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Posting from my Wii

Sweet sassy molassy, this is pretty sweet. The thing I don't like is that it automatically adds 'us' after every period. Mos def could benefit from a keyboard though, the remote doesn't really cut it. It's still in beta so I don't know what features are missing.

And because I'm still a fanboy, OPERA FTW~~~~~

This reminds me of the Dreamcast browser. Memories~~♪

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Opera for DS

4 color rebellion » Opera DS Browser Confirmed

Nintendo confirmed the other day that Opera will be released for the DS as a cartridge. I wonder how much it will cost. I'll probably buy it. Having a browser on my WiFi enabled DS would be pretty darn cool. I'm sure there will be homebrew browsers soon, but I like I said earlier, I probably won't mess around with homebrew stuff until I upgrade to a DS Lite.

Update: Here is the official release from Opera.

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OMG you guys

New Opera preview due tomorrow~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The best browser ever just keep getting better. OMGGGGGGGGGGGG I can't wait for the final release. :D

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Google + Opera = love?

My favorite browser + my preferred search engine... TOGETHA 4EVA??/

Probably won't happen, but I bet it'd be sweet as hell.

Ganked from Digg.

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o hay guyz is dat a superior browser... FOR FREE!?

There. The ad is gone - forever. So if you denied yourself Opera lovin' because you didn't feel like taking 2 minutes to find a crack, this is your solution.



We ♥ Katamari is out TODAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY~~~

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