. I was going to just go to bed when I got home but decided to play some single player Tetris instead. It was 3 AM before I knew it. I got caught up in all the different modes and then I tried a few online matches via the Nintendo WiFi service. I almost got completely sucked in again but I had stuff to do today so I pryed myself away and went to bed.

The controls in Metroid take a little getting used to, but once you do it becomes an amazing first person shooter. The multiplayer is fast and furious. I haven't even played the single player yet but Dave loves it. Kudos to Nintendo for releasing two amazing titles on the same day. And curses to them for eating up all my free (and not so free) time.

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Why Get a DS Lite?

Which DS?

Yeah, I'm totally drooling over the DS Lite. I'm definitely going to get one as an early birthday present. The big rumor is that it will be released in May here in the U.S. and bundled with the New Super Mario Bros. game. I really dig how small the Lite is but most of all how bright it is. Although the screen on the DS is back lit there are still some visibility issues if you're playing outside during the day. Those issues are pretty much gone with the Lite.

It would also be great to have another DS to try homebrew stuff out on and to have around when one of my friends who doesn't have one wants to play a multiplayer game. Download Play has been my favorite feature of the DS by far. Almost all the multiplayer games my friends and I have support it in some form or another. I also think Nintendo is genius for supporting it because once you play one of your buddies games in download play you really, really want to buy it. It worked for me with Mario Kart and Meteos.

I would recommend to the folks out there who are interested in the DS that can wait a little bit to hold out for a DS Lite. However, I'm starting to see some great deals on the regular DS. Target is offering a bundle with WarioWare for only $130 and there is the new Animal Crossing bundle as well. Don't even get me started again on how amazing Animal Crossing is. And there is my obligatory DS love fest of the day.

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Two Games I Cannot Wait For News : Players Can Battle Wirelessly and Talk Smack with Metroid Prime Hunters

I am so stoked on Metroid Prime Hunters. The online play is going to be fantastic and the regular single player stuff sounds great too. I love Metroid Prime on the Gamecube so I'm really looking forward to the DS version. It's also going to be great to play with friends on DS to DS play. There's even download play for people who don't have the game. And then there's the biggie that also comes out on the same day (March 21st), Tetris DS. This isn't your daddy's Tetris. There are 6 modes of play, all of which are themed around classic NES games. There is a new mode that only uses the touch screen. Oh, and there is 4 player online play as well as 10 (!) player DS to DS download play. So you can play with 9 other people on one cartridge. Totally sweet.

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