San Diego Comic-Con 2018 Saturday Schedule Highlights

Source: Saturday | Comic-Con International: San Diego

I won’t actually be at Comic-Con on Saturday for the first time in 13 years so that’s a little wild.  I will be volunteering at the A Walk On Water event at Huntington Beach.  Check it out if you’re in the area.  In the meantime, here are my highlights from the Saturday schedule.


Steven Universe

Did you hear that Cartoon Network is bringing Steven Universe back to Comic-Con? You’d better believe it! Estelle (Garnet), Michaela Dietz (Amethyst), Deedee Magno Hall (Pearl), Zach Callison (Steven), and the true diamond authority series creator Rebecca Sugar will share insights about the show and make epic announcements. Even more exciting: Rebecca is bringing her ukulele!

Saturday July 21, 2018 10:00am – 10:50am
Indigo Ballroom, Hilton San Diego Bayfront

Unikitty! New Episode Premiere and Q&A

Your favorite character from The LEGO Movie, Unikitty, is bringing her joyous kingdom to Comic-Con! Make sure to bring plenty of sparkle matter, positive vibes, and all your questions; producers and members of the voice cast will be on hand to share a new episode and answer your questions.

Saturday July 21, 2018 10:00am – 11:00am
Room 6A


Warner Brothers Theatrical

Get a first look at the studio’s highly anticipated future releases. Films and special panelists TBA.

Saturday July 21, 2018 10:30am – 12:30pm
Hall H


NBC’s The Good Place

From creator Michael Schur and Universal Television comes the critically acclaimed and unique afterlife comedy series about what it means to be a good person. Stars Ted Danson, Kristen Bell, William Jackson Harper, Jameela Jamil,D’Arcy Carden, and Manny Jacinto and executive producers Michael Schur, Morgan Sackett, and Drew Goddard will hold a forking great conversation.

Saturday July 21, 2018 11:00am – 11:50am
Indigo Ballroom, Hilton San Diego Bayfront


Jack Kirby’s Artwork Extravaganza Encore!

Back by popular demand, a larger-than life celebration of the King of Comics features an unprecedented multimedia presentation of over 1,300 pieces of Jack Kirby artwork. IDW president and publisher Greg Goldstein is joined by esteemed artist Joe Jusko and other panelists to discuss the unrivaled work of the legendary Jack Kirby. Everyone in attendance will take home a limited-edition print.

Saturday July 21, 2018 11:30am – 12:30pm
Room 24ABC


Quick Draw

Come early and grab a seat for the most talked-about panel at Comic-Con, at least among its participants! Three lightning-fast cartoonists duel to the death right before your eyes armed, with nothing but Sharpies, drawing pads, overhead projectors, and their own lethal sense of humor. Your Quick Draw Quizzzzmaster Mark Evanier throws the challenges at Sergio Aragonés (MAD, Groo the Wanderer), Scott Shaw! (The Simpsons, The Flintstones) and the new kid in the dais, Lalo Alcaraz (La Cucaracha). See why people think it’s the fastest, funniest panel of the whole danged convention!

Saturday July 21, 2018 11:45am – 1:00pm
Room 6BCF


The Simpsons

The Simpsons’ team looks ahead to their 30th(!) season with creator Matt Groening, executive producer Al Jean, legendary director David Silverman,actress Tress MacNeille, and moderator Johnathan Fernandez. Warning: There will be prizes!

Saturday July 21, 2018 12:00pm – 12:45pm Ballroom 20


Matt Taylor: Most of the Posters I Have Made

Matt Taylor (illustrator of this year’s SDCC souvenir book cover), Rob Jones (Mondo creative director) and a mystery second panelist talk about most of the posters Matt has made in the last five years of working with Mondo and some other things too. Matt, Rob and the mystery second panelist learn about the process of making movie posters and a take part in a Q&A.

Saturday July 21, 2018 12:30pm – 1:30pm
Room 8


Cartoon Voices I

Once more, moderator Mark Evanier brings six top cartoon voice actors together to talk about their work, demonstrate their craft, and perform a script with insufficient prep time. This time out, the lineup includes J. P. Karliak (The Boss Baby: Back in Business, The New Looney Tunes), Julie Nathanson (Skylanders, Avengers Assemble), John Mariano (Animaniacs, Hey Arnold!), Kari Wahlgren (Bunnicula, Bunsen Is a Beast), Roger L. Jackson (The Powerpuff Girls, Ghostface), Matthew Mercer (Thundercats, Marvel’s Spider-Man), and maybe a surprise or two.

Saturday July 21, 2018 1:00pm – 2:30pm
Room 6BCF


Super Troopers 2 with Broken Lizard

Jay ChandrasekharKevin Heffernan, Steve Lemme, Paul Soter, and Erik Stolhanskediscuss the fan-funded film phenomenon Super Troopers 2. Get a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the film and a first look at hilarious deleted scenes from the all-new Blu-ray with moderator Steve Weintraub ( Entry to each Horton Grand Theatre panel requires a separate ticket and a Comic-Con badge.

Saturday July 21, 2018 1:30pm – 2:30pm
Horton Grand Theatre


Sid & Marty Krofft Pictures

Sid and Marty Krofft received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 45th Daytime Emmys and are coming back to Comic-Con! After producing 73 episodes of Mutt & Stuff for Nickelodeon, the legendary team have just produced two one-hour Mutt & Stuff specials and are getting ready for the Mutt & Stuff live tour. Come hear showbiz stories and tales from the 1970s all the way through to the present day. Sid & Marty will provide details on a new project for grown-ups that uses all their iconic characters from all their shows. It’s big. It’s exciting. And it’s exclusive for Comic-Con! Emmy Award-winning Carolyn Hennesy (“Rosalyn Harris” on HBO series True Blood, and “Diane Miller” on ABC’S General Hospital) moderates.

Saturday July 21, 2018 2:00pm – 3:00pm
Room 23ABC
The Adventure Zone Graphic Novel

Guess what? Your favorite fantasy and comedy podcast where the three McElroy brothers play Dungeons & Dragons with their dad is now a graphic novel, and you can hear all about it at this program! Join co-creators of The Adventure Zone and co-adapters Travis McElroy and Clint McElroy as well as co-adapter and illustrator Carey Pietsch to learn more about The Adventure Zone: Here There Be Gerblins,which is now available wherever books are sold. This event will be moderated by Jackie Jennings (host, SYFY channel).

Saturday July 21, 2018 2:00pm – 3:00pm
Room 28DE


RZA: Movies, Music, and Martial Arts

The maestro, the myth, the master known as RZA (The Man with the Iron Fists) is coming from Wu-Tang Mountain for a once-in-a-lifetime celebration of all great things . . . like his new movie Cut Throat City. Don’t be surprised to see some of the all-star cast (Shameik Moore, Wesley Snipes, T. I., Terrence Howard, Demetrius Shipp Jr., Denzel Whitaker, Keean Johnson, Kat Graham), as well as exclusives and sneak peeks. It’s RZA’s amazing world, so bring your eyes, ears, heart, and soul to come experience it!

Saturday July 21, 2018 2:45pm – 3:45pm
Hall H


Explore the Wonders of the Universe with Cosmos: Possible Worlds

The Emmy Award-winning worldwide phenomenon Cosmos returns to Fox and National Geographic in Spring 2019. At this panel, get an exclusive sneak peek of Cosmos: Possible Worlds as host Neil deGrasse Tyson along with executive producer/writer/director/creator Ann Druyan and executive producers Seth MacFarlane, Brannon Braga, and Jason Clark discuss more on cosmic evolution and the great minds who’ve contributed to our understanding of the universe, and get a first look at the new season.

Saturday July 21, 2018 3:00pm – 3:50pm
Indigo Ballroom, Hilton San Diego Bayfront
Artists Who Write: The Craft and Creation of Comics

Whether it’s a superhero adventure, a colorful fantasy world, an ultraviolent crime noir, or a new take on an old classic, creators put a lot of thought into the sequential art that drives stories told in comics. An all-star lineup of Dark Horse creators including Frank Miller (Sin City), Dave Gibbons (The Originals), Joëlle Jones (Lady Killer), Wendy Pini (ElfQuest), and Rafael Albuquerque (EI8HT) discuss turning an idea into a full-fledged story and how they continue to keep their writing fresh.

Saturday July 21, 2018 3:00pm – 4:00pm
Room 7AB


EW: Women Who Kick Ass

A discussion among fierce, fearless actresses Chloe Bennet (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), Regina King (Watchmen), Camila Mendes (Riverdale), Amandla Stenberg (The Darkest Mind), and Jodie Whittaker (Doctor Who), who open up about the power and privilege of playing women who redefine the rules and refuse to yield. Moderated by EW’s Jessica Shaw.

Saturday July 21, 2018 4:00pm – 5:00pm
Hall H

Spotlight on Scott McCloud: 25 Years of Understanding Comics

Award-winning author, graphic novelist, and deep thinker Scott McCloud (Making Comics, The Sculptor) goes in for a fast and funny deep dive into the extraordinary era of invention and revolution that followed the publication of his landmark book Understanding Comics -and why his next project may be the most ambitious yet!

Saturday July 21, 2018 4:00pm – 5:00pm
Room 29AB
Oddball Comics Live!

Comic-Con special guest Scott Shaw! (Marooned Lagoon, Sonic the Hedgehog, Captain Carrot and his Amazing Zoo Crew!) once again presents a longstanding Comic-Con favorite starring the craziest comic books ever published! Prepare to laugh (a lot) at Scott’s unique look at the odd, obscure, and obscene mainstream, off-the-rack funnybooks that will make you wonder how the !?!#$%&*!?! do those even exist? But there’s no PhotoShop here; every cover image is 100% real. Plus, Scott will have an exciting announcement for all Oddball Comics fans.

Saturday July 21, 2018 4:00pm – 5:30pm
Room 7AB


The Man in the High Castle

The Man in the High Castle is back to preview its third upcoming season on Prime Video. This panel features cast and creator discussion, exclusive sneak peeks, and audience Q&A. Panelists will include Alexa Davalos (Mob City), Rufus Sewell (Victoria), Stephen Root (Dallas & Robo), and Jason O’Mara (Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.), along with executive producer Isa Dick Hackett (Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams) and Dan Percival (Strike Back).

Saturday July 21, 2018 4:15pm – 5:15pm
Room 6A
Batman: The Animated Series on Blu-ray™

UPDATED: Wed, Jul 11, 11:21AM
As the most acclaimed superhero animated television series in history, Batman: The Animated Series has captured the imaginations of generations with its innovative designs, perfect voices, and landmark approach to characters and stories. In late 2018, fans will finally be able to enjoy a remastered Blu-ray release from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment. Join many of the key forces behind Batman: The Animated Series for a celebration of the series and the first announcement of details of the upcoming Blu-ray box set. Panelists include producers Bruce Timm (Batman: The Killing Joke), Paul Dini (Lost, Batman Beyond), Alan Burnett (Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay), and Eric Radomski (Batman: Mask of the Phantasm); eight-time Emmy Award-winning voice director Andrea Romano; actors Kevin Conroy, the fan-favorite voice of Batman, Tara Strong (Batman and Harley Quinn), voice of Barbara Gordon/Batgirl, and Loren Lester (Rock ‘n’ Roll High School), voice of Robin; and some other beloved Bat-surprises.

Saturday July 21, 2018 4:15pm – 5:15pm
Room 6DE


Talking TMNT with Kevin Eastman

Kevin Eastman, co-creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, has been drawing and writing Turtles since 1984, but he’s also the creator of several other projects, is publisher of Heavy Metal magazine, spearheads a wildly popular fan club, and in 2017 completed a successful Kickstarter for his newest publication, Drawing Blood,featuring Shane Bookman. Kevin and panelists will offer a look back at 34 years of Turtles and more.

Saturday July 21, 2018 5:00pm – 6:00pm
Room 23ABC
Bubble: Monsters & A**-Kicking with Hollywood Stars

UPDATED: Fri, Jul 13, 03:48PM
TV pilot turned podcast, Bubble is Broad City meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets BBC’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Part allegory, part commentary, this smart, sci-fi-infused comedy from Maximum Fun ticks lots of pop culture boxes. Panelists include creator Jordan Morris (@Midnight), Alison Becker (Parks and Recreation), Cristela Alonzo (Cristela), Eliza Skinner (The Late Late Show), Mike Mitchell (Love), Travis McElroy (My Brother, My Brother and Me), and comedian Danielle Radford.Moderated by executive producer Jesse Thorn (NPR’s Bullseye).

Saturday July 21, 2018 5:00pm – 6:00pm
Neil Morgan Auditorium, San Diego Central Library
Created at Meltdown

UPDATED: Tue, Jul 10, 05:20PM
For 25 years, geekdom landmark Meltdown Comics was Hollywood’s pop culture bastion. Literally dozens of major and indie comic releases were created inside the shop’s numerous classes and workshops over the years. Meltdown alum Rylend Grant (Aberrant) brings together an eclectic group of creators/educators including Jim Higgins (former DC editor/director of Meltdown University), Steven Prince(Monster Matador), Michael Levine (Strange Romance Anthology), Karla Nappi (Duplicant), and David Schrader (Baby Badass) to discuss the shop’s now legendary comic creation legacy.

Saturday July 21, 2018 5:00pm – 6:00pm
Room 4


Deadpool 2 Panel

Prepare for the ultimate superhero landing as Deadpool and pals drop into Hall H for an hour of maximum effort. Expect dirty jokes, broken fourth walls, maybe some spandex, and real, live unicorns!* *Panel may not actually include mythical creatures.

Saturday July 21, 2018 5:15pm – 6:15pm
Hall H
The Purge: From Film to Television

UPDATED: Thu, Jul 12, 02:25PM
Cultural phenomenon The Purge comes to San Diego Comic-Con in a major way. Jason Blum (Get Out, Split), founder of Blumhouse Productions and producer of The Purge film franchise and the all-new series, and James DeMonaco, creator of the blockbuster film franchise, share an exclusive inside look at how they are expanding the universe into TV with USA Network this Fall. The First Purge star Lex Scott Davis(SuperFly) and the cast from the upcoming TV series, including Gabriel Chavarria(East Los High), Amanda Warren (The Leftovers), and Fiona Dourif (Curse of Chucky), will join director/executive producer Anthony Hemingway (Unsolved: The Murders of Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G.), showrunner/executive producer Thomas Kelly and producer Brad Fuller (A Quiet Place, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) with their own unique perspectives on the world of The Purge. The Purge television series picks up ten years after the events of The First Purge and will follow several seemingly unrelated characters living in a small city. As the clock winds down, each character is forced to reckon with their past as they discover how far they will go to survive the night. Moderated by Ryan Turek from Shock Waves Podcast.

Saturday July 21, 2018 5:15pm – 6:15pm
Room 6BCF


An Evening with Kevin Smith

If you’re into it, Kevin Smith wants to use his mouth on you. The podcasting director returns to the Hall H stage after nearly dying of a heart attack back in February! Hear him talk about directing Supergirl and Flash, his new show Hollyweed, and the forthcoming sequel, Jay & Silent Bob Reboot!

Saturday July 21, 2018 6:45pm – 8:15pm
Hall H


Totally Awesome: The Greatest Cartoons of the 80s

The 1980s was a truly outrageous decade that saw an unprecedented animation boom that made household names of a host of colorful characters. Author Andrew Farago (Cartoon Art Museum) looks back at that totally awesome era with some of the creative personnel behind some of the most popular cartoons of the decade, including producer Franklin Cofod (Voltron), voice actor Townsend Coleman(Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), director Larry Houston (G.I. Joe), and storyboard artist Jeff Pidgeon (Mighty Mouse: The New Adventures).

Saturday July 21, 2018 7:00pm – 8:00pm
Room 25ABC
Studio Ghibli My Neighbor Totoro Screening

Celebrate the 30th anniversary of My Neighbor Totoro, the classic animation film of childhood adventures and friendship in a magical forest. Join Her Universe and Hot Topic for Studio Ghibli trivia, prizes, and a special screening of this delightful tale. Hosted by Her Universe founder Ashley EcksteinEntry to each Horton Grand Theatre panel requires a separate ticket and a Comic-Con badge.

Saturday July 21, 2018 7:00pm – 9:15pm
Horton Grand Theatre


25 Years of The Nightmare Before Christmas with D23: The Official Disney Fan Club

D23 pulls the curtain back on the classic stop-motion Halloween (and Christmas!) favorite, Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. Watch a retrospective panel featuring the team that brought the movie to life 25 years ago, including Henry Selick (director), Kelly Asbury (art director), Edie Ichioka (editor), and Anthony Scott(animator).

Saturday July 21, 2018 7:45pm – 8:45pm
Room 6BCF


Twin Peaks and the Revival of a Cult Classic

Jessica Tseang (comic book historian, Girl on Geek) talks with cast members from both the new and original series, Mädchen Amick (Shelly Briggs/Shelly Johnson), Sheryl Lee (Laura Palmer/Carrie Page/Maddy Ferguson), Sherilyn Fenn (Audrey Horne), Kimmy Robertson (Lucy Brennan/Lucy Moran), Harry Goaz (Deputy Andy Brennan), James Marshall (James Hurley), Adele Rene (Lt. Cynthia Knox), Chrysta Bell (FBI Agent Tammy Preston), Nicole LaLiberte (Darya), John Pirruccello (Deputy Chad Broxford), Amy Shiels (Candie), George Griffith (Ray Monroe), and Sabrina Sutherland (executive producer), about how the show has evolved and the passion behind the fandom. Indigo Ballroom

Saturday July 21, 2018 8:00pm – 8:50pm
Indigo Ballroom, Hilton San Diego Bayfront
I am bummed I will miss both RZA and Kevin Smith in Hall H but I will survive.  There is always next year.  I am always amazed at the variety of programming at SDCC and this year is no exception.  There really is something for everyone, so be sure to check the whole schedule.

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