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Video of the Day: The People vs. George Lucas Trailer


This is definitely my kind of documentary as it details a generation's love/hate relationship with the man who created (and some would argue ruined) Star Wars. My good friend Matt Cohen was interviewed for the film, which makes its debut at South by Southwest in Austin. He's the guy in the trailer who says he's not sure if, upon meeting Lucas in the street, he would shake his hand or punch him in the stomach. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this film and hopefully I'll get a chance to see it in the near future.

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The Dragonball trailer had been set to debut on December 12 in front of IMAX screenings of Keanu Reeves' The Day the Earth Stood Still remake, but news emerged early this morning on that it will not be ready in time for the deadline.

First off, that remake of TDTESS is going to be hilarious.

Secondly, I. AM. DEVASTATED.


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Video of the Day: The Ultimate Nooooooo!

This is pretty awesome. I think it actually shows that Bruce Campbell beats out Anakin for being master of the "Noooooo!"


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Just because

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Lucas gets half a brain - Original 'Star Wars' films coming to DVD - May 4, 2006

This time, "Star Wars," "The Empire Strikes Back" and "Return of the Jedi" will be available individually and appear on DVD exactly as they did in their respective theatrical runs in 1977, 1980 and 1983.

Each release, distributed by 20th Century Fox, will be a two-disc set that also includes the digitally tweaked 2004 edition.

The DVDs will be available only through December 31.

I'm soooo glad I didn't pay money for the DVD's the first time. I still think this is an evil ploy to make some more cash but I'm happy.

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Animated Gif of the Day

The Empire Strikes Back

This is an amazing feat of GIF animation. Check it out.

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10hr time-lapse lego Star Destroyer

Lego Star Destroyer -

Saturday night Michi and I finally assembled my Lego Star Destroyer. It took us close to 10 hours (we started around midnight). We let my webcam take a picture every five seconds and made a stop motion video out of the pictures (over 7000 of them). The video turned out really cool. It's a little over 4 minutes long and you can download it here.


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Pudge is With Me

Journal of pudge (3605)

Sith was just a terrible movie. Sorry. I went in thinking I would like it. I didn't.

Maybe if the climactic seen of the entire six-movie series weren't the least believable scene in any movie of recent memory, I'd have liked the movie as a whole. But it completely ruined any suspension of believe I'd had to that point, and it went downhill from there.

"Oh no, I have done the most terrible thing, I've killed a master Jedi! Woe is me! So ... want me to kill more? Including all the kids? Sure, why not?"

It ruined the rest of the movie. Completely incredible.

And all that crap about the politics was stupid too. They go into this whole thing about how people with power won't give it up, and then "hey Senators, I am taking away your power" is met with a standing ovation?

And that nonsense about "if you're not with me, you're my enemy" and "only Sith deal in absolutes," except clearly it is the Sith who are the relativists (open your mind to all possibilities) and the Jedi are the absolutists (Sith are evil, the Dark Side is evil, there are things you must not do, period). It made no sense except as a dig at Bush (where it makes no sense there either, as Bush is no absolutist, having befriended China, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan ...).

The movie was just bad. There was a lot of good in it, but so much bad that it just completely took me out of the movie, and that's the sign of a bad movie. I didn't even mind the stupid Franken-Vader NOOOOO thing at the end because by that time I was completely divested and just waiting for it to end.

I didn't really hate the movie as much as Pudge, but it's good to know someone else who is respected by many of the folk agrees with me.

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AT-AT Boombox vs iPod

I know, I suck at photoshop, but it is a good idea for someone who is skilled.

at-at vs ipod

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Vader "NOOOOO!" of the Day.

Vader on Wheel of Fortune Obi-Wan's old padawan takes a spin on the "Wheel" - "of" - "Fortune"!

vader on wheel
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Forget the Tie Fighter Case Mod

AT-AT Boombox

Check out the AT-AT Boom Box.

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Vader Takes A Ride

NOOOller Coaster

Oh man, I just got a good laugh. See what happens when the Dark Lord takes a ride on a roller coaster.

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Nifty Episode 3 Stuff

Star Wars: Episode III | Episode III Easter Egg Hunt

Here's a detailed list of cameos and other bits you might have missed in the movie.

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Something I Can Get Behind


It's about time someone took action. Not that Lucas will listen. Okay, that's enough Star Wars for me today.

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Carmine agrees with me:

In my opinion, Revenge of the Sith seemed rushed. It seemed Lucas was just trying to close things out real quick. Every character in the movie seemed to have a bit part, and there wasn’t much character development, except for the rushed transition of Anakin to Vader. The fights and the battles were great… some really fancy special effects… lightsabers rule. It’s like that SNL skit “More Cowbell”… a good Star Wars movie (or videogame) needs “More Lightsabers”. This movie was far better than the last two prequels… but still, in my mind, it doesn’t top any of the of the movies from the original trilogy. The most ridiculous part was when Anakin actually gets the Vader suit put on, rises up like he’s Frankenstien, and upon realizing Padme is dead, screams out this awful “NooOOOOoOoOoo!”. It was as comical as the scene from Star Trek II: Wrath of Kahn, when Kirk screams “Kaaaaahhhnnn!” into his communicator.

Yeah, that scream was horrible. But let me restate that I did enjoy this movie. B means above average, which is what I thought it was. Flame on.

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Star Wars III on DVD

Star Wars III on DVD - I wouldn't bid on this unless you want to end up in big trouble.

Update: It got taken down, but here's a screencap.

(via Digg)

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$50 Million


We are all George Lucas' bitch.

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-B ? What?

Revenge of the Sith - Honzo, knowing that I don't know anything worthwhile.

Your trip to Berkley has clearly slowed your mind.

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Revenge of the Sith

Anakin and Obi-Wan:  70's Style

I completed my 3 for 3 streak of Prequel midnight showings last night. Episode 2 will always have a special place in my heart because it was one of our biggest and best gatherings. Honzo, Smiles, Gringo, Eric, Jeremy, Lisa, Meredith, and I all were there in line in front of some drunk MACC guys. This great picture was taken. Much fun was had by all. I think I forced myself to love that film because The Phantom Menace had been such a disappointment. I still stand by what I wrote in my 2002 Summer Movie Report Card:

The last 40 Minutes are what gives this movie an A-. The first 1.5 hours is like a C+ at best.

Yeah, definitely. Let me preface my thoughts on Sith by saying that I did enjoy the movie and I think it is easily the best of the prequels. However, I think it could have been a much better film if George Lucas had handed over the writing and directing to someone else as he did with Empire and Jedi. The writing is still severly lacking. There was nothing powerful or emotional about Anakin's turn to the dark side. There was so much going on that some stories and characters got lost in the shuffle. There was still too much silliness going on every once in awhile to really make this the dark movie we all wanted. Natalie Portman looked like she was super anorexic and she seemed kind of off to me.

There are many things I enjoyed. The fight scenes we've been waiting for since Lucas announced these films nearly ten years ago finally are delivered. The visuals are stunning. It looks and sounds great, which is what Lucas excels at. The actors, for the most part, were great. It was a great way to end the films and I'm glad I saw it. On that note, I give it a B-. It was above average, but it wasn't all that. I'll finish off by reminding you that some folks haven't seen the movie yet so let's keep spoilers off the main page for now and to a minimum. I'm freaking tired, so I think I'm going to take a nap. I had to get up at 8:00 this morning for a phone interview that went nowhere. Good times.

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Quiz Time

Hat tip to Honzo for the super geeky quiz.

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You know what this thing needs?

Way Beyond Empty: how lightsabers work


It needs a "make a laser sword" button. Then it would totally rock.

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Kevin Smith raves about Revenge of the Sith

Kevin Smith's review of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith is up at Ain't it Cool dot com. I only read the first few sentences because it contains spoilers, but apparently he really loves it. He says

- "Revenge of the Sith" is, quite simply, f---ing awesome. This is the "Star Wars" prequel the haters have been bitching for since "Menace" came out, and if they don't cop to that when they finally see it, they're lying.

I would like to remind Brendoman that he sat in a chair in my living room last summer and vowed that he would not pay money to see this movie. So I guess he's either breaking his vow, or sneaking into a theater.

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