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Y helo thar Pope Benedict XVI... NOW WITH PIX~



And why the hell won't b2e let me post a picture? It kept telling me that there was some parser error, and then I tried posting it in the comments, and it didn't appear.

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Group of 30 black kids, attack four white females over a basketball court

Witnesses say the attackers were all black and called their victims “white crackers” during the bloody melee, which raged for almost 20 minutes.

“This is not being looked at as a bias crime,” NYPD Deputy Inspector Kevin McGinn said at the meeting.

They called them "white crackers," screamed "black power," were all black, and only attacked white people.

Not racially bias at all.

Now if 30 white kids went and beat up 4 black chicks, there'd be a damn near uprising, and a hell of a lot of backlash, rallies and people complaining.

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A new feature

Here's a new feature for the blog. Click on the name of the name of the post author below a post and you'll see all the posts by that author.

I think we're making progress on the subdomain problem. But I'm getting a 'cannot be found error' once in a while even for the main page. Is this happening to anyone else?

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Html Rapping

Get ready to div class="rap this joint.

Word to: PLASMA STUDii

HTTP in tha House
lyrics by:

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Its back

Dang. The B2E interface is making me wanna switch from Nucleus. It seems pretty slick and functional.

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Extended post

This is an extended post. This means you only see this small teaser by default and you must click on the link below to see more.

Full story »

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Extended post with no teaser

This is an extended post with no teaser. This means that you won't see this teaser any more when you click the "more" link.

Full story »

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This is a multipage post

This is page 1 of a multipage post.

You can see the other pages by cliking on the links below the text.

Pages: 1· 2· 3· 4

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Multiple Blogs, new blogs, old blogs...

By default, b2evolution comes with 4 blogs, named 'Blog All', 'Blog A', 'Blog B' and 'Linkblog'.

Some of these blogs have a special role. Read about it on the corresponding page.

You can create additional blogs or delete unwanted blogs from the blogs admin.

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Skins, Stubs and Templates...

By default, all pre-installed blogs are displayed using a skin. (More on skins in another post.)

That means, blogs are accessed through 'index.php', which loads default parameters from the database and then passes on the display job to a skin.

Alternatively, if you don't want to use the default DB parameters and want to, say, force a skin, a category or a specific linkblog, you can create a stub file like the provided 'a_stub.php' and call your blog through this stub instead of index.php .

Finally, if you need to do some very specific customizations to your blog, you may use plain templates instead of skins. In this case, call your blog through a full template, like the provided 'a_noskin.php'.

You will find more information in the stub/template files themselves. Open them in a text editor and read the comments in there.

Either way, make sure you go to the blogs admin and set the correct access method for your blog. When using a stub or a template, you must also set its filename in the 'Stub name' field. Otherwise, the permalinks will not function properly.

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About evoSkins...

By default, b2evolution blogs are displayed using a default skin.

Readers can choose a new skin by using the skin switcher integrated in most skins.

You can change the default skin used for any blog by editing the blog parameters in the admin interface. You can also force the use of the default skin for everyone.

Otherwise, you can restrict available skins by deleting some of them from the /blogs/skins folder. You can also create new skins by duplicating, renaming and customizing any existing skin folder.

To start customizing a skin, open its '_main.php' file in an editor and read the comments in there. And, of course, read the manual on evoSkins!

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Clean Permalinks!

b2evolution uses old-style permalinks and feedback links by default. This is to ensure maximum compatibility with various webserver configurations.

Nethertheless, once you feel comfortable with b2evolution, you should try activating clean permalinks in the Settings screen... (check 'Use extra-path info')

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