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App of the Day

I know it's been talked about before, but I've never had a need to use it. So let me just say now that Portable Firefox and the Portable Apps Suite is amazing. Now I can use Firefox instead of IE and with the extension I can access all my bookmarks and such. I haven't even tried using the other portable apps. I probably need a bigger flash drive for those, but they look great.

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Firefox 2.0 Final On the Way

iTWire - Firefox 2.0 coming your way on Tuesday

The final release version of Firefox 2.0 will be released Tuesday. I'm using the RC on my laptop and I really dig it. The improved feed subscription features and the built-in spell check are awesome. Meanwhile, recently released IE 7 has already had some vulnerabilities, with a patch being pushed out one day after the official release.

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Extension of the Day

VideoDownloader :: Mozilla Add-ons :: Add Features to Mozilla Software

Gringo clued me in to this extension that allows you to download videos from Youtube, Dailymotion, Myspace, and other places with embedded objects. Works great with sites like this one. Neat-o.

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Firefox 2 Beta Released

Monkey Bites

Looks like this release is going to be pretty sweet. More tab options, built-in spellcheck for forms, improved RSS subscription features, and some other neat stuff. The article mentions that a lot of extensions aren't working for this version yet, so be aware of that.

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Just What I Needed

Google Browser Sync

This is exactly what I've been looking for. The extension will sync your browser settings, including bookmarks, across multiple computers. Now it won't take me forever to get Firefox on my laptop exactly the same as Firefox on my desktop. Now the only thing I'm wishing for is something like this that would synchronize your extensions on multiple computers so you didn't have to go around and find and install the ones you like and then wonder if you forgot anything.

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I'm testing a new blogging extension for Firefox called Performancing. It has a cool WYSIWYG editor along with lots of other stuff. It pretty much sets up itself. You can get all the info here.

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Extension of the Day: Mystickies

Mystickies, Sticky notes for the web

I've seen things like this but this one is my favorite so far. It's only in Beta but works really well. Just sign up and install the Firefox extension or use the bookmarklet to put sticky notes on pages. You can then go back and look at your sticky notes. This is a great alternative to bookmarks, which I don't really use all that much. Eventually you will be able to share stickies with friends. Neat!

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Firefox 1.5

Firefox version 1.5 was released this afternoon. They have a new website:, but all the old urls still get you there. New features include automatic update, faster browsing navigation and drag and drop tag reordering. I've wanted that last one for a long time. there are some extensions that do it, but having it built in is nicer. The best thing for me is that the Mac OS X version is going to work a lot better. Up until now it's been kind of a second-rate port.

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It's... actually noticeably faster than before. O_o

And that was my main gripe with FF, it just does not compare to Opera's speed. And now it does... :o

EDIT: I no longer support this plugin. Opera 4 lyf, etc.

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Extension of the Day

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I'm going to give Firefox a real chance


Yeah, wonderful. Everyone is all about FF, so I guess I'll give it a real try this time. Though the slowness on some sites that Opera loaded quickly is killing me. Whatever. I need suggestions as to how cuztomize it properly, or ideally.

I have the current version of the following extensions: Forecastfox, CuteMenus, Image-Show-Hide, jsLib, LastTab, Open link in..., SessionSaver .2, Single Window, Tabbrowser Preferences, Copy Plain Text, CuztomizeGoogle, Disable Targets For Downloads, Linkification, NoScript, Play Launch, US Department of Homeland Insecurity Idiocy Level, TargetAlert, TinyURL Creator, SmoothWheel, Adblock, GMail Notifier, StumbleUpon, Card Games, Minsweeper, and Blockfall.

Anything I'm missing?

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Firefox Extension of the Day

Scrapbook Extension

I have not had a chance to try this out at home, but this extension looks like anexcellent way to do research for posts or papers.

The extension basically takes scraps of pages you want to save and indexes them. Very cool.

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