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Things I Can't Wait For: The Walking Dead

Yes, Mad Men and Rubicon are over for the season but that doesn't mean we have to pout!

I am super pumped for this show. My friend Matt B and I went to the panel at Comic-Con and it looks super awesome. It was cool seeing how pumped Darabont, Kirkman, and the cast were for the show and the amount of work they have put into making it a good translation of the graphic novel. Halloween can't come soon enough!

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The Dragonball trailer had been set to debut on December 12 in front of IMAX screenings of Keanu Reeves' The Day the Earth Stood Still remake, but news emerged early this morning on that it will not be ready in time for the deadline.

First off, that remake of TDTESS is going to be hilarious.

Secondly, I. AM. DEVASTATED.


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World War Z

Script Review: World War Z - IESB - 14NOV07

This is definitely not something fat headed teens will be renting and watching at sleep overs either. It is simply too sophisticated.

If you haven't read World War Z I would recommend it. Yes, it's about zombies but it's more than that as it takes the sociopolitical angle which really gets one thinking. I honestly could not put this book down. At first I was very skeptical and thinking "A zombie novel? Pishaw." but I was wrong, [pun]dead[/pun] wrong. Is really well done. Here's the official website: World War Z

We may have heard a few months back about Zack Snyder directing Army of the Dead.

Writer Joby Harold Talks Zack Snyder’s Zombie Movie ‘Army Of The Dead’ - - 22NOV07

"Snyder, who also directed the fantastic 300 seems to have a good idea for what grabs viewers cinematically, so I am looking forward to this film, although it is tinged with a sense of “not another zombie movie surely?”

It seems the film, being made for Warner Bros. is going to be a zombie movie with a sense of humour, which for me is the only way to tackle the ludicrousness of zombies."

A sense of humor? Uhm, no. Sorry. If World War Z is done right, this could very well be the epic zombie movie we've all been waiting for. And it very well could give Army of the Dead a run for its money. Just wait and see, and read the book.

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5 Scientific Reasons a Zombie Apocalypse Could Actually Happen

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i forgot my password and i started to freak out, but then it came back to me...

to whoever put "the lebron game?" on the season finale poll i say "hehe".

also, i'm goin to missouri for a wedding. i'll be in the heezy june 21 - july 2. i'm excited.

the nba finals suck. the eastern conference sucks. and drew gooden's patch of stupid hair on the back of his neck makes it hard for me to watch the cavs play anybody.

the end

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Flash Game of the Day: Boxhead 2Play Rooms

Don't let the name confuse you, this is another pretty sweet game where you kill zombies. The twist on this one is you are one of those block-head LEGO figure looking guys. It's pretty darn fun and bloody to boot. I'm off to go ride the Submarines, so I'll catch you guys later.

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Flash Game of the Day: Endless Zombie Rampage

Endless Zombie Rampage is exactly what it says it is. Save up your EXP to get the good weapons. It gets tough pretty quick if you don't have enough firepower. Watch out for those pesky running zombies.

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Dead Rising Interactive Map


Not sure where to find the battle axe? Want to know where to find all the psychopaths? Check out this interactive map for the Willamette Mall. Very cool.

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My roommate Chris and I have spent the last couple days on a marathon session of Dead Rising. It's been pretty dang fun. We got three different endings for the game (none of which were the "real" ending), unlocked a ton of achievements and gear (including the real Mega Buster from Mega Man), and killed A LOT of zombies (over 60,000). It was pretty insane. I just love how opened ended the game is. You can play it many different ways, taking a different approach each time. Our next goal is to beat the game with the real ending to unlock the overtime mode and then to beat that and unlock the inifinite mode of play where you can pretty much just play forever. So that's been the last couple days for me.

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New Distraction

Chris and I teamed up and bought Dead Rising yesterday. We were super lucky to find a used copy that was actually pretty much brand new. Since I have a Gamestop card we ended up saving a total of $10 off the price of a new copy. This game is awesome. The weapons are tons of fun. It's pretty darn hard and the save system leaves quite a bit to be desired, but the game itself is a blast. It also looks super good on our HD projector. If you're not scared of zombies or zombie gore, check out the trailer:


Pretty neat, huh? I'm digging it.

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